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Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - Alex's Past

When the other families learned of this result, they sent messages to their respective representatives to eliminate Federico and his family. They did not want the Torres family to become stronger, even though this meant eliminating a valuable individual for the future of the human race.

The representatives, upon receiving these messages, began to move. Among the envoys who were closest to Federico and his family's location was Adam Verlock.

The Verlock family, behind the back of the public and the other families, had a deal with the Porksa race. The deal was that every year the Verlock family would be sending humans, these humans would be in their street variety and one of the Verlock family. These people would be sent to the central planet of the Porksas to do whatever they wanted with them, in exchange for many resources for that family. The Porskas who were noble had a great appetite for humans, as they considered them delicious and high in nutrients. Although the family was disgusted that they ate the humans and their own family member, they had to do so in order to have more resources.

This is where Adam came in, the chosen one of the Verlock family that year would eventually be Adam himself. At that time Adam had nothing particularly to be proud of, he was not smart and most of the time he was drinking and playing with women without paying attention to his family and his role as an envoy. A waste for his family basically, that's why he was chosen.

Adam saw that he was going to be sent to another race to be eaten, and he was very scared. He thought and thought for a long time, until finally he had a brilliant idea. The idea was as follows. He had the role of representative and since he was close to the location of the genius called Frederick, he would kidnap this same boy and then send him to the Porskas as food. Seeing his brilliant plan he decided to initiate it, he traveled to Federico's address and when he was away from the people, he kidnapped him along with his family. He sent Federico and his parents with a bribed magician so that he would change his appearance to that of Adam himself and his family, while the original went into hiding for a long time. All this was done behind the back of the Verlock family. Adam ordered his guards to send his fake self and his family (Frederick's) to the representatives of the Porska family who were waiting for the human cargo at that time. The Porska representatives were not magicians, so they could not see behind the magic put in place by the magician Adam hired.

When his guards began to report the situation, Adam was happy for the success of his plan, the only thing missing was that he himself would hide for a long time. The last thing he expected was that the Porska ship that transported the human cargo, during his time on the planet Arska to refuel the ship, would be attacked by a high race called "Qoll". This race kidnapped beings all over the universe. The reason for the abductions was one of the characteristics of this race, which tried to enslave the individual physically and mentally so that he could fulfill his master's orders. They used them as dolls to fulfill multiple tasks, whether to attack, defend or observe, et cetera. That is why they advanced so much until becoming a high race. A Qoll could have many puppets. If a Qoll had many puppets, it divided its power equally so that they were equally strong. If the Qoll's power was focused on a single puppet, this puppet would increase in power.

When the Qoll attacked the Porska ship, as soon as they saw the humans, they started checking them out and if they had any talent for magic they would enslave them, and if not...well, you know the result.

When the Porskas saw this, they decided to attack the Qoll on the orders of the nobles. During the fight the humans were able to escape, including Alex's family. But while they were escaping they came across a Qoll soldier who, as soon as he saw the weak family, decided to check them one by one to see if they were useful.

The first one I check was Federico, when he saw the control of the Manna and its element of space, this soldier got excited and did not wait to check the others, but tried to immediately enslave Federico, Federico when he saw this found himself dazed and scared, he did not know what to do.

When his parents saw this they decided to act, his father jumped into the fight against the Porska while he was distracted.

Unaware of the sudden attack, he received a punch from Alex's father and this step to the ground.

"What the hell, who was it?" shouted Private Porska as he tried to get up and see who attacked him, but the next moment he received another punch and fell again.

"Fuck you, leave my son!" shouted Alex's father in response as he signaled his family to escape.

Noticing this signal, the mother proceeded to grab her children and run as far away as she could.

But...Alex's father underestimated Private Porska, and moments after he ran, a scream could be heard in the distance. The family turned around and saw their father being pierced right in the heart area by a sword. The mother saw this scene and burst into a rage, leaving her children behind as she ran to help her husband.

"Alex and Federico, run as far as you can without looking back," shouted the mother as she began to beat the soldier.

"Haha, that's what you get for picking on me," laughed Private Porska and began to fight with Alex's mother.

When Federico saw this scene, he finally reacted and with tears he turned around, took Alex and began to run. Alex had fainted at this point after watching such scenes.

As he ran, Federico could tell from a distance that his mother was lying on the ground about to be cut by the soldier's sword.

Saddened by such a scene, Federico continued running, vowing to take revenge in the future for all that had happened.

Hundreds of meters after running, Federico was lying on the ground because of his tiredness next to Alex who was still unconscious. As he lay down, he could see with his eyes narrowed, a shadow slowly approaching him. It was the soldier.

"I finally found you, hehe" said the soldier a little tired and with a bloody sword in his hand.

"Federico shouted with tears as he tried to stand up and hit the soldier, he reacted by hitting Federico in the stomach. Upon receiving the blow, Federico fell to the ground while vomiting blood, the blow was very hard.

"Stop wasting my time and become my slave, boy, hehe" spoke the soldier as he looked at Federico on the floor. While he was distracted he was knocked down by a blow. It was Alex who had been awakened by the sounds.

*Minutes before*

Alex, seeing his brother on the ground with blood in his mouth and the soldier standing a few inches away from him, decided to take action and wait for an opportunity to fight the soldier, even though the odds of winning were against him.

As he lay on the ground, he looked around and saw that they were in a forest. He saw a stone and slowly without wanting to warn the soldier, he took it.

Seeing the soldier staring at his brother and not knowing what situation Alex was in, he quickly stopped and with the stone in his hand hit the soldier over the head.

It was a success as the soldier began to spill blood from his head and fall to the ground.

Alex did not miss this opportunity and ran quickly to the soldier and hit him again on the head with the stone in both hands.

In the woods near a Porska town only light, agitated breaths and sounds of suffering could be heard.

"Get off me," shouted the soldier, who at this point was full of blood on his head, angrily stopped one of Alex's arms with one hand and exerted force.

*Plop" sounded a broken bone and then a choked voice.

After that action the soldier took advantage of Alex being on top of him to hit him with the other hand on the chest, causing him to fly away and hit a tree.

*Kriik" sounded again the sound of broken bones and then a deep and very muffled voice.

"Such a bold little shit" murmured the soldier as he slowly approached Alex who was on the ground touching his chest area with his broken arm and the other healthy arm.

Before approaching, he was stopped by a person.

Yes, it was Federico who, upon seeing his brother take such actions, quickly stopped and blocked the soldier.

"I see that you want to become my slave," shouted the soldier, already very angry at all the people who tried to stop him today.

"I accept," said Federico with a serious look and a bloody mouth.

"What?" asked the confused soldier, his family sacrificed themselves to stop him and this boy accepted directly.

"I accept to become your slave, but you have to let my brother go," responded Federico with a serious and determined look. He did not want to see his only brother die after seeing his entire family killed, if it was necessary to sacrifice himself for his younger brother, he would do it without hesitation.

"Oh, I see what that is. Haha, very good boy, you have my promise, let's go" spoke the soldier as he turned around and went off into the distance.

Seeing this Federico turned to see his brother, helped him and then said the following words as he cried.

"Alex, our parents are dead. I don't want the same thing to happen to you, live a good life, even if I can't be by your side anymore. Get a wife and start your own family. Tell them about all my great stories, hehe. Take care of yourself.

Having said that, he walked away and chased after Private Porska.

"Brother!" cried Alex.

"I swear that one day I will rescue you, you shitty soldier, if you have the balls tell me your name!" shouted Alex angrily and sadly at this point in his weakness.

Hearing this comment the soldier turned and told Alex what he wanted to know.

"Anubis boy, if you have the courage come and kill me, if you can make it, hahaha" replied the soldier as he walked away in the distance and laughed hysterically.

"Anubis, I swear one day I will kill you" whispered Alex and the next second he fainted.


This story stuck in Alex's mind, as if it had happened yesterday.

While he was wandering in his memories a knock was heard and a door opened the next moment.

"Boy, we are ready, let's go" said a soldier.

"Oh, I'm coming," answered Alex. He got up and followed the soldier.

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