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77.77% The Ones Standing in The Blush of Dawn / Chapter 14: You saved my life! : part 1

You saved my life! : part 1 - The Ones Standing in The Blush of Dawn - Chapter 14 by Brahim_Ben_sedrine full book limited free

Chapter 14: You saved my life! : part 1

After going to our room, Vali and I didn't talk. He was showing a surprised face that he rarely shows. I didn't bother asking for the reason but I just couldn't stop myself from thinking. Why, after seeing Alice and Mr. Albert, did he have such an expression?

Even after going into the bed, I couldn't think of any logical reason. This overthinking and the use of all that sacred art obliged me to go into a deep sleep…

The last time I used the sacred art wasn't in the void accident. If I remember correctly it wasn't even with the SF. It was 2 years after the void accident.

The year 553 of global peace, 512 years after defeating the master of the abyss and 3 years before going to the UME. I was standing on the roof of the biggest building in our high school looking to the sky. The employees of a famous construction company were moving rocks on the other side of the town using giant trucks. Standing on the top of a four-floor building made seeing that scene an easy task for me. For some reason I didn't want to go to that side of the town since the day they started the construction project. I had a bad feeling about it.

"… They are building a new orphanage there. Why don't you go take a look at them from a closer distance instead of standing here like a prisoner?"

A young boy with grey hair was sitting on the floor next to me. Surprised, I took a few steps to the back and then when I realized that it was a familiar face I said: "… And? Why did you come here?"

- Eh! Do friends need a reason to meet?!

- These are strange words from someone that I do not even remember his name.

- My name is Vali! It isn't that difficult to remember. You can call me Vale if Vali is so difficult to remember! And I will be calling you Maro. Isn't it a great idea Maro?

- Names aren't something to play with! And In the first place we are not friends to use nicknames.

- What a cold-hearted person! But I won't give up that easily. I am sure that deep in your heart you are waiting for someone to befriend you…

- Do I look like someone who is suffering from loneliness?!

He stood up and then walked to the door of the roof while saying: "… You are suffering from loneliness and I am pretty sure of it. The break is about to end. Do you need someone to escort you to your lecture room Maro?"

- I have told you already not to call me Maro! I can walk alone to my class. You can go first.

Vali was a bit different from others, he tried many times to befriend me even though I refused to even talk to him and yet he didn't give up. That was a strange behavior to which I couldn't find a good explanation. He was saying that he lost his parents in the void accident and that he is now raised by his uncle. Even so up until now I didn't have the chance to meet with that uncle in person.

He left for his class and I stayed there on the roof watching the blue sky. Suddenly the door reopened and someone was standing behind me. I didn't wait to verify who was it and said: "… didn't I tell you that I don't want anyone to escort me to my classroom?!" A feminine shy voice answered: "… Sorry I think you are mistaken, shall I return later?"

[Wait what? It is not Vali. Who is this girl?]

- No, it is okay. I just thought someone else was trying to sneak behind me. How can I help you miss…?

- You are Mr. Mairo Nomara, am I correct?

- Yes, how can I help you?

- The truth is… I… I… I have feelings for you!!

- Huh?! Wait what?!

- Sorry I forgot to introduce myself properly. My name is Sato Rena and I am a third year student here. It is a pleasure to meet you.

- Yeah, nice to meet you too.

The confession that she made all of the sudden surprised me. I hesitated for a few seconds before rejecting her…

"… I should have listened to the girls. They told me that I will be rejected for sure but I didn't want to give up." She muttered. "… It is no wonder you are the enemy of all females in the school!"

[Eh! What shall I do now? At this rate the typical scene of girls muttering about how I am a cold-hearted man will… Eh!! This is really a problem. If I just went with Vali I would have at least secured my peaceful life.]

And in the middle of all that thinking I felt someone pushing me from behind.

"…The break is about to end. Do you need someone to escort you to your lecture room Maro? Sorry miss but I will take Maro to his class now!" As Vali pushed me to the door I said with a happy face: "… You can't believe how happy I am, happy to hear you call me! Your timing is the best. This time I will make an exception. I will ignore the fact that you called me Maro."

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After saying those words he looked at the girl we left behind then smiled and added: "… Well! At least you won't hurt me; this is a thing I can guarantee to you."

- About your strangely perfect timing, how did you know about the girl? Don't tell me you were dropping an ear there all the time!

- Me?! How can I do such a thing? It is just sheer luck. When I was taking the stairs down to my class I noticed this girl passing by and she was kind of nervous. I didn't think of this possibility right on the spot but curiosity was devouring me and so I said to myself that I should follow her.

- I knew it! You were dropping an ear!! But thank you again for saving me from that delicate situation. Things would have turned for the worst if it wasn't for your nice intervention.

As we were walking to our classrooms we were talking about a few other things. We were carefree; we didn't have the slightest idea that the dire situation, from which I thought I escaped successfully, was going to exceed all my expectations. The events that will occur next will give a new definition to the expression 'dire situation'.

It all started when the bells rang, declaring the end of another very long day of studying and full of negative vibes emitted by the girls in the corridors of the school. Getting those vibes and being treated as an enemy of all women was a predicted result after rejecting a girl in the morning. At least I wasn't accused of doing indecent things.

Brahim_Ben_sedrine Brahim_Ben_sedrine

the main story events will return after the parts of 'You saved my life!'

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