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*Full of sincerity - The Legendary Actor - Chapter 364 by Shallowman full book limited free

Chapter 364: *Full of sincerity

Within an hour, Renly and Drake were back in the same hotel once again, visiting another giant in the independent film world.

If the Weinstein brothers were born for the Oscars, with a single goal in mind for all their work: the gold medal, then Focus Features and Fox Searchlight were born for independent films, both of which are also affiliated with the top major studios and specialize in the independent sector as independent labels.

The goal of these two labels is not for the Oscars, but to be able to unearth more potential works and film practitioners from the independent film industry. Simply put, it's about branding, building a brand for their parent company that can't be measured in money, and the Oscars are just an add-on.

Fox Searchlight's style is relatively more refreshing, the warm and healing line is the mainstream, all of Wes Anderson's works are distributed by them, in addition, "500 Days of Summer", "127 Hours", "Slumdog Millionaire", "Juno" and "Little Miss Sunshine" are also distributed by them, although occasionally there are dark horses such as "Black Swan" and "Shame", they are only a few.

Rumor has it that at Sundance this year, Fox Searchlight is chasing "Another Earth" and "Martha Marcy May Marlene".

Focus Features, by contrast, has a more wide-ranging style, often with some unexpected choices. In the history of their releases, you can find orthodox indie films like "The Motorcycle Diaries", "Into the Wild" and "Atonement" as well as "Brokeback Mountain", "Eastern Promises", and "The Boat That Rocked", which challenge conventional wisdom. And, of course, there's Renly's first big-screen effort, "Buried".

However, Fox Searchlight and Focus Features overall means of publicity are more formal, traditional, in layman's terms is open and honest, to win with absolute strength; while the Weinstein brothers are in order to win by any means, even if it is dirty hands are not hesitant.

This can be seen from some actual cases: in 2005, Focus Features lost "Brokeback Mountain" to Lionsgate's "Crash", and in 2007, Focus Features' "Atonement" lost to Miramax's "No Country for Old Men".

Miramax is a company founded by the Weinstein brothers, later merged by Disney, but the two brothers in 2005 and Disney fell apart, leaving the company to start their own business. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="*full-of-sincerity_51838906206836641">*full-of-sincerity_51838906206836641</a> for visiting.

Standing in the doorway of his hotel room, Drake nervously adjusted his tie, then faced Renly and inquired apprehensively, "How's that? Do I look formal enough?" Although this wasn't the first time, Drake's nervousness still hadn't been much relieved.

"You remind me of a waiter in a restaurant." Renly replied in a serious manner, making Drake nod contentedly before raising his hand and knocking on the room door.

About fifteen seconds, the room door opened, appeared in front of the eyes, a middle-aged man of about forty years old, with a friendly smile on his face, greeted.

That has been thanked to finish the brain rubbed light shiny, but the back of the head still left a half circle of dark gray short hair, in the winter should be able to play some warm effect; chin scruff neatly trimmed, nose bridge on a pair of gold glasses, with that lake blue shirt, looks not like a film industry practitioners, but like an assistant professor working in the university.

"Welcome, welcome." The man opened the door to the room and gave way, "Thank you for your willingness to grant my request to meet so quickly. I was originally worried that I might not be able to make a reservation for dinner tonight." The polite words carried a bit of intimate sass, "The weather in Park City has really been awful these past two days, it just snowed this morning and it's been a pain in the ass to get out of the house."

The man guided Drake and Renly to a seat in the hall, "I was just about to make a pot of coffee, would you like some? Or shall we follow the British tradition and have a little afternoon tea?" The latter half of the sentence was addressed to Renly.

Renly responded with a polite smile, "Afternoon tea in Park City, that's not a good idea." The tail note gently rose up and a hint of teasing in his eyes, the flirtatious flavor couldn't help but flow out.

Salt Lake City is located in an area that is sacred to the Mormon religion, and more than eighty percent, or even ninety percent, of the residents are religious. Therefore, there is a huge difference between the customs and habits here and other cities. The most notable point is that alcohol is not sold here, in any public place, not even on the shelves of supermarkets - those beers on the shelves are non-alcoholic.

The man immediately savored the humor in Renly's words and nodded, "It's a good thing my wife doesn't know my business trip destination for the week." Another famous doctrine of Mormon church is polygamy.

The subtle humor in this sentence instantly made the scene mellow, and it did help that both sides were in the same channel of humor frequency. The man turned back to his assistant to make coffee, and then sat down across from Renly and Drake, "Nice to meet you, I'm Douglas Fellner, in charge of the distribution department at Focus Features."

"I've heard my colleagues talk about the movie-going extravaganza in Toronto before, and always thought I'd meet the recently talked about Star in person, and today I finally got to meet them in Park City." Douglas looked at Renly with a smile, the familiarity and enthusiasm, coupled with the topic of "Buried", easily eliminated the gap between the two sides in the invisible.

When Renly thought that Douglas would continue to close the distance with this topic, he turned to the topic, "However, my personal situation can be put aside a little, I hope there is still time to talk about it, but the enthusiasm of the Sundance audience can not wait. I invited you here today, is specifically to talk about, "Like Crazy" North American distribution rights related matters."

Open the door, crisp and clear, and at the same time inadvertently reminded "Buried" cooperation matters, point to the end. Adequate to set the atmosphere, but also expressed enough sincerity.

Purely from the face of this short thirty seconds, Douglas and Harvey is a very different style.

Drake is still a little nervous, but not the exuberant feeling that just now, he seriously looked at Douglas, cautiously but firmly said, "Uh, may I ask, does Focus Features want to buy the North American distribution rights of "Like Crazy"?"

Douglas smiled and nodded in the affirmative.

Renly almost already guessed the content of Drake's next sentence, but he did not have time to stop, Drake directly spoke out, "My only request is that Renly can take ten percent of the box office share." After saying that, Drake has his hands on his chest, making a defensive posture, as if he will not accept any other form of negotiation in general.

The real negotiation does not work this way, no one will be the first to show all their cards, which is the same as directly pushing themselves to the passive position.

However, Renly can understand Drake's mood. Frankly speaking, Drake's firm friendship makes Renly feel warm and touching. The most important thing is to make a group of friends through the movie "Like Crazy".

"Drake's point is that we prefer to split the money as opposed to buying it out." Renly had to take the initiative to come forward, although it can not redeem the sentence just now, but at least a simple explanation.

Douglas nodded in realization, his eyes fell on Renly, then his smile rose and he said to Drake, "Actually, I think so too. Renly is a very good actor, "Like Crazy" success of the film, he is absolutely the one to credit."

Drake smiled a heartfelt smile, nodded repeatedly, and then patted Renly's shoulder, with a glint of cheer in his eyes, as if to say, "I told you so." This made Renly also dumbfounded.

"However, we still need to negotiate and talk about the percentage of dividends." Since Drake opened the door, so Douglas did not beat around the bush, the first to express their views, see Drake opened his mouth to defend the gesture, Douglas unhurriedly stopped Drake, "You first listen to our proposal, and then we will take our time to express our views, how?"

That moderate gesture made Drake think seriously and then nod his head in agreement.

Douglas slowly leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs, but instead of having the air of a superior person, he looked more like a professor's assistant who was in a classroom, participating in an academic discussion in general. As expected, each person's temperament is different, bringing a very different impression and effect.

Before the negotiation, Douglas is naturally prepared for everything, just now Drake temporarily raised the request, he needs to slightly adjust the program, "We have three options. First, buyout, we are willing to pay a royalty of five million to buy out the North American distribution rights of the work in one breath."

Douglas noticed Drake's attempt to argue with his eyes, he did not panic and added, "As for how exactly this fee will be distributed within the crew, you can take your time to discuss it yourselves. Of course, the film's subsequent publicity costs, Focus Features will be fully responsible."

Hearing these words, Drake settled down slightly and continued to listen.

"Second, the split." Douglas said methodically, apparently completely prepared, ready and determined, "We pay two and a half million for the rights, the crew can get twenty-five percent of the box office share. This percentage includes the director, actors, screenwriters, producers and other people's share of the proceeds, as to what specific percentage, that is the internal affairs of the crew. But then, during the promotion period, the crew will need to bear part of their own expenses."

"The last option is also still a share. However, the situation is slightly different." Douglas paused for a moment to look at Renly and then at Drake, "The rights cost four million, but the crew's share of the box office is fifteen percent. Again, the publicity costs will need to be borne in part by the cast members themselves. Of course, Focus Features can guarantee that the promotional itinerary will be arranged, and we will still treat it with the highest specifications."

After saying that, Douglas revealed a big smile, "What do you guys think?"

Shallowman Shallowman

Nice time to end the mass release on such a cliff...

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