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46.39% The Legend Of Breakfire / Chapter 45: The 'Who Ashe Likes' Test

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Chapter 45: The 'Who Ashe Likes' Test

I bent a little more over the window and turned my head to see Adrien standing at the entrance, swirling the orange juice in his glass. His eyes followed my brother and Saye, a mean smirk on his face. 

He turned to meet my eyes for second then went back inside the house.

"Um Ashe?" Ethan asked, looking at me with round happy eyes.


"Did something happen between you two?" Ethan wondered, glancing between Adrien and me. I laughed and waved my hand, "No way. Why'd you say that?"

"Don't lie. Go follow him. He's the guy who needs a little pushing around."

I shook my head, frowning. The last thing I wanted right now was to be next to him. 

"Just do it."

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"I said no," I rolled my eyes and pulled back, preparing to close the windows but he jumped forward and held it tight. I tried to close it back but his grip was like stone, the windows didn't budge when I tried to move it against his hold.

"God, you're strong."

"And so are my persuasive abilities. Go after him."

I shook my head again, "Why are you so insistent?"

He smiled and laughed, "Because I know you both are meant to be."

"What?!" I screamed, standing on my bed and looking down at Ethan through the window, "I don't like him or anything."

"Don't like who?" A voice behind me said. I turned around to see Kai at the door, his shirt back on and his tattoos normal now. His hair had curled up a bit after the shower. 

"Adrien. Ethan's saying we are meant to be. That's stupid, right Kai?"

Kai stayed silent and glanced at a hopeful Ethan. He turned to walk away but I jumped down from the bed and caught him by the hem of his shirt, "No escaping now! Answer my question." 

Kai gulped and looked at me. "Do I really have to answer?"

I nodded and looked at him in expectation. 

He shrugged, "I mean you guys don't like each other. Then what's the point?"

I pointed at him in surprise then at Ethan, "See, Ethan! What's the point really?"

Ethan huffed and folded his hands, "Skip that then. Who's your favourite guy among us six, then? At least answer that?"

Kai laughed and this time, he waited for me to answer. 

"Um…" I tugged a strand of my hair, "I like you all!"

Ethan tipped his head back and laughed. He gripped the window sill and jumped inside the room through the window before locking it close. "Close the door, Kai. We're not letting this girl go before she answers the question."

I looked at Kai with puppy eyes but he shrugged and closed the door, "Sorry Ashe…I want to know too."

"No, you too?" I asked, being betrayed. I glanced between them both and screamed internally.

Now that the question came forth, who did I really like?

Ethan was sweet and fun yet reserved at the same time. He was wise yet blind and kind. Romeo too was the perfect person to hang out with when you needed a laugh. He always had something funny up his sleeve. Kang Jae-suk was a good running partner and although he was stone faced most of the time, as far as I knew him, he can be funny if he wanted to and a very low temper.

Luca was supportive and a good motivator.

I said all this things out to those both and Ethan shook his head, tapping his chin, "What? All these are good things. Do you see no faults at all?"

I thought harder and nodded my head, smiling, "Ethan, you can be an airhead sometimes. And Kang Jae-suk can be kind of boring. Romeo does make a lot of jokes but sometimes, it ends up insulting rather than funny."

Kai nodded in agreement, "Okay enough of analysis. Just say your answer."

"Hey, fire boy, I'm a girl of analysis and trial-error methods. I need time."

Kai sighed, looking up at the ceiling, "For once, Ashe, can you say something from your heart? You're like an emotionless robot." 

I looked down at my feet, "I have emotions…"

"Then say who your favorite is already!" Ethan nudged harder, placing his hands on his waist, getting impatient. 

From my heart, huh? What was exactly in my heart? Atrium walls, ventricles, blood pumping systems and cardiovascular muscles? That's it, right? What else was there? 

I placed a hand on my heart and closed my eyes. I felt it beat steadily against my palm. 

Lub. Dub. Lub. Dub.

I smiled as I got an idea. This way, I'll know who I liked for sure. 


Saye grabbed Darren's tie and pulled him toward her. He grunted and grabbed her wrist and wrought it apart, walking away back to his car. 

He shut the door close and ignited the engine. Saye rushed forward and stood in front of the car, her eyes a flame of anger and confusion. Darren gritted his teeth and raced the car, telling her to move but she didn't budge. 

Darren saw her lips move. "Get out of the car."

Darren rolled his eyes. "Don't tell me what to do," he mouthed back, knowing that she won't be able to hear him. 

Saye walked forward to his side window and rapped on it, telling him to open. All Darren did was lift the break and step on the gas, revving the car forward and disappearing away into the distant road. 

Adrien walked up to her and stood next to her as both of them watched the CEO drive away. 

"You both are so wrong together," Adrien stated, sipping the last of his juice. 

"What right do you have to say that?" Saye asked. 

"Don't I have the right to say the truth? You should be ashamed of yourself. One day you're kissing Ashe's brother, the next day you're kissing Ashe's friend. Don't think you're all nice and saint like because Ashe has forgiven you. I wonder who's next on your kiss list. Kai?"

Saye frowned at him, "You won't understand," she said and turned to walk away. 

"Your heart deserves to broken, Saye!" Adrien shouted to her. When she looked back in confusion, he simply raised his glass and smile lopsidedly, "Cheers." 

Saye curled her fists and made it back inside the house, wondering what to do. If she hadn't kissed Ethan, their plan wouldn't have gone forward. 

'It doesn't matter,' she told herself, 'Once this plan is complete, they'll all be gone.'


I closed my eyes and waited for my heart to connect with my palm as I concentrated on the constant 'lub.dub.' They say that when you think of a person you truly like, you're heart starts to beat faster, getting more excited.

I thought of Luca first and I felt the normal beat against my palms. Then I thought of Kang Jae-suk and all the stupid things he did. Hmm, still normal heartbeat. 

"What are you doing, Ashe?" Kai asked, stepping forward. Ashe frowned at him for interrupting but explained her idea anyway. 

"Oh! Then how can we trust you if you do this yourself. I'll check for you."

Ethan narrowed his eyes at Kai as he placed a hand on my heart. I tensed a little at the touch but allowed him all the same. After a while, I asked, "Can you feel the heartbeat?"

Kai closed his eyes and nodded, "You can start now. Let's find out who you actually like."

I smirked and closed my eyes too. Ethan had stuck out six fingers on his hand and now he closed one after he said, "Romeo."

Kai breathed slowly, waiting for a change in the beat rhythm. After a while, Kai shook his head.

Ethan closed another finger, "Kang Jae-suk," and after that Luca. Kai kept on shaking his head.

Ethan folded another finger down, "Me."

Kai laughed with his eyes closed and concentrated harder.





Kai shook his head, smiling, "Not you, mate."

Ethan chuckled and looked at the last two remaining fingers on his hand. He hesitated for a while but I nodded, telling him to call them out. 


Kai frowned a bit and we waited patiently, silent as a winter drizzle.



Lub. Dub.

Kai shook his head in confusion, "Not him either." 

Ethan coughed and looked at me and mouthed, "What?" because no sound came out of his mouth because of the surprise. 

Ethan folded the last finger on his hand and said, "Kai."

Kai's hands pressed to my heart harder and I tried to breathe normally. We waited for a while as I thought.



Kai sighed.

Lub dub.

I bit the insides of my cheek. Lub dub lub dub.

Lubdub lubdub lubdub lubdub lubdublubdublubdub!

Kai raised his eyebrows and his eyes flew open as he felt it. 

My heart…it had sped up. I breathed through my mouth and met his eyes, cringing on the inside. 

Ethan glanced between us two, covering his mouth, "How did I not see this coming?" 

_midnightsunshine_ _midnightsunshine_

FYI, the Heartbeat Test is actually a thing. Try it out to see for yourself.


1. Real Heart

2. Concentration and quiet.

3. (a person you truly like)

I would explain the science behind it but this thought box has a word limit. ;)

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