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88.57% The Royal Blind Man~ / Chapter 31: Chap 31. Abnormal Comprehension Ability

Chap 31. Abnormal Comprehension Ability - The Royal Blind Man~ - Chapter 31 by tired123 full book limited free

Chapter 31: Chap 31. Abnormal Comprehension Ability

The mysterious person walked a few steps without making noise but heaven was against them.

Remember when I said Astro had abnormal hearing, well he could clearly hear the tiny yet heavy footsteps of a being, that was one of the upgrades from his prediction ability, his superior hearing.

Astro suddenly turned his head from Theo, "You know, going into a store that's closed is pretty creepy. Especially when there's 2 people already in there and you don't even acknowledge us, that only makes you seem like a threat." Astro spoke loud to gain the mysterious persons attention, he crossed his arms and stared in the direction where he heard the person stop.

At that moment, Theo finally broke out of his little world and turned around.

He saw a huge person with a cloak draped over its massive body, although the person was huge it was hard to believe that they almost sneaked past someone. Theo couldn't see anymore of the persons body since it was pitch black from the terrible angle he was at.

The person, who had just been called out had stopped midtrack, they turned towards Astro and Theo before saying in a deep voice, "I'm surprised you could hear me at all, normally I can just walk past everyone even though I'm quite large." One could clearly tell that the being was a man from the thick deep voice, he gave a small chuckle as he looked Astro straight in the eyes.

"Why are you covered in killing intent?" Astro suddenly commented, Theo went straight into cautious mode as he stared at the man closely, the man stayed still and didn't move and inch even when he was accused of killing intent.

"Your ability to sense auras and their intent is truly unbelievable, yet its a shame that your blind." The man said, he turned his huge body towards Astro.

Since the man had been facing the other way, Theo couldn't see inside his cloak, but now that he was facing this way he could see a man's face which had a full beard and a scar that ran along the cheek of the man. Inside his cloak, you could clearly see the outline of two beautifully made swords, they each had the light bouncing of them so mesmerisingly that it could pull anyone into a trance like state.

But, Astro was blind, he couldn't see the swords at all. Theo stood infront of Astro when he saw the shining swords, he knew that he wouldn't be the strongest or best person to protect Astro but he was the only one right now.

"Aww, is the little twig trying to act tough Hehaha. So weak." The man commented as a wide grin crept onto his face.

"Pure killing intent towards us. What did we do mister? Are you always this short tempered to have the thought of killing children?" Astro questioned even though he was practically in a life or death situation. The man was slightly stunned by Astro's curiosity when he had unleashed his pure killing intent which he had sharpened for years upon years, no person should be able to move under his intent.

"Hmm, your interesting. So is the little guy infront of you who is trying to fight my intent." Just like the man had said, Theo was currently fighting the killing intent which was directed at them.

"His strong, I trust him. I'm just curious to know why a man like you would be in a shop like this." Astro had full faith in Theo's strength and instead hit the man with another question. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Meanwhile, Theo finally countered the intent with his own intent which he managed to conjure up just then. He managed to learn a part of the intent and create his own in the tiny amount of time he had, this completely shocked the man speechless.

"Dont worry about that, you should be questioning why your friend has such abnormal comprehension speeds." He stared at Theo with a stunned face, Astro split his concentration and turned to Theo who was now releasing killing intent of his own, yet it was directed at the man.

"His brain is like an endless hole. Anyway, turn it off, I know you don't want to hurt us and instead, scare us. Although you did a pretty shitty job." Astro ordered, the man only chuckled and complied.

Yes, pretty weird that he complied if you ask me. Luckily, what Astro said was completely true, the man had no reason to kill them and just wanted to scare these little bastards. As he turned off his intent, he could feel Theo's own intent coming at him at full power.

"Mind telling your friend to turn off his own intent?" The man replied as he stared at Astro with a bored expression.

"Theo, no need to release you killing intent. Focus on me right now, listen to my voice. Shhh, look at me." He spoke softly as if he was speaking to a child, Theo turned towards him, "Focus on the beautiful emotions that sprout into your heart when you look at me, then, expell the killing intent with those positive emotions."

Theo did as told as he listened to Astro's calming voice, and in just a few seconds Theo was back to normal.

"Well, why are you here?" Astro asked as he turned back to the man who he knew hasn't moved spots.

Astro held onto Theo as he stared at the man, this time he had no killing intent but was still cautious. The man silently laughed, 'right back to the topic I see..'he thought.

"Callum. Is Callum here?" This time the man actually answered his question and Astro had decided to be nice even though they only just met and the man was rude first.

Astro thought for a moment before screaming out, "UNCLE CALLUM! A SHORT TEMPERED MAN WHO WANTED TO KILL ME A SECOND AGO IS HERE!!!"

He then turned back to the man, "Whats your name?" The man stared at him with a bland expression before responding with, "Mathew."

Astro nodded and Theo watched as the man smiled, anyone would be scared if they saw the man smiling but he looked to be trying.

As few second later, rustling could be heard before the door to the apartment was slammed open and Callum came running in like he had just done a triathlon.

"Mathew... What are you doing here?!" Callum looked deathly pale as he looked towards Mathew.

"Anddd, His killing intent flared again. Callum, why does Mathew want to kill you?" Astro commented, Callum audibly gulped to which Mathew's smile grew.

"Haha.. This boy sure is interesting, I wonder where you got him." Mathew questioned before saying, "But he is right." As he bore a death glare into Callum's head.

"Ugh, I'm sorry! I forgot to put your item on hold again! It completely sold out!" Callum hurriedly said as droplets of sweat appeared on his forehead.

"Yes.. the exact same item I asked 4 WEEKS AGO!" Mathew bursted out as his short temperedness reered its ugly head.

"I'm sorryyy!! My memory is horrible!" Callum tried to defend himself, yet it was pretty weak.

"So.. you two are fighting because of an item... Such babies what the actual fuck." Astro rolled his eyes as Theo looked at them as if they were the stupidest people his ever seen.

"Let's go back into the apartment, they can sort it out, please no blood shed because I don't want to have to clean either of your disgusting limbs off the wall since I need to go home soon." Astro pleaded right before leaving with Theo.

The two men looked towards the children with the expression that said 'We ain't no children', but their actions spoke louder than their words.

tired123 tired123

I'm tired.. and Bored.. but I wrote.. Time to sleep Muahaha!

I love y'all, so please throw them powerstones at me like a stripper or even write amazing comments that make me smile~ Maybe even write amazing reviews that clearly describe your love for my book pfft. Love y'all Thirsty Readers and Cya!~~

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