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43.75% The Medieval Legend (an aquatic struggle) / Chapter 14: English Empire episode 5

English Empire episode 5 - The Medieval Legend (an aquatic struggle) - Chapter 14 by Tonyluis full book limited free

Chapter 14: English Empire episode 5

Grendel took jill to one of the towers, situated at the first Bailey, in front of the main royal building, the tower commanded views of plains outside the castle gates.

Serene is and always the disposition in that very tower, overly distinct from other towers. It was perfectly situated and designed for meditation, it was why Grendel chose there as his best spot in the castle.

Grendel and Jill took a long spiral step, scurrying anxiously up into the tower.

When they ran out of stairs, they came into a room, cone in shape, they regarded eachothers face in surprise, Jill thought it would be a private place, while Grendel wondered who he could be sharing his best spot with.

He felt inconvinent finding the place occupied by someone else, he really wanted to share it with Jill, and he had made her believe that spot would be unoccupied.

Grendel appeared marveled, someone has breached his private spot where he goes for meditation, there he goes to weed out frustrations and worries about his father's health, ever since his father was besieged by an unnatural disease that had him incapacitated, it had abilities like walking and livelyness taken away from his father, Grendel has been used to having uneasy thoughts, but being in the towers and having a view of the plains synchronized with the calm disposition, helps him mellow down whenever he gets too worried about his father's illness.

If the tower was occupied by a knight or a castellan, it wouldn't be much a wonder to grendel, rather, the tower was occupied by a strange old man, cloaked in a brown bogus cloth that ran down to his knees, he wielded an old wooden stick possessing a mere similarity with the shape of a snake.

He has never seen such a man roaming about the castle, was the first thought that came into Grendel's mind, his inquisitive nature made him familiar with nearly everyone living in the confines of the castle.

The old man stood at the window, glancing side to side at the plains outside the castle, unaware some people were behind him.

"Who's that man." Jill whispered,

intending not to alert the man of their presence, he could be dangerous or an evil socerer, or worse, a necromancer.

"Am not sure." Grendel replied, seeming awestruck, it told in his appearance.

"Turn around old man,!" Grendel yelled.

It startled Jill, she never anticipated Grendel would ask the man to turn around, shouldn't we be running away from danger than facing it, Jill thought.

"What are doing?" Jill asked. She smacked her right hand against Grendel's shoulders, it showed an objection towards Grendel's plan to interrogate the stranger.

"What do you mean." Grendel directed his gaze at Jill quickly, seeming inquisitive about Jill's sudden action, Grendel found an expressive face, wrapped in displeasure.

"Shouldn't we be running from danger.

than intrrogating danger. "

Jill whispered, precededing her grievance with a caveat, it was brought to Grendel's mind, Jill's discomfort, she feared the man could be dangerous, and they needn't bring his attention over to themselves.

"No,! Grendel strained, causing a bright frown on his face.

Then It looked as though they would go into an altercation with sizzling voices.

It seemed as though to Jill , given grendel's gestures, his hands had gone into folds, and his face wore a bright frown.

This isn't a right time to go into an argument. Jill thought to herself.

"Okay, fine, do whatever you want." Jill said, she displayed a gesture that said, she wouldn't object to grendel's will, he could now do whatever he wills.

The old man didn't respond to grendel as though he did hear nothing, all those while Grendel has a little altercation with Jill, the old man never responded to Grendel's orders. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Rather he kept fluttering his leg, a behaviour that showed he was enjoying the view of the plains.

It shoved in little confusion in Grendel for a moment, he called the old man for interrogation,

He was loud enough when he called the old man that it could almost be called a yell, but the old man showed no reaction to his words. only dangerous and stern men are frivolous towards orders Grendel thought.

Jill backed away slowly, heading towards the exit, she had a replica of the perception Grendel had.

"Who goes you, stranger.!" Grendel persisted.

The old man turned, Grendel had overly jarred his tranquility.

His appearance made Grendel mow severely, he found plenty beards hung on his jaws, having in it, thick threads of chicken knitted in between them. He looked unkept, a drunkard severely addicted to ale he might be.

Grendel slipped a dagger out of his pocket , and directed it into a position of use, he intended to stab the old man if he gets violent.

The old shaggy man viewed him as unworthy, he looked disdainfully at him, like what harm could a mere dagger do to him. The old man said in his mind.

The old shaggy man, stuck out his arm towards grendel,

Grendel felt a wave around him that took away his awareness for a while, his sensations, where he was, and his thoughts left him for a while.

After a moment, he found out his dagger has been modified into an instrument less detrimental to the health of his adversary, his dagger had changed into a grey feather, Grendel was astounded, while the woman immediate him was freightened.

"Dark sorcery." Grendel shrieked, with his eyes jutted, he looked at the item in his hands, Wondering if it was real or just an illusion or is he oblivious, for nothing is impossible when in a state of Oblivion.

My instincts were right, he is a socerer, Grendel thought, his head trickled up towards the old man.

His outward aspect showed a gesture dipped in awe, for he pinpointed who the old man could be by the strangeness of his attitude.

"This is no dark sorcerey son,

The old man orated in a classy manner, as if he was regal nor looked regal, yet neither of those was worn in either his appearance nor his Identity.

Am just a gifted magician." He added.

"What are you doing here in the towers?." Grendel asked, with a feather in his hands pointing directly at the old man, he was still using it as a threat.

Jill hadn't gone then she stood behind Grendel and not beside him, she still felt unsure about the old man, he could be sneaky and treacherous, waiting for the right time to strike.

Jill would take to her heels once Grendel drops from an upright position, to the floor.

"This is my best spot in the castle.

And I know that's yours too." The old man said.

"How did you know that?." Grendel said with a squeaky tone, he felt aroused by how the old man knew some secrets about him.

"Haven't you been told that you are not to ever question a magician?." Said the old man.

Weasel words were the only things the old man uttered, he never made outright assertions,

It drove Grendel to annoyance that the man never took him serious, but would rather play silly games with him.

"May I know your origin, Mr greybeard?.

Where are you from?" Grendel asked, he put up a stern look as he stared at the old man, Grendel thought a stern appearance would help show the old man he was serious with his questions.

"I am Goren son of Gore," the old man answered, seemed as though the stern looks grendel gave to the old man, made him take his questions for once.

After he revealed his Identity to Grendel, the looked at Grendel's face and caught a little awe in it, it quickly came to his mind Grendel knew about him.

"Goren the great wizard!." Grendel exclaimed, he yelled in surprise and admiration,

As soon as that took place Jill became unhurried and relaxed she had hope the old man before her and Grendel couldn't be dangerous in anyway, but rather a mysterious man and a great man too.

"Wow I have read about you in the legend, you have lived a hundred and twenty years,

Goren stood before him and payed attention to his words as he described him in full details, he loves when he is attended to and praised, withal he is very worthy of praises.

When you read to page 65 in the legends, it tells us the story about how you defeated the great wizard Gohan the Mangler, in a great fight with flurries of magics and enchantments, am so honored to meet you" said Grendel acting servile before the tatared old man who he once showed stern attitudes to, now reputation spoke louder than looks, making grendel feel honoured to be standing before the unkept old man

" your descriptions were perfect," Goren said, applauding the way he described him without a single flutter in his speech, it was as if grendel was a relation to him.

"I have read a lot about you, your history and your love story too."

Grendel said in excitement cause he was living a dream, he came up to the towers and found Goren the great wizard, one of the wonders of acient Britian, many are the children and people who wishes to see the mysterious wizard, they might be disappointed given he always look tatared in appearance, but that wouldn't stop anyone to be marveled to see him, given his mighty reputation, he is a wizard who possesses great power.

Long ago when grendel was a child, Goren the great wizard was one of the mythical stories his father tells him majorly at midnight under the glazing moonlight, grendel loved the story so much, he wished everyday that he would meet Goren the great wizard someday, he yearned for it all through his childhood, when grendel became a teenager, he lost hope that he would ever meet the great wizard, and somehow he stopped believing the great wizard ever existed, and his father's story about the wizard grendel compassed it as a myth.


When grendel mentioned goren's love life in he words, a slight mow struck the face of the great wizard,

Wizards do not live like humans do, yet love isn't excluded from their way of life, people view wizards as unaturals, they think they are deride of emotions, it is also consensually believed wizards live in a dark gloomy house, situated in the mountains or in the woods, some think all wizards are evil, but grendel who is fully Britian acted different towards the wizard.

He tacticaly shifted away from the word love, the frown he found in Goren's face told a story, he hasn't yet forgotten about his erstwhile love life, it proves to be unforgettable.

"So you mean to tell me, you come here everyday at night." Grendel talked about the usage of the tower.

"Just after you finish ringing the bells, I come here and interact with nature." Said Goren.

"Interacting with nature, how is that possible?." Grendel asked, his hands went into folds, and his faced protubed further, a pose that showed he was being attentive to goren's words

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