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47.45% The Legend of Baldur / Chapter 25: The Battle of Hogwarts-The Conclusion

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Chapter 25: The Battle of Hogwarts-The Conclusion

~~~Third Person POV~~~

As soon as Thor had broken the gates, the closest Dementors started approaching the open gates, in order to both attack the two brothers, and leave the castle grounds. The Dementors had already been scathed a bit, by the warm sunlight streaming down the sky.

Baldur used Ljosgeirr, and fired continuous beams of concentrated fire at the Dementors, while dodging the icicles being thrown at him by them.. Each beam passed through the chests of the Dementors easily enough. The surprising part though, was that once the beam passed through one Dementor, it would immediately blow up in golden flames, and silver wisps seemed to explode out of it.

Baldur gaped at that spectacle, for only half a second, shook himself off, and continued killing Dementors, the same thing happening with them too. At his side, and a few feet to the left, Thor was either firing Lightning at the Dementors, killing them, or using his hammer to crush their brains.

"This is fun, brother! Just like old times!" Thor said, punching one Dementor away, and then smashing an icicle with the hammer.

Baldur spun his spear, cutting into two Dementors at once, and punched another two away from him. He looked at Thor and gloated, "As it should! I'm winning!"

Thor grumbled to himself, using a dagger to pierce the head of an attacking Dementor, saying, "Only because your fire burns them immediately."

"I'm sorry? Are you complaining?" Baldur quiped back, firing quick high intensity beams at a group of a dozen Dementors coming at them from on of the towers, killing all of them.

Thor pointed his hammer up into the sky, charging it with the lightning, and pointed it at another group of Dementors, frying them up.

By then, both the brothers had killed about 50-60 Dementors in total. In 3 minutes. And they kept on coming. Off the corner of his eyes, Baldur could see Thor battling a group, having no trouble at all with the cold demons.

Another group begins attacking Baldur with the icy spears, while one fires icy winds at Baldur from it's mouth. He spins his spear, while channeling his Sun Divinity into it, melting the ice into water, while blowing an extremely hot wind, that immediately makes the breathing Dementor turn to ash.

Knowing that his Sun Divinity is especially strong against these demons, which he should have guessed, Baldur stoped fighting, and simply connected to the Sun above.

Within a second, Baldur caught fire, and started punching, kicking, and piercing Dementors, one by one. If he saw a group approaching, Baldur would fire.. extremely hot fire at them, turning them back, or turning them to ash.

But, as the lands had been locked by Helga, with Lady Jord's help, they had nowhere to go. Using the few seconds he had as a break, Baldur projected his Astral form, and sought out Loki's presence, to check on his progress.

"Oh, boy." Baldur said, looking at Ikthalon-dementor eating the soul of Ekrizdis. He knew Loki was strong enough to battle the Dementor for at least a few minutes, but he wouldn't be able to defeat Ikthalon, Baldur came back to his body. Unknowingly missing Ikthalon take over the body of Ekrizdis.

Baldur opened his eyes, back in his body, to see a lot of Dementors converging on them. Knowing he can handle it, and that Loki needed help, Baldur shouted out at his brother, "Thor! I'll handle this! Go help Loki!"

Thor smashed one last Dementor, and gave Baldur a nod. He then swung his hammer, and flew towards the great hall of the castle, leaving Baldur to take care of the Dementors.

Finally allowed to let completely loose, Baldur started firing even more intense fire, which burned the grass, even if it was not even touched. One such beam even travelled through 5 Dementors, before melting the stone it hit.

"Damn. I need to hold back or I'll melt the castle." Baldur said to himself, and started firing beams at the incoming horde. Realising that it'll take too much time to kill them one by one, Baldur decided to herd them all, to kill them together.

Leaving a patch of a hundred square feet as the dead zone, Baldur decreased the heat in only that area, while simultaneously increasing the heat in all the other areas of Hogwarts, using his Sun Divinity. He stayed right at the centre of the dead zone, sitting down, waiting for the Dementors to come.

"Lady Aditi, please help me stay sane." Baldur whispered to himself, knowing that so many Dementors might take a strain on the simple protection spell Lady Jord had cast on him. Fortunately, Baldur felt magic enter his body, from underground, indicating that Lady Aditi was helping him.

The Dementors, desperate for cold, all began to move away from the heat, towards the only cold place. The Bridge. Coincidentally, their target was also present in the same spot, sitting down and waiting to be rid of his soul.

The Bridge that connected the castle proper of Hogwarts, to the Entrance gates, began to become colder, as Dementors from all around it started to approach the sitting Baldur.

Baldur, meanwhile, was observing the events going on over the bridge, through his eyes in the Sun. He waited a minute, for all the Dementors to enter the Dead zone, but still, a few of them managed to tolerate the heat and stay back, wary of a trap.

'Smart Demons. Well, won't help them anyway.' Baldur thought to himself, and then immediately focused. At once, all the Dementors within the Dead Zone, and Baldur himself, were all within the Mirror Dimension.

He ignored his freezing body, as the 200 Dementors had gotten quite close to him, and forced his Sun Divinity to the forefront, again, getting rid of the cold. Flaming on, Baldur began increasing his temperature. From 100 degrees, to 500, to 1000. Baldur kept on increasing his body heat.

Immediately, the closest Dementors had burned and turned to ash without even a warning, while the rest screeched with pain. Baldur still increased his temperature, and began running between the Dementors, who were now floating around, trying to find an exit.

Thanks to the mirror Dimension, neither could the Dementors go anywhere, nor did the heat bother the Earth. So, when a 2000 degrees hot Baldur ran between the chaotically running Dementors, punching through them, or even touching them, they began burning up.

Not even conjuring ice worked for them anymore, as the ice immediately melted, and then evaporated. Within a minute, over 200 Dementors had been killed by Baldur. Singlehandedly.

Once all the Dementors had burned up, Baldur exited the Mirror Dimension, and hunted down the remaining Dementors too, using the Sun above as an extra eye to find the hidden ones. Trusting his brothers to either take care of each other, or take care of Ikthalon, Baldur began moving over the castle grounds, and began burning the bodies of the Dementors which had been killed by Thor.

'And that was the last of the bodies.' Baldur thought to himself, after burning the last dead Dementor. Even burning the dead Dementors caused silver wisps, which Baldur now believed to be souls they had eaten, to explode out and disappear into the air.

The Dementors killed by Thor numbered in a few dozens. And as Thor didn't, or couldn't disintegrate the bodies, the count was accurate. Having that taken care of, so no one gets the bodies to study, or replicate, Baldur left to go towards where he felt his brothers were, which was near the back of the castle grounds, and physically out of the castle.

'Lets nip this in the bud, now.'

~~~ A few minutes earlier~~~

An Ikthalon controlled Ekrizdis, began charging at Loki, and jumped high into the air, punching down at Loki. Loki rolled away, as he didn't yet have an estimate of Ikthalon's Strength. When Ikthalon's punch hit the ground, it burst open thanks to the strength of the hit, and blew dust and debris everywhere.

'So, he's about as strong as Thor. But he can't control that Strength yet. I'll have to avoid taking major hits, and focus on causing damage.' Loki analysed, seeing the one punch.

Ikthalon stayed in his spot, and clenched his fist. Scowling at his broken hand, he healed it with a thought, using Ekrizdis's magic as fuel, and said, "So weak."

'A glass cannon then. But he can heal himself quick enough.' Loki observed.

Ikthalon came running at Loki again, so Loki kept dodging out of the way, and began luring Ikthalon out of the castle. He knew that fighting inside a castle, where Ekrizdis was trapped for two centuries, is not a smart move.

So, once out of the great hall, Loki cast an illusion right in front of a big glass window. The Illusion Loki looked at Ikthalon, and goaded him, saying, "What? Big bad Realm Lord can't even catch one puny Asgardian? How disappointing." The Illusion drawled at him, and went into a relaxed stance, while the Real Loki stayed a few feet away, on guard for any surprises.

Ikthalon, now enraged, ran at the Illusion, almost faster than Loki could see, and dived at the Illusion, smashing through it, while going out of the window.

One weird thing Loki had noticed, and taken advantage of, is that even though the Great Hall was on the ground floor, when you come from the front gates, the windows from the next corridor showed a view from the 3rd floor.

The castle used spatial manipulation to the next level. He had also noticed it when he entered the cave, which was at about the ground floor level of Hogwarts, and walked only straight, and still exited on the 2nd floor of the castle.

So, when Ikthalon "jumped" out of the window, he landed from 3 floors up, and smashed into the ground, disabling him for a few seconds.

Loki used his minor talents in Telekinesis, to float out of the window, and safely on the ground. He couldn't fly using it, but floating from the 3rd floor down? That was doable. He couldn't float up, unfortunately, only down.

When Loki dropped down, he heard a clap of thunder, and Thor exited the same window, and landed right next to him, both of them observing the rising Ikthalon.

"What's the plan, brother?" Thor asked, palming his hammer.

Loki looked towards the growling Realm lord, scowled and said, "He is strong enough to punch you away, but he will break his hands if he does so. But he heals annoyingly quickly. Either we wait till Baldur burns him off, or we behead him and then you fry him."

Thor chuckled at Loki's face, and said, "Well, why wait for Baldur if there are already two Sons of Odin?"

He charged at the now arisen Ikthalon, and swung his hammer at his head. Ikthalon dodged the hammer blow, and kicked Thor in the chest, sending him flying away. He waves his hands, summoning an icy storm, and sent it at the flying Thor.

Loki, seeing that, immediately sent his daggers flying at the head of Ikthalon, while Thor summoned a thunderstorm to take care of the icy storm.

"Die, you peasants!" Ikthalon said, and sent two icicles from his hands at both of them.

Loki simply used his hand braces, and diverted the icicle behind him, while Thor smashed it to pieces.

"Now I'm getting angry." Thor mumbled to himself, and deactivated his weights. Cracking his neck, Thor ran at Ikthalon, dodging the icicles thrown at him, while Loki did the same from his left.

Loki reached Ikthalon first, and swung his dagger at Ikthalon's gut, making him step back. Thor used that opportunity to jump into the air, and smash his hammer in Ikthalon's head, dropping him right down.

Loki immediately threw his daggers and pierced his shoulders, as Ikthalon was dazed. Knowing that won't completely disable him, Loki conjured 5 foot length swords, made of Asgardian steel, and threw them at Ikthalon, piercing his guts, chest, and the thighs of his legs.

He summoned his daggers back, and put his leg on Ikthalon's chest, pressing on the sword.

"So, you lost to a couple of Asgardians. How does it feel?" Loki asked, smirking at the slowly recovering Ikthalon.

"You will pay for this, Asgardian!" Ikthalon said, and quickly caught Loki by his feet. Surprisingly enough z nothing happened, which seemed to have shocked Ikthalon.

Ikthakon opened his mouth to say something, but Loki, not giving him an opportunity, stabbed his dagger in his head.

He turned towards Thor, and said, "He's all yours, brother." By then, Loki was panting, out of his adrenaline rush, and sat down, a few feet away from Ikthalon.

He could see that Ikthalon was still alive, and slowly healing, but the pierced daggers and swords did not allow him to heal completely.

Thor, knowing what to do, jumped into the air, and charged his hammer with his Thunder, and even summoned a lightning storm, to further charge his hammer. He then dropped back down, and gleefully fired all the charged Thunder, at the still stuck form of Ikthalon, frying and turning him into a husk.

~~~Baldur POV~~~

"Well, looks like I was not needed after all." my amused voice is heard saying, looking at the charred body of Ikthalon, and my panting brothers.

Thor was sitting down, as the last attack had probably taken a lot out of him, while Loki was simply looking at the corpse of Ekrizdis with a smile on his face.

He's probably thinking how he almost defeated a superior foe, alone. Yes, Thor helped, but from what I could see, Loki could have defeated Ikthalon alone, within a few more minutes. Thankfully, Ikthalon either could not, or refused to use the Wizard Magic from Ekrizdis's body.

The worrying part was that Loki almost found out that he was part Jotun. I would have had a talk with him if he had, so no worries there. The worry was that he would have hated mother for not telling him.

"True, brother! Me and Loki defeated this.. Demon, together." Thor says, smiling widely. Well, at least he acknowledged that Loki was a part of the victory.

Looking at the charred corpse of the Ikthalon possessed Wizard, I bite out, "Bloody Realm Lords. Thinking Midgard is their playground, a lot of them try again and again to take it over."

"Unfortunately, Prince Baldur, they won't stop anytime soon." A melodious voice says, making us three brothers immediately get up to arms and face the voice.

I sigh, and drop my weapons, seeing that it was only Lady Jord. I wave my hand for my brothers to do the same, and say, "That is why the Sorcerers are here, My Lady. They will do their duty, and stop the Realm Lords before they can do any major harm."

Lady Jord looks at Ikthalon's husk sadly, and says, "Yes. Unfortunately, as we just witnessed, sometimes they are unable to prevent things like this, my child. My Wizards are extinct, and the Sorcerers did not know a thing about it. Understand, I do not blame the Sorcerers, but I urge you to acknowledge, and understand your limitations."

I nodded at her, getting where she's coming from. At the start, the Sorcerer Supreme could have defeated Ekrizdis and his Dementors. The only thing stopping them were the wards on Azkaban, and the fact that Wizards didn't know about them. And yes, Wizarding Wards were superior to the wards used by Sorcerers. Except for the planetary ward of course.

Because of them keeping their anonymity, Wizards became extinct on this side of the planet.

As the sky was beginning to clear up, showing the clear sky, for the first time in centuries, small figures began exiting through the front doors of the castle, and gathered around us four Gods, looking at us both warily, and in worship.

I looked at what I know to be House Elves, in curiosity, as they looked at us reverently, while Loki had his daggers ready in case they attack. Lady Jord calmly observes the House Elves, as they gape at her, recognising who she is.

Snorting at Loki's reaction, I keep looking at the Elves. One group of House Elves, runs back inside, their towel like clothes flapping in the wind. A few minutes later, during which the rest of the elves simply watched us, they return, with 2 different groups of creatures. One of them, looked like Goblins, from the Harry Potter movies, while the other looked like normal humans. Except for the fact that they were both 3 feet in height.

Dwarves. The Dwarves and Goblins, were each only about 20-30 in numbers, while the House Elves were in the hundreds. They were all either basking in the warmth, or looking at Lady Jord in awe. Some of the old ones, were looking at us warily, which was understandable.

All of them, even the Elves, looked thin enough that a hard wind might blow them away. They were malnourished. Most of them were squinting their eyes, not used to the sun.

They just got out of a 2 century long hostage situation. I had seen that, while they were kept alive, and made to reproduce, they were barely fed. Only enough to live. Goblins lived about 200-300 years on average, while Dwarves barely cross 100 before dying of old age.

"Are you the Mother?" One brave old Goblin asks, coming forward and taking charge.

Lady Jord simply smiles sadly, and nods. She says, "I am Lady Jord, or as you may know me.." Lady Jord changes into Lady Gaia, and says, ".. Gaia."

The Goblin widens his eyes, and starts crying. He kneels down, and puts his head on the ground, making the others follow him. The younger magical beings, didn't cry, as they knew nothing other than the cold, but the older Elves, Goblins, and Dwarves, cried freely, in relief and we let them get their emotions out.

I feel a pull on my pants, and I see an old elf pulling it to get my attention. "Who's be you?" he asks.

I kneel down in front of the elves, and say, "My name is Baldur Odinson. I'm the God of Sun, and Light." To prove it, I activate my Light Mode, and pull warm Sunlight all over the area. Then, putting a hand over the elf's head, I ask, "What's your name, little one?"

"I'm Toby. Toby the House Elf. Toby thanks you for rescuing us, God Baldy." The House Elf, Toby says, much to our amusement. Loki simply laughs out loud, at 'Baldy' while Thor comes forward and summons a lightning bolt from his hammer.

He booms out, "VERILY! Toby the House Elf! I am Thor Odinson, the God of Thunder!"

Loki simply creates a few Illusions, and says, "I am Loki Odinson, The God of Illusions." his voice coming from all of his Illusions.

The Goblin from before, wipes his eyes, and says, "The whole Magical community thanks you for helping us, My Lords, Mother Gaia. But.. we are so few now. What are we to do?" His voice is despaired at the end, and even I feel my throat close up.

These 400 something magical beings are the only magicals, except us four and the Sorcerers, on this continent. There are animals yes, but where will all of them go?

Before anyone can say anything, I make up my mind, and speak up, "You can make this place your home. You don't have to live in the castle, as this used to be your prison, but you may make homes in the surrounding areas."

I was going to take over the castle anyway. I can keep an eye on them, and keep them safe. Hopefully, the Dwarves and Goblins don't fight amongst each other. We talk for a while, during which the groups separate a bit.

Loki is showing the house elves his Illusions, while Thor was entertaining the Goblins and Dwarves with his show of Strength. I myself was healing the injured, who looked at me in worship, which was a bit worrying.

Lady Gaia simply watches us Interact, smiling a bit. Looking at her face, which is a bit sad at the absence of a lot of her other creatures, I get an idea. I go towards her and ask, "Lady Gaia? Will all of your other children even fit in these lands? I mean, there has to be some of them who prefer more heat, or some who prefer cold?"

Lady Gaia closes her eyes, focusing, and says, "No Prince Baldur. There are close to a million of my Children, not counting the Shamans. If they all move in this place, it'll get too crowded. What did you have in mind?"

I smile at her, now everyone else was listening to us too. I say, "I can find us an uninhabited planet, and Lady Gaia, I and Thor can Terraform it, making it habitable. We can even make it similar to this planet, so some places are colder, some are warmer, while the Goblins and Dwarves can select their own places. Me and Loki can even make sure no one knows that the planet is even habitable, so the other beings will keep away."

Each and every being there was in thought, even Lady Gaia. She finally says, "If you are serious about this proposition, you will have to select a planet from this solar system. Because I'm not leaving my children on a distant planet, without a way to watch over them."

I nod, sure that I can find one. Heck, Mars and Venus are close to Earth, and both of them could be terraformed to be habitable. If they are not viable, I can even use one of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn.

Goal made, everyone of us settled down. Hoping that things go well. House Elves cooked up a feast, and I brought out some of the Asgardian mead I had stored in my PD. And, for the first time in the history of House Elves, the House Elves joined someone other than House Elves on the Dining table.

Loki, Thor, Lady Gaia, and I were spread out amongst the magicals, keeping the stage empty, and eating on the tables in the Great Hall.

Even the ever proud Dwarves and Goblins were celebrating. Mourning for the lost souls can come later, right now, it's time to not think, and only eat and drink.


A/N: I know I was going to make it 3 chapters, but seriously. I can only have Baldur burn the Dementors in so many ways.

I'm sorry if the chapter felt bland, I tried, but that's the best I could do.

Well, that's it for today. Meet ya later.

HelloDarkness07 HelloDarkness07

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