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2.85% The Son of Time and the Olympians / Chapter 1: Prologue

Prologue - The Son of Time and the Olympians - Chapter 1 by mssuigeneris full book limited free

Chapter 1: Prologue

Before, there was nothing but formless emptiness. Out of that, Chaos brooded over the unbroken darkness. Then, Night and Erebus were created out of Chaos. Soon came Love, which gave birth to Light and its companion, Radiant Day.

From them, came forth Heaven and Earth. Heaven was the blue vault on high, which acted in ways a living being would do. Earth was the solid ground, yet vaguely a personality too. The first forms which had the appearance of life were them – they were called Ouranos and Gaia. They gave birth to creatures who we refer to as the race of monsters.

First, were the three Hundred-Handed Ones, who were humongous and strong, each of them having a hundred hands and fifty heads. Second, came the Cyclops, who only had one eye. They too, were gigantic – they towered like mountains and are devastating in their power. Last came the Titans. They are in no way inferior to one another, for they vary in sizes and strengths. Some of them are purely destructive, but some are even beneficent.

Heaven or Ouranos, according to the Greeks, was a very poor father. He hated the Hundred-Handed Ones and the Cyclops. As for the Titans, he left them at large. Earth or Gaia got enraged at her husband for the maltreatment of her children. She appealed to Him but He showed no mercy.

However, one Titan was bold enough to stand up against Him, and his name is Cronus. He lay in wait for his father and wounded him terribly until he disappeared. The Giants, the fourth race of monsters, sprang from his blood. From the same source, the Erinyes or the Furies were born. Gaia then fell into a deep slumber.

From that time on, Cronus became the Lord of the Universe. By his side, was his Queen and sister, Rhea.

After several eons, Cronus, the Ruler of the Titans and the God of Time, had a vision of how he will come to an end - his own children will go up in arms against him and dethrone him from his seat as the Supreme Being of the Universe. Learning his destiny, he tried to avoid this fate by swallowing his children as soon as they were born. In order, they were Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon. But his 6th child, Zeus, was taken by his wife, Rhea to the island of Crete without him knowing.

During the time that Zeus was in hiding, Cronus used Time to his advantage, and caught glimpses of the far, far future – even beyond the Time he will cease to exist. He gained the Ultimate Knowledge of his Rebirth in the Modern Era, and the only one who can help him make it possible is the child of his reincarnated form – The Son of Time. He sent his thoughts to that far, far future, both from the fear that he cannot avoid the destiny he saw, and also in preparation in the unfortunate event that it would actually happen.

"You shall return here, my Son. You shall avenge me from your own brothers. You shall change the stories that the beings of Your kind knew about them. You will take me back to Your Future. And I will rule over the Universe once more."

Upon learning that his siblings were eaten alive by their own father, Zeus rebelled against Cronus. He made him drunk and forced him to vomit his previously swallowed elder siblings. He also awakened Gaia, his grandmother, and conspired with her to release from prison her five earlier races of children – but only The Hundred-Handed Ones, The Cyclops, and The Giants heeded her call for help.

One of the Titan Iapetus' sons, Prometheus, allied with Zeus and his endeavour to overthrow Cronus in the throne. In the end, after a fierce battle that wrecked the very foundations of this world, Cronus and the other Titans were conquered. Cronus' body was exiled to the pits of Tartarus. Zeus and the founding Olympians punished his allies terribly.

Before they were completely victorious, Gaia gave birth to her last and most frightful offspring, a creature more terrible than the ones before. He was Typhon. She then fell into sleep once more, this time, eternal.

Zeus struck Typhon with his Thunderbolt, and this angered the Giants, who were his siblings. They rebelled against Zeus' rule, but they were defeated.

The world, now free of monsters, was ready for mankind. Zeus rules the Heavens, Poseidon the Seas, and Hades the Underworld. Land is common to all Gods.

During the Golden Age, Prometheus stole fire to create men. This angered Zeus so he created the fiend of every man – a lovely thing to look upon, a woman, gifted by the Gods of Olympus, and called her Pandora. She was a beautiful young maiden, and every man yearned to be with her and marvel at her wonder. Even Zeus admired her beauty and made her immortal. This enraged Hera, and sent Pandora to the land to suffer. Later on, she will have a significant contribution to mankind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Soon enough, many other men and women were created, and they roamed all over the world, worshiping the gods and goddesses of Olympus.

mssuigeneris mssuigeneris

Hello! This is my first ever WPC entry. I am so excited because it's a theme close to my heart and I hope I do good in this endeavor.

A general idea so you won't be confused on the later chapters - As mentioned in the auxiliary volume, the MC is someone who'll change the course of different myths in different eras, so yes, he can travel through time.

I'll try to be as accurate as possible but myths are not really accurate themselves so I hope you'll bear with me and help me out in case I make errors. I'll really appreciate that.

Please show your support by voting, sharing, recommending, and adding this book to your library. Thank you so much!

Oh - I'd love to hear your thoughts about this one so far too :) See you in the comments section.

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