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chapter 111 - The Richest Man In the World:Starting From Receiving 7 Billion Red Env - Chapter 111 by Shinshion0 full book limited free

Chapter 111: chapter 111

Lin Xiaoyao's face was scared.

The veterans sitting nearby had their pupils shrunk, and even a layer of fine sweat appeared on their foreheads, and they hurriedly got up to catch the chess pieces.

This is Hetian jade chess!

One chess piece may cost millions!

Lin Xiaoyao may have noticed the reaction of the bosses, and grabbed it at random, just catching the chess piece that fell to the ground.


See here…

The bosses couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, and wiped the fine sweat from their foreheads.

Lin Xiaoyao asked, "Does any of you want to play chess?"

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Then, how many more times it's almost fell?

"I don't play."

"You put the chess away."

"Yes, right, put it in a better place."

The bosses spoke one after another, and kept shaking their heads.

Lin Xiaoyao's pretty face was full of weird colors.

If you don't play, why don't you just let it go?

Lin Xiaoyao took the chess and placed it next to the gate.

See here…

The bosses looked at each other.

Hetian jade chess worth tens of millions, just put it at the gate?


At this time, there was another rumbling of cars in the distance.

Then, one, two, three…

Another large group of luxury cars drove over.

Finally stopped firmly in front.

Then, as before, many men and women in formal attire walked down one after another.

Lin Fan met one of them, Zhou Chengjun, the general manager of Qingshi Yinshan Shopping Mall.

Yesterday, Lin Fan lived in Qingshi with three chefs, and happened to meet Zhou Chengjun, who was accompanying the client.

At that time, Zhou Chengjun was very excited.

After a conversation, Lin Fan told him about his grandpa's 70th birthday.

Therefore, Zhou Chengjun said on the spot that he would definitely go to congratulate him.

After Zhou Chengjun and Lin Fan separated, they reported the incident to Song Zhifeng, the chairman of Yinshan Group.

Song Zhifeng has always attached great importance to Lin Fan, the largest shareholder he has never seen before.

Therefore, after learning that Lin Fan's grandfather was about to pass his life, he did not hesitate at all, and directly led the company's senior executives to fly to Qingshi overnight.

Song Zhifeng didn't want to cause Lin Fan to think that because he didn't go to celebrate his birthday, if it provokes him to suddenly get involved in the affairs of the Yinshan Group.

It's really regrettable.

Song Zhifeng walked up and said, "Hello, Mr. Lin, we finally met."

When the words fell, he took the initiative to extend his right hand.

Lin Fan had never seen Song Zhifeng at all, but when he saw Zhou Chengjun standing next to him and being so respectful to him, he had a guess in his heart and said, "Hello."

"Hello, Mr. Lin." The executives standing next to Song Zhifeng shouted respectfully.

They didn't dare to show the slightest contempt just because Lin Fan was young.

You know, Lin Fan is the largest shareholder of Yinshan Group!

As long as he is dissatisfied, he can be laid off immediately!

Lin Fan nodded and said, "This is my grandfather."

"Hello, Mr. Lin, I wish you good health and all the best!" Song Zhifeng said hurriedly, and at the same time, he handed out a delicate jade Buddha.

Lin Liqiang hesitated to accept the gift and said, "Thank you, thank you! Are you?"

"Oh, my name is Song Zhifeng, the chairman of Yinshan Group." Song Zhifeng said.

Not long ago, Lin Liqiang had already met many bosses.

Therefore, this can be considered too great a reaction.

But Wang Zhongde and all the bosses who stood not far away had their eyes widened, and their faces were full of horror.

They are indeed the bosses of various companies, but their company and Yinshan Group are not comparable at all?

Yinshan Group, that is a large enterprise with a market value of tens of billions!

The chairman of such a large company would come to celebrate his birthday in person!

Moreover, in the words, there was a hint of flattery to Lin Fan.

Sure enough, the boss behind Qiankun Building is really amazing!

"I am the general manager of Yinshan Group, Xiang Liguo. Mr. Lin, I wish you good luck in the East China Sea and a longevity than Nanshan!"

"I'm the investment promotion director of Yinshan Group, Ye Qing. Father Lin, I wish you all your wishes come true and smile often!"

After Song Zhifeng celebrated his birthday, the senior executives of Yinshan Group also uttered their blessings and gave red envelopes or gifts.

Zhou Chengjun, who was the lowest on the scene, finally spoke: "I am the general manager of Qingshi Yinshan Shopping Mall, Zhou Chengjun. Father Lin, I wish you good luck and good luck and prosperity!"

As soon as this statement was made, the faces of the surrounding bosses did not change in any way.

After all, the chairman and executives of Yinshan Group are here.

What is a little general manager of Yinshan Mall?

However, some villagers cried out in surprise.

"How can I look at him a little familiar, he turned out to be the general manager of Yinshan Mall in the city! A while ago, Qingshi News also reported on him!"

"It's amazing! Even the general manager of Yinshan Mall has congratulated Mr. Lin on his birthday!"

"Lao Zhang and their house, why haven't they come? I'll call to remind you!"

"Lao Song and his family?"


Then, these villagers took out their mobile phones one after another, and people who knew them dialed the phone.

In fact, they naturally knew that Lao Zhang, Lao Song and others were going to congratulate Wang Yaping on their birthday.

This is based on the custom of 'just high, not low' there is nothing to say.

But, don't the Lin family have more 'guests' now?

Of course… it's time for these people to come to the Lin Family to celebrate their birthday!


At this time, in the west of the village, Wang Yaping's home.

In the kitchen, the smell of meat slowly drifted out.

The villagers sat together, smelling the aroma, and chatting more and more vigorously.

"Jingle Bell!"

At this time, someone's cell phone rang loudly.

The man answered the phone casually.


"What you said is true?"

"Okay, I'll come here!"

Then, without saying hello to anyone, the cat walked outside.

There is more than one case like this.

3 people, 5 people, 8 people, 10 people…

Those who did not receive the call, either pulled their friends to ask, or were full of curiosity… Then, they followed suit.

After a while, almost half of Wang Yaping's house was gone, and there were still people walking outside.

Originally, the crowded scene immediately became empty.

Wang Yaping also noticed this and frowned, "What did they do?"

The middle-aged man next to him said: "Let me ask…"

Soon, the middle-aged man walked back, his face was a little ugly, and said: "They said that there were a dozen luxury cars parked in front of Old Man Lin's house."

"A total of more than a dozen bosses came to celebrate their birthdays, and even the general manager of Qingshi Yinshan Shopping Mall came here… so…"

The middle-aged man did not finish speaking, but Wang Yaping already understood.

According to the principle of'higher, not low', those villagers must feel that Lin Liqiang's family has more VIPs and more weight!

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