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Chapter 2 - The Second Chance in the Different World - Chapter 9 by SwordKing_Aren full book limited free

Chapter 9: Chapter 2

- Timeskip- One year later-

Ingram POV

When I enrolled in Kuoh Academy along with Rias and the rest of the peerage after we finished the vacation in Akihabara, me, Rias and Akeno was a same year and also I met Rias's childhood friend named Sona Sitri and her peerage. After that a year has passed, everyday I goes to school I always got surrounded by those girls whose screaming "kya!""kya!" which is kinda annoying to my ears, Nero's voice while singing was much better than them, I wander how can Yuuto endure till this time maybe he can create earplugs shaped sword via Sword Birth.

Pale Knight Prince

That's a title that I got in this school and I don't know how I got that title but I don't care about that. Every time that I have a free time besides remastering the magecraft, physical training, studying about Philosopher's Stone, I accompanied Rias to watch some anime that she got recommended to me and currently I don't like shounen.

I found the two ways how to replace the Holy Grail fragment during the time of research, the first one is Sacred Gear Longinus level Sefiroth Graal or Holy Grail in this world, Sacred Gear that allow heal be it body or soul, to bring some from death aka resurrection and lastly is to remove the weakness of the body like a Dragon without Dragonslayer weaknesses, but unfortunately how vast this world to find the bearer of that Sacred Gear was like finding a needle in the vast desert. The Second one is Philosopher's Stone is an object that a pinnacle of the Alchemy, that Alchemist's desire to reach which is majority was failed except Paracelsus whose someone can mass produce the Philosopher's Stone.

The most easiest way to create the Philosopher's Stone first was large amounts of sacrifice for Human Transmutation which is a taboo for any Alchemist,the second was large amount of rare material that contains high vitality. So I chose the most easiest way instead of Human I use the Stray Devil because in Kuoh Town has many of them was lurking in the corners, that's the reason why I'm sometimes doing a solo hunting for Stray Devils.

In Boosted Gear I managed to achieved the Balance Breaker because my body before I possessed, it was trained to limits to the point was slowly to breakdown due to stress that build up in this body, which will cause me to die early, that's other reason why I accept to join her Peerage.

Yuuto was interested to Fate series that also related to Archer EMIYA whose someone who came create some weapons through Variant Projection.

Akeno was sometimes was trying to flirt with me but I did something that it's somehow she got embarrassed in the end which is I locked my arm around her waist and kiss her in the corner of her lips.

While I training Rias how to increase her stamina which is her lacked most and close combat training in case that she was alone in the base if it implemented in Rating Game especially if her opponent was either Queen, Rook or Knight.

I look at her stance position of her fist it somehow it looks familiar, it was a certain Dragon Rider Brute Saint.

" Hey Rias are you copying Saint Martha how to fight in bare hands?" I asked which somehow she becomes stiff.

" Yes, is there something wrong?" She replied with feigned innocently at me.

Rias + Brute Saint Fist fighting style = Dragon Rider.

Me + Boosted Gear = Dragon.

" I see you want to ride me huh." I said with a small smile when I saw her face turns to red like her hair.

" Pervert!" she exclaimed as she trying to deny the accusation.

" Say that to someone who likes to sleep naked." I replied.

" Aren't you also do the same!" she retorted with a smile on her face.

" Well its a force of habit of mine so don't mind it." I says as I took a bottle of water and throw it to her, which she managed to catch albeit clumsily.


Now this afternoon I'm currently lying my body in the grass beside me is Koneko who likes this place, unlike before whose she was stoic and a bit cold to others, now she is started to open up to the others in Occult Research Club. She was starting to accept her heritage part of Nekoshou a rare variant of Nekomata due to that I time that I pressure her during the sparring, at first she was scared even to talk when I really saw her cat ears and tails but in one week I managed to convinced her to accept it as a gift from her parents. But somehow I got her affection which I didn't deny, because I want Illya to have someone who can interact.

" Those Perverted Trio again! chase them and beat them up!"

"""""""" Yes Captain!!!"""""""

" W-wait!!! I just only peep!"

" Ouch please! not my head!!"

" Issei you traitor!!!"

I heard a commotion was happening nearby which kinda destroyed the atmosphere around two of us which cause Koneko glared to them.

I glance at them especially the young man with brown unruly hair who managed to get away from the furious kendo members, I tapped my finger in the ground and use the Transmutation to make a small obstacle which is big enough for tripping someone. The young man who didn't noticed the obstacle in front was tripped to the ground with a face planted which coincidentally where the freshly bird poop was located and some of them was entered on his mouth.

" Ew." I silently said it which cause Koneko to show a small smile.

Perverted Trio

These group of people who openly shows their perversion in the public be it peeping in some sports gym or girl's locker somehow they didn't get expelled in this school, I've always warned Sona who became a Student Council President last year to give them a long suspension or expelled them as they are becoming a nuisance due to commotion that they did everyday. But it's seems these three didn't fazed against her warnings and detention as they continued the acts of perversion.

When I was Second Year in this school I encountered them while walking with Rias and Akeno, they suddenly showed their hostility and jealousy towards me, at first I didn't bother them but later on they are getting in my nerves that I want to blast them to oblivion.

Yesterday I encountered them after my Stray Devil hunting I saw them forcing a girl whose somehow was troubled in communicating to other and cannot shout for help, although I didn't care much about humans but doesn't mean I should let those kind of people to get away without trouble, I beat them up to the brink of death and place a Geas Magic to their soul called Nightmare View on them which will activate whenever they leer some females, the females in their view will morph into a body builder dude that wears a magical girl costume. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" Well it's seems that they triggered the Geas when they planned to peep in the girls locker." I says to Koneko who put her head in my lap.

" Serves them right." she said as she took out the left over cookies inside the small snack bag.

" Do you want to see what will they saw when they activate the Geas?" I asked which somehow I saw her hesitate for a while but she nodded, I use the Projection I materialize a figure with a size of action figure toy, which it's was a bodybuilding dude with a Magical Levi-tan costume.

" What!" I saw her to exclaimed and almost drop her cookies when she saw the figure, just imagining him doing stripping will make her shuddered in fear, which she instinctively punch it to dust.

" How is it?" I said with a smile.

" You are horrible." she said that as she look away.

" Your welcome." I said that while patting her head.

- To Be Continued -

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