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CHAPTER TWO - THE LEGEND OF THE SPELL BOOK - Chapter 2 by Trevor_Mwansa full book limited free

Chapter 2: CHAPTER TWO

Meaghan glared at Emma and said, "your first customer, dazzle me," she added. Emma was ambling towards the man who called out.  

"Sorry for the procrastination here is the menu, sir," she said upon reaching the man's table.

He received the menu and mumbled, "no problem."

"What will you have, sir?" She asked, sounding delighted.

"Mmmm," he thought for a moment and then he snorted, "just give me a sandwich and one cup of cappuccino,"  

"Alright, I will be right back with your order, sir."

Emma swung around to go get the man's order, but he maintained his eyes and greying beard on her. Then he whispered to himself, "damn this woman is so beauteous," and chuckled at the end of his words.

Emma went to the kitchen.. Fortunately, she found everything prepared, so she didn't take long. "Here is your victuals, sir," she said with an enthusiastic smile on her face.  

"Oh, thank you and you are very prompt," he winked politely at her. She blushed and turned, but he caught her forearm before she even took her first step and her fight-or-flight syndrome instantly kicked in.

"Yes, sir I hope nothing is wrong with the order?" She asked lightly. Meaghan stood at a distance, watching Emma with calculating eyes.

"No, I only wanted to say that you a pretty lady," he said while gazing at her.

"Gee, thank you, sir," she said with a delighted grin.

"You can call me Sebastian," he reached out a hand to offer Emma a handshake.  

"Alright and my name is Emma," she shook his hand with a pleased grin.

"What a bea..."  

Meaghan called Emma. Without faltering, before the man could wind up his sentence

Emma went to her and said, "yes Meaghan."

"There is no time to chitchat with consumers, Emma. There is an abundance of work we have to wind up," Meaghan said.  

"He was just. Anyway, never mind," she responded with a lazy grin.  

"Whatever, that couple," she pointed at a table where the couple was sitting, "they placed an order take this coffee to them," and she handed it to Emma.  

"Sure," she nodded.

While she was taking the victuals to the couple, she noticed that Sebastian was still staring at her, but she pretended as if she was not aware. "Here are your order, lovebirds," she grinned amiably at them.  

Then they responded together like they each knew what the other was about to say, "thanks miss," and they both grinned back at her in amusement.  

Because the café was well-known customers always occupied it. And Emma had never worked in a place full of customers, not even the previous restaurant where she worked yes there were customers but just not that much. And her facial expression indicated that she was feeling bushed.

"Is the café ever full of customers? Or it's just today?" she asked Meaghan.  

"The café is constantly full of customers, Emma. Don't tell me you are fatigued? Because there about five-plus hours till we shut out. So just make sure when you go home you get ample sleep because you will work like this every day," she answered pleasantly.

"No, I'm not tied," she responded. "it is just that I have never worked at a place full of customers," she added and left to proceed with her work.  

The sky was turning a vivid crimson as the sun sank behind the foothills. He got out from his office looking bushed like he just carried ten sacks of cement. "Damn this job is very tiresome but exciting at the same time and I have to carry the legacy going it's what we do." He sighed quietly, only sufficient for him to hear, and he locked the door to his office.  

No sooner did Trevor turn around then he saw that his employees were tidying the café so they do less work the following day. They did this almost every day.

"Are you guys done with your work?" He yawned and they burst out laughing at that.  

"Yes, we are just finishing up," Meaghan replied with ties of joy in her eyes.  

"Have you seen no one yawn before?" he asked, chuckling.

"We have sir, it was just fun the way you did it," a youthful guy spoke. He was maybe twenty-five years, but I could have been way off. I was not an excellent judge of those things. He had long brown dreads that hung loose, caressing his shoulders, and had three jagged scars down one cheek.  

"Oh really," was all Trevor could manage to say. Then he shifted his eyes to stare at Emma and said, "Emma, did you enjoy working here today? And let's hope you worked as hard as you said you would," he added with a pleasant grin.

"Yes sir, I did," she responded with a beaming grin.

"can anyone vouch for that?" Trevor asked, studying the rest of them. There was silence for about three minutes.

Then a man, who was sitting at a distant chair, said, "certainly, I can vouch for that." Everyone got startled because no one noticed he was still there.

"Sir, you are still here? I thought you had left." Emma said as she swiveled her head to stare at him.

"Still here Emma," he made a little bow as he finished speaking.

"man, I didn't know that you are here, why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Trevor asked.  

"I arrived hours ago man and that lady," he pointed at Emma. "She did excellent, and You didn't tell me that there is a lump of fresh meat here," he whispered the last part only enough for Trevor to hear since he was closer to him now.

"she came this morning. And how the hell was I supposed to inform you about the news if I had no idea that you were here and my phone died? Besides, I am constantly occupied with a bunch of work I don't have to tell you it's something you know, I will fill you up later," he snapped at him.

All the employees maintained their gaze focused at them because nun of them knew that Trevor and Seb were friends since Seb was abroad for months and he just came back three weeks ago. They continued talking like two kids squabbling about who is the best superhero.   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Are they brothers or friends?" Emma spoke under her breath enough for only her to hear.

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