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100% The Myriad Hack System / Chapter 36: Chapter 35: New Status, System Authority

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Chapter 36: Chapter 35: New Status, System Authority


Lega and his family left the village after delivering food and some weaponry. The four tainted witches also left with them as planned.

'The food has been taken care of and my pets are breeding like no tomorrow. Plus, Yumina is here to protect the village.'

'I'll break through to the second stage of innate rank.'

Raizel sat cross-legged and started entered a meditative state. He entered his dreamscape and accelerated time. <Myriad Entity Tome> and <Myriad Deity Tome> activated at full throttle siphoning energy from the pseudo realities, refining and integrating them relentlessly.

The four energies; Aeon, Neon, Mana, and Aura once again formed a Mobius ring around him. The 1st Innate stage was inclined to cleanse all impurities in his body and distorts in his brainwaves. 

The 2nd stage, however, unlocks the biotic and psitic capacity of the being. This implies a series of enhancements enabling the being to run at full capacity without drawbacks. With every cycle, Raizel could feel his senses sharpen and his physic becoming lighter. 

Flesh, blood, bones, acupoints... every part of his body strengthening to a great extent. His senses became clearer, touch, smell, vision, taste, hearing, instinct, everything empowered. Suddenly, he could feel two force-fields around himself; the bio-field that an organic cell naturally releases and the psi-field that brain-waves create.

Lost in cultivation, Raizel long since forgot to keep track of time. He continued to cultivate unaware that six months have passed instead of three. Fundament/Conceptual Laws only affect the user. To Raizel who was in 300x accelerated time within the dreamscape, six months or 180 days had turned into 54000 days of cultivation.

[Ding! Host's Psitic cultivation has entered 2nd Innate stage, Wizard; Limit-Novice Phase]

[Ding! Host's Biotic cultivation has entered 2nd Innate stage, Ranger; Limit-Novice Phase]

[Ding! Host's Anima cultivation has entered 2nd Innate stage, Priest; Limit-Novice Phase]

[Ding! Host's Anima cultivation has entered 2nd Innate stage, Knight; Limit-Novice Phase]

[Imp and goblin genes synthesized]

'There is no point in synthesizing lineages before I reach Exceed Rank. I would have to shave way my lineages on the very first stage of Exceed Rank.' Raizel awakens only after reaching the peak of the 2nd Innate Stage. 

'My body has grown, 145 centimeters. The height of a 10 to 12 year old boy. Muscles are overgrown and well-toned. But how come my stomach is swelled up like a round fatty.'

'My skin turned red and two horns appeared on my forehead. Oh! I can feel a tiny soul fire in my belly.'


Name: Raizel Zelnar

Species: Unnamed Mutant(Arch Goblin-Arch Imp)


Arch Goblin(100%), Arch-Imp(100%)

--Spiritual Fire

--Spirit Eyes

--Enhanced Physic

--Enhanced Focus

Pseudo Nephilim(Sealed), Pseudo Seraphim(Sealed)

Cultivation Rank

Psitic Rank: 2nd Stage Innate, Wizard; Prime Phase (Limit)

Biotic Rank: 2nd Stage Innate, Ranger; Prime Phase (Limit)

Animic Rank: 2nd Stage Innate, Priest; Prime Phase (Limit)

Anumic Rank: 2nd Stage Innate, Knight; Prime Phase (Limit)

Cultivation Tomes

Myriad Entity: Innate Familier Stage, Pristine Phase

-- Void Thought: Allows the user to probe and collect Thought force from pseudo realities.

Myriad Deity: Innate Familier Stage, Pristine Phase

-- Omni Essense: Allows the user to collect the Essence force from the atomic interchange.

System Authority: Born from the link between Myriad Deity, Myriad Entity, and Myriad Hack. 

-- System Waive: Works like a Server Platform connecting everyone and everything under host's servitude.

Skill Tomes

Classic Sword Art: Partial Phase

Spell Tomes

Wind Reconnaissance: Pristine Phase (Holo Spell Model)

Earth Reconnaissance: Pristine Phase (Holo Spell Model)]

'My physique got bigger yet I feel much lighter than before. This might be due to be Imp lineage. The lmp lineage is a soul lineage from hell. To be frank, it's a lineage virus modeled after Imps from hell. That's why there is only an instinctual database in it and no memory database.'

'But the creator of this virus left no ancestral chain and therefore, no bound to the lineage or a path of evolution. It could perfectly blend into the goblin's soul, corrupting it in the process. The virus grows along with its host, and steadily erodes the racial lineage.'  

'A being is connected with World Fate through the two lineages, one in the soul and one in the body, namely the spiritual root and the ancestral root. Destroying these two roots means cutting all ties with the world, as such the being will have no achievement in cultivating the world's energies or have any part it the World Fate.'

'A brilliant way to sabotage the enemy's tactics. And annihilation of the goblins put out the variables on the board.' Raizel analyzed.

'System Authority, it's applications are really interesting.' Raizel thought. It actually enabled everyone connected to him to collect myriad units for him.

In return, they can enjoy some of the system-functions; status module and A.I suggestions. Though they already enjoyed A.I suggestion system through Axillary A.Is but now they would be paying for it via myriad units converted from their unhealthy and excess thought and essence.

'This is a brilliant function. It uses the most basic law of energy, conversion to turn any thoughts against me or my interest into myriad points while also extracting a certain amount of energy to file my myriad unit balance.'

'The cultivation of Tomes, Artifacts, and Medicine is divided into 4 stages like the stages in a rank. They are 


Familiar Stage: It utilizes energy, ability, or law in correspondence with your rank. Plus, they can be marked and refined to be exclusive for their owners. It's focused on mastery or refinement of Tome, Tool, or Meds. 

Optimism Stage: The perfect state where the users' control has reached extremity to the point he could passively utilize it.

Constant Stage: Energy, Ability, or Law becomes constantly usable without drawbacks. Usage of the tome, or tool becomes completely passive and instinctive. While med effects extend to a long term.

Suplimit Stage: Can perform beyond its limit and exhibit 100%+ capacity.

Currently, his two cultivation tomes are at the familiar stage which means he can only draw Myriad Units when I active the system authority once a day.

The myriad units he harvests would also be limited to his proficiency in the Familiar Stage. That being said, 


Every phase will allow him to harvest more myriad units. In the constant stage, he could continuously extract units. 

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