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100% The Phantomhive Manor [Black Butler] / Chapter 1: Uninvited Roommates

Read The Phantomhive Manor [Black Butler] - Chapter 1 online

The Phantomhive Manor [Black Butler] original

The Phantomhive Manor [Black Butler]

Author: Fake_Ciel

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Chapter 1: Uninvited Roommates

(O!Ciel's POV)

Hello, everyone, I am Ciel Phantomhive. Head of the Phantomhive Manor, Earl Phantomhive, founder and creator of Funtom Co., Queen's Watchdog, I have many titles. But, for now, I will allow you to call me Master Phantomhive- or possibly- Earl Phantomhive if you prefer, maybe just Young Master, as that's what my servants normally call me... uhh, this is too difficult, scratch everything, Ciel is just fine. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Onto business; My butler, Sebastian Michaelis, instructed that I should start writing about myself and my daily life, as a way to relieve stress or something like that. I do not remember much of what happened in that conversation; other than in the end of it I asked him for a parfait... he denied though. He said it would spoil my dinner. The useless demon... if he doesn't make me deserts, what is he good for?!

Nevertheless, onto the events of today:

It was an ordinary day, I must say, for everyone in the Phantomhive Manor. Bard had just set the kitchen on fire, Finny was playing in the garden with Pluto, and Mey-Rin was attempting to carry 12 plates to set the dining table for dinner... yeah, that ended in disaster. It was our everyday. The simple, normal, life of the Phantomhive Manor.

We were expecting the Trancy household over for dinner, since it was THAT time of the week again. Of course. The day my butler just-so-happens to tell me to start writing in a... whatever this is supposed to be... about my life and daily struggles, is the exact day the most annoying people in the entire world are scheduled to come over for 'dinner'.

Honestly, Alois Trancy being a brat and inviting himself over was not out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary was that he didn't just randomly show up at our front door demanding to be invited inside and welcomed. It surprised me when I got the letter- even if it was just sent this morning, and Alois was to be coming, like, three hours after a received it...

Still, an improvement nonetheless.

No one was particularly 'thrilled' when they heard the news. Sebastian least of all. Pluto didn't seem bothered- though he was a dog. Finny seemed happy to be seeing the triplets again. As well as Bard and Mey-Rin. The three of them got along with my staff at least mildly well. Finny was most enthusiastic, while Mey-Rin seemed nervous about seeing Hannah again.

Hannah for some reason seemed to make Mey-Rin a little unsettled. Perhaps it was because she was a maid as well but from an opposite house, and a far more competent one at that- or perhaps it was simply because Hannah was a demon and whatever braincells Mey-Rin had left in her head were alerting her she was bad news... whichever, Mey-Rin wasn't enthused on the situation. Neither was I, so I don't blame her.

Bard, finally, didn't seem to care all too much on the subject. He did tend to mind his own business when it came to most subjects though, which I respect about him, honestly. He wanted to cook dinner, but the moment Sebastian saw him about to plop a stick of dynamite in the pot, he decided he would be cooking tonight's meal. Which seemed to take all the interest out of the affair for the house cook.

Any way, the Trancy Household arrived earlier than I had previously anticipated. I was unpleased by this, as Sebastian was unfinished dressing me, but it was no matter. He finished soon enough, and he had opened the door for our guest, and they all began their typical ways.

Claude and Sebastian immediately started their bickering almost the moment the door swung open. Hannah occasionally passing them by and threatening them to quiet down around me and Alois- which they immediately did so. Neither of them wanted to get stabbed today. I believe it was either about my soul, who is the better butler, or something along those lines they were arguing over. Maybe a weird argument on both? I don't recall; demons are such children.

Then the triplets were immediately tackle-hugged by Finnian- in which it was a combined effort by Bard, Sebastian, and later Claude to all try and pry him off- luckily the majority of the triplets were unharmed by this attack. But Finny got a strict scolding by Sebastian on how they should refrain from guest that way- even if they are well-acquainted with them. Finny seemed to understand, and he apologized to the triplets who just... stood there... stone-faced... how do these people work for ALOIS TRANCY AGAIN?! AND WHY DOES FINNIAN GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEM?!

Speaking of which... Trancy. Alois Trancy tackled me to the ground in a hug the moment he walked in through the door. I could NOT believe it- but it was even more painful than when he tackled me to the ground over a prize at the carnival... I had the bruising for over a month and it STILL hasn't fully healed.

"Alois! Get off of me!!" I screamed at the other boy. "You are such an immature child!!" He was a year older than me, I recall, but I was still annoyed.

"Aawww... you are truly no fun, Ciel Phantomhive!" He whined, arms still wrapped around my small frame. "Come on! Lets eat! I'm starving!" He then began to literally DRAG me into the dining room.

"Hey! Release me at once! ALOIS! I DO NOT APPRECIATE BEING DRAGGED AROUND IN MY OWN MANOR!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, though it seemed to go right over the other boys head as he skipped merrily on his way, and plopped right down on the seat beside mine. "Ugh..." Was all I could muster as I was sat in my seat and visibly infuriated.

The servants soon took their own seats, apart from Claude, and Sebastian. They chose to help serve everyone food, before seating themselves and digging in with everyone else. While Claude and Sebastian are demons (along with the rest of the Trancy staff) they also took care of me and Alois. Not to mention Sebastian takes care of the walking fire hazard that is the servants here- and Trancy is pretty much the stress of me & my servants put on Sebastian DOUBLED!

They enjoyed taking a well-earned break and drinking alcohol. And vodka. And beer. And wine. And alcohol...

Lots of alcohol.

Dinner passed as uneventfully as you would expect a dinner at the Phantomhive Manor to go.

So we had a food fight.

Me and Trancy started just simply trading insults as we normally did, then he decided to through sweet potatoes at my face. So I threw salad dressing in his... and then he threw tea on my shirt. So his face met plates- expect I missed and hit Claude. Then Sebastian laughed and Sebastians face met Claude's dinner. And it just continued to escalate from there...

And that's how me and Trancy ended up cleaning the dinning hall free of our dinner. While our servants took baths.

The ungrateful lot...

"Well, isn't this nice, Ciel?" Alois said as he scrubbed the walls free of sweet potatoes.

I had assumed he was being sarcastic, so I, in term, replied with sarcasm. "Ah, yes," I had said, "How I wish I could spend every evening having a food-fight with our staff and scrubbing wasted meals off the walls." I said with a roll of my eye.

"Really?!" Alois sounded... excited? And hopeful? At the time I should have been confused, but instead I was simply annoyed.

"NO!" I screamed. "I would rather be doing my work! But instead I am stuck cleaning up after YOUR mess! You threw food at me from the start!!"

"You insulted me!" Alois fired back, throwing his sponge at the ground.

"I only insulted you because you routinely barge into my manor, unwanted, and now you bring your ENTIRE staff!! Simply to distract mine and force me into playing some silly games with you! I do NOT want to! I want you to go home and leave me alone!! Why can't you just go back to your manor and quit bothering me!!" I screamed at the other boy, at the time I did not notice, or possibly I did not care- but he had begun crying. "I want you, and your whole staff, to just GO BACK TO YOUR MANOR!"

"I CAN'T! WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!" He screamed, and then ran off in the direction of my room, sobbing.

I froze, confused. He had never reacted like that whenever I told him to go home before... "... What?"

"Claude and the other have informed us of what happened to their manor." Sebastian said, as he walked over to me. "Young master, the Trancy manor mysteriously burnt down... none of their staff knows exactly how it happened, but all they know is that it spread so quickly, all they had time to do was to grab Alois and go." He stated, and my eyes went wide. "My lord... he lost everything. And he doesn't want a new manor. Told Claude that it simply would not feel the same. He came here seeking a place to stay until he can recover."

I don't exactly understand how I felt. Even now. I know I certainly did not feel GLAD or any positive emotion... Alois was a prick and a bitch... but he did not deserve that. I know how he must feel, as I too lost everything. I'm certain Claude should be able to restore everything as Sebastian did... but he did not want it. I was confused, I suppose.

"I think you should go speak with him, young master." Sebastian said.

I paused at his words, still thinking, until I finally sighed. "Yes... I believe I should too." I said. And then walked away to my room where- surely enough- there was Alois sobbing and crying into my pillow. I sighed.

"Alois Trancy, can you please-"

I was cut off by the other boy. "C- Ciel... I..."

I stopped him. "I know... you do not have a home to go back to. Sebastian told me. Claude and the others told him and all my servants about what had happened. Alois..." It was the first time I called the little blond by his first name. "... Come here. Sit next to me."

Alois turned to look at me. He then, trembling, quivering as the sobs shock his body, sat next to me. I didn't like how he looked. Teary and broken- it did not look like the Alois that was just hugging me and starting fights with me moments ago. Laughing at everything as if he hadn't a care in this world or any other.

This boy... did not look like Alois Trancy...

"C- Ciel... I-... I lost everything... I'm sorry... I don't know where else to go..." He said, apologizing and wiping his watery eyes. "... I don't want to be a street urchin again..." He wrapped his arms around himself and hugging himself as sobs racked his tiny body.

I sat there beside him, and nodded. "I know. And... you can stay here if you want." I said, and his eyes went wide and face looked from one of pure sadness, to pure surprise. "Yes, you may stay here as long as you need. I know what I said before, and... I should not have said such things to you considering your situation. I know what it's like to lose everything you have ever had... you and your staff may stay here." I said, my tone serious as usual, but eyes never leaving the once sobbing boy sitting beside me. "That is, if you want to stay here. My staff can get petty chaotic and I understand if—" I was immediately cut off by Alois throwing his arms around me and bringing me into a huge hug.

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" He screamed and nearly strangled me, smile wide and bright as the sun.

Yeah, that's the Alois Trancy I know.

After he had calmed down, I wiped the tears from his eyes, and told Sebastian to ready the sleeping quarters for the servants as we will be having new ones staying here, and to ready the second master bedroom. Alois would be staying there. After everything was set up, we all went to sleep that night... quite comfortably, I must say. Despite Alois knocking on my door at 2am requesting a sleep over...

And my allowing it to happen.

That morning, Sebastian and Claude woke me and Alois up- seeming a contest of who could say, 'wake up brats' the loudest. I believe Claude won, but only because he has quite a lot of practice at yelling at Alois.

We were then dressed and walked downstairs to breakfast. Everyone was around the dining table, chatting and eating in a simple manner, we then sat down, and Alois immediately intervened in the conversation, and began dragging me in as well. I eventually did intervene- but only when Sebastian and Claude began having a contest of 'who could tell the most embarrassing stories of their young master'

Unfortunately, Sebastian won that one.

I suppose this is our new normal. The ordinary in the Phantomhive Household... well, I guess it can't be called that anymore, can it? The Phantomhive AND Trancy Household ordinary.

I must say, this was not a horrible change of pace. Though, I think I heard the sounds of an explosion coming from the kitchen. Knife throwing?! Yelling?! I should go now-

Until next time, goodbye.

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