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41.54% The Shinobi of Straw Hats / Chapter 58: 57. Assassination

57. Assassination - The Shinobi of Straw Hats - Chapter 58 by PeekACoo full book limited free

Chapter 58: 57. Assassination


"What's up?"-Luffy

"Alright, hear me first and don't interrupted! It's a little complicated."-Jon Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jon tell them what he got from the clone's memory.

~A while ago with one of Jon's clone~

Jon's clone, let's call him Jontachi, because he disguise as Itachi. He saw Robin's chakra signature on the road at the other side of the island. She's with someone, most likely a man. He follow them for sometime, but then they get inside an alley. Jontachi stopped and went inside a clothes shop.

'Did they realize i follow them?'-Jontachi

He keep his sharingan active and follow their chakra signature. The man that Robin follow also a devil fruit user. His chakra is red so there's no mistake. Their chakra signatures are easy to detected because not many people have devil fruit.

After they move pretty far, Jontachi got out from the shop and use his stealth ability. Jontachi walk in the shadows toward his targets location. He mask his presence to the max of his ability.

'A storehouse? I hope they don't do illicit things here.'-Jontachi

They have stopped moving and Jontachi immediately get close and hide a little far but close enough to hear clearly and see with his sharingan. The man and Robin met with 3 other people that he don't know. The man with bird then talk to Robin.

"Nico Robin, you better surrender and come with us! We can even make a deal."-Bird Man

"Deal?"-Robin shaking a little.

"The goverment is very interested with your new crew, The Strawhat Pirates."-Bird Man

"!!! NO, DON'T TOUCH THEM! Tell me the deal!"-Robin

"Alright, with you being here, we decide to get you as a priority. We can just get you all, but our leader has another agenda. He want something but the one that has it is Iceburg, the City Mayor. We can't put our hand on him directly because we are from goverment."-Bird Man

"So you decide to use me for it? But that will put Strawhats in trouble."-Robin

"They can get trouble from a city, or being captured by goverment, right now. You should know our capabilities as CP9. Beside there are many marines at our disposal here."-Bird Man

Robin seem to think deeply about this. Jontachi just stay there silently, not moving at all. He is a clone, so he need more information now. There are too many enemies here, and he will only ruin the chance to win by attacking now. Robin gritted her teeth and gave her answer.

"I will help and go with you, but let them go. Please."-Robin

Jontachi still stay there and not move, he know Robin want to save them but she didn't trust their strength at all. He know that Aokiji is most likely behind all of this, or they wouldn't know that Robin is their crew this fast.

Beside, they must have certain confidence to get all the Strawhats if battle commence later, so he need to tell the others about this too. He can't just rushed there, he will just create more trouble. The enemies must have made many preparations for this. Beside he is only a clone with very low battle power compared to the original.

The CP9 told Robin their plan, and surprisingly they want her to shoot Iceburg. They have planted spies near Iceburg, wether in his company or this town. They will executed the plan tonight, and Robin will be the killer. But they won't kill him tonight, they need to frame the Strawhats first.

'So they want to frame our crew to make their way to Iceburg and that item smoother. Hmm, if they can frame us for assassination, the citizen will chase us. All the people in this island will go after us and Iceburg's protection will be lowered. It will make their search for the item easier.

It sure will give us more chance to escape rather than being chased by goverments now. Robin choose the best deal if she want to save us. But you have underestimate us too much girl. Do you think we will also let you sacrifice yourself for us?'-Jontachi

After they left, Jontachi also dispelled himself to give the information to the original.

~Back with the crew~

They all silent and slump down after hearing Jon. There's too many problem on this one day. Their ship can't be repaired, Robin met a big trouble and Usopp leave the crew. They try to think of solutions, but Jon just sit beside the main mast. He has a plan, but he need his friends to calm down first.

"Do you have something on your mind?"-Nami

"Yeah, listen! We can't do anything about Usopp now, except to do the duel and win it. Just remember Luffy, don't hold back! You have to show the consequences of defying Captain's order. It's not a game, that's how a crew must work, even if we're friends.

About the ship, you have decided, so we will go with that. For Robin, i will go to Iceburg's place now and wait. They can attack faster than their plan. I will stall time if they come fast. Robin will be safe until they finished their business. They also seem to bring her alive, so her life aren't in danger for now.

After 10 o'clock, i will call you through denden mushi to inform if something happen. It's the simplest plan to do for now. But be carefull, we don't know anything about the enemy. If they're directly under World Goverment, there is no way they're weak."-Jon

After that, Jon give them the detail of what to do and hope Luffy follow the plan. After explaining everything, Jon left the ship and search Iceburg. He prefer to leave because he can't bear to see Luffy and Usopp fight, so he leave.

Jon go to Dock 1 where Iceburg's office is. Luckily, he's still there and just about to go home. Jon follow him stealthily, there's also his secretary. Jon know she is one of the CP9 agent. His clone saw her face clearly earlier, so there's no mistake. Jon stealthily follow them without their knowing.

'It seem her sense isn't that good, or she will realize my presence already. I don't even try to mask my presence seriously to test her, but she seem to be a weaker member.'-Jon

Jon follow them and sometime later they arrive at Iceburg's mansion. The secretary left and Iceburg enter his room. He changed and go to another room that look like a drawing room.

'This dude is working again?'-Jon

Iceburg start to draw something like a design for a ship. Jon glued himself on the ceiling and cover himself with disguise cloth. Iceburg is not a fighter so he doesn't realize Jon's presence even at this close distance.

'Hmm, that's not a ship, that's an island. OMG, did he plan to make this island float? Damn, dude have a crazy dream. Is it because of that aqua laguna that i know from my clones? So it's really destroying this island, that must be why he try to float it and make it like a ship. It will not get destroyed if it can float afterall.'-Jon

Jon wait for some hours and Robin suddenly appear in the room from a door that appear on air with the man he saw earlier. They come earlier than their plan, good thing Jon decide to come here earlier too. They use black cloak and the man wear a mask while Robin didn't wear it. It's plain as the day that they want to frame Strawhats.

'What the.. Is that his devil fruit? Something like teleportation?'-Jon

"Who are-"-Iceburg

Before he finished his words, Robin shot him with pistol. But Jon move fast and push Iceburg to avoid the bullet. Jon stood up and face Robin and the man.

"Yo Robin, a nice day to shoot someone huh? Ah, good evening to you too, Mr. CP9 Agent."-Jon

"W-why are you here?"-Robin

"I remember that i have told you that i am specialized at gathering information right? Did you really believe i will not find out about this? I need to bring you to the Captain himself and explain yourself for acting on your own Ms Archeolog."-Jon

"Hmph, it's impressive that you can find out. But you must die because of this. SORU!"-Man

The man suddenly appear in front of Jon and punch him. Jon can't even react because it's too fast. He can see it with his sharingan but that man is too fast. Even if Jon can see it, his body's reflex can't keep up with his sight. Jon got hit by the punch but he popped to smoke, surprising everyone there.

Jon has send a clone to save Iceburg earlier. He has made a clone while he hide at ceiling. He don't know his enemy's strength, so he need to measure him first. But he's really surprised by that guy's technique. It's as fast as his flicker at lightning mode. He need to get that move and combine it with his flicker.

Jon come down and he make a clone, to protect Iceburg. Jon got into lightning mode and readied himself. His clone also got into lightning mode.

"So Robin, will you come with me yourself or i must bring you myself?"-Jon


"It seem you really don't believe that we can fight these guys."-Jon

Jon flickered and appeared in front of the man. The man surprised and use a technique that most likely a defensive technique.


But Jon's aim was not his body, it's his mask. The mask shattered and Jon's punch hit the man's face. But instead of hurting the man's face, Jon hurt his knuckle.

"Ouch, what is your face made of?"-Jon

"Y-you are, the bar owner, Blueno. What are you doing here? What do you want to do?."-Iceburg

'Bar owner? Maybe it's a different bar, there must be many bar in a place like this.'-Jon

Jon gave a signal to his clone, the clone stop his lightning mode and make an earth dome. Jon just want to show Iceburg that it's not the crew who tried to assassinate him. But if Iceburg is still here, it will only hinder him.

"Now what will you do big man?"-Jon


The man just stay there and then, out of nowhere, a door appear on air. The man take Robin and enter the door. Jon flicker to chase them but the door has been closed and disappeared, make Jon's face smash the wall in front of him.

"Tch, they got away. Now i must search them again. But they need Robin, so she will be safe for now."-Jon

Jon's clone remove the dome and Iceburg seem to be very confused about this event. So Jon start to tell him some information about this event.

"NO WAY!"-Iceburg

"Believe it or not is up to you. I just came here to clear my crew's name from this incident. I only found out about that guy and your secretary. But there must be more that infiltrate your place, but i don't know their name."-Jon

"There's no way Kalifa is one of them. I have checked her background before accepting her you know."-Iceburg

"Kalifa? Did she also have Mia in her name?"-Jon

"Huh? No, why did you ask?"-Iceburg

"A-ah no, nothing. Anyway, she's one of them. When you checked her background, where did you get the information?"-Jon

"Where? Of course the goverment-"-Iceburg

"That's right, you're a mayor, so of course you use the goverment information for it. But they're from the goverment too, so they will be clean. Beside, even if you search from underground, do you think they won't have a plan for it?"-Jon

Iceburg widened his eyes and understand that point.

"But what is their aim?"-Iceburg

"I don't know, they only said that only you will have it and didn't say anything else."-Jon

"Don't tell me.."-Iceburg

Iceburg seem to realize what they want to take. Jon didn't ask about it and just stood there while Iceburg think of other possibilities. Jon look at the clock and it has passed 10 o'clock.

'They must've finished already. I will call them now and inform about this.'-Jon

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