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Talking Slime - The Only Aura User In Magic World - Chapter 2 by asuya full book limited free

Chapter 2: Talking Slime

It's here! After waking up and have breakfast, I tried to summon a monster and it's Blobby again!


I shouted his name and hug him tightly.

"Oh Blobby! I missed you!"

[What do you mean you missed me?]


How? Back then he never once say a word and now, he spoke as soon as I summoned him. Is this a different black slime? The chance is high. Then I need a new name for him.

[Hey! I said explain why you missed me?]


I didn't answer him. Or maybe her? Since her voice is that of a woman. I just touched her with my finger and check if it was really her who spoke just now.

[Yes! It's me who spoke! My consciousness can only take control of this slime once a day! Now tell me! Did you say you missed me because this is your second time summoning me? Did you return to the past? Answer quickly before my consciousness disappear!]

Whoa. So demanding. But how did she knows I'm returning to the past? For now I'll just answer her questions with her still in my arms.

"Yes I've returned to the past. And this makes it the second time I summoned a black slime. How did you know?"

[It was my magic. I can use it once to return to the past. Which means I used it on you so you have a second chance. My time is almost up so I will explain things quickly. Since I used my magic on you, which means you gained Aura ability. Try to get it again. And improve your physical strength. You look so weak. And lastly, I'm fine being called Blobby, but my real name is Victoria. And tell me everything even when my consciousness disappear. I can still remember what you told me after I wake up. Bye!]

Just like that, she doesn't speak again.

"Hey, Blobby? I mean Victoria? Have you gone? Is this real?"

Shit. That was too fast. I have too many questions. Was she the one who returns me to the past? How does she knows about Aura? If I want the answer, I should wait until tomorrow. For now I'll try telling Blobby everything.

I told Blobby about everything since the day I summoned him until the day he got eaten. And about Evil God Cult. And because her time conscious is always limited, I'll ask questions she can answer anytime she wants.

"…that's all about my previous life. Now I have questions which you can answer anytime you want. Who are you? Or maybe what are you? How do you know aura? Do you have other ability other than returning to the past? Why did you never spoke in my past life? Why did you choose me to return to the past instead of sending yourself? You could just picked someone else much stronger than me at the time? I guess you can't answer this question because you're part of this timeline. You don't have any memory of the future. Well, that's about what I'm curious about. I'll ask you again next time. For now, let's get some exercise."

After asking questions, I can only wait until her consciousness return tomorrow. Then I went for a jog with Blobby. I asked Blobby to transform into weight I can wear on my back. She can transform to anything I imagined. Even her weight is changed. Since both summoners and the summons have some kind of telepathic ability, we can communicate without talking so I can just imagine what Blobby will turns into.

Then with Blobby as weight, I did some exercise. I also practiced sword swinging as well. Then other weapons such as spear, axe, hammer, dagger, other tools such as rope, grappling hook, and chains.

Everything went well other than my weak body. I exhausted my stamina doing training all day. The sun hasn't setting yet but I'm already laying on the bed. Thus I fell asleep until morning.

As soon as I woke up, I heard Blobby—no. Victoria speaking.

"As I told you, I am Victoria. Long time ago, I was a human and also an aura user. Then I died and somehow I ended up as a slime. Or more like this slime's other personalities which comes out once a day. Returning to the past is this slime's ability, and seems like it can't use it anymore. This slime has other abilities but you need to increase your aptitude first as summoning mage so you can use its other abilities. As for your other questions, I can only guess. Why I chose you maybe because you're the same as me, an Aura ability user. I never speak because I just don't really care about the world. But now the situation has changed. I think the one you called Evil God Cult is the one who responsible to the death of our fellow Aura ability user. I'll tell you about this tomorrow since my time is almost up. Just keep practicing until you gain your Aura again. You should have known how to do it since you succeeded before. See you tomorrow."

…that's a lot to take. So Blobby is actually an OP monster. I never knew that. Then Victoria was a human and an Aura ability user just like me. Then I can ask her for a consultation about Aura. As for the Evil God Cult… we really are fated to be mortal enemies.

Okay then! I'll just keep practicing until school started. As for Air element magic… I'll just practice one thing at a time. Maybe Victoria knows about it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Just like that, one week passed.

I learned a lot from Victoria. Although I still haven't gain my Aura, I can detect presences now. It's a useful ability. Back in my previous life, able to detect presence is a signal for me getting closer to Aura. That's also what Victoria told me.

She also told me about her past. She most likely died about two thousand years ago. Before she died, mage and Aura user both are getting along with each other. Then one day, a really strong mage killed Aura user one by one, until all of them died. Victoria is the last among Aura user who got killed. She had a chance to talk with her murderer before she died. She asked why he killed everyone and he answered that he's afraid of power stronger than his. He wanted to be a god. The one whom everyone fears and worships. I guess that's makes him an Evil God.

As for the truth whether Evil God Cult is related with him or not, I don't know yet. But at least I will consider it so I can clearly imagined the enemy I'm facing. For now, let's just say that they are people who wants to revive the Evil God's glory.

I also learned about Air magic. Victoria told me that Air magic is the most suited magic for an Aura user. It will allows me to fight underwater, to walk in the air, and to shoots projectiles pneumatically with compressed air.

I'm still unable to walk on air, but I can shoot projectiles. I tried to shoot a tree with a rock, and the rock sunk about 2 cm into the tree. Because the air pressure spread all over the place, I tried using it differently.

I transform Blobby into a tube with a hole in one side to put a projectile in it. After putting a rock, I compressing air on one side, and release it. Since the air pressure is concentrated in to one side, the power is tremendous! Since then I keep Blobby as a cane wherever I go. And although it was weird, I always keep rocks in my pocket.

It's time to go to school and just like before, I choose to go there on foot instead of carriage. But now I'm faster and have more stamina than before.

Before, I need about 6 hours to return to my home from the city and I need a lot of breaks. And now I can reach the city in one and a half hour without any break.

It's the first day of school and the lesson taught at the school all are something I have learned in the past. So I just sleep on my desk until the school is over. No one asking me about my cane, which is Blobby in disguise.

It's not like I don't have any friends, okay!

Most of them don't know yet that I'm their friend… now I sound like a stalker.

I mean to say that… Fine! I am terrible at making friends, okay!

Even back then, I got my first friend during a magical practice where we were paired for a spar. We got close since then and ever since we always nodded to each other whenever we met. That's all we did.

Wait! So he's not actually my friend? We were just an acquaintance? His name? I forgot…

Which means I never made any friends at this age in my previous life.

I'm not crying!

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