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Chapter 1: Magus Apprentice

The Sun was starting to rise from the east. Giving warm to a town located somewhere in a domain where people were starting to wake up to fulfill their daily needs. There was a path outside the town that leads to the east.

At the end of that path, not far away from the town. There was a two-story Victorian-style mansion with a small garden in its front. It was white marble colored that making anyone that sees the mansion gaze full with reverie.

Inside a master room in the mansion lay an unconscious 11 years old boy in a bed. There was also a man with white hair and a white mustache wearing one lens glasses and a black butler uniform in the corner with his face showing uncertainty and worry. Just as the butler wants to check the condition of the boy, he sees the boy's eyes start twitching.

"Young Master, are you awake yet?" The butler asked with concern as he examines the condition of someone which seems to be me.

"Where am I? Who am I? Who are you?" I asked while being confused about the unfamiliar scenery inside the bedroom as I gaze with my unfocused pupil.

"Young Master's name is Wyne von Xendra the current Viscount of the Xendra family since the old Master passed away mysteriously, right now we are in the Xendra Family Mansion inside Xendra Family's domain and I am you family butler, Sebastian." While answering my question, the butler that called himself Sebastian seems to be suspicious for something as he had an uncertain look on his face.

'Wait, who? The last thing I remember was encountering a spherical object in a crater and get my soul sucked to a rip in space!' At that moment I felt a wrenching pain in my head while a foreign memory filled my head.

"Arrrgh." I grab my head forcefully to decrease the painfulness but to no avail.

"Are you okay Young Master? I should call the doctor, please wait a moment." asked the butler that called himself Sebastian with concern while then he left hurriedly to get the doctor.

'I feel like my head was split open just now….' While complaining, I was searching the foreign memory I just got.

'I am Alex, Wyne the original owner of the body died because tripping mysteriously from the stair and after that, for some reason, I take over the body.' I hold my forehead in contemplation to think further.

'Wait, if I were transported and reincarnated in this world, doesn't that mean all kinds of modern technology such as TV, Internet, Electronics, etc. are gone? And the family I left..' While contemplating deeply in horror and desperation, I hear a knocking sound from the big door in the room and then the door opens as the butler with an elderly man wearing a white cloth and a staff in his hand enter the room and start approaching me.

"This here is Sir Herman. A 2nd rank Magus Apprentice and the only Magus in the Xendra territory, he is here to help Young Master recover." The butler explained slowly as if scared of something.

'Magus he said? Was I transported into a Fantasy? Oh yeah, there is indeed the existence of magus and magic in Wyne is memory.' My delve of Wyne's memory brings me unnatural information.

"My respect, Sir Viscount." said the Magus with neither servile nor overbearing attitude.

In this world Magus is a revered existence, their existence is rare and for one to be in the Xendra Viscounty is only a stroke of mere luck. The comparison between normal human and a magus is at least 10000:1 so their status is equal to at least a lower rank aristocrat.

"My respect, Sir Magus." I nod my head to show my appreciation and respect.

Not minding my respect, the Magus then raise his staff and said straightforwardly "Now let's get to the point why I am here, I will chant a spell to heal you."

"Please do." I nod my head in confirmation.

The Magus began to chant and a strange diagram like thing appears in his staff, then as he finished his chant he said "{Light Healing}" and a strange ball of white light began to appear around me and as it tries to enter my body, a strange pleasurable sensation began to pervade over my body.

When the ball of white light seeped into my body, I feel a comfortable sensation like I was being energized. The small wound at the head that this body got when fall down the stair got healed.

'Magic is real in this world!' My eyes bulged as I was surprised by the existence of magic in this world, I wonder what I incredible thing I could do if I can use magic.

"Many thanks, Sir Magus." While still in shock over the existence of magic I calm myself and tried to make a poker face as to not make the others suspicious.

"No need, just remember to pay me later." The Magus said while turning around and left the room.


"Yes, Young Master," Sebastian replied servilely.

"Please send Sir Magus off." I gaze at the leading figure of the Magus with a revered expression.

"Yes." Sebastian bows his head a little with his right hand above his left chest.

After no one else was inside of the room, leaving me alone in here and give me an opportunity to inspect myself. I see that there is a silver mirror in the corner of the room and I get off from the bed to see my reflection in the mirror. When I got down, I realize my body was shorter than before maybe around 150 cm, unlike my former body which was around 172 cm tall.

When I was in front of the mirror, I see a quite cute handsome immature face with black hair and a black abyss eye. The face resembles a half Asian and half European for some reason.

Suddenly there is a monotone sound that came from… I don't know where.

["Host fusion has been fully completed….. Host has fully registered as my master…"]

"What are you, really?" I start searching where the sound came from but to no avail.

["I am the sole inheritance of the Ancient Vonix Race, the only one in the universe, Master can call me Vonix as that will be my name"] Replied Vonix in a still monotone voice.

"Does your existence like an A.I?"

["Close enough but different since I am an existence that more complex than an A.I but a primitive race like master won't understand even if I explain it."] Said Vonix with a trace of smugness in that.


"So, what is the inheritance of the Vonix race?"

["The inheritance of the Vonix race is a bank of technology millions of years ahead of Earth and my task is to preserve the technology and give it to my new master"]

At that moment there is hologram appear in front of my vision containing a list of Vonix technology. There, I see a list containing a technology that only appear in Science Fiction and a lot more that I don't have any clue about it.

["This is only the technology available right now, Host is recommended to make a one-star Fortified Base to further use the basic of the Vonix technology"]

When I see the material needed to make the one-star Fortified Base, I was so shocked beyond belief.

"Shit, where am I even be able to gather this much material???"

["Host is recommended to make Construction Chamber and Assembler Chamber moreover make a robot worker gather material"]

After reviewing the list of Vonix technology, I hear a knock from outside the door.

"Come in." I give my reply to the one outside after preparing myself mentally.

"Please excuse me, Young Master," said Sebastian as he opens the door widely.

Then, Sebastian came in while bringing a trolley with a bowl of chicken soup, white bread, and tea. He put it down above a table in the side of the room.

"Please eat, Young Master." Sebastian gaze at me warmly with a smile.

'Now that you mention it, I'm indeed hungry!' Sighting the food above the table, I began drooling as I sit on the sofa across the table.

As I started to eat, I remembered something and asked,

"Sebastian, please explain to me the condition of my fief as well as the total funding."

"Yes" Just then, Sebastian explains the whole situation in my fief. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'So, it's like that.' I nod my head in understanding of the situation, as I continue eating with my spoon scooping up the soup.

The Xendra Viscounty is a medium-size fiefdom with a total population of 20.000, it was quite a rural fief without any special resource. It has a town with a population of 10.000 and a surrounding 5 villages with 2.000 population each. There is a total of 2.000 gold on funding.

'Fortunately for me, this was at least a fief without a debt.' I sighed in relief.

'To make Construction Chamber and Assembler Chamber I will need at least 1.000 tons of Iron each which wasn't a small amount but fortunately, if I gather all the iron in the fief it would be barely enough.' I calculated the amount in my head.

'That said I still need to gather it.'

Then I took a sip of the tea, as I was in cognition of what I need to do next.

'This tea is quite bland, I kinda miss Lemon Tea in my old world, I need to find a lemon in this world!' I vowed while scrutinizing my eyes.

As I finished eating all of the food and took the final sip of the tea,



"Gather all the iron in the fief and all the available tools made of iron to be melt." My face didn't change in the least when I said that.

Sebastian expression immediately paled, "But that will make the economy in the fief ha.."

"Do as I say! I have my own plan." I crossed my arm while also closing my eye as I said that.

"Yes, Young Master." Seeing my attitude, Sebastian could only agree.

"Oh, and try to procure more from the nearby territory." I suddenly added.

"As you commanded." Salute Sebastian with a slightly doubtful look.

'I think the young master is different than before.' Sebastian thinks as he left the room from the door while also bringing the trolley out with him.

After Sebastian no longer in the room, something really concerns me as I ask Vonix.

"Vonix, could you deduct the reason for the original body dying?"

["From the data gathered it must have been because of unnatural phenomena as there is a sudden organ failure in host body right when he was about to down the stairs."]

"You mean that there is a perpetrator that done this?" I tilt my head with a slightly suspicious look.

["Correct… and it may have something to do with the mysteries deceased of the original body's parents."]

As I remembered the magic of the Magus before, my body suddenly start having a cold sweat and start trembling in fear. Yes, I suddenly became scared…

'If the perpetrator is a Magus… isn't that mean a Magus was a very terrifying existence? This is not good, Wyne's knowledge is too shallow so I need more knowledge... I know this mansion has a small library; I should go there!' I think that as I left the room without minding anything else.

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