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Part 2 - The Lich System - Chapter 122 by Bobbydale_Murr full book limited free

Chapter 122: Part 2

His body regenerated. The mana clouds above having long been dismissed, the gods looked horrified from above a titanous being stared up at them. Its eyes piercing the skies and the heavens alike. His power even now was scary. Looking away the titan looked down at the small ant in his hand, he didnt care about size, only knew that's how small its creator was. It leaned in shadowing the king in deep darkness. Then the titan decided to help its creator. A small gift absorbed into its body. The titan communed with its craters system to which it could see as clear as day.

[Give master gift, take]

[system grants gift access to body, titn will be bound by system.]


The titans body refined just a small bit before it peered at its unciouious master. Then its piercing gaze swept across the lands and oceans for a far distance. The system then talked to it again. To which it listened intently.

[Name establish, first titan of the %#$^ granted title.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[title integrated. Stats re- evaluated.]

[Earth Deity]





The titan has stood here for 10 hours and it only gained 2 void matter using all stored to make it into void matter excluding its current powered parts. It would stand there for 100 hours more before its master awoke. Its VP increased by 20. It would take a very long time to power up. So it didn't care to move until it could, not that anything could affect it, even if the gods tried they wouldn't be able to go until the divine war, which is in 95 years. Then again only two would be able to descend! So they could only watch with a sour expression, with the titan being a sort of god itself, however its bound to the planet, its power controls 40% of the planet's own power. This is due to the system's current authority. With each upgrade it increased by 20% or more. Such as the space around the planet is at 10% control. So it could mildly distort the space if it so much as wanted to, but there was no need. Thee fact the titan could even commune with the system is interesting and the fact it could fully access the authority of th planet through the system is also interesting, however only due to it being bound was it allowed such might, if it did not willing do that then it could only control its area and commune with the system passively without gaining anything from it.

That said Duth awoke and he sat up noticing the piercing go of a monstrously massive titan above him. But he wasn't afraid because he had connections to the titan. However he wasn't aware of its title for he needn't be. That said something popped up on his system.

[Titans gift]

As to not hurt yourself the titan is willing to serve as a conduit for you as it can handle many times greater amounts than you can.

Passive: For creating it and its concern for you the titan wished to help you in turn. Every hour that you spend using mana you'll gain 300 exp.

Damn he wasn't expecting this and looked up to the titanic being with surprise and even the feeling of being touched by this. A small happiness welled within, momentarily suppressing his great terrible anger. In fact some of this anger was converted to sadness. But even that was suppressed for now. He nodded at the titan and stood up. "Your name my dear child will be Agos"





Duth glanced at the name and nodded, the lvl, HP and his current power was astounding and he just almost lost his jaw to a jaw dropping moment again, he was quick to catch it. That said he can now passively gain exp while he uses power. He still had quite the number of SM and many more titan like monsters to craft! He signs and immediately takes the gift, quickly summoning the mana storm again as he must go on to the next creation. To which is known as Kraken. A titan of the 7 seas and many oceans.

So he had the titan walk towards the sea, as of now the mana clouds absorbed into the titan vastly increasing his regn for a temporary time. In Fact he was getting so much it halved the time of gaining by 3 times so now into of 10 hours for 20 DP its now 2.5hrs. Stepping pass Garhen and into the sea Di]uth stood on the fingertip of the titans palm, he cast out his hand. The sea once calm begun to tumble with powerful booms! Even the titan felt a slight threat from the vast waves that were almost big enough to sink nations. Dths mana reached deep into the sea, grasping thee sand, the rock, silt and even taking some of the bones deep down. He pulled it from the sea, some ships distantly looked on in horror as a true beast was formed.

The sand and bones became its gums, its teeth. One grinded one stripped. Flesh became its muscles and limbs, no bones will take up its structure. The rock became the spear ends of the kraven's tendrils. And so it came into being, he made a fleshy heart, to withdraw mana from the deep and use it for its own needs. He coaxed its tendrils in formations to serve as its powerful grabers and sinkers. He gave it power of the oceans, of the storms in its area. He gave its stomach the acid to devour and dissolve ships. He gave it only a storage of 20 VP, 100 DP and 50,000 MP. its health was strong, its body durable and bendable in all directions. It had many eyes amongst its tendrils with a yellow sickly glow. Many tendrils to traverse the deep ocean floors and the intelligence to do as it must. To think, to gain ideas. He pulled back because it took 15 hours of continuous buzz to create this, the oceans rumbled and splashed across the sea, ships turned over and sunken even without the kraken. Then it was dropped into the sea to which it communed with its big brother titan and its creator.

[Deep chasms shall know my passage and give thanks to that of you father.]

If Duth could grin he would have. He grew happier by the moment. Overjoyed. Not knowing that a sort of killing intent began to form around him from his sickening thoughts. He happily named the Kraken. "You are Zophos" The Kraken happily wiggled and sat as it grathered its power. In that time the titan had gained 60 dark matter. Whilst Duth had gained 4500 exp from the usage. He peered into his mind and then redirected the titan. He was going to keep building!

The next would be Behemoth, he wanted something to begin forging his most crazy idea, therefore he swept up mountains around him, even putting the titan to its limits after taking 10 mountains. He needed them and clear quiet some space. He raised his hand, his next build shall be a massive worm, there wasn't much to make, so he began taking this titanous worm to infect the planet by traveling within its outer core. So to do this, he shaped the mountains into a massive worm like body, he put a mount at one end and at the other would be waste. But that waste wasn't lie normal worms, it in fact just does convert after eating magma and liquified mana. The conversion would be a mass scale and it would be from normal mana to a corrupted version of mana

He would give the titan knowledge and have it craft mana formations whilst he made the inside into a series of chambers. Each one turns the magma and slowly in fact it with the converted kind. This not only allowed the morm to function, but to do its job. Its mount had many rocky teeth and a powerful suction to intake the magma and filter it into the chambers. This is all he needed only allowing for a 'small area' to have some intelligence, this one would be on a lower end, having the intelligence of a human child, not that it is considered one, but has the cognitive ability like a child would. Duth did have to kick start it and in fact gave it power to commune with the planet in some way. Just enough to allow its work to not be as slow as it could be. After finishing the formations were laid and the massive worm was given a power boost to kick start it, once it came on he had it delve into the ground. Whilst the titan terraformed the earth to allow the hole to close up. He gave it the name "Exodace" giving it massive capacities for consumption and usage.


Authors note: I only explained the first titan for certain reasons, whilst i wont explain the specifics of the others, to save my sanity and whatever the reader may deem sanity for them.. if your not insane already. im sure there are a few cultic folks in the crowd.

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