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25% The Soulmates' of the Modern Witch / Chapter 2: Chapter Two: Did You Remember?

Chapter Two: Did You Remember? - The Soulmates' of the Modern Witch - Chapter 2 by mille27 full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter Two: Did You Remember?

"Lymia—!" Mavie called her in distant.

"No—!" Mavie rushed to protect Lymia.

" I love you—always…" Mavie falls on her knees and Lymia holds her tight.

"Mavie, what are you saying, we will always be together forever, right?" Lymia couldn't accept what Mavie's telling her

"Yes, and it's eternal." Mavie's reassures Lymia and comforting her still.

"Lymia, do not cry nor shed a tear for me, even if I bid my farewell I will be waiting and wait for me." Mavie's declaring it's not nearly the end for both of them.

"Mavie, I Lo—."

Lymia hasn't finished her response when Mavie had closed her eyes and her breath have left her lips.

In whisper she continues."I Love You too, Mavie."

Ms. Perrin wakes up and finds herself sobbing alone at her table. So quiet, and so gray Monday. She lifts her head and rain starts pouring hard.

"All of those years that keep me haunting, even if I forget still, it cannot heal itself if I don't allow it to. The love of my life who hasn't come back nor I've found her. " Ms. Perrin could not comprehend the loneliness from the rest of the world.

A few seconds a knock on the door brought her senses.

"Ms. Perrin?" Student asked.

"Yes?" Ms. Perrin gently answered

"Good Afternoon. Mr. Davidson asked me to deliver a portfolio to you." She explains.

"Very well, thank you Ms.?" Ms. Perrin followed a question to call her by respect.

"Ceil Lux, Freshman, student of Mr. Davidson." Simply introduce herself.

"Thank you, Ms. Lux." Ms. Perrin dismissed her

"You're Welcome Miss."Ceil walked towards the door.

"Good to see you again, Lymia" Ms. Perrin heard her first name and familiar voice

"What—?" Ms. Perrin startled

"Hmm?'' Ceil heard her question and saw startled herself

"Did you call me by my name?" Ms. Perrin asks Ceil if she did call her.

"No, Miss." Ceil direct reply.

"Oh. Alright, dismissed." Ms. Perrin let her go.

Lux once again excuses herself from the room.

"I thought, I heard her say my name, and yet in Mavie's voice." Ms. Perrin asked what's happening to her

"It's past six before evening, I better go home." Ms. Perrin realizes getting dark outside.

She walked up at the parking lot when a whisper caught her off guard


What the—? "Who called me—?" Ms. Perrin searches where it is coming from.

Ms. Perrin found herself gazed up to Ms. Lux from the distance and seems she thought she was called by her again.

"No, not again, it's not making any sense."

Ms. Perrin immersed hurried herself hopping on her car vehicle and drove off.

Ceil felt someone was watching her and got a glimpse of someone hurried and drove off.

She just ignores it and shrugs over her shoulder.

"Lymia..It's me...did you forget?" Mavie questioning Lymia.

"Never and so my heart is longing for you" Lymia declares her love, dearly.

"Then.. find me—" Mavie urged Lymia to look for her.

"Where can I find you? Who am I supposed to talk to? Tell Me—!" Lymia couldn't guess how to look for her.

"Find Me—" Mavie repeat to look for her

"Mavie wait—!" Lymia demands more time.

"Mavie—!" Lymia desperately reaches Mavie fading out of her sight.

"Mavie—!" Ms. Perrin awoke shouting.

"No, Mavie, where are you? Where can I find you? Am I close to you yet? Where am I supposed to start?" Ms. Perrin hopelessly sobbing, asking questions in the air without certain answers.

"I cannot do this anymore. I felt everyday was hopeless, aiming at pointless clues.

Dreams or nightmares, how am I supposed to differentiate when I see every scene, seeing you dying over and over again, out of my reach that it is already too late." Ms. Perrin complained how tired she was from these sights.

"No. I gotta shake this out of me. The fear and guilt must overcome not living it in.

I gotta get up, it's time for me to work. Oh God please let me find her. And so let this day be extraordinary so I can be hopeful everyday." Ms. Perrin backed herself out o the idea to give up.

"Kit. Check. Black Salt. Check. Rose Quartz. Check. Lavender for anxiety. Check.

Phone, check. Pen, check. Keys, check. And a bag of black obsidians." Ms. Perrin Checking her tools just in case something she might encounter triggered entities.

" I'm in the protection of the white bubble and halo of light that brings wisdom and serenity.

I cleanse and release that doesn't serve me and let go the things I cannot control.

I transmute any negative on my way into positive and brightly as the sun rays.

Guide me always, my God's angel from heaven lighten up my path before my creator. " Ms. Perrin initiates her daily protection prayers.

"Alright—!"Ms. Perrin take on get ready for her school

"GAME ON—!" Ms. Perrin game face her troubles.

"Ms. Perrin!" Mr. Davidson calls.

"How were you? You look pale, something wrong?" Mr. Davidson feels sympathy for her.

"I'm fine Mr. Davidson. Ah, here are my grading reviews and records from your class portfolio. Your students are excellent at my literature." Ms. Perrin's kind gesture, she was fine and had just finished some of the portfolio.

"Oh, you know students these days have smartphone's assistance. Like they could smart us out. Would you like to have a coffee with me later?"Mr. Davidson offers comfort and simple dates at the same time.

"I'm sorry Mr. Davidson, I have my other classes to give my review grading." Ms. Perrin respectfully refused his offer as an excuse to finish more portfolio on the way.

"Oh that's too bad. Okay, maybe another time. See you later Ms. Perrin." Mr. Davidson felt a bit sad yet said goodbyes anyway.

"Same to you too, Mr. Davidson. Smiled at each other." Ms. Perrin felt being offered a kind gesture have something expected in return.

"Why can't he hint? I am not interested in him. Well, I still have my charm." Ms. Perrin felt uncomfortable with him as the creepy guy at 40's.

"Okay class. We have recitations. Recite my given instructions, present your dreams in a poem. It's from inspiring authors and or replacing some words given by a famous author and or so do your own poem." Ms. Perrin recalls their given task individually.

Ms. Perrin starts reshuffling the index cards at her hands "I will randomly pick up the names through my index card. Hope you are all prepared in advance. I start with Rose Ann Gray."

"I stay, and I am merely here;

My memories was scattered not within me,

But within you;

In every choice, you seek my words;

In whisper I say, it's okay.

I rest my armour and I rest over your shoulder;

My fight wasn't over and battlefield was far from mere distant;

I care for us, and I care for my people's future.

Barely we are at the end, when it's only just begun."

Can I ask what it meant about your dreams?

Rose Ann starts explaining, "It's not a dream Ms. Perrin, but a nightmare of a lover he who dreams to change the sufferings of his lover over his duty.

It's about my father who he dreams of to ease my mother's worries. In the end it cost him life, as a firefighter."

"I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you Ms. Gray. " Ms. Perrin, give her sympathy in what could have been her life when her father was still here.

"Thank you Ms. Perrin." Rose Ann appreciates Ms. Perrin concerning words.

''People's future—" Ms. Perrin felt she had heard it somewhere.

"Seems familiar to me." Ms. Perrin feels nostalgic.

"Next—." Ms. Perrin drew another name from her hand.

"Ron Nux." Ms. Perrin calls.

"They beat me, they beat me—,

I bite them harder;

I can stand alone not that I care who pushed me out,

I can change my fate, each of us will hear the laugh of my triumph."

"It's my dream revenge on my bullies." Nux straightforwardly out loud to Ms. Perrin

Ms. Perrin, caught him suspiciously if he had darker intentions.

"Not in my watch—!" She thought.

"Okay Mr. Nux I heard your desire and yet someone who's supreme God will and only be— the judge of your actions and so are they." Stern warning from Ms. Perrin.

Nux twitched on the claimed judgement.

"Thank you Mr. Nux, you can have your seat." Ms. Perrins letting Nux go

"Thank You Miss Perrin."Nux took his seat silently.

"I can hardly get Ron Nux trails, he who has the abilities I may not even control in future.

Watching him closely can help but if it goes wrong, hopes someone can help him through." Ms. Perrin prepares herself for what might happen next.

"Each has a desire to triumph and hardly make them reality because they aren't meant that way, and such particular pupils have the talent to manifest their desires as easily as like a pinch of a dust." Ms. Perrin describes what she mostly encounters from young adults who lost in their own powers.

These include my pupils who have entered the club unknowingly have taken them instantly which have not awakened their talent yet." Ms. Perrin's experience some have natural abilities in persons who became seekers over time by practices.

"Rose Ann Gray and Ron Nux. Unexpectedly they happen to have such talents as what a witch and wizard of nature does." The few ones Ms. Perrin, found highly talented, hadn't realized them yet.

"After two months an unexpected pupil visited our sacred place. It's odd that I did not feel any talent with her that was supposed to be impossible for her to find the place. It's my first encounter with someone who unintentionally passed my barrier." Ms. Perrin recalled the person she hadn't seen for a while.

"I was doing my usual business everyday and promoting clubs were everywhere at that time and great timing to some pupils will and can discover or seeker of their nature capabilities. It had taken me back when a pupil had taken her tour as her curiosity grew, unaware it had taken her away from the rest of the world." Ms. Perrin describes her as someone who becomes a kitten curiously watching every step she makes.

"Sneakily, I gently tapped over her shoulder. I playfully asked." Ms. Perrin shadowed as she tiptoed her from behind.

"How was the tour?" Ms. Perrin asked.

"Ah , ma'am. I think it's quite interesting, weird yet cool." Ms. Perrin saw the student awkwardly retaining her composure.

"She has curiosity and disclaimer for not being interested in such, but someone who said "cool" has already taken the question: what else are there?" Ms. Perrin non subjectively believed this girl wasn't really that interested.

"Eventually she will find her way step by step." Ms. Perrin prompt thought

Then the student said "I'll try," Ms. Perrin outspoken her mind, "eventually you will."

"The young lady was shocked and I spooked her out of the room." Ms. Perrin took an interest from her reaction, the idea she would love to teach her more anytime soon. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";-of-the-modern-witch_18575429705194005/chapter-two-did-you-remember_49926230299964224">;-of-the-modern-witch_18575429705194005/chapter-two-did-you-remember_49926230299964224</a> for visiting.

"Sadly, did not get her name but she seems a bit familiar."Ms. Perrin tried to recall the girl's face..

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