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chapter 108 - The Richest Man In the World:Starting From Receiving 7 Billion Red Env - Chapter 108 by Shinshion0 full book limited free

Chapter 108: chapter 108

   Green City, Mountain House Village.

   More than ten years ago, there was only a very narrow path leading to the mountain house village.

   Even if it is a single car, it is very difficult.

   Of course, there were no cars in the mountain village at that time.

   Whenever it rains, the road becomes a mud pit, and it is completely impossible to walk.

   More than a decade later, two wide cement roads have been built in Shanwu Village, and many people have already driven their cars.

   Early this morning, in a small bungalow in the middle of the village…

   Lin Tao, Dai Weixue, and Lin Xiaoyao worked in a division of labor. They wiped the table, boiled water, posted the word 'shou', or hung lanterns… I was so busy.

   Obviously, this is Lin Fan's rural hometown and the place where he had lived until he was 12 years old.

   Lin Xiaoyao said: "Dad, your birthday character is not correct, go a bit to the left, yes yes!"

   It didn't take long for the whole bungalow to be plastered with birthday characters and red lanterns, which looked very festive.

   Lin Xiaoyao took out her phone and took a few photos, with a smile on her face.

   Obviously, she is very satisfied with her 'masterpiece'.

   "Xiao Fan said that the ingredients and the chef are handed over to him, why haven't they come back? Don't be too late." Dai Weixue said with some worry.

   "Isn't it?" Lin Tao said.

   Lin Xiaoyao said relaxedly: "Dad, mom, don't worry, since I said he is in charge, there must be no problem!"


   When the sun shot through the trees, there was a sound in the distance.

   Then, a tall Mercedes-Benz G, and a truck drove over slowly.

   Lin Xiaoyao said happily: "Look, brother is back!"

   Jiangbei City is not too far from Qingshishanwu Village.

   But, Lin Fan needs to buy something.

   In addition, you have to arrange a place for the chef.

   Therefore, I did not come to Qingshi Shanwu Village last night.

   "Brother, what is the truck behind?" Lin Xiaoyao walked over and asked.

   Lin Fan replied: "The ingredients for the birthday banquet."

  At this time, the three chefs slowly moved all the ingredients down.

   Lin Tao followed up to help, and said: "We are cooking outside today…"

   After all, according to the plan, there will be more than 20 banquets today.

   If you cook in the kitchen at home, it would be too crowded.


   An old man with gray hair and thin body, but his waist is always straight, walked out slowly.

   After Lin Fan saw the old man, his heart trembled slightly, and he exclaimed excitedly: "Grandpa!"

   This old man is Lin Fan's grandfather, Lin Liqiang!

   In Lin Fan's memory, grandpa often wears a military green coat or white short sleeves.

   Today, I changed into a white shirt and looked radiant.

   Lin Liqiang nodded towards Lin Fan and said, "Xiao Fan, are you back?"

  His voice is very deep, unlike ordinary old people full of kindness.

   But, Lin Fan knows, this is not because his grandfather doesn't love himself.

   But because Grandpa is always cold outside and hot inside.

   On the one hand, it is due to character, on the other hand, it is the habit of being a soldier when he was young. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

   Lin Fan said, "Yes, grandpa, how is your body?"

   "It's okay now." Lin Liqiang said.

   At this time, a slightly hoarse voice came from the room.

   "Xiao Fan is back, right?"

   Then, grandma Zhang Guidan, with short hair and wearing a plaid shirt, walked out.

   "Grandma!" Lin Fan exclaimed excitedly.

   "Let me see, how is my Xiaofan now." Zhang Guidan touched Lin Fan's head for a while while talking, and squeezed his arm for a while.

   Then, he nodded happily and said, "Xiao Fan is stronger than before!"

   is different from grandpa's majesty, cold outside and hot inside, grandma is kind, hot outside and warmer inside.

   Lin Fan said: "Grandma, how is your body?"

   "My grandfather and I have three meals a day, each with a large bowl of rice, and I am in good health!" Zhang Guidan smiled happily.

   Lin Fan was very happy when he heard it.

   However, his mind moved slightly and he still spent 20 million to purchase 2 bottles of medical water from the system.

   "Grandpa and grandma, try this." Lin Fan handed out the medical water and said.

   Zhang Guidan asked: "What is this?"

   "A small drink, I heard that it has a little health care effect." Lin Fan said.

   "Really? Then I have to try it." Zhang Guidan smiled.

   Lin Li insisted on hearing it, but didn't ask much, and poured it directly into his mouth.

   Lin Fan felt relieved when he saw that his grandparents drank them all.

   He remembered that his grandparents all had arthritis, and they felt very uncomfortable every winter.

   Now that I have drunk medical water, I believe this will not be the case in the future.

   Then, Lin Fan took out the Hetian Yu chess and said: "Grandpa, I wish you good luck in the East China Sea, and a long life!"

   Lin Liqiang said: "Okay! Xiao Fan, have a heart!"

   Zhang Guidan sighed, "What a beautiful chess! Your grandfather wanted to change a chess set. Today, it's just as he intended!"

   "The relatives have not come yet, and nothing is going on, Xiao Fan, let's play with your grandfather with this new pair of chess."

   Lin Liqiang pointed to the door and said, "Go, Xiao Fan, we play chess there."

   Lin Liqiang, unlike ordinary old people, likes to play mahjong.

   When he is usually fine, he likes to play chess.

   Now that he got such a good chess set, he immediately became interested.

   Lin Fan will naturally not shirk, and said: "Okay."

   The two have just arrived at the gate…

   At this time the three chefs have arranged all the ingredients neatly, and then quickly cleaned, cut, and plated.

   The knife shines like a shadow, very fast.

   Lin Xiaoyao ever saw someone doing this dish? It was like seeing the legendary master swordsman, and the whole person was a bit dumbfounded.

   Lin Liqiang couldn't help but glanced at the direction of the kitchen, nodded and said, "Good cooking!"

   Then, I sat down and set the chess.

   But before the two started playing chess, there was a sound of footsteps outside the corridor.


   A group of people walked in.

   They have gifts in their hands and smiles are all over their faces.

   "Grandpa, I wish you good health!"

   "Master, I wish you a long life!"


   Among these people, Lin Fan's uncle and aunt are relatives.

   When relatives came, it was naturally difficult to continue playing chess.

   So Lin Liqiang stood up and said with a smile: "Well, I can trouble you all to come over."

   "Master, you are too far off."

   "Yes! We should come here!"

   The relatives answered one after another.

   Lin Tao, Dai Weixue and Zhang Guidan, as the hosts, hurriedly stepped forward to receive gifts.

   At the same time, he said with concern: "Thank you very much."

   "Sit down and drink some water."


   According to Qingshi's rules, firecrackers must be set off when relatives arrive.

   Come, it is respect and welcome to relatives.

When came, it was a notification to the folks in the village that a happy event was going to be held at home.

   However, before Lin Tao lit the firecrackers, there was already a burst of crackling firecrackers in the west of the village.

   Lin Tao couldn't help but stagnate.

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