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100% The Names that Bind Us / Chapter 2: The Girl and the Tree of Destiny

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Chapter 2: The Girl and the Tree of Destiny

(Perspective of Kit342)

Out of everything in The Gifted City, magical auras, blessed people, and thousands of different Relics, nothing could compare to even the Ground Floor of The Tower.

Cap grips my hand tightly as we stand just beyond the door way making it clear that he is just as overwhelmed as I am. Glad I'm not the only one.

The entire room is a giant black box, with nothing above, and nothing below. It looks as if a whole Galaxy of empty black space was all squished into this one room. The door behind us slowly scrapes to a close causing a booming echo to fill my ears.

From the outside, The Tower door looked as if it was made of just Oak wood with intricate carvings, but on the inside it looks as if it is made of nothing but an endless dark void matter, heavier than an entire mountain. I squeeze Cap's hand so hard I swear it might snap and fall off as we are submerged in the darkness.

Thankfully, it doesn't last very long. Bright little speckles of light start to fade in, popping up like little stars. They rain down from the ceiling and rise up from the floor flying all around us in delicate swirls. The lights bob and sway and circle around me and Cap as if beckoning us to join in their fluid dance.

I lift my left arm up and stretch out my hand. A little spot of light weaves it's way in and out of my fingers and I stare in wonder before turning my head to look at Cap, who has his own little spot swirling around his wrist. His wide eyes look down at me, meeting my own awe struck ones.

"I-I think...they want us to touch them." I tell him, referring to the taunting lights. His face looks a bit worried but he nods and we both turn our attention back to the scene before us.

Again, I reach out my hand into the cluster of tiny light spots, this time my palm facing up, and a little spot weaves through my fingers before finally coming to rest in the center of my hand. Taking a deep breath I take one more look at Cap before closing my hand into a fist.

I let out a scream as the little light grows enormous within an instant and explodes with a sharp sparking noise.

For a moment I'm blinded by brightness and I take my hand back instinctively to shield my eyes. When I'm finally able to open them it takes a minute to adjust to, quite literally, the exact opposite scene I was in before. Now, everything above and below is swathed in white light.

Except Cap is not standing to the right of me.

Cap is not standing ANYWHERE in the room with me at all.

Realizing I'm suddenly stranded all alone I begin to panic, feeling nervous chills run down my back and I hug myself and rub my arms.

"CAP!!" I yell into the echoing expanse of white.

No answer.


Nothing but my own voice echoing off the walls and back into my ears.

I hug my arms tighter and stand there trying my best not to freak out and hyperventilate when finally something other than my own voice reaches my ears. A sheer "shhhhh" noise gets louder and louder from...above me?

I tilt my head up to the ceiling and sure enough an object is getting closer and closer, larger and larger, looking as if it is....GOING TO FALL RIGHT ON TOP OF ME?!

BAM! I'm blasted backwards onto my backside as a giant door falls from above, cracking into the floor and I realize that the room must be made of white marble.

Scrambling to my feet I dust myself off and make sure nothing is broken before looking at the large slab of a door in front of me. On its face is a chiseled number One and a glowing outline of a palm.

It feels as if it's in my DNA, my blood, my veins to do what I do next.

I walk forward and place my hand in the glowing print and it's light shines brighter. Instantly I feel a wave of calm crash over me relaxing every nerve, as if I didn't have a single bone in my body, a giant glob of jello.

On the backside of my hand, my Low Society Citizen name, Kit342, appears in glowing blue font. It disappears just as quickly as it appeared and suddenly my hand goes right through the door, and the rest of my body follows as I step inside.

On the inside, a small meadow with only white flowers and blue butterflies fills my vision. The grass is an odd aquamarine color as well, and the only other object within is a tall tree with only branches, not a single leaf.

I'm confused. Though, I guess I'm not too sure what exactly I was expecting. I begin to search for any sort of person resembling an Ancient, All-Powerful being.

"Come closer child." A whisper travels through a breeze to my ears. "Come 342, place your hand on me."

I walk through the grass, my head whipping in all directions searching for the owner of the voice when I realize it's the tall leafless tree, beckoning me in a language that's foreign but yet I somehow understand.

Puzzled and speechless by all the bizarre events that have occurred today, I stumble forward, tripping clumsily on my own feet.

Hesitantly, I stretch out my arm and place my hand flat on the trees trunk. A breeze whips through my long silver hair causing it to tangle and some of the blue butterflies zip past my face, just centimeters from my nose.

At first, the tree is silent and it's bark feels like it's dry and crumbling apart, dead. However, within seconds the tree seems to transform, as if this single touch from my one small, insignificant, little hand breathed life into it.

It's bark and trunk now seem to be fresh and strong, and I tilt my head upwards to witness full blown bunches of aquamarine colored leaves on every branch.

"This is unbelievable..." I whisper to myself, my mouth hung open in disbelief and amazement.

"Everything you see before you, is how your heart wishes to see it." The tree's voice whispers on the breeze to my ears once again.

I rest my head against its trunk, my hand still there as well, and I close my eyes and smile, feeling so blissful and in peace. "It's so beautiful, YOU'RE so beautiful."

I lift my head and open my eyes, "Are you the First Ancient?" I ask slowly.

"That is the title that I have been given, and the name I shall always bear. Though, those who witness my presence see me through the eyes of their heart. Therefore, I am the one that is everything. To you, I am The Tree. To your friend, I am something else entirely." The First Ancient replies cryptically.

"You mean Cap? Is he alright?" I perk up at the mention of my friend and am reminded that I didn't venture here alone.

"The boy is on his path to becoming a man, just as you shall become a woman. He is safe in the care of The Tower. Do not fret sweet flower, you shall be reunited once you've each been given your destinies."

Given our destinies. I frown in disgust at the phrase.

Yet, here I am. So here I go.

I take a deep breath and finally ask the question that's been burning inside me for 18 years.

"Who am I?"

The moment the words leave my lips the Ancient Tree shutters and shakes and the leaves that sprouted lively and abundant from its branches burst up into the air swirling around me making an aquamarine cylinder.

I quickly recoil my hand from the trunk and hold it to my chest, standing wide eyed and as still as I possibly can. I'm surprised I didn't become a tree myself.

Until it finally happens. I finally hear the words that fill the most important piece of my life. My identity. The words that make me who I am.

"Your name...

...Is Kerosene."

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