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9.72% The Most Satisfied Reincarnate / Chapter 23: Relaxing(2)

Relaxing(2) - The Most Satisfied Reincarnate - Chapter 23 by DragonKnov full book limited free

Chapter 23: Relaxing(2)

There he saw two women, who seemed to want to also eat in this shop. He saw the same waitress approaching the two women. After a few minutes, the waitress directed the two women towards the table near him.

'I don't want to cause a misunderstanding; better look somewhere,' Desmond said. Glancing at the two women, he quickly glanced in another direction.

When he was still looking around the furniture, he heard the women calling out to him.

"Oh my, what cute boys and girls, may I know what your names are?" He turned around and saw the older woman speaking with a teasing tone. She was about 5' 4" tall, and she had large breasts and slim buttocks. Her hair was long with the color red and a golden-blond hairstyle. Her face and her blue eyes were not inferior to Leona, who was already famous for her beauty. The woman was dressed like a noble with a lot of jewels on her body.

The other girl was roughly one year older than Desmond. She had a beautiful face, not inferior to Alice because she was still quite young. Her beauty is not visible. She had the same red hair as her mother but with red eyes and bob haircut, which indirectly showed the little girl's personality. She was also no taller than Desmond, about 3' 3" tall.

Desmond had to admit that beauty in this world was very different from his old world. In fact, he saw many people with beautiful and handsome faces on the streets.

Desmond looked at the woman and spoke politely, "Good morning, Mrs. My name is Desmond, while Alice is in front of me."

Alice, who was still looking at the menu while playing with her hair, suddenly heard her name mentioned. She looked at the older woman and introduced herself politely. "Alice."

"Oh, my, very polite, no need to be polite to this aunt, auntie also has children your age.

"My name is Clementine, and this is my child Diana," Clementine said, holding Diana's shoulder to show it to Desmond and Alice.

Diana then looked at Desmond and Alice for a moment before snorting, "Humph."

"Diana!" Clementine snapped at Diana as she stuttered angrily.

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"Diana." Diana introduced herself with a sullen face. Then she looked at Desmond's body and pointed. "Are you strong? if not, then don't talk to me. "

'The fuck ?! You spoke to us first!' thought Desmond, his impression of Diana had changed drastically.

"Sorry, my daughter is usually not like this." Clementine, who saw her daughter's behavior, felt very embarrassed while apologizing to Desmond and Alice.

Alice, who felt her little brother being harassed, stood up and spoke, "Hump, my little brother is 100x stronger than you," she said while pointing at Diana.

"Wh-" before Diana had finished speaking, Clementine cut her off, "Diana!"

Desmond then glanced at Alice with a gaze that was meant to tell her to sit quietly.

When they had calmed down, two waitresses suddenly came to their respective tables with their food.

"This is your order. Thank you for your patience." 

Alice then took out two gold coins, a large thick coin made out of yellow metal. On one side, it has a picture of the queen and on the other was a picture of a pear tree. Its design was moderately embellished.

History says that the two sides have important meanings for the human race. The queen symbol was obtained from the betrayal of the king's wife, Sieg; they use this as a lesson that all queens or women cannot be trusted. As for the tree symbol, this reminded them that until now, it was only the elves that they had not colonized.

Clementine also took out the same coin and gave it to the waitress.

"Thank you, and enjoy your meal." 

After the two waitresses left, Clementine said, "Before continuing to speak, let's enjoy this breakfast first," looking at Desmond with a smile.

Due to Desmond's mature nature, many people began to speak politely to him even at such an early age. She gestured to Clementine to enjoy it first. While Clementine and Diana ate, Desmond looked at Alice and said, "Please don't cause trouble next time, or we'll end it here."

Alice could only nod while glaring at Diana with a sharp gaze. Diana, who realized this, also glared back at Alice with the same look.

Desmond and Clementine just shook their heads before continuing to eat.


After they'd finished eating, Clementine asked Desmond and Alice again, "So where are you going after this?"

When Desmond heard this, his eyebrows raised, his expression also frowned while looking at Clementine, who was smiling at him. "We want to go to the magic shop to buy a new magic crystal."

"Oh my, we happen to have the same destination," Clementine smiled as she covered her mouth with a fan.

Diana had been looking at Alice earlier and hearing that they had the same goal; she stared at Desmond for a while before returning to Alice.

Alice, who didn't know that they were going to the magic shop, sees Desmond and holds his clothes. Desmond just shook his head and whispered, "Calm down, there are some ingredients I want to buy; after that, we will go to your favorite toy shop."

Alice nodded as she held Desmond's hand tightly, the clear affection reflected in her eyes, showing a love that almost broke common sense.

Even when Clementine and Diana understand their sibling, it felt strange...


As Alice and Desmond walked out of the shop, the guards who Desmond had thrown out greeted them immediately.

"Oh my, it turns out you are a young master." When Clementine sees this, she does not feel weird because it is so expensive that no normal people could afford to eat here. She also laughed while covering her mouth with a fan.

"Hehe, our father and mother work in the army with high ranks." As they were being praised, Alice, who had been silent, bragged about their parents.

"Tch, just depending on your parents doesn't mean your fate will become a princess," Diana, who had been annoyed by Alice, replied with this pitiful gaze and a mocking tone.

This time, Desmond didn't stop Alice from talking because he was also quite annoyed with Diana, who was always looking for trouble.

Clementine, who saw Desmond's expression, then interrupted them and spoke, "Don't bicker too much, Diana! Let's go."

When they heard Clementine's word, Alice and Diana then looked away with a pout. Strangely  after a few minutes, Alice, who was previously on Desmond's arm, suddenly walked together with Diana.

They chatted happily like that was nothing happen before; they even laughed looked like touching each other noses.

Desmond already found women were strange, but seeing this, he was speechless and finally choose to ignore that.

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