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Chapter 33: It's Rewind Time

A/N: SURPRISE! BONUS CHAPTER! You see, I was planning on going on an interview today. It was supposed to be a walk in drive. Unfortunately, thanks to Covid, all Walk-ins have closed up, so I have no job interview for a few days at least.

So, one more chapter today, as I needed to get my frustrations off somewhere, and masturbating is not something you can do for 10 hours. I know, I tried. Anyway, moving on. I wrote this chapter in 5 hours, so ignore the minor mistakes I'd have made.

This chapter is a bit fast going, as I'm hoping to finish this arc and move on as soon as possible.


1142 AD: 178 Years(17)

"You couldn't have entered through the door, like normal people?" Master Yao asks, annoyed at me opening a portal directly outside his office door.

I chuckle, and say, "I knew you would want to know everything that happened, as soon as possible. Taking the doors would have been so time consuming."

It's been about an hour since I woke up after 10 years of mind-blowing sex with the Amazing Lady Phoenix, which was only 10 days of me sleeping. And once I'd worn my clothes, and made another Weight bracer for my left hand, I'd made a portal directly to Master Yao's door.

Master Yao grunts, and says, "Your elf, that Blinky, came and told me what happened. Said something about Phoenix Force entering your body, and you killing the previous Phoenix Host. So, how did saving the girl, lead to killing her?"

I shake my head at the badly explained story, and explain everything that happened to Jean, and then meeting Divadi, and then my encounter with Lady Phoenix.

Of course, I did not mention a few things, like my new connection to the Phoenix Force, and the fact that I'm a reborn soul. I so, so wanted to brag about the fact that I had sex with her, but somehow, I instinctively realized that that won't be good for my health.

"..and as soon as I woke up, I came to you, as I realized that without me awake, you wouldn't have been able to portal to Hogwarts."

Master Yao grunted in displeasure, and said, "I wanted to come as soon as I realized, but then that elf showed up and said everything was under your control. So I let it be. So, now what's going to happen?"

I think for a bit, on what I'm going to do. While both I and Jean can restore Earth, we won't be able to bring everyone back to life. If I go back in time in the same Universe, it'll split the timelines, and I might get a target on Earth.

I can spin back time, and it'll put a target on Earth too, but that target could probably be handled by Jean, if it happens. I'll even warn the Asgardians there that someone might target Earth, or something. The Sorcerer Supreme will definitely know if Earth gets targeted, so Jean'll have her help too.

Making up my mind, I say, "Can I borrow the Eye of Agamotto?"

Master Yao looks at me with a raised eyebrow, and simply sighs. He says, "I'm not even going to ask. Just.. take it, and return it when you're done."

I take the offered Eye, and leave again, back to Hogwarts. Once I'm in Hogwarts, I go to sleep. The next steps are going to need Jean's presence, and right now, she's asleep.

The next morning, after having breakfast with Jean, Blinky and Herby, who scanned me to make sure I was okay, I brought Jean to the 7th floor corridor.

Ignoring the excited Jean, I walk back and forth three times, in front of the wall, while thinking, 'I need a room that can absorb a lot of energy.'

After my 6th time walking in front of the wall, it's stones shift to form a wooden door. Being curious, and excited about what kind of room I'll enter, I open the door. I was not disappointed.

The whole room had mirrors everywhere, sort of like the mirror Dimension, but not. In the centre, was a pedestal, which was going to be useful for me, while the floor was made of cushions. Huh.

"So, what are we going to do?" Jean asks, bouncing in her place. If I was her, I'd be excited too. We're going to be tackling Apocalypse tomorrow.

I bring out the Black Mirror, and keep it on the floor, enlarging it, and resting it against the wall.

Once it's big enough to go through, I say, "This artefact, can show me any Universe, any Dimension, and any Time. It is limited only by the capability of it's user. Currently, I can only view about half a million years into the past, of my own Universe. If I have an object, or a person, from another Universe, to work as an anchor, I can view the past of that Universe, but only when the anchor is close by. Get it?"

Jean nods, looking at the mirror in wonder. She asks, "But what decides the past of another Universe? I mean, I'm the Phoenix Host, my time is not exactly linear. So what decides what is my Universe's past, and future?"

I nod, understanding what she means to ask. If you go to another Universe, it's not necessary that the time there passes the same way as mine. I can theoretically, go only sideways in space, but come out in way back into the past of another similar Universe. Space-time is weird like that.

I point at her, and say, "The anchor decides that. As of now, I cannot view past the point in time, when you exited your Universe, and came to mine. Look," I show her the mirror, and show her, her Universe in a fast speed.

We start in the 3000 BC, where I show her the rise of En Sabah Nur, then a few years later the Convergence, and En Sabah Nur being betrayed. After that, I move on and show her a few more times that Apocalypse rose up.

I show her the Battle of Norway, then fast forward to the battle during the 80s, when Apocalypse took over the body of Charles Xavier. Slowing down the speed, I show her the destruction of Earth, and then her spiralling through space.

A few years after which, she flames up, and the screen goes black. Jean nods, with tears in her eyes, and says, "I understand. For you, me being pulled into this Universe is the last point of that Universe."

I let her compose herself, and say, "Correct. But this is for now. Someday, I'll get proficient enough to view the future too, and then I'll be able to view the future of any other Universe."

Shaking my head, I continue, "Now, I called you here, so I can bring this," I once again bring up her Universe, and show her the cracked Time Stone floating near where Earth used to be, revolving around the Sun. I continue, "to this Universe."

"What is it?" Jean asks, getting closer to the mirror, to look at the glowing green gem.

I stop her from getting more close, and say, "That ,Red, is the Time Stone. One of the Six Infinity Stones, and the one that governs over the concept of Time. The other Infinity Stones govern over Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, and Power. Together, they can grant any wish of a user, and make it true. No. Matter. What."

"And it's just, floating there?" Jean asks, horrified.

I shake my head and answer, "This is before you came here Jean. I'm going to bring it here anyway."

Preparing to do just that, I control the Mirror to get closer to the Time Stone, and say, "Don't follow me, Red. The Mirror needs to be active for me to return."

Without acknowledging her, I activate Mystic Mode, and float through the Mirror, which ripples as I enter.

With a frankly disturbing feeling, I exit through a small square replica of the mirror. Well, I say small, but it is still big enough for me to fly through again. I wave at Jean, who waves back, and float towards the Time Stone.

Getting it without any issue, I fly back through the Mirror and enter my Home again. Dropping the Time Stone on the pedestal, I immediately slump down on the ground.

"Was it tiring?" Jean asks, looking at my face.

I shake my head, and say, "Gods, no. The feeling of traversing through Universes is simply.. disturbing. You'll get it when we have to go back to restore it."

Jean nods, and leaves me to gather myself. She goes towards the Pedestal, and looks at the stone. She has a surprised voice, when she asks, "What the hell happened to this stone? It stopped glowing?!"

I get up from the very comfortable floor, and say, "Of course it stopped glowing. Infinity stones only work in their home Universe. Other wise those seeking to use them would have simply travelled to another Universe and gotten their Own Infinity Stones, making it so many sets of the stones were present in the same Universe."

Jean shakes her head, but calms down. She then looks at the stone, and then me, and asks, "So what are we going to do with this? If it's useless?"

I bring out the Eye of Agamotto, and smirk at her. I say, "Easy. I fix this stone using my own Time Stone, of this Universe."

Jean has a gobsmacked look, when she sees the Time Stone once I open the Eye to cast the spell. I ignore her, and conjure the green Mandala using the Time Stone energy. Passing my left hand through it, I create a band around my wrist, that's going to allow me to manipulate time around me.

"Watch carefully, now." I say to Jean, who was actually looking a bit fascinated.

I spin my hand counter-clockwise, making the Time Stone on the Pedestal, glow green. It keeps glowing green for a few more seconds, after which, the crack starts to fill up, fixing the Time Stone to it's original smooth state.

Although, it was still not glowing, and I couldn't do anything about it anyway.

I spin it even more back, and a second after the Stone has been fixed, the Eye of Agamotto appears around the Time Stone, looking exactly like the one around my neck.

"And done." I say, smirking to myself. Honestly, this was an amazing experience, fixing the Time Stone, using the Time Stone. I'm like, the Reverse Thanos.

"Amazing!" Jean whispers, looking at the now intact, but still useless Time Stone, in wonder.

Nodding at her, as I too am just as excited, I say, "Yup. That's also what we're going to be doing to Earth, or more appropriately, your whole Universe."

"Wait." Jean says, frowning in thought. She looks at me, and the mirror, and then says, "Why don't we just use the Mirror and go to my past, and stop Apocalypse from taking over the Professor's mind? Why do all this?"

I look at her, and realize, that even if she's spent the last few years tumbling through space, her education is at most at High School level. I make her sit down, and wave my hand, conjuring an illusion.

In the Illusion, I show a cartoon version of Jean, the current one, and one line over which she's standing. I say, "This is you, the you that destroyed Earth, and has been floating through the Galaxy for a few years. Your soul is here, in a body it selected for you, while your body, is still floating."

I then move the Illusion, so that Jean moves to my right, and show the timeline. Jean's time was 1987, so then I go back a few years, and show another Jean, in the year 1983, when all that stuff with Apocalypse happened.

I say, "This is the you from your past, the one that has yet to fight Apocalypse. Get it?"

Jean nods, and focuses on the image of all her friends. Ignoring the pain I feel for her, I shift the Jean 1987, so she's standing near Jean 1983.

I then say, "What will happen, if we go directly to your past, is that there will be two Jean Greys, one bodyless, and another with a body. Sure, you can take over the body of your younger counterpart, or merge with her, but your soulless body is still there, floating around, in the same Universe, but in another Timeline.

"So instead of just one timeline, there'll be two of them, and then higher beings, like the Phoenix Force, or someone else, will try to correct it, so there's only one timeline. They are really picky like that." I explain, showing appropriate visuals, that include the Watchers, Celestials, and the highest Entities. Infinity, Eternity, Death and Entropy.

"Now, my plan, will simply erase the Timeline, in which Apocalypse took over Xavier's body. Not erase, sorry. Reverse. The Time Stone is absolute. So if I use it to reverse time, it bloody well reverses it. Get it?"

Jean shakes her head, so I explain, "The Time Stone governs over time. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, has higher authority over time, than the Time Stone. So, if I reverse the time from the moment you entered this Universe, back to when Apocalypse first woke up, it'll never have happened. Only you, and me, will remember it, other than the Cosmic Entities, and chances are, they won't bother you with it."

They'll bother me, but I think I can talk them out of killing them, as I'm not from their Universe. No idea if they'll even bother with me though. Well, we'll deal with it when we deal with it.

Jean nods, widening her eyes, and then says, "Wait! What do you mean, my body is still there? This is my body!"

I shake my head, and say, "The way you came into this Universe, is that you left your body behind, and Astral Projected yourself right in Misr. You wanted to deal with Apocalypse, so the Phoenix Force brought you as close to him as possible, while also possessing a body that's compatible. Don't worry though, the Body was dead anyway."

I wave my hands stopping her questions. I did not need a headache with all the paradoxes I'm going to create, and her questions will only add on to that.

My job with the stone done, I put the Eye of Agamotto, the useless one, in my neck, while removing the Useful Eye and keeping it in the PD. Restoring the Mirror back to it's handheld size, I put that in the PD too, and say, "Now, rest. Tomorrow is going to take a lot of your energy. We're going to be reversing time over the whole Universe. You can skip training for today."

Saying that, I leave for Kamar Taj. I need to return the Eye to Master Yao, and tell him of my plans, and ask for any advice on how to do everything safely.


"Boy, you are either the most daring Sorcerer, or the most idiotic one." Master Yao says, snatching the Eye from me, once I've told him of my plan.

I scratch my head, and say, "In my defence, I'm an impulsive teenager, who didn't have much to plan on."

Master Yao stands up, grumbling to himself about idiotic students, and brings out a book from his library. He slams it in my head, and says, "Take it."

"Thanks." I say, rubbing at my head. The old man still has strength in his bones.

I look at the book, and read the title, whispering, "The Book of the Vishanti."

I look at the book in awe, and then turn to Master Yao. I ask, "This is an amazing gift, Master, but what do I do with it?"

Master Yao snorts, and says, "That's not a gift, boy. You're giving it back once you're done. Page 394 is what you need."

I open the book, and start turning the pages. Once I'm at Page 394, I read the heading out loud, "Reversing Time for dummies."

I look at Master Yao, with a deadpan look, and ask, "Are you sure this is the right book?"

Master Yao smirks, and says, "Yes. Of course, it is. Don't doubt it. Read the chapter, and if possible, the whole book before casting anything. You'll know what to do, then. Now get out."

Saying that, he opens a portal beneath me, dropping me in the skies of Avalon. Grumbling about grumpy old men, I simply fly towards Hogwarts, while reading the book from the start.

The Book of the Vishanti, was a book that was written by Agamotto, and then added to by many other Sorcerers after him. The first Vishanti dictated the contents of the book, so it can be used in the future.

Mostly, the book contains Order, or Light Spells, which can only be used for defence. But, in dire times, other pages become visible, if the wielder of the book needs it.

For me, the book showed how to Invoke the Vishanti, to carry out spells that will need to be overseen by them. Like Reversing time.

Thanks to this book, I won't have to worry about any if the Cosmic Entities visiting me, as the Vishanti themselves will guide me through the spell.

Well, time to memorize the book, so I can at least invoke them properly. Just like that, I spend the next 27 hours, until the noon of the next day, reading the book, and memorizing everything in it, related to time. There was a lot.

There were spells in it to slow down time for yourself, which you can do without any supervision, and even without the Time Stone!

There were spells that sent you traveling through time, to the future, and the past, which I did not mess with for now, but memorized them for if I need them later.

The one that I needed, was the spell to reverse the flow of time for the whole Universe. This one, needed the Time Stone, as well as the assistance of the Vishanti, to cast successfully.

According to the book, The Vishanti have the authorization to do it, if it is in defence of the Dimension. And since no Earth, means no Sanctums, it was only a matter of time until someone manages to gain a foothold over the Universe, so The Vishanti can actually do the supervision if a Sorcerer casts the spell.

I don't know, but this spell feels like it was tailor made for me, in this precise situation. Agamotto could see through time, so It's possible he did it in preparation, I have no idea.

But, I don't think any Precog could see me, before it was decided I was going to be dropped here.

Anyway, it was 5 PM now, and we were ready to leave. Jean was going to leave through the Mirror first, in her Astral form, which I was going to push out for her, and I was going to follow.

Only difference was, while she was getting out near her body, a few seconds before her body flames up, I was getting out near Earth, or where it's supposed to be, so I can choose when to stop reversing Time.

"You ready?" I ask, looking at Jean. Jean was wearing her X-Men clothes, but it wasn't going to matter anyway. As soon as she leaves the Universe, the body was going to revert back to whoever she was.

The Black Mirror was once again leaning against the wall of the Room of Requirements, which was again the same one as yesterday. Master Yao was there with us, to make sure nothing happens to the mirror while we're gone.

Jean nods, nervously, and asks, "Are you sure, I'll remember everything?"

I roll my eyes, and say, "Red, you're a fully bonded Phoenix Host. The Phoenix Force is not affected by time, ergo, you're not affected by time. You'll remember everything."

Jean nods, takes a deep breath, and says, "Fine. I'm ready."

As soon as she says that, I slam my palm on her chest, pushing her Astral Form out of the body, and force it to go through the mirror, which was paused on the exact moment before it was to black out.

I look towards Master Yao, and nod at him. He says, "You are bound to be sought out by the Sorcerer Supreme. You may show them your copy of the Book of the Vishanti, and tell them about me. Whoever they are, if they are the Sorcerer Supreme, they are bound to be suspicious."

"No shit. They're going to be one Infinity Stone down, and the Sorcerer Supreme will definitely remember being destroyed." I say, grimacing at the thought of conversation with the Ancient One. The female one.

She always got on my nerves, I don't know why. Maybe because she was a white woman stealing the character of an Asian Man. Or maybe because I remember her as the White Witch from Narnia. Who knows?

Master Yao pats my shoulder, and says, "Good luck, Master Baldur. Just know, you are worthy of being Sorcerer Supreme, by just agreeing to do this one task."

I pat the hand on my shoulder, and answer back, "Master Yao. I'm not dying. Don't talk like I'm on my death bed."

"Ah, I still remember the time when you were hale and healthy." Master Yao continues, ignoring me.

Shaking my head at the Old man, I simply change the destination on the Mirror, and walk through it, and immediately start suffocating. 'Damn it!' I think to myself, putting my hands on my neck, reflexively.

Activating my Mystic Mode, I take a deep breath. Can't believe I forgot to activate my Mystic Mode. I ignore the judgemental Master Yao, who was grinning at me, I move to a spot from where I can see the Sun clearly, and connect with it.

I feel the energy flowing to me, and gain the superior vision that's by now familiar to me. I could see all the 9 planets, excluding Earth of course, and I could even see the body of Jean Grey, at the far end of the Oort Cloud, who was yet to return.

I wait for her soul to get into her body, which is indicated by her taking a deep breath and opening her eyes.

As soon as she opens her eyes, I open the Eye of Agamotto. I had memorized the invocation that I had to chant, in order to cast the spell successfully, so without any delay, I chant the spell,

"The All-Powerful Vishanti! I call upon thee, to right these wrongs, committed upon the Earthly Dimension!" I feel wind blowing, even in space, as I call out those words, again, in space!

Pausing for barely a second, I continue, "As the Champion of the Sorcerer Supreme, I Baldur Odinson, Prince Of Asgard, God of the Sun and Light, and The Champion of the Phoenix Force, bid thee, to Reverse Time, until what once was, never will."

(A/N: lol, cringy spell)

As soon as my chant was done, I feel an almighty force of Energy enter my body, trying to read my mind, but the Phoenix Force within me, snaps at it, not allowing the Vishanti to read my mind.

It probably could have forcefully read my mind, but, the presence of the Phoenix Force must have told them, that I was not lying. I feel my body moving on it's own, casting the hand motions, required to reverse time on a low scale.

But once they are done, my hands keep moving, and my fingers shift between their positions so fast, I feel like I was in Naruto. It was like, I was a spectator in my own body. It all ends with a Mandala pattern floating in the space in front of me, green in colour, and pulsing a bit.

A few minutes later, I get control of my body back, as a pulse of energy leaves from the Time Stone, towards the last reaches of space.

Barely a second later, I hear in my head, "YOUR CALL HAS BEEN HEARD! YOU MAY PROCEED, SORCERER!"

Well, I'm not hesitating after this. I slowly insert my hand within the Mandala pattern in front of me, and then move my hand counter-clockwise.

Immediately, the flow of time stops. Everything in my Sight, which thanks to the Sun, was a lot, stops moving. Even Jean, who was flying towards me, stops moving her body, although her moving eyes show that she's aware of the happenings.

Ignoring her, as she's about to go back anyway, I spin my hand even more to the counter-clockwise direction, reversing the flow of time.

"Beautiful." I whisper, looking at everything. Sun starts absorbing Light, the planet reverse their directions of revolution, and rotation. The same thing happens for the moons.

The different asteroids flying around the Solar System start moving backwards. I can't see it, but I know for a fact, somehow, that the same thing is happening all over the Universe. Even the other Infinity Stones are helping with this, by increasing the range of this spell to encompass the whole Universe.

The other Infinity stones also have a hand in this spell, somehow, and they are doing all this without informing their wielders, or guardians. So, Thanos, or whoever Guards the Soul Stone, will not suddenly come searching for me, once the time is reversed.

I observe Mars getting pulled a bit closer to the Sun, as it was pushed away due to the explosion of Earth. I observe the same happening to Venus, except in the opposite direction. I even see an immobile Jean, start floating towards the Sun, or more accurately, the Earth.

Once Jean is close enough, a few meteors join Jean in moving towards the Earth's position, some of them hitting her, but having no effect.

Finally, some of the meteors join Mars, and then Venus, as they were a part of those planets once. Rest of them, start joining together, forming the Moon.

After that, Jean floats towards the point where the Earth was supposed to be, and matter starts being created out of nothing, which then turns into a reverse explosion. I don't think calling it an implosion in this case, is accurate.

That reverse Explosion.. reverses, and starts forming into the planet so familiar to me. Earth. It's barely one second, after which the planet Earth completely reforms.

Jean flies towards the centre of the explosion, and all the fire begins entering her body, showing that she was the epicenter.

Once that's done, I keep reversing time, until the moment Apocalypse wakes up from his sleep. Once I reach the point where Apocalypse goes to sleep and closes his eyes, I stop the spell, and close my eyes out of exhaustion.

"Damn, this took a lot out of me." I mumble out, resting on the moon. Letting the Light Dimension heal me up, I feel the presence of the Vishanti, who were guiding my Magic to cast the spell properly, leaving me alone.

Focusing my sight, I look for the window showing my way back home, but I am unable to find it.

"Well, fuck." I mumble out, still tired. The window of the Black Mirror was nowhere to be seen.

"Of course, I'm so stupid!" I say, and lay down on the moon itself. Reversing time, means the window hasn't appeared yet. And since I've already reversed time, it never will.

The Mirror probably disconnected from that end, so I'll have to find a way back myself. Great.

Until then, let's go get rid of Ekrizdis and the Dementors again. Jean can handle everything for now. She knows better than to let anyone know about this Time Reversal. At least, I hope so.


A/N: Do you guys want me to write the death of this Apocalypse through Jean's POV, or should I just say, "Well, He died" and move on? I can do any of the two btw.

Now, I won't repeat the battle with Ekrizdis. Y'all know he's stronger than he was back then, so he can definitely deal with the Dementors, as well as Ekrizdis himself alone.

For those who will definitely ask, why is Hogwarts in this Universe? Well, my answer is "Author's Decision."

Since most of the history is same on Earth, everything with Wizards happened the same way.

I have a theory, over why rest of the Avengers are not in this Universe. This makes sense to me, see if it does to you. In U2( Jean's Universe), Apocalypse woke up a lot more times after being trapped under his Pyramid, which led to him gaining a lot more powers, and also to him killing a lot of people in his quest to ruling Earth.

Obviously, someone or the other sent him back, or he decided to sleep for a while.

Now, of the people he killed, a lot were the ancestors of the MCU main characters. So, no Avengers.

For some reason or the other, call it Divine intervention, the Kree, Skrulls, and Xandarians died out. No Kree= No Inhumans, no Skrulls & no Kree= No Captain Marvel.

Now, Thanos? What will he do? Anything! I don't know how U2 will proceed with the Infinity Stones, but Baldur will be sure to warn those who have the authorization about Thanos and his crusade.

That's it. I only wrote this here, because I didn't want to waste a chapter writing about the history of U2.

Another thing, I just realized I made a plot hole. I said Jean lost her mind after Apocalypse killed Storm, but Storm was the enemy at that point. So I'm changing it so Apocalypse kills.. Kurt, yes, Kurt in front of her. Kurt was a friend of hers at that point.


HelloDarkness07 HelloDarkness07

Anyone get where the title is from? If not, check the PARAGRAPH comment.

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