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99.32% The Side Character Turned Villainess / Chapter 147: Seri The Villainess Can't Escape Fate

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Chapter 147: Seri The Villainess Can't Escape Fate

Mary thinks she can just be in a relationship with Dante with no problems? Hell no.

I'm going to teach her a lesson.

Even though I don't quite understand what makes me so irritated by the situation, I also don't care.

Since she doesn't have a reputation for me to ruin, I will just have to bully her. Luckily I have read several books that describe how to bully.

Step one. Deface her property.

Good thing she's my roommate. It's almost too easy.

As we sat down in class, I snickered quietly to myself as I watched her pull out her things. Her face fell when she took out her damaged books.

I snickered, "What's wrong Mary? Something wrong with your books?"

She looked up with an innocent look. Her bottom lip quivered, "Seri... Did you do this?"

I sat back and crossed my arms. I smirked arrogantly, "Fufu. I just thought I would help you decorate your books. Oh? What's wrong? You don't like it? I suppose you could just go buy new ones... Oh that's right, you're just a commoner. You can't afford another book."

Mary's lip trembled as she looked at the book that was now ruined. She held it to her chest, "I.. I... I love it!"

I nearly fell out of my seat, "What?!"

She sobbed as she rubbed her face against the book, "Seri has never given me anything before... This must mean she loves me!!"

I shrieked, "No!! No it doesn't!! Mary! I'm trying to bully you!! Stop acting happy!!!"

Mary sniffled, "She even wrote me a love letter..."

"NO I DIDN'T! AARRRGH!" I smacked my head on my desk.

Artie giggled at my pain, "Mary. I think Seri's trying to bully you."

Mary's eyes twinkled more, "If that's true, then Seri must really love me! She would never go through this much trouble otherwise!"

Artie thought for a moment, "You know... You might be right."

"NO SHE'S NOT!" I shouted with a red forehead.

Okay, so step one didn't go as planned. Oh well, time to move on.

Step two. Dump trash on her.

Sounds dirty and gross. But it's always in novels so it can't be wrong. Although I have a rather bad experience with trash, it's what girls did in novels to bully. There's no way Mary could laugh this one off. I grabbed a pail and dumped it on her.

I chuckled, "How gross. Did you forget to bathe or something?"

Mary's eyes lit up, "Perhaps Seri wants to take a bath with me? Of course! Why else would she dump trash on me?!"


Okay. So it seems step two didn't work either. Whatever. Let's move on. We can't keep focusing on the past.

Step three. Publicly embarrass her.

I stood outside making fun of Mary. "Fufu. What's wrong Mary? Your stupid commoner brain can't even comprehend such a simple thing? This is why commoners shouldn't attend the Academy. They are such disgraces."

In the novel Mary was always ashamed of her commoner status. So that just means I need to make fun of her for it. There's no way she can twist this.

The crowd gathered around to watch. Someone whispered to another, "What's happening?"

The other whispered back, "Oh it's Seri."

The other rolled her eyes, "What is it this time?"

"Apparently Seri's trying to bully Mary."

"Is she really? I thought they were friends."

"I think they still are. I mean. Doesn't Mary look incredibly happy right now?"

Mary giggled like a fool as she stared at me with shimmering eyes. "Oh Seri... You must really care for me if you're taking the time to correct my manners."

"WHAT?!" I shouted in disbelief, "MARY! I'M BEING MEAN! STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR ME!"

She giggled, "I'm just happy you're starting to pay attention to me."

I wanted to cry, "Maaary! Why are you such an airhead!? I'm trying to bully you! Stop liking it!!!"

That didn't work either?! I'm running out of ideas... There's only one thing left I could try...

Step four. Poison.

That's right. Poison. In other books of this genre, there's usually a poison scene. Of course, I'm not a barbarian. So I will give her a calmer poison.

I poured coffee into cups and added the poison. I walked over to Mary holding the tray. I smiled innocently, "Here Mary! Have a drink. I made it especially for you~"

She took it and smiled, "Aww, thanks Seri."

I sat down and drank a cup of coffee as I watched her. Wait... Why does this taste funny?

I looked down at the cup and frowned. Wait. Which one was the cup I had poisoned?

I took another sip.

Yeah. This is definitely the poison one.

I took another sip.

Still tastes good though.

Okay, so the poison didn't work either... Just what more can I do?! Everytime I try to make Mary cry, she somehow twists it into making it seem like I love her! What is wrong with that head of hers?? Could she be a masochist?

I sat in the student council room groaning as Millie rubbed my shoulders. Artie chuckled, "What's wrong Seri?"

"Everytime I try to bully Mary, she thinks I'm doing it because I love her. What can I do to make her realize that I don't?!"

Artie shook his head, "I don't think you can do anything to make her realize it. She's a bit of an airhead."

I sighed, "I've noticed. I've tried everything. Defacing her property. Dumping trash on her. Shaming her. And even poisoning her."

Lucius choked, "Poison?!"

I nodded, "Yeah, but I accidentally drank it instead. I should have marked the poison cup or something."

Artie was stunned, "You drank it?! How are you alive?!"

Millie giggled, "It may not seem like it, but Seri can ingest poison without any complications."

Artie couldn't believe his ears, "How?!"

Millie answered, "Probably because she's always shoveling everything and anything into her mouth. Her stomach had to adapt to handle anything."

I looked up at her and frowned, "Millie. You make me seem like a glutton."

She smiled back, "Aren't you?"

I looked away, "Anyway. How am I going to get Mary to realize I hate her?"

William glanced at Mary who was sitting next to me with a happy go lucky face. He frowned, "Mary. Aren't you upset about this?"

Mary giggled, "Why would I be upset? This is just how Seri shows her love."

I cried, "IT'S NOT!" I slammed my face on the table.

William sighed, "Seri, why are you even trying to bully her? Weren't you two on good terms?"

Artie chuckled, "That's because Seri's jealous."

William frowned, "Jealous? Of what?"

I mumbled, "I'm not jealous." I glared at Mary, "It's just that Mary went on a date with Dante behind my back. So of course I'm angry at them."

Everyone looked at Dante. Dante just stared ahead impassively, never revealing any of his inner thoughts.

William didn't like this at all, "Why would you be jealous of that?"

I sat up, "I'm not jealous!!! Just angry!"

Artie chuckled, "I think it's rather obvious why she's jealous."

William made a sour face.

I stuck my tongue out at Artie, "I'm not jealous."

Artie smirked, "Then why are you only being mean to Mary? Why aren't you trying to bully Dante?"

I opened my mouth then shut it. Wait. Why aren't I?

I glanced over at Dante and chewed on my lip as I tried to figure it out. Dante's cold indifferent eyes watched me intently.

D*mn. I'm no good with feelings. Could it really be jealousy? But why am I jealous? It's not like I'm jealous of their relationship... Right?

The next few days, I tried to figure it out. I roamed the hallways trying to think. I felt a cold chill blow in from the window. I shivered involuntarily. I rubbed my arms from the cold.

Ah, I guess it will be winter again soon...


Cold air.

Mary being bullied.

I gulped. How could I forget?!

This is around the time of my death scene!!! I completely forgot about it! I was too busy trying to bully Mary that I didn't even notice that weeks have passed by!!

Sh*t!! Does this mean that I'm going to die soon?! Did I accidentally set my death in motion?!

My breathing got quicker. Sh*t! I'm not ready to die yet! I still have much more trouble to get into!!

No.. No.. Calm down. All I need to do is avoid the library. Then I will be fine.

That's right. Just breath. Phew.

I blinked and looked around. In front on me was the door to the library.



Calm down! I haven't walked inside yet. All I need to do is walk away.

As I turned to leave, a swarm of people that came from nowhere swept me inside. I tried to fight them off, but there was to many. In the blink of an eye, I was inside the library.

F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck!!!

What am I going to do?!?

I looked around in a panic. There was a group of people in front of the door. I tried to squeeze past them, but it was all in vain.

What the hell is up with these mob characters?!? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!

Can fate not be changed?!

No! F*ck that! I will be d*mned if I let fate win! I couldn't go out the door. But that didn't mean I couldn't go up.

I jumped up on the bookcase and climbed up. As I was on the top of the bookcase looking down at everyone, I was suddenly struck by a case of deja vu. Didn't I do this when I was younger?

Well, in any case they won't be able to blame me for hurting Mary if I'm on top of a bookcase. In the original novel, Seri wasn't on top of the bookcase.

So there. Take that destiny!

As I crawled along the bookcases, I noticed Mary looking at a book below me. I frowned. Seriously? She's here too?

Whoa. You can completely see down her shirt from up here. She seriously needs to consider wearing less revealing dresses... Then again, it's not like this is bad or anything.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw honey blonde hair. She knocked into the bookcase purposely. I felt the bookcase shake and start to fall.

F*ck! It's actually going to fall on Mary!

Everything happened in slow motion.

Mary looked up at the falling bookcase with a panicked expression. I threw myself off of the bookcase and landed on my bad ankle. I felt a crack as I sprung off of it and propelled myself at Mary. I took her in my arms, just barely managing to push her out of the way of the falling bookcase. My face landed on her soft balloons.

Mary blinked in surprise as she looked at the fallen bookcase. Everyone gasped and turned to the loud noise only to see me and Mary having barely escaped being crushed. I sat up and got off of Mary who was still speechless.

Ouch. That hurt a lot more than I was expecting. Good thing I had her melons to break my fall.

I looked at the crowd and frowned painfully as I watched a certain person glare at me in irritation before walking out.

But... Why...

Why did she do that?

Of all the people... Why her?

Suddenly I wished that I had been crushed by that bookcase. I'd prefer that over being betrayed again.

My chest felt cold. Uncomfortable. Suffocating.

Everyone who watched the scene began to whisper, "Did you see that?"

"Seri just pushed the bookshelf on to Mary!"

"She actually tried to kill her?!"

My face twisted in pain. No... That's not it... The one who pushed the bookcase was...

I closed my eyes. Suddenly the door flew open. Dante charged in the room with a face full of rage. I looked up at him still wearing a pained expression.

However, seeing those cold and murderous eyes, I quickly snapped out of it. As he drew closer, I held out my hand defensively in front of my face.

"Wait! It's not what it looks like!"

I squeezed my eyes shut as I saw him grab his sword.


Is this really the end?!

I wanted to rule the underworld.

I wanted to eat all kinds of desserts.

I wanted to.. I wanted to...

Wait. Why is my head still attached?

I opened my eyes in surprise to see Dante crouched in front of me. His golden eyes looked directly into mine.

His cold voice cut through the air, "What happened."

I blinked in disbelief, "Uh. The bookcase fell."

Mary stood up, "That's right. Seri saved me from being crushed."

Dante's eyes turned on Mary. They grew fiercer the longer they stared at her. Mary gulped and took a step back.

He growled in a cold and menacing voice, "You... You dare try to hurt her?"

I saw him go to grab his sword, full of murderous intent. I quickly stood up and took a step toward him. Pain shot up through my leg causing me to wince. I ignored it and quickly grabbed onto his hand, preventing him from drawing his sword.

I looked up at him with pleading eyes, "Dante. She didn't do anything. Don't be angry. I was crawling on top and I caused it to fall."


Dante looked away from Mary and looked back at me. His cold golden eyes looked into mine without looking away.

He finally spoke after a while, "Is that true?"

I nodded, "It is."

He glanced back at Mary before returning back to me. He relaxed his arm and held onto my hand. I blushed as he calmly rubbed his thumb on the top of my hand.

Then, I was hoisted over his shoulder and carried out of the room.

Wait. WHAT?!


Could it be that Dante didn't end up killing me in the library because he wanted to kill me slowly in his dungeon?!

I don't know whether to scream or beg for mercy.

As I was freaking out, he brought me to an empty room and sat me down on a table. I blinked in confusion as he took a knee and pulled up my dress slightly.

My face turned red. I chuckled trying to play off my embarrassment, "Wow, Dante. If you wanted to see my thigh so bad, all you had to do was ask."


He ignored me and looked at my ankle. He grabbed it gently, but a sudden pain shot up my leg. I gasped in response.

He looked at my ankle with an angry expression, "I should have killed her."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "What?"

He glanced up at me. His eyes reflected his murderous aura. I couldn't help but shiver from that glare. Yet, I didn't look away. I was drawn in instead.

He spoke, "Mary. I should have killed her for putting you in danger."

I felt something strange crawl through my heart.

I reached out and pulled him into my embrace. I whispered in his ear, "Dante... You don't have to kill for me."

Dante hugged me back. After a while he whispered back, "Do you dislike this part of me?"

"I don't dislike a thing about you, Dante."

I felt Dante pull me in more. As he hugged me tighter, I knew that my words had meant more to him then I would ever know. I buried my face into his shoulder.

I don't understand this feeling... But I want to.

I sighed, "Dante... Thanks for not killing me..."

Nekoru Nekoru

Today, author went to look out the window... Only she didn't realize the window was closed...

So author smacked her face into the window and now has a swollen eye...


Anyways~ Seri survived her death scene. Are you surprised?

Well, you shouldn't be.

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