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63.76% The Romantic Cultivator / Chapter 225: The Trial of the Mountains (4)

The Trial of the Mountains (4) - The Romantic Cultivator - Chapter 225 by Avidfan full book limited free

Chapter 225: The Trial of the Mountains (4)

Many of the cultivators were now closing their eyes as they began to mediate in front of the gigantic dark sword now.

This included Little Princess, Ling Feiyue, Bai Qianfeng, Mu Wan'Er and even Shui Xisi.

The dark profound aura of the gigantic dark sword had a formidable presence and only the saints could mediate within 30 yards of it. Many of the fifth realm golden celestials were meditating a good 50 yards away.

They had only one hour to gain any valuable insight and none of them had wanted to waste any moment to do so.

Bai Qianfeng was excited as shown by her eyes.

As a matter of fact, Ji Yuan had rarely seen her so excited before and this was actually the first time.

Bai Qianfeng had good reasons to be excited because this was the spirit form of a saint sword, the most powerful class of all the divine swords!

She had quickly shared it with her other sisters and they too, were excited.

Bai Qianfeng other sisters were Little Princess and Ling Feiyue, naturally.

But Ji Yuan remained unmoved as he rubbed his chin; it was because this was too good to be true. He was actually thinking: I know the rewards in the Empyrean Warrior Empyrean are good but what the heck is a saint sword doing on the first level?

He soon caught sight of Feng Minyue who had stayed far away from the gigantic sword. Rather, she was meditating to regain her profound strength than meditating with her divine sense on the sword.

Although Feng Minyue did not display her profound arts but Ji Yuan knew that she was a sword energies practitioner as her minute display of her aura was sharp; this was something that only Ji Yuan was aware of.

In the past, Ji Yuan had taken Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan as his core protégés because they too had sharp auras that only a sword saint could identify.

Therefore Ji Yuan knows that her sword energies profound art is not beneath him.

"She has detected the same uneasy presence as me? That is why she has chosen not to mediate for any insight?" He was thinking.

Ji Yuan was watching her keenly and he was impressed by her serenity. He knew instantly that this Maiden Feng Minyue had a high state of divinity in her cultivation and was unmoved by most things.

Feng Minyue is a great saintess; she can advance to such a high state of cultivation while maintaining her serene divinity. This spoke volumes of her state of divinities in her cultivation.

States of divinities are harder to measure than cultivation realm. It is because everyone can say that they are the strongest sword, one with the heaven and earth, immovable by any desires etc. but achieving true state of divinity is extremely difficult because they have to first triumph over their inner demons and to prove their superior state of divinity when compared to the others.

Feng Minyue had clearly accomplished that.

Under normal circumstances, Ji Yuan would surely like to know her a little better but he knew that it would be a terrible mistake if he tries to flirt with two maidens at the same time. He had not lay his hands on Shui Xisi yet and it was dangerous to play with fire in front of this great beauty. Moreover, his main consorts were around too.

Therefore he heaved a soft sigh as he had to let Feng Minyue go.

He was clearly impressed by her.

But it was perfectly fine to him not to flirt with her. After all, he did not want to have too many trees in his backyard. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As he pondered, he had suddenly caught sight of Feng Minyue who was suddenly looking into his direction.

Feng Minyue had a slight flush on her countenance before she averted her eyes before continuing on her meditation.

Ji Yuan's heart jumped because the look of a flushing maiden is the most beautiful sight and he was secretly moved.

He began to mutter. This is too sin…"

"This is too sinful…" Xiang Li had overridden him in his soul sea. "Big Brother, I think she is interested in you as well!"

"Don't talk rubbish. She isn't. I was staring at her and she caught me looking in her direction. That's why." Ji Yuan frowned.

"But why would she be flushing if she isn't interested in you?" Xiang Li asked.

"Because I'm too handsome. Haha." Ji Yuan laughed.

Xiang Li: …

"You're not."

Ji Yuan: …

"I'm …"

"You're not." Xiang Li insisted.

Yuan Ji frowned. "If I am not handsome, how did I manage to win Feiyue's heart?"

Xiang Li chuckled. "Because you are just too shameless!"

Yuan Ji groaned. "Who taught you this? This doesn't seem to be coming from you."

"Sister Feiyue taught me." Xiang Li laughed. "And Qianxue."

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Darn. He just knew it. They're always gossiping about me…

Xiang Li asked Ji Yuan. "Big Brother, why are you not meditating yet? This is a saint spirit sword. It is once-in-a-lifetime insight."

Ji Yuan sighed softly. "This is a demonic sword. Even though it may be a saint sword but it is still a demonic sword."

All of a sudden he asked Xiang Li. "Can you remove the profound signature of this sword?"

Xiang Li shook her head. "That dark robe ferryman has full control over it. Remember, I can't do a thing if the master is still in control or near."

Ji Yuan nodded quietly as he rolled his eyes to look at the dark profound aura that was radiating from the gigantic dark sword.

All of a sudden Ji Yuan found himself in a dark space and the image of the dark sword was now hovering in front of him.

Ji Yuan was startled because he had suddenly gained an insight when he was least expecting it.

"Xiang Li, are you there?"

No reply.

When Xiang Li did not reply him, he concluded that this was indeed an insight and had happened inside his mind.

But what was triggering it?

As he reached out to touch the dark sword, he had suddenly noticed that his sword spirit was on his forehand and it was glowing with a brilliant white flare.

He was startled because the sword spirit was not supposed to appear on his forehand…

All of a sudden there was an electrifying pulse that shook him as he touched the dark sword. Almost immediately, the dark sword had disappeared into a white wisp of light into his palm.

"Where is the dark sword?"

As he examined his hand, he saw that even the sword spirit had also disappeared.

Ji Yuan tried to remind himself; this is an insight and may only be an illusion. Don't be deceived by it. It is not real. But what is the meaning of this insight?

Out of the blue, there was a burst of bright light and Ji Yuan was pulled back to reality and he was back to where he was standing earlier.

"Big Brother? Are you alright? I try calling you many times but you didn't respond me." Xiang Li sobbed sadly.

"Erm, I am alright. I think that I may just have an insight…" All of a sudden Ji Yuan saw that the gigantic dark sword had disappeared and everyone was rising on their feet now.

Xiang Li muttered. "You have been like this for an hour..."

Ji Yuan was startled. "What? But it only looks like a minute had passed…"

He was truly shocked.

"What insight did you have?" Xiang Li asked him curiously.

As Ji Yuan and Xiang Li were linked together, Ji Yuan quickly showed her the mental image that he had experienced before he was pulled by Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng and Shui Xisi as they queried one another excitingly.

"What did you experience?"

"Did you manage to gain an insight?"

"How does it go?"

"Ji Yuan doesn't seem to be interested…"

"He is definitely not gaining any insight for sure so let's ignore him…"

Ji Yuan frowned. "I do have an insight…"

Ling Feiyue giggled softly. "I don't believe you."

Then she turned to smile at the other maidens. "My sword spirit has picked up something this time around and I've gained an insight."

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes and sighed softly.

The last time that he had explained to Ling Feiyue that he had a spirit entity but she had not believed him because Xiang Li refused to show up. This time round, the same thing had happened because he was not even meditating.

So what else could Ji Yuan do but to smile bitterly?

Xiang Li was left to ponder about Ji Yuan's insight. She was thinking; Diviner Mo Ming had said that the Great Hero will have a mark on both his hands?

Suddenly the dark robe ferryman had appeared again and he was laughing eerily. "You have all passed the trial and you may proceed to claim your rewards now."

All of a sudden there were a two portals that had appeared in front of them; one green and one blue.

"The green portal will lead you to a temporary stasis for the remainder of the trial. The blue portal will take you elsewhere."

Everyone: ???

Ji Yuan asked curiously. "Where is the trial? When did we complete the trial?"

Many of the cultivators were echoing after Ji Yuan. "Yes. Where are the trials? Is this a test too?"

But the dark robe ferryman grinned. "The dark sword is actually your trial."

Everyone: ???

However the dark robe ferryman did not explain as he disappeared.

Feng Minyue had quietly approached Ji Yuan as she said. "It is my honor to party with you. I'm afraid that it is time for me to depart. This is actually my second successful trial on this level and I will be leaving for the second level now."

Mu Wan'Er had also approached Ji Yuan to say with a heavy heart. "This is actually my first successful trial. I need to complete one more trial to go to the second level. Hopefully we can meet again soon."

Ji Yuan was also breathing with a heavy heart as he looked at everyone. "I guess that it is time for us to separate now."

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Shui Xisi and Bai Qianfeng all had a heavy heart as well. They were all lucky to meet on the first level but the second level will take randomly to the second level.

There were literally dozens of worlds on the second level and it was difficult for them to encounter one another again. They were all together because of Xiang Li and not because they were lucky.

Ji Yuan muttered. "Farewell everyone. All the best to your trials."

All the maidens were quietly looking away and were extremely quiet; it was because they had gotten used to party together.

They had not expected that they would pass two successful trials in such a short time and now they must departed for the second level.


"Good luck…"

"This is a little too soon." Shui Xisi sighed as she looked at Ji Yuan with an equally heavy heart.

"All the best to everyone's trials…"

Ji Yuan laughed as he tried to comfort them. "We will surely meet again real soon. Come, let's go into the blue portal for our rewards."

Reluctantly, everyone slowly nodded as they began to follow Ji Yuan…

Avidfan Avidfan

The first level trial of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth has ended for Ji Yuan now and he is on his way to the second level.

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