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Chapter 9: Stage Two

Josh suddenly awoke in a bed he was unfamiliar with.

"What happened? Where are the captives? Where am I? How did I get here?" Josh yelled as he sat up. The sudden pain from his abdomen, his chest, his arms, and his eyes. His whole body ached and his eyes were so dry and they stung every time he blinked.

"You passed out from extreme mana exhaustion, it seems you ran out of steam after you accomplished your goal. The captives found the police and gave you to them, they also are undergoing processing. You are in Penber academy's hospital. And the second answer explains the last question." Sylphie respond to his questions

"Huh?" Josh responded still confused

"Lay back down, your body is still healing, don't think i missed you wincing in pain. I need to go inform the doctor of your awakening." Sylphie left the curtains that had surrounded them, he heard a door open and close.

A few minutes later the door opened again and a doctor emerged from the curtains along with sylphie.

"Well you do seem to be doing better, the color has returned to your face, most of the lacerations that you received have healed, most of them required stitches, you lost a lot of blood. It is a miracle you were still standing long enough to get out of there. Well, you will need to speak to the military police after I leave. This is their territory after all. " The Doctor said then he left without giving Josh the time to respond or even thank him.

Then after the doctor had closed the curtain Sylphie jumped into his arms with tears streaming down her face.

"You idiot! Barging in there all by yourself. Why would you do such a thing? You've been out for a whole week. Do you know how worried i was? Everyone was, What even happened? What they found in there was atrocious, there was blood everywhere, strange devices that we are still looking into. Scorch marks that can only be formed by an Advanced magician, a Tier 6 spell. A man Drained completely of his mana. And none of the people there could have formed such a spell. And neither can you! What even happened?"

Josh told her everything, from being so terrified to almost giving up to stealing the man's fire mana and to their plot to gain the use of all the elements.

"That's insane, how did you get the idea to do such a risky thing?"

"I was running low on mana and I feared death, the wind mage had adapted to my tactics and kept a mana strand to his wind blades to avoid them shooting upwards. The attacks were coming from all sides. I didn't know what to do."

"Well all that matters is that you're safe, and less importantly that you put a stop to their plot and saved the Captives."

Their conversation was cut short when some men in military clothes came through the curtain. Two tall men wearing green jumpsuits with pockets all around. They had black boots and caps on their heads.

"Hello i am sergeant Keith, and i am here to ask you some questions about the recent events. This is sergeant krell, he is assisting me in this investigation. May I please have the young miss step out for a bit?" Keith said in a stern tone

Keith was about 6ft tall and from under his uniform you could see his bulging muscles, he had Bright green eyes and brown hair, he looked to be not very handsome but average looking. Krell on the other hand had a very pretty face worthy of a woman, he was shorter than Keith about 5,7" and wore glasses. He had deep blue eyes and black hair, it was in a buzz cut and looked like it wouldn't go together but it did quite well.

After he said that Sylphie promptly left and stated that she was going to tell Coen and Cash that Josh had come too.

"Well let's get down to business." Keith said wasting no time and pulling a chair from the side of the bed and sitting on it.

"What happened?"

"Well..." Josh then proceed to tell the same tale to the officers

"That is quite the tail, What did you learn from them?"

"They wanted to be able to do the same thing I did to the fire mage, but to take the other elements for themselves."

"Did the organization have a name? And who was their boss?"

"They didn't have a name from the beginning, and as for who their boss was, I'm not sure. All I saw was a monster of a man in a leather coat. He had a hood covering his face and never told them his name. But I am under the impression that he was but a pawn in someone's else's master plan. The one pulling the strings is likely someone thirsty for power, probably a noble who is a mage powerful enough to be backed by the kingdom. I don't mean the kingdom is behind it. I just think he is supported by them, Probably a magical researcher doing this on the side. I would investigate anyone who has expressed wanting to rule the kingdom before, but what do I know that's just my diagnosis." Josh responded giving his input even though they never asked.

"Well that does make sense, i appreciate the input, but we will take it from here, And you are not to tell anyone of this, it concerns national security after all." Krell responded, the whole time he was writing everything down.

'Too bad i already did' Josh was inwardly smiling

"Especially the part about stealing the man's mana, that would scare the shit out of people." Keith added

They then left and told them that this might not be the last time seeing him. Then Cash, Coen and Sylphie entered.

"Well back to the land of the living are we?" Cash said

"Yea" Josh said, touching his neck in embarrassment.

"Well, how was your first battle of life and death?" Coen said while smiling and in a sincere manner.

"It was exhilarating, I don't know what it is about battle but I love it, I felt like I was on top of the world, literally." Josh then began telling them about his experience, completely ignoring the orders of the military police.

"By the gods, how are you even alive? I was told that if you try to use someone else's mana then it was like drinking poison, after all everyone has their own spirit, and doing such a thing they would conflict each other." Coen said with a face full of contemplation.

"I don't know how you have such a calm mind, that scene you described sounds awful, also that man's memory might have corrupted you." Sylphie said while her eyes watered up and in a sincere tone.

"I know i have no right to ask this of you guys, but I want to take them down. In that man's memories I saw their old laboratory. Do you want to go with me and look for clues? " Josh said with a desperate tone, he knew he wasn't strong enough to fight them by himself, and wanted their help. But he was resolute on the matter and even without their help he would still go.

"Of course, I want to fight too." Cash said. It seemed he was itching for a battle, and he loved to fight as much as Josh.

"I find it disgusting what they're doing. I want to stop them as well." Coen said with a smile that was very menacing like a snake about to pounce.

"When I think about what they did to those poor girls, I almost want to kill them all." Sylphie joined the fray.

And with that the 3 students decided to take matters into their own hands. They were determined to change the lives of the captives. To save them.

"One condition, we must not kill them, I believe that all lives are worth saving" Josh said. After that they all agreed to the condition with little disagreement. After all they had never killed anyone before.

"Maybe the scientists aren't worth saving" Josh thought then quickly dismissed it.


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"Sir, a lone mage has taken out Laboratory 55, He seems to have freed all the prisoners as well." A man kneeling beneath a throne said in a terrified voice. The man sitting on the throne was oozing dark energy and spoke in a deep and profound voice.

"And of the researchers?"

"They had all killed themselves as soon as they woke up from the poison tooth we gave them, preventing interrogation."

"How is the research going?"

"Well actually I have learned something from the mage, a new way to extract mana. By not using the machines but pure mana in the form of a spell. The details are complicated, if you want me to explain that's fine"

"That's fine. And who was the mage?"

"Some third year student at Penber Private Academy, his name was Josh Hoen."

The man seemed to pause, pondering something because the words the underling said.

"We must kill him, make it quick and discreet, Nobody should know. Accidents happen after all."

"Yes sir" The man kneeling stood up and left quickly, understanding the orders.

And thanking the gods he didn't get punished, after all Laboratory 55 was under his direct supervision. That man was none other than Keith in a full black suit with a murderous glare. The Face he showed Josh was completely gone, only a twisted smile and evil looking eyes remained.

After Keith had left the massive dark room the black figure thought.

'Penber academy huh? Ray is screwing up my plans again. I swear I will get my revenge"

Spencer_Lester Spencer_Lester

Sorry for the late chapter, But stuff happens after all. Anyways thanks for the support!

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