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Chapter 4 - Hate - The Stop - Chapter 4 by MathiasWaterschoot full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 4 - Hate

He was walking through what seemed like a calm street. He could not tell since there was no sound. He could not tell since there was no movement. At every side of the road there were trees, they were tall, they were thick. All was green, it looked so peaceful.

There were only a few houses in the street. If there was sound, he would have been able to hear the birds chirping. If there was sound, he would have been able to hear wind blowing through the trees. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He could only imagine it, he could only think about it. But all he could hear was the sound he made when he drank. He did not know why he could only hear that. He could not explain it. While he was strolling through the street he looked at the few people walking. They didn't move, neither did they make a sound.

He stood still in front of one person. He had seen her before somewhere. He did not remember yet, he knew that he had known the girl in front of him. But his memories were hazy.

He started looking at her more, if this had been any normal situation he would have been seen as a creep. His face was so close to hers, On her face there was a smile, she looked happy. Yet he did not feel any attraction to her. For some reason all he could feel was fear. He did not know why. He looked deeply into her eyes and slowly but surely he started to remember who she was.

The more he remembered the more fear he felt, the more he started sweating. It was her. It wasn't an ex-lover. It wasn't a crush who had rejected him. It was the one who had bullied him, the one that had made his life miserable.

Her name was Hannah, she was twenty one years old. She was smart and good looking. If she would be in a book she would have been the main heroine. Not that all the boys had a crush on her. She had a nasty attitude and really liked to pick on people. She had looked down on them. "Why were they so stupid?" she had thought.

People with no brains didn't deserve a good life. No matter what the cost was, she would always try to ruin someone's life. She did not care who she hurt. She had no feelings for anyone. She was arrogant and selfish. She was a bitch. She would probably not even remember him. She would just look down on him again. She would just hurt him again.

What he did not know was that she tried to change her life. She changed her views on people after she graduated. She was friendly towards everyone she met. She wasn't arrogant anymore nor was she selfish. But all of that was simply not known to him. He did not care either.

The more he looked at her face the more hate he could feel. He couldn't stand the face he was looking at. He knew that he would do something terrible if he kept looking at her. so he tried to take a step away from her.

His mind filled itself with traumas. He remembered that time that she pushed his face into a wall leaving him with a nosebleed, swollen lips and eyes and a blue forehead. She had just laughed it off. She had simply told him to die.

Every time she saw him she punched him with all her might. Hannah even stabbed him in his leg once. The thought alone made him feel that pain again. He stood still, he could not move anymore. He couldn't move away from her, he couldn't look away from her. The hate had already taken over his thoughts. His mind was overflowing from all the traumas from her.

He did not want to see them. He gripped his head and started screaming, he wanted it to stop. He didn't want to see those traumas again. He didn't want to experience that again in his head. There was no sound. He screamed in silence. He couldn't think anymore, he couldn't stand still anymore.

With pure hate in his eyes he charged forward punched her as hard as he could. He had no time to think, no time to realize what he was doing. She flew up a bit and fell down. He did not think about the consequences. He did not notice that she was a ragdoll now. He did not notice the blood coming out of her nose.

He was blinded by his pure hatred for her, she must pay for what she had done to him. She was the one who stabbed his leg. She was the one who had made his life miserable. She was the one always telling him to die. She was the one making sure he had no friends.

He could have had a good high school life if it wasn't for her. He could have been a better person. He could have been a different person. He could have been happier.

He jumped on her and started punching her in the face as many times as he could. He had no sympathy for her. Someone like her didn't deserve to smile like that. Someone like her didn't deserve to be walking down the street. Someone like her didn't deserve to be happy. She did not deserve any of it.

In high school he was a weak boy and not good looking either. While you would expect that he would get bullied, it actually rarely happened to him. He had a really happy time in high school. He had a bunch of friends that he could truly call friends. He had fun with them, there was really nothing that could stand in their way. He was smart, probably one of the smartest kids in his friend group.

He had it easy, it was fun. Every Friday his friends would come over to play some video games or watch some movies. It was all good until there was a transfer student, she just showed up out of nowhere. Her name was Hannah. She was kicked out of her previous school. The reasons were unknown at the time. She was good looking and smart. At first a lot of people tried to talk to her. But that nasty attitude of hers turned people away.

He had tried to become friends too. He thought that maybe she would give him a chance. He was wrong. He should have not tried, he should have stayed away. While he tried to talk to her she looked at him as if she was looking at a pile of trash. Without any notice she slapped him. She had slapped him so hard that he fell on the ground. She just looked at him and said: " How dare you talk to me. If you show that ugly face to me again I will kill you.".

This was the first time in his entire life that someone had threatened him. He did not understand why. He felt like crying. He felt like screaming. The days after that she kept on looking at him with envious eyes. She saw that he was happy. He was laughing with his friends. He was having fun, something he didn't deserve.

It only took her one month to make sure that he and his friends would never be able to talk to each other again. She had simply bullied his friends. She beat them up every time she saw them. She always told them to cut ties with him or the beating would get worse. They were scared, so they left him alone.

He had no one to talk to anymore. Every time he tried to talk to someone they would just run away scared that she would beat them up. He stopped interacting with people. He stopped trying. He didn't understand why people treated him like that.

He stopped caring about school and eventually he stopped going to school. He did not want to get hurt anymore. She eventually transferred to another school again for reasons that were unknown.

She was not there anymore. So he went back to school. He thought that he could go back to his old life. He thought that he could have a good time at school again. But that was too naïve. No one looked at him, no one cared for him. He immediately gave up, he started reading. He would never make friends again. It was all her fault. She had ruined his life.

He was exhausted. He did not know for how long he had been punching her. He could still feel the hatred within him, it did not fade away. He couldn't stand up anymore. Hannah's face was swollen and covered with blood. He didn't pay attention to it. There was no need to pay attention to it, it didn't matter.

Nothing mattered. There was too much hate in him, he couldn't think straight. If he had met her in any other circumstance she would have probably apologized to him. She would have probably cried and said that she was stupid back then. She would have said that she was jealous. She regretted everything she had done to him. She just wanted to let him know that she was truly sorry. She didn't want any forgiveness since she didn't deserve it. She just wanted to say sorry for what she had done.

But he did not know that. In his eyes she was a monster. Someone who did not deserve to live. Someone who did not deserve to smile. He did not know where he got this sudden energy from but he started punching her again. With every punch her face became more swollen. The more punches he threw the more blood there was. It wasn't her blood alone but also the blood from his fists. Blood started flowing on the floor.

It was not a lot of blood but it was blood nonetheless. He had no time to think, he had no time to notice all the blood on the ground. Blood started dripping on his jacket and pants. But he did not notice. He did not care what was going on, he only cared for one thing, the only thing he wanted was revenge.

He wasn't satisfied. He needed to let it all out. She must pay for everything she had done to him. She must pay for what she had done to others. He kept going.

He could not get it together. He did not realize what he was doing. He had spent too much time alone, he could not snap back to reality. He kept punching. He was frustrated. He needed to let it all out. The frustration he had built during his entire life. All of it went to her.

He thought that it would help him feel better. He thought that he would feel less frustrated. So he stopped punching her but there was still too much frustration. You would expect him to have calmed down by now. You would expect him to regain his sanity and feel regret.

He did not feel any of that. He hated her. He wasn't in control of his own actions. He couldn't control himself anymore. How could he let all of his frustration out?

He remembered something, something he had brought along. He had brought along a kitchen knife, it was hanging around his waist. He started laughing. It was the kind of laugh you would only see in movies, it was a laugh of insanity. Yet you could not hear the laugh. There was only silence. He grabbed the knife from his waist and started stabbing her leg. "that's what you get Bitch!" is what he tried to scream but there was no sound.

He was not satisfied with just one simple stab. He needed more. He gripped the knife with two hands and started twisting the knife. It destroyed the flesh in her leg. There was a lot of blood seeping out of her leg. He did not pay it any mind. He kept twisting the knife left and right until there was no resistance. All that was left was a big hole in her leg.

The hate was still there so he stabbed her other leg and did the same. More blood started seeping out. The pool of blood on the sidewalk started growing. He kept going until there was no resistance anymore. There was no way that she would ever be able to walk again let alone just moving her legs.

He looked at what he had done. He brought his hands to his face and started shaking. He was not shaking because he regretted what he had done. He wasn't shaking because he was crying. He was shaking because he was laughing. He slowly brought his hands down revealing a big and happy smile.

He was not done yet. There was still more body left that he could stab. There was still more flesh left that he could destroy. He didn't think about it. He stabbed her arms and twisted his knife left and right. Those didn't take as long as the legs. He sure wished he was able to hear her scream. He would have liked to hear that scream filled with fear. The thought alone made him feel good, it was a pleasant feeling from deep within him.

When he was finished with the arms he went to the stomach. He destroyed everything, nothing could stay intact. Everything needed to be destroyed. The pool of blood became bigger and bigger. It felt great. He hadn't had this much joy in a long time.

He was done twisting her flesh around. He didn't have the energy for that anymore. He could only stab her so that's what he did. He started stabbing as fast as he could but he was weak. He did not have the energy anymore. With every stab it was more difficult to move his body. On the last stab he hit her heart.

He did not care for the consequences. He was exhausted and couldn't stand up anymore neither did he have the strength to keep this position. He fell on her, he was too exhausted. He had killed another human being.

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