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The Human Kingdom - The Most Satisfied Reincarnate - Chapter 5 by DragonKnov full book limited free

Chapter 5: The Human Kingdom

When Desmond still pondering, he heard a clicking sound from the door and then saw his elder sister, Alice, entered with her right hand holding an ice cream.

"Why did you bother to call me, mother?" Alice asked. She was pouted while glaring at all of the people in the room. But before her mother replied, she continued, "As I said before, I will not get fat even if I eat a lot of ice cream!" While stomping her feet.

"..." Desmond.

While the audiences were still dumbfounded, Alice starting to turn around before stopping elegantly. "See, which part of me looks fat? Tell me which part became fat?" She said while patting her chest and raising her head proudly.

After she asked, a silence fell in this for a moment before they finally chuckled.

"Yes...Yes… Then yesterday, where did you go?" Leona asked, even her lips showing a smile; still, the tone she used was strictly coupled with her magenta eyes staring at her daughter.

Finally noticing her mother's seriousness, Alice lowered her head and said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, Mom, after eating a lot of ice cream, I... become a bit sleepy."  She tried to make her voice as small as possible, hoping her mother couldn't hear her.

"Ah, my little girl, come here." Upon seeing her pitiful state, Bastian as a father, could not bear anymore, he spoke softly while putting Desmond in the bed and hugging her tightly. He then raised her and started to spin her around.

At first, Alice was puzzled and then happily laughed when her body raising to the mid-air. But the longer she spins the dizzy she felt, and in the end, she couldn't stand it anymore. "Stop...Stop… Father…" She tried to shout, but her father kept spinning her body around.

Bastian did not notice or heard his daughter's call; when he heard her laugh, he also laughed happily and pour more power into his arm.

But suddenly, his movement froze when he felt a chill around his nape. He turned around, only to see his wife staring at him with her cold expression.

"Dear, Alice said stop; why didn't you stop?" Leona gave a faint smiled while emitting a cold atmosphere around her that made the entire room suddenly feel cold.

Interesting… Hmm, that's a spell?? Desmond thought, his baby eyes trying to scan her mother and the thin cold air.

"Yes, honey... And sorry for that, my princess." Bastian apologized; he glanced at her daughter and slightly pinched her cheeks before backed away.

After seeing her husband backed away, Leona shifted her attention toward her daughter and reprimanded her. "Alice, if you do that again, then mommy won't give you permission to eat ice cream again!"

"Yes, mother," Alice reply instantly with her head lowered, and she also backed away, too scared about her mother's punishment.

I wonder if my elder sister's status is as bad as her behavior? Desmond thought and commanded, System, scan Alice's status.

[Scanning the target..]

[Scan Complete!]

[Name: Alice

Gender: Female

Age : 3

Race: Human

Class: none

Occupation: none

Unique Energy: 3.28

Strength: 1.30

Agility: 5.30

Stamina: 0.30

Trait Effect:

Playful (Rare)

- Increase Agility by +5.00.

- Increase Amount Unique Energy Gathering +0.002]

Interesting…Even my elder sister has a rare trait. He nodded inwardly. While observing her stats, he also noticed some abnormality. Almost all my family have attributes +0.30, and so I do.

The conclusion is, Every human must have +0.30 from the start. So it's like getting a starter pack.

"Okay, everything's been settled, then let's go..." When Leona saw her husband and daughter obediently waiting for her, she smiled and stared, pretending nothing had happened.




-Back Story Before The Kingdom Became Divided -

The Northern Kingdom is part of the human race; it's an Empire and a city famous for selling many elf slaves and the kingdom that produced the most fish. Because of its location close to the sea and to the elves' territory, many people in the city find elves passed out beside the barrier who are made slaves for a high price at the auction.

Twenty years ago, the human race only had one kingdom, namely the Imperial Empire. The human race broke the peace between the races and started attacking the demon race first. The Imperial Empire controlled the entire territory because of the 'Hero' with the title 'Monster Killer Sieg.'

Because of Sieg's title, The king felt ashamed of his lack of power and achievement; people began to rebel and suggest that the king abdicate his throne. Unwillingly, the king crowned Sieg as the king of humanity, and he disappeared from history.

Sieg then started killing every single demon and beast that entered the human domain. Almost all races were afraid of Sieg because his ranks were too terrible, 'A Guardian and an Arch-Mage.'

He was called a 'Prodigy Child' who had to reach Unique Energy 80.00 at a young age. Generally, after the incident of the dragon break, the energy in this saint's world decreases. So it will be hard to become an Arch-mage.

He was a one-person army, and if the enemy surrounds him, he starts to cast his spell (Lost Spell: Annihilation).

It is a spell that combines five main realm elements to create five flying daggers that surround the user. Each flying dagger represents each element of nature.

He ordered the dagger to start flapping towards the Demon Army.



Five Natural Disasters came together, the ground would rise in the form of spikes; the sky would become cloudy and pour out a lot of water, and 'The ethereal tree' suddenly pushes up from the ground in the form of a spike sucking up Demon Life at every moment.

Dragon-shaped fire descended and then began to blow up the Demon Army. That powerful spell killed a hundred people and demons; then, after he ran out of unique energy, nevertheless, his sword-art was top level.

He became a killing machine. Every time he moved his sword, countless heads flew through the air. When a giant demon came to destroy him, it only took one slash from his sword, and blood spurted out of the demon's body.

His blade sliced open the massive Demon's body, the ground became shattered; he was like a deity of death in the eyes of his enemies.

Slash and Die!

Because of that, the demons lost all of their territories. Meanwhile, after occupying all the demon's territory, the king's greed grew, and he started aiming for the Elves.

After resting his army and recovering his strength before the war, the Elves believed they could win because the enemy would come to them, and the territory was almost full of traps.

But after witnessing the effect of the spell, the Elves began to feel scared and told their race to start chanting (Lost Spell: World of Tree).

The elf race also has many lost spells, but they were not as strong as the human race.

The ultimate spell of the elf race, 'Life Drain,' was lost because of their stubborn elder, who wouldn't pass it on to the younger generation, but the elder created a new powerful defensive lost spell, 'World of Tree.'

It took a whole month of chanting without a break (Lost Spell: World of Tree). Suddenly, a large tree appeared in the elven territory and on every Elf border territory, a transparent green barrier was slowly rising. King Sieg realized this and headed towards the elf territory with his army.

Sieg started chanting (Lost Spell: Annihilation) again and sent his dagger flying towards the barrier. Disaster loomed, and smoke rose. After nearly an hour, the smoke cleared only to see the barrier in good condition as if nothing had happened.

Sieg started to get angry and ordered his troops to simultaneously attack the barrier, but there was no effect. After several months of trying to break the barrier, he gave up.

Sieg began a normal life, searching for as many wives as possible; no one could fight him because Sieg was the king of humanity. Some people were disappointed with his decision; some people were angry with him because he stole other people's wives with his power and money.

Many people began to make plans to overthrow the throne, but he ignored that because he was too arrogant.

Who cares what the ants do? He can crush them with one palm.

After five years of ruling, the people began to revolt, and brave people started appearing, like one person from the north, declaring his new north king's name, namely, Edward. When Albert from the south heard this, he started sending his troops to kill the rebels but always failed.

Sieg was confused because he believed his soldiers had high morale with the experience of fighting many demons. He ordered his minister to investigate, and the minister found out that the soldiers he had called to fight had joined the rebels and become reinforcements for the rebels.

Sieg became angry and announced that the next day he would start killing the rebel soldiers alone; on the night of preparation, one of his wives came into his room. She was the most beautiful wife of Sieg's many wives; she started to comfort him until the morning. The next day, shocking news stated:

"The King is Dead in His Chamber." Many people did not believe that the almighty king whom all races feared was now dead. The minister announced that he would be investigating the king's death.

The news spread to the rebels, and they began planning to overthrow the throne.

Within a few days, the north and south had been occupied by rebels and joined a new kingdom. This news made the minister angry with the rebels; at night, the minister summoned the Master Wizard to use a spell (Advance Spell: Rewind); a wizard/witch can only use it once per year.

The wizard started chanting, and suddenly a mirror with a large 'O' shape appeared in the center of the room and started showing the situation of the king's room before he died.

The minister and the wizard watched closely to see the king's most beautiful wife enter the room and kill the king in the middle of their comfort session.

The minister's expression darkened, and he summoned the guards, ordering them to find the king's wives, but the wizard suddenly stopped him, pointing at the mirror.

In the mirror, one of the king's most beautiful wives had suddenly grown a horn on her head, then a tail on her butt.

She looked in the mirror with a wicked smile before she cut the mirror with her long nails.

The minister and the wizard became frightened and terrified because in the five years that the king ruled, the demon race was always calm and never rebelled. This accident caused the wizard and the Minister to shiver because a demon can use disguise spells to become a human.

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The minister spread how the king died and announced a new advanced spell (Advance Spell: Reveal). This spell's function is to clear scents, a spell that acts on the body and hypnotizes the spell.

It scared the ordinary people because the devil could become a human, but it was also relieved at the same time that there was a spell to counteract it.

The Demons started to reclaim their territory after the human king died. Because the devil had killed the king, the wives and the king's descendants were also killed by the devil so that the previous incident would not happen again.

The minister immediately declared that he would inherit the king's throne and start ruling to eliminate the panic among commoners and reduce the chaos in the northern and southern regions.

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