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66.66% The Other Class Got Summoned In Another World / Chapter 2: Transmigrator

Transmigrator - The Other Class Got Summoned In Another World - Chapter 2 by Fhrutz_D_Hollow full book limited free

Chapter 2: Transmigrator

"Ah, they disappeared…" I said to myself when I saw no more the two flying creatures that were clashing just now.


As I was gazing outside, suddenly, I heard a clicking sound. It was the kind of sound when someone twitches the doorknob.

My eyes reflexively glanced at the door. There I see the door being pushed open. I wonder who it is. Not long after, two figures came in.

"Eh?" A weird utterance unintentionally came out of my mouth. They were wearing unusual dresses. Not the type of dresses that someone from the modern era earth is willing to wear freely. But maybe there were some unique occasions where it was fine. One of the best examples of it is a party. Though, I don't care what kind of dresses they are wearing. It just took me by surprise in a second.

It made me wonder how those people in my school would react when they saw them. They either feel excited or mocking. Regardless, one of them is wearing a costume similar to a mage character in a game that I've used to play. She looks stern and scary. Her squinted eyes look intimidating. Her red hair is well-braided at the back. And her eyes are like the flickering fire.

Based on her appearance, she must be in her 20's. Her height, in my estimation, is slightly taller than mine. Maybe an inch taller. Also, she has super develop bosom!

Holy God! They're so big!

On the other hand,

The other one is a well-built man. He's wearing a metallic armor of silver with gold designs.

In short, A warrior. Ah, it's so boring describing him, so let's move on.


My eyes were subconsciously drawn to their mouth when I noticed them opening and closing.



"Ha?" It was the only word that came out of my mouth upon hearing them. I can't understand what they were saying.

They were wearing unusual clothes and spoke incomprehensible language. Inside me, an excitement wanted to burst out. Their language and clothes add up to my suspicion that I transmigrated in a fantasy WORLD!

'May the gods or goddesses bless me with unlimited power!' I prayed in silence.

'Will I become the protagonist in this life?'

'Will I become an awesome magician?'

'Can I cast those magic spells I saw a while ago?'

For some reason, I could not control my excitement.

But before that, what were these people trying to say? The next second, the woman placed her index finger below her chin while looking at me in wonder. Probably, pondering.


A while later, the mage-costumed woman seemed to realize something as she produced a piece of stone and placed it near my ear.

Wait, what kind of stone is this? I asked myself while trying to glance at it. I noticed an unusual gleam in it that I suspected was a—

Wait! Could it be… a ma— magic stone?!

Ba-dump! Ba-dump! Ba-dammit! My chest wants to jump!

Magic stone was a kind of stone that could transmit mana! Well, that was a thing in anime and novels.

"My test, my test…"

'What, what, wha—!' A cold voice rang in my ear at the same time the girl opened her mouth. Surprisingly, the voice came from the stone.


That surprised me, though.

This magic stone acted as a translator device?! Such a convenient tool! I exclaimed. Regardless, her voice sent shivers in my spines.

"Uh, can you hear and understand me?" She asked.

Regardless, I have to reply. "Yes, yes," I nodded twice. "Uhm, hello, where am I? And who are you?" I took the initiative to ask some questions that were bugging me the whole time.


Painted with relief expressions on her face, the woman cleared her throat before she started her explanation.

After about half an hour of explaining, I have a mixture of feelings towards her words. Happy! Indeed I was happy to find out that it was a different world. It was a world where humans could use magic spells.

However, something in her explanation baffled me. The Archmages in this Kingdom used an ancient magic spell to summon heroes from another world to save this kingdom from the monsters' outrage and relentless attacks.

About 35 heroes were summoned. All of them have the title of heroes. That's cool! Really. Really, cool! Being a hero in a different world was truly a dream come true to someone like me who dreamed to become one.

Regardless, aside from those 35, the mages did not expect that there was another person, the 36th. And that person, if I'm not mistaken, was no other than me! Unfortunately, I don't have the title hero. To add salt to the wound, while everyone materialized safely in the summoning chamber, me on the other hand, smacked on the floor!


And it was the reason for my current injuries. What a way to transmigrate!

Thanks to the healing magic coming from the mages around, I was saved.

Regardless, it was fine as long as I can invoke magic.

"Uhm, c-can I use magic spells?" I stuttered. After all, it was the main reason I felt excited about being a transmigrator.

The two people had a distant look in their eyes upon hearing my question.

'Eh? Why?' I felt something suspicious from the expressions on their eyes.

"Sorry, kid, but due to your injuries, you can't use magic, hahaha!" Suddenly said the woman while showing a look of contempt and chuckling. The expression on her face turned scornful. The warrior beside her also had a face of disgust.

However, I no longer cared about those. The words I can't use magic froze me on the spot. It was the same feeling at that time. When everyone was mocking me and taunting me. It seemed like I was a different species from them. Why do I have to be reminded of that same feeling? I don't like it.

"I can't invoke magic spells?" The words subconsciously got out of my mouth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yes, too bad for ya' kid. Hehehe!" The mage woman laughed menacingly in a slightly louder voice.

I wonder why. Why was this woman showing such an attitude towards a transmigrator? Weren't they supposed to be showing good manners and right conduct towards me? But then again, I have a gist of the reason. It must be because I can't use magic!

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