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Love at First Sight? - The Omniversal Chat Group - Chapter 6 by joker_P5 full book limited free

Chapter 6: Love at First Sight?

(A.N: Whew, sorry for the late update. This chapter is a bit longer and damn I thought writing fluff was hard but not this hard! Literally, I was pretty much distracted while writing this and smiling the whole time. Kudos to authors who manage to write fluffs without distraction. And please enjoy the chapter!)


When Ben and company entered the hotel they were greeted by the sight of two people, one being Azazel and the other Rossweisse with her business suit.

When Azazel saw Ben he blinked once, twice, thrice and few more times, he then rubbed his eyes for a minute and he saw Ben is still there. Azazel then turned to Issei and asked "I'm not dreaming, am I?"

Issei shook his head while saying "No Azazel-sensei, you aren't dreaming Ben-san is definitely real."

Ben with a cheeky smile went towards Azazel and shook his head and said "Yo Azazel! Can I get an autograph? Cause like you're the coolest person in this universe and I'm a huge fan of yours."

Azazel got shocked by this statement "No way!! You don't mean?!" Ben then answered "Yup! like me there's a show about this universe too."

Rossweisse was curious about what were they talking about "Azazel what's that boy talking about?"

Azazel faced Rossweisse with a serious expression that surprised everyone there and said something that shocked everyone "Rossweisse, this boy here is the most heroic person in the whole multiverse and history and one of the most powerful humans."

Ben flashed a confident smile and gave his hand and said "Yo Rossweisse! as you heard I'm a super hero and the name is Ben Tennyson but I prefer to be called Ben."

Rossweisse blushed a bit at the smile cause it's kinda handsome to her while shaking his hand she thought depressingly 'Sigh...I wish I had a boyfriend that could cuddle with and smile at me'

While Ben was looking cool on the outside, inside was a whole nother story 'Holy Sh*t!!! I'm meeting one of my top waifus now! I expected her to be beautiful, but not this beautiful!?'

Now before y'all start flaming me, Ben is also a weeb and like any other weeb he also has three or four waifus. If there wasn't any copyright he would've watched a lot more series rather than only sumo slammers.

Also let's not talk about every girlfriend and crushes he had were flatter than table also his last break up was... you don't need me to tell you, do you? Oh well here we go for those of you who don't know, just to be clear I won't write it cause it's WAY too cringe.

https ://youtu. be /k9ks2het1AM

Ben shuddered at the thought of his breakup with Julie, yeah it wasn't his best moment in life.

Azazel then suddenly asked "So what got you guys coming here? Weren't you with your friends on sightseeing?"

Then Issei and Ben started explaining about what happened at the shrine and the supposed kidnapping of a big shot in the Youkai faction.

"I see...So it was you two that made the big explosion.." Azazel said seriously with his hand on his chin.

Ben and Issei turned their heads around and started whistling like It wasn't them who did it.

"Well, you guys deserve a rest so go back to your rooms also Ben I have reserved a room for you. I'm going to discuss this with Serafall later." Azazel said and started going away.

Ben raised an eyebrow at the mention of Serafall while Issei got surprised and said "Is Leviathan-sama here too?" Azazel just nodded and went without saying anymore.

"Well... I guess that's our cue to leave then. Man I'm tired." Ben said while going towards his room while Issei nodded and also went to his room.

Awhile later...

Ben was resting at the moment and thought about what happened today from meeting the Devil in his own world , the chat group, chatting with the members, knowing that they're actually fictional characters in other worlds, coming to another world and got caught in fighting the moment he got there and here we are resting after a very bizarre day.

When Ben was going to check out on something he felt his phone vibrate and when he opened it up it was a notification from the Dimensional Chat Group. He then opened the app to find Kirito messaging him.

[Kirito: Yo! Ben-san are you enjoying your time there?]

[Ben10: Why you're asking me?]

[Kirito: Eh? I played all day and there's nothing to do right now so you could say I'm bored.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Ben10: Well here's what happened after I got here...*sent the video of him and Issei fighting the Youkais.*]


Everyone was stunned at their destructive power even the always cold-hearted Shoto was surprised too.

[Kirito: Congratulations... Got caught up in sh*t the second you got there.]

[Asta: Wow!! Ben-san I never thought you were this strong!!]

[Shoto:...You sure destroy a lot of things while fighting.]

While Asta praised his power the other two just blatantly mocked him without holding back.

[Ben10: Hey! What else could I've done? We were practically surrounded and they were bombarding us spell!]

[Kirito: Well you're not wrong, though I do wonder where the heck is Issei and why isn't he responding? if I'm not wrong it's still afternoon.]

It took a minute for the members to find an answer for this and after they did they got a expressionless look on them and they typed at the same time.

[(everyone except Asta):...Oh no *facepalm emoji*]

[Asta: Eh, guys what happened?]

[Kirito: I said it once and I'm going to say it again, Asta-kun don't bother yourself with ANYTHING related to that idiot Issei, you got that?]

[Asta: Eh? I don't understand why, but okay.]

[Kirito: Good. Ben-san go immediately stop that idiot before he does something that he'll regret and I'm pretty sure he won't but still we have to protect the girls chastity.]

[Ben10: You took the words right out of my mouth Kirito.]

[Shoto:..And make sure to give him a sucker punch he won't forget Ben-san.]

[Ben10: Definitely Shoto.]

Ben immediately set into motion because he knows exactly what that idiot's up to now...

With Issei....

Issei is currently resting on the futon, then a thought came across his mind that made him look perverted "I guess it's time to peep on the girls bathroom."

While going upwards in the stairs he was met with an serious Rossweisse wearing a red jersey that still looked se*y on her. She then look at Issei and said "As a teacher, and as a woman I shall protect the female students' nudity!"

"Even if you are our ally, I simply cannot let this go!" Issei stated and activated his Longinus and said "I shall...peep at the ladies bath!!!"

Rossweisse sighed and said "Then there's no other choice." After saying this Rossweisse immediately shot an icicle at Issei and Issei countered it with a mini Dragon Shot.

The spells clashed with each other and were cancelled. Rossweisse seeing Issei's counter attack got shocked a bit and said "Your attacks seems sharper than usual."

Issei's bangs were shadowing his eyes "Rossweisse-san, if it means I can see my classmates nude bodies..." He then looked up with a fiery determination and said "Then I do not care, even if I settle my final duel with you here!!"

Rossweisse then complained by saying "You've been ogling and touching Rias', Akeno's, and the others' bodies practically every single day! Isn't that enough?!"

"It's apples and oranges!!" Issei shouted back.

She pouted and muttered "This will be my last resort then." She then gave Issei a smirk and said "You know, I can always ask Saji-kun for help if necessary. In order to purify a certain "Dragon Emperor"."

Issei got nervous and said "Y-You'll involve even Saji! I'd never thought you'd go that far." Issei then tried reasoning with her "Please let me off the hook just this once!" And pointed out "If you can't even show a modicum of consideration, then you'll never have a boyfriend!"

Rossweisse' body went stiff. Her lips were quivering and her eyes were tearing up "M-Me, not having a boyfriend isn't relevant at all!!" And sadly said "I'm just a chaste former Valkyrie." Then furiously roared while a menacing aura surrounded her "I also have dreams of dreams of doing ecchi things with my beloved boyfriend in the future!!!"

Issei seeing this was nervous and thought ' seems that I somehow flipped up her switch'

Rossweisse then menacingly glared at Issei and said "I shall never forgive you." And shot huge bolts of lightning at Issei.

"If it came to this, then..." Issei muttered before dodging lightning bolt left and right while also Boosting.

He then jumped up, used [EXPLOSION!], grabbed his jacket and threw it at her.

Rossweisse seeing this throw a bolt at it, but when the smoke cleared out he wasn't there anymore, he's already behind her.

"Make and Break!" He stretched his arm out to use an original spell of his.

"Dress Brea-" Issei uttered the spell's name.


'Eh? Nani?' One second, he's behind Rossweisse trying to use Dress Break, and a moment later he's seeing the sky above him while also his face hurt a LOT more when Sairaorg punched him.

Issei looked up to see the culprit who did this to him. It was a bipedal tiger with two big claws on his wrists, his arms stretched out and the Omnitrix symbol was on his chest. Indicating that it was Ben who punched it him.

This is Ben's Rath form, and also the form that scared Issei sh*tless and made him remember this day till his last breath.

Rath: One of the most iconic and popular aliens in Ben's arsenal. Rath is a strength type alien with very low intelligence and always angry. When Ben turns into Rath, his fighting skills will skyrocket because Rath's skills are instinctual. When Rath gets angry his strength and claws will grow stronger also he can use his claws to create shockwaves. Though Rath is always angry he can easily get embarrassed and spit out his true feelings. And on a side note he always starts a conversation with "Let me tell ya something."

"Let me tell ya something, Issei Hyoudou..." Rath angrily muttered which is VERY unusual. Though he spoke very lowly, Issei could still hear him.


Then somebody out of the window shouted "THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!!" Rath then shouted back "I KNOW!!!"

Issei while barely conscious, managed to raise a shivering thumbs up. Rath seeing this humphed and turned away, and was met with a petrified rossweisse standing, staring at him.

A few moments ago when Rath was ranting, her mind was busy repeating two words, 'crush' and 'waifu'. Yeah, her mind is in a turmoil because she couldn't believe that someone suddenly came here from another world, even though she got a summary of who he is and knew some of Ben's forms' abilities like Rath for example it's pretty bizarre and asked him...

(A.N: Before you start saying something about being way early and I know that I am. If you read some good Ben 10 fics like ACSO for example you know that Rath always gets the job done and so here I am using him as a stepping stone for our beautiful ship, also for those of you who don't know Rossweisse is actually a teenager, because of her academics and being tall makes her look more mature than any other girl in DxD.)

"Do you seriously have a crush on me?" On the outside she was calm while on the inside she was having a mental breakdown 'What if he rejects me?! I know I'm making a big fuss out of this!! but still he's a nice guy there's not a lot of good guys anymore and from what I've heard from Azazel that tiger form always speaks his true feelings. Oh lady Freya please bestow your blessing upon this Valkyrie and make her dreams come true!!'

Her prayers have been answered with Rath turning back to Ben, scratching his head and nervously said "Well... Rath tends to be very blunt and speaks without thinking. You're very beautiful there's no questioning that. Your strict attitude is charming too, and also..." He looked away because what he's about to say is embarrassing and cringe "Your clumsy side makes you look cute..." He then smiled a bit and said "If it isn't any problem, would you go on a date with me tomorrow?"

With each compliment her composure was breaking, her blush was deepening, her mouth was wide open and was quivering, also she was tearing up a bit because she didn't expected to be asked out so...

"UWAAAA,YES!YES!YES!YES! I WOULD DEFINITELY GO OUT WITH YOU!!!" She pounced on him, hugged him tightly that took the air out of his lungs and started crying tears of joy.

"Oof! Rose air please!! He manage to wheeze something out.

She calmed down, and looked at Ben with wide eyes and said "What did you just called me?"

Ben raised an eyebrow and said "Rose. Is that a problem?"

Rossweisse shook her head "No it's not. It's the nickname my grandmother gave me back in the Valhalla, though my time in there wasn't very good" She thought about her grandmother taking care of her and her mistreatments in the Valhalla giving an depressed aura.

Ben seeing her depressed started patting her and said "Hey Rose, don't think about depressing things. To me, you're a strong girl who works very hard than anyone else. Also..." He then gave her a confident smirk with a wink that made her blush even more "When things get rough, call out your Hero and he'll come in and save you!"

She softly punched him "Even if I met you for the first time, I'm feeling the safest with you right now."

Ben grinned and said"Hehe... Aren't I the best boyfriend in the world?"

"You egoistical jerk..." Rossweisse softly mumbled.

"*Ahem*" Suddenly a voice came that surprised the couple and made them break up their hug and look the culprit while they were still blushing because of embarrassment.

It was Azazel that was looking at them with Cheshire cat smile, he then turned serious "Sorry for ruining your moment, but we have to get that idiot back up and have some dinner while discuss about the today's incident."

Ben coughed a bit "Already on it." He activated the Omnitrix and turned into "FourArms!" FourArms went down and grabbed Issei like a sack of potatoes and started dragging him up.

Azazel then turned to Rossweisse "Congratulations on getting a boyfriend Rossweisse, I hope you two have a great future ahead of you."

Rossweisse flashed a bright smile that could rival even the sun "Thank you Azazel-san. I'm also very happy I got to get a boyfriend, and can't wait for the date tomorrow!"

Azazel sighed seeing Rossweisse squeal like teenage girl mad in love "Yare Yare Daze."

They then went for dinner...


(A.N: I did it guys. Like literally I have to rewrite like eight volumes just because I picked up the most troublesome DxD girl, but I do not regret. So, peace out!)

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