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100% The one in the mirror is not me / Chapter 12: Chp 11 - The World on the Other Side

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Chapter 12: Chp 11 - The World on the Other Side


I decided to send a text Vincent's way, as well as Dae-Hyun. After he was briefed on everything, maybe 3 minds would do much better than 2? But no reply yet, I told myself it was only because he hadn't checked his phone yet. I and Dae-Hyun were going to meet with them once he replied yes. Eventually he replied

Vincent – Where would you like to meet?

Xan - …Just come to my room

Vincent – Okay.

He use of a full stop kind of made me unsettled. Using proper punctuation in text? It was more likely that it had another meaning to it. Right?

Eventually everyone was gathered at my room. Actually Dae-Hyun and Vincent didn't know each other so awkward…

"So you must be wondering why we are gathered here,"

"I know," Dae-Hyun blurted out.

"Yes, you do but Vincent here doesn't know,"

"W-what's going on here?" Vincent asked hesitantly his voice rising a pitch.

"Were here to discuss the fact you ripped my throat out, actually we know the reason why," I slightly shivered thinking back to the pain of having your throat bitten into.

"So I was the one that injured you?" Vincent had a look of horror.

"Yes, it's because I looked at your reflection,"

"So, that's why?" Vincent seemed calmer than expected.

"Well is there any way to stop this or turn me back?"

"Non, that is what this meeting is for, we must discuss what to do," I pulled out a whiteboard and made them take a seat.

"So right now this is all the information we have," I drew pictures and wrote in a readable font for conveniences sake.

"Does anyone else have something to add?" Vincent's eyes darted across the board then a look of realisation came across his face.

"T-the lyrics that I wrote it was about something like this!" Vincent jumped up from his seat and got a marker.

I'm trapped in a dreamlike reality.

Only the other side of the mirror has the truth.

Many different worlds which was the original?

But, what is false what is true?

What are the worlds on the other side of the mirror?

"More practically this part"

"So maybe were in the wrong world and the other side has our actual world?" A scary thought came to mind.

"That may be, and if we choose to ignore it I'm going to become a fish, and Vincent will become a pile of ashes in the sun," Dae-Hyun said just laying out the facts. So unless we do anything about it they were going to turn into their selves on the other side of the mirror?

"How about we try going on the other side of the mirror?" Vincent said blushing, nervous to share an idea with us.

"…Should we?" Dae-Hyun inquired

"You're going to turn into a fish anyways, might as well just go now," I went to the bathroom and took the black cloth of the mirror looking away careful to not look into it. I stepped to the side, and then they walked in after me. Then I saw the reflections of their other selves, thinking about it they looked slightly more similar to them now.

"Do you look different in the mirror?" Vincent asked.

I don't know, I hadn't looked into the mirror. So how was I supposed to answer that question?

"I can't see my reflection," Hopefully they wouldn't see through my lie, but I had only changed the truth a little bit. Because lies based off the truth worked best.

"Then shouldn't this mean there is no you in the other world, or do you not even exist in this world?" Dae-Hyun said.

"I don't know,"

"Isn't it too sudden to just go there now?!" Vincent was worried

"It's now or never, you don't want to get burned to ashes by the sun right?" Vincent nodded, then I pushed him into the bathroom mirror. To my surprise he actually went through, that was probably a bit mean but it was needed. Unlike expected the other Vincent didn't come out from the other side.

"Your turn,"

"How about you go first? You might not even go through?" He made a good argument…

"Push me through please," I don't think that many people had courage to throw themselves right into mirror. Dae-Hyun sadly didn't hesitat at all at pushing me through I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was on the other side.

Crash! I landed on the ground, soon after Dae-Hyun came through as well landing on top of me. They actually looked like their selves on the other sides of the mirror. Vincent's black hair was now silver, his skin paler than before. His outfit was fancy, a black suit and white ruffles. A ruby red jewel in the middle.

Dae-Hyun's hair had gone from a light brown to a platinum blonde, his eyes were emerald green, and he had those glacial blue scales trailing up his arms shining in the light. The thing was he didn't have tail like he had in the reflection. He wore a simple brown layered tunic, and he still wore the golden necklace and bracelets I saw in the reflection which kind of didn't fit with the outfit.

"Ouch," I pushed Dae-Hyun off of me.

"You're so heavy you almost snapped me in half,"

"Sorry, but at least you are not in half," Everyone stood up dusting the dust off of themselves. Vincent stared at me eyes wide with shock, what did I really look that ugly?


"Sorry, I was stunned by y-your beauty," Vincent blushed furiously seeming to want to crawl up in a hole and die, in embarrassment from saying that.

"You're a literal angel," Dae-Hyun laughed. The expression was actually reality is what made it funny. A metaphor had turned into my actual life. Then I felt them big white wings on my back.

"Okay, I think we should be worrying about where the hell we are more than that…"

I looked around, there wasn't a single sign of light and everything was shrouded in darkness. There was black smog that covered the sky, everything was dead. The ground was just dry dirt with cracks in in filled with an ominous darkness. I could hear a distant growling in the distance. We had better leave this place soon or whatever I just heard might just kill us right now.

"How about you fly us out of this creepy place right now?" Dae-Hyun suggested

"I would but I don't know how to fly," I tried to flap my wings, but I just stayed stuck on the ground. Also I was scared of heights. The growling came closer, I could see red eyes appear from the darkness.

"Then we just need to run now!" Dade-Hyun grabbed our hands and started full on sprinting, soon black wolf looking creatures came running behind us their red eyes glowing with bloodlust. I felt like I was made more for flying than running as I felt they made me run quite slower.

I couldn't get rid of the lasting shock of finding out that I was an angel? I didn't think I was that good of a person to be an angel? Though being an angel was nice these wings weren't the best thing right now…

Eventually we tried to hid by jumping into a stream of dark water weirdly it didn't burn Vincent's skin despite being a vampire right now. Maybe it had something to do with it being dark? The water hid our scent, but we were quickly running out of breath. Except for Dae-Hyun who seemed to be doing fine. But they still weren't gone. It was a horrible feeling not having any breath, it had a choking feeling. I could feel a strong pressure in my lungs. Dae-Hyun gave an awkward smile before he kissed me?!

He blew breathe into my mouth releasing the pressure. I guess in the end I did pass that kiss from Aaron to Dae-Hyun… He also did the same with Vincent, the darkness couldn't hide the redness of his cheeks.

They glew under water like Rudolf the red nose reindeers nose. After they were gone we eventually rose from the water. Even Dae-Hyun was out of breath after giving so much of his oxygen away.

"Give a warning next time will you?" I said unamused

"It's not like I can talk under water,"

"You're a merman aren't you?"

"Well I don't think I'm in my merman form right now," Contrary to expectation he didn't turn into a merman the moment he touched water. Those children stories had been lies, all lies!

"T-t-thanks?" Vincent fiddled with his hands.

"Your welcome," Dae-Hyun then looked at me raising his eyebrows in a melodramatic way.

"…Thank you," I sighed.

"We're soaking wet now,"

"It's better than dying isn't it?" Dae-Hyun patted my shoulder.

"I'm sure you'll get dry in no time if you just flap your wings a bit," Awkwardly I flapped my wings and they created a just of wind, that blew through my wet white robes. It also dried the others. After a while my wings got tired and we were mostly dry. As far as the eye can see everything was corrupted I doubted there was a single piece of land left untouched.

Had there really been any reason to come here? Everything was destroyed, remains of what I assumed to be buildings lay strewn across the ground in the distance. Unless we could find a mirror soon I was pretty sure we would be stuck here for a while.

"Let's go there," I pointed to what was probably a destroyed city.

"Sounds like a good idea," We started to walk toward it, but after staying under water as well as running we were already pretty tired. This place was a bit scary, not exactly the fantasy world I had imagined. Vincent was slightly trembling.

"Are you okay?"

"Y-yes? Just a little unsettled…" Vincent seemed pretty unsure of himself. Dae-Hyun took a hold of Vincent's hand and squeezed it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"It's alright, I'm here to protect you," Wasn't this something out of a novel? The man would stand in front of his scared girlfriend and say this to her right before he defeated the monster or something?

Eventually we reached the ruins and we searched it for anything of use, it would be good to find a mirror. We really hadn't thought things through, actually didn't Vincent have a mirror?

"Vincent do you still have that mirror?"

"Ah yes!" He took the mirror out of his pocket and unsurprisingly it was broken, shattered pieces of mirror in the case.

"I don't think that's nearly big enough to go through," Dae-Hyun picked up a broken shard examining it. I was starting to lose hope would we stay stuck here forever?


Hae-Won POV

I wondered who that guy that called Dae-Hyun was. I twiddled with my black locks, I had styled it to make them slightly wavy at the ends framing my face. My hair went down to the bottom of my neck. I think it could be called a bob hair cut?

Maybe I should've asked him during class, but I knew he would tell me about it eventually we were best friends after all. But there was one confusing thing when had he met this guy, I was basically with him all the time wasn't I? A secret lover? A person from another world that had unexpectedly appeared in his room and now he's looking after him?

But I recognized his face but I couldn't remember who exactly he was. Or maybe that was the universe adapting to him coming here from another world? Okay my imagination was getting too carried away.

While leaving the school to go for a walk after school I spotted a distant familiar figure.

It was Mi Cha, Dae-Hyun's older sister. Her makeup was done very well, her skin smooth and unlike Dae-Hyun who had dyed his hair light brown. She had her natural black hair, a straight fringe went across her forward. As straight as her posture.

I was also willing to bet she was straight as well despite never dating anyone before. It was just a feeling, but weither she was straight didn't really matter it's just I was on the matter of the straightness of herself.

I wasn't sure if I should approach her since I wasn't with Dae-Hyun right now. As who knows where he had rushed off to after school. I was willing to bet it was to go be with that guy from earlier. Sure hope I wasn't getting replaced as a friend.

Didn't need to wonder anymore as she was heading straight towards me. Then she stopped once she was a meter away. Her clothes were very professional, it seemed she was still in her business clothes.

"Do you know where Dae-Hyun is?" She asked


"Aren't you his best friend?"


"He didn't answer my call," She had come all the way here just because of one measly missed call?

"Okay? Can I go on my way now?" Though I didn't expect Dae-Hyun to be that type of person maybe he was hooking up with that guy? Okay imagination go turn off now please.

"Do you have any idea where he is?"

"No?" Then I started to walk on my way, I didn't like to talk to such uptight people. I could her sigh from behind me and the clack of her heels as she walked into the school grounds toward the dormitories probably to go look for Dae-Hyun.

I was willing to bet she was her for more than just a missed call and something more serious. She barely had any free time with all the work she does so it must be important to spend that free time here.

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