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chapter 109 - The Richest Man In the World:Starting From Receiving 7 Billion Red Env - Chapter 109 by Shinshion0 full book limited free

Chapter 109: chapter 109

In fact, not only Lin Tao was stunned for a moment, but Dai Weixue, Lin Liqiang, Zhang Guidan and others all looked suspiciously towards the west of the village.

According to the rules of Shanwu Village, except for Chinese New Year, festivals and celebrations, firecrackers are generally not set off.

Today, obviously does not belong to the New Year holiday.

In addition, it seems that I have never heard of someone having a wedding at home?

When Lin Xiaoyao saw her father want to set off firecrackers, she stood far away and covered her ears.

At this moment, seeing Dad stopped again, he couldn't help but cried out: "Dad, can't you let go of the whip?"

"Let it go, of course!" After Lin Tao finished speaking, he lit a cigarette and moved directly to the fuse.


Suddenly, a loud sound of firecrackers resounded through the entire mountain village, and the flaming firecracker residues scattered all over, making the scene more lively and festive.

The relatives greeted each other, and the atmosphere was very good.

Not long after, a round-faced man, carrying a table, walked over slowly.

After he saw Lin Fan, his face showed a touch of surprise, and he shouted: "Afan? When did you come back? Why didn't he tell me!"

This man is called Chi Zengyi, lives behind Lin Fan's hometown, and they are the same age.

Since Shanwu Village has only one primary school, there is only one class for each grade.

Therefore, Lin Fan and Chi Zengyi have always been classmates.

Study together in class and play together after school. They are very good friends.

Lin Fan said, "I just arrived."

At this time, Dai Weixue walked over and said, "Xiao Yi, I have worked hard for you. I used your desk and asked you to move in."

Generally speaking, which family in the mountain village holds a wedding event, will call their relatives, friends, and everyone in the village to come over to eat and hold a banquet.

Normally, with relatives and friends plus villagers, there are a total of hundreds of people attending the banquet, and at least ten tables are required.

Only the family hosting the banquet naturally does not have so many tables.

Therefore, the villagers in Shanwu Village will take the initiative to lend out tables and chairs.

Chi Zengyi said, "Auntie, you are too far-sighted."

Lin Tao asked: "Xiao Yi, I just heard someone set off firecrackers on the west side of the village. Is this also a happy event today?"

"It's Wang Shaodong's family… Their family doesn't know what's going on. They suddenly said yesterday afternoon that today his grandfather will have his 70th birthday!" Chi Zengyi said.

As soon as this statement came out, Lin Tao, Dai Weixue, Lin Liqiang, Zhang Guidan and others all became a little ugly…this is definitely intentional!

Wang Shaodong's grandfather is called Wang Yaping.

The fields of the Wang family and the Lin family are connected.

There was heavy rain that year, and the fields were full of water.

Lin Fan's grandfather, Lin Liqiang, was worried that the water would drown the dealer, so he dug a ditch along the fields of the two families with a **** to let the water flow away quickly.

It was this ditch that made the two families of Wang and Lin no longer harmonious for decades.

Because Wang Yaping felt that Lin Liqiang had dug the ditch and assigned his field to Lin Liqiang's home, so he often chewed his tongue in the village.

Lin Liqiang thought that he had done a good deed, but was framed by others and was so annoyed that he directly approached Wang Yaping for the theory.

The two quarrels continue and have been hostile to the present.

Later, when Lin Liqiang's family had a grandson, Wang Yaping must also have a grandson!

When Lin Liqiang's family bought a house outside, Wang Yaping must also buy a house…

Fighting against each other has never stopped.

In the beginning, it was indeed for a little field.

However, with the passage of time, it is not only the field, but also the face and the vigor!

Now, Lin Liqiang told the village a long time ago that he would celebrate his 70th birthday today.

As a result, yesterday afternoon, Wang Yaping informed the village that he would celebrate his 70th birthday today.

Isn't this an explicit confrontation?

The two birthday banquets were held at the same time.

Where should the villagers go?

This is for them to make a choice!

According to the rules of Shanwu Village, the higher is not the lower.

If there are two parties for a happy event, unless the villagers have a particularly good relationship, in general, they will choose to go to the high relatives and friends to congratulate, which is regarded as welcome and respect for the 'visited guests'.

Lin Liqiang's family does not have particularly high-profile relatives and friends, and Wang Yaping has a son who is said to be the general manager of a company in Qingshi, and he also has a nephew who is a leader in the education sector in Qingshi.

Which one has high-status relatives and friends, at a glance!

A person has only one 70th birthday in his life.

It would be too ugly if no one came to celebrate the birthday today.


At this time, tall and cool cars kept heading towards the west of the village.

Then, there was another crackling firecrackers in the village west.

The villagers in Shanwu Village obviously noticed the movement and rushed to the west of the village one after another.

At this time, in front of Wang Yaping's house, six or seven luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW were parked, which was very lavish.

The whole ground is full of firecracker residue, as if it was covered with a red carpet.

Many villagers carried tables and kept walking towards Wang Yaping's house.

"Uncle Li, thank you for coming to the birthday banquet."

"Uncle Zhang, it's really troublesome for you, and I moved the table and bench…"

"Sit down and have some tea."

The whole scene is like a bazaar, extremely lively.

Today's Wang Yaping wore a Tang suit, and hair was specially dyed black.

However, the wrinkles on his face and the rickety waist couldn't hide his aging age.

"The birthday star is here!"

"Happy birthday!"

When everyone saw Wang Yaping coming out, they all greeted him.

"Thank you big guy for coming to my birthday banquet." Wang Yaping smiled.

Wang Yaping looked at the villagers in front of the door, the whole old face was full of smiles, happy birthday, and at the same time, can compare Lin Liqiang, that is even happier!

Compared with the lively scene of Wang Yaping's house, Lin Liqiang's house seemed a bit deserted, and only a few well-friended villagers came over with tables and chairs.

In front of the empty house, only a few tables were laid out sparsely.

With fewer villagers, these tables and chairs are enough.

For the villagers' choice, Lin Liqiang did not mean to blame.

After all, respecting the distinguished guests has always been the tradition of the mountain house village.


After all, this is his birthday banquet, but now, but so deserted, it is inevitable that there is some unhappiness in his heart.

Chi Zengyi also seemed to feel that the atmosphere was a bit wrong, and complained: "Wang Shaodong and his family have done too badly! This kind of happy event has to be messed up too! Isn't it just that there are a few more powerful relatives?"

"When Afan becomes the big boss, he will also have a happy event with Wang Shaodong and his family, let's see what they do!"

Lin Fan patted Chi Zengyi on the shoulder and said with a smile: "Maybe, you don't have to wait." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As soon as the voice fell, there was a roar of cars at the entrance of the village.

Then, one, two, three…

A luxurious car was crushed in black, and it drove over from a distance.

Finally, he stopped firmly in front of Lin Fan.

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