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56% The Priestess and the warrior Elf / Chapter 14: THE POWER OF A SEMI ELF IIII

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She smiles happily and they continue walking until they are near Kath's cabin. Dalila proposes her to eat together and she agrees. The next morning Kath does the same as usual looking for Rex in the stable and they walk for a while, then she goes to the old Baldo to train a little more of the fire element and learn about the wind element, after that she decides to walk for a while in the direction of the beach but she is stopped by a macaw that passes near her and she stops in a tree to look for its fruits.

But when she sees that the bird interrupts her breakfast and hides a little bit without making noise, she makes Kath think that something is frightening the bird, while she observes the sky she sees how a huge bird passes by a mountain, while she thinks that a bird can be with such a size and in that way she decides to go and investigate what it can be.

When he is near a path where the vegetation is denser he is stopped by Rex who neighs a little and takes some steps backwards with it, as if he understood him he says: I understand that you don't want Rex to go, but I have to go and I know that you don't trust me completely but I promise that I will be fine

The horse denies with its head but releases it, it sighs and knows that no matter how much it insists on the horse returning, it will not do so and will follow it, it caresses its face and nods and follows the path, while trying to find where that strange bird went, it follows a path a little less dense, it follows the path until it reaches the middle of the forest while admiring the fauna and seeing how the forest monkeys observe it and look at it with curiosity.

When she is distracted by the monkeys that observe her and some touch her and stay close to her, while she puts some monkeys in the trees she is knocked down by a bear cub which makes her fall into a lake. Kath without realizing it is not only pursued by Rex but in the high parts of the trees Caleb watches her with attention but decides not to interfere in her path and see what happens, Kath when she leaves the lake and looks attentively to the sides that could have knocked her down the grunt of a cub calls her attention and while she leaves the lake she looks attentively if the mother can be heard there.

But she can't hear anything except the sound of monkeys and some birds like macaws, parrots, toucans and the slight sound of Rex coming towards her and helping her to finish getting out of the lake while she lets Rex finish raising him and looks around to see if he gets the little bear's mother, but when he sees this scared he takes Rex and says

Kath: you will be uncomfortable with this request but leave it on your back for a while, let me see what is happening since I have a bad feeling.

Rex somehow accepts Kath's request and decides to be a few steps behind this one. Kath who walks a little more in the background sees how some animals stop making noise, which makes her feeling stronger and she decides to walk with a little more stealth until she sees a silver-haired Elf with gray skin and a black mix, when he approaches to talk to her he turns around and shows his hands and part of his mouth full of blood, Kath gets a little scared and backs up while she approaches Rex to take out his bow and arrow to aim at him.

As she strains her bow she asks angrily: Who are you and why did you do that, what did that bear do to you to get you to kill it?

When Caleb smells the blood, he steps on it and gets down from the trees, while Kath approaches him and says: get away from that monster Kath, he is a Drider, those are killers in themselves.

As Kath steps back a bit more and frowned at that scene, she asks: What do you mean by a -Drider-?

Caleb, who pulls out a short sword in case he decides to attack Kath, says: that's not Drow anymore, his spider goddess has abandoned him and they are the opposite of us, and all of his consciousness has lost it as such.

While she is still angry, she decides to step forward and with an angry face she says: get away from that bear or I will have to attack you.

Caleb when trying to stop Kath sees how the Driders approaches her and she is forced to release her arrow and hit her arm, she without hesitation returns to look for another arrow and tightens her bow while she says: I will not repeat it, stay away from the animal or this time I will not fail.

The Drider, who looks at her angrily, tries to cast a spell on her and Caleb, upon seeing her reaction, decides to stand next to Kath and when he sees that she wants to throw poison on him, he pushes her and says: We have to look for her weak point or we will be dead.

Kath nods to what Caleb says as she watches him carefully and says to herself -he has the legs of a spider... because precisely a spider- as he wrings his skin a little he looks everywhere for who else is with him.

Caleb, who is forced to fight a little with him, says: you saw where he is. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This one denies with the head until seeing an enormous black lump, closes its eyes but then it calms down and says for if -now it is not the moment to fear him-, of a sword it kills the companion of the Drider, this still attacks with poison, blows and throws of spiderweb that both have to avoid, Kath angry thinks like eliminating it since single to run is not enough, remembers a little of the magic that I teach to him Alessia and makes a fire ball while it says

Kath: Caleb, jump out of there, if there's a fire I'll take responsibility, but I'm already tired of that devil's spider.

After that he throws the fireball which makes the Drider burn and while he runs away you can hear him say: I'll see you later and I'll get paid.

After the scare Kath approaches and notices that the bear and two other cubs were annihilated by the Drider. When she sees this she can't help but cry while she caresses the dead animals, not knowing what to do, When Caleb sees such sadness, he asks her to return to the village so that he and Felix can bury them and apologize to Mother Nature. She nods, but before leaving, she pulls the bear's body and sticks it to her chest and whispers a few words in her ear as she hugs the bear cub again and leaves with Rex.

Caleb looks at her attentively and with curiosity to ask her what she said to the bear. He prefers to keep quiet and wait for her to comment more calmly. Kath, while walking with Delilah, explains to her what happened, omitting the comment of the great bird she saw flying towards the mountains. Delilah, upon hearing her carefully, hugs her and tells her to investigate how to help her take care of the bear, while Kath thanks her and decides to give the bear a bath, change her clothes and take a bath at night.

By the next morning, the whole village had heard about the Azaña of the semi-elven that had expelled an intruder Drider through the sacred lands and had managed to make an arrow go through his arm, something that had never been seen or heard in many years, everyone was beginning to take a little more respect for the young woman, many others said that this little bear could be her animal spirit, but they did not know if the spirit was the mother of the little bear or the cub itself as such, but they decided to let time indicate which of the two was the spirit.

On the other hand, the little ones were fascinated by the fact that they could play a little with the little bear, although with some moderation since the bear, even though it was small, was strong and had sharp claws, Kath seemed like her mother since wherever she went the bear would chase her up and down, This caused Kath to laugh because she managed to take care of him and feed him with the help of Delilah and some of the tribe who had animals with similar diets. Kath managed to realize that Dante was right about one thing, even though they were similar animals or with similar diets they would never be the same animal.

As Kath lay on her bed, she wondered how Dante was doing and whether he was doing well, and she wondered about the great bird she saw when she met the bear cub, now called Sami. Kath decided one day to leave little Sami with Delilah so she gave him her coat and said

Kath: Delilah I'm going to train for a while and I'd like Sami to stay in your care this time.

Delilah, who sees her a little strange, says: it's strange that you ask me, since two moons ago you didn't care, but this way I have an excuse to spoil someone.

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