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Comatoast (1) - The Strongest Clan - Chapter 5 by Lazareth full book limited free

Chapter 5: Comatoast (1)

18-year-old Kai is at school attending his last day of Grade 13 at Drauton S High School. Currently, Kai is outside with his friends reminiscing about their favourite memories they had in school. It was then when Kai heard the school intercom go off, "Kai Adler please come to the principal's office. Kai Adler, please come to the principal's office?

His friends looked at him with puzzled expressions. Being called to the principal's office usually meant you did something wrong. But Kai never got in trouble when he did something wrong. Either because he hid it well or because he would talk his way out of trouble. But now he was being called to the principal's office…

"Do you know what it's for?" Quinton Electra asked.

"Not at all," Kai replied and then walked to the principal's office.

Once Kai got there he knocked on the glass door that had writing on it. The writing said 'Principals office.'

After knocking Kai heard someone speak from the inside, "Come in."

So Kai turned the knob and walked into the office. When he walked in he saw two middle-aged men he had never seen before. They wore fancy black and white suits. They were sitting down on chairs facing the principal but had their backs turned to Kai watching him as he walked in the room.

Kai walked up to the principal who was also seated. Once Kai reached the principal's desk the principal stood up, "Kai these two are talent scouts from Keshos and Strera. They have come all the way to talk to you." He said then laughed awkwardly.

Once they were introduced they stood up. Kai shook each of their hands with a firm grip. That seemed to leave a good impression on them as after the introduction they were smiling.

The principal saw their smiles and in response, he frowned, "Let's move this conversation to the boardroom. This small office is hardly the place to talk business."

The two talent scouts agreed and followed the principal to the boardroom. The boardroom was a room that had a large brown oval desk with multiple black chairs on the side. The walls were glass so you could see what was happening outside the room. However, you could not hear anything as the room was fully soundproof.

Once they were inside they took their seats. The principal and the two talent scouts sat on one side of the table and Kai sat on the other side.

Once everyone was settled one of the talent scouts spoke, "I am Keaton Jacobs. I represent Strera Academy… Let me be straight with you. Your end of the year results is amazing. Graduating top of your class. Okay, let's face it that isn't much of an accomplishment here at Drauton S. No offence." He looked at the principals.

The principal responded, "None taken."

"However, the way you passed not only makes you the top student in Drauton but in Keshos and Strera too. You are an unrefined gem, a diamond in the rough. And Strera S Tertiary wants the honour of refining you. You have yet to awaken even though you are 18 already. Even though that is the case we still want you. As you already know, 2nd generation surpassers usually awaken when they turn eighteen. The super talented at sixteen and the talented at seventeen. After eighteen makes you average and the longer the wait, the more mediocre the individual. It's December so your birthday was four months ago this means your talent isn't that good. Even so, we still want you. We believe if you follow our plans one day you will be able to achieve the title of Fourth Prince. We are also offering you a full bursary so your parents won't have to worry about finances. The only thing they need to pay for is your supplements. Thank you."

Once he was done the other talent scout introduced himself, "I am Bill Canterbury. I represent Keshos and we too want you in our school. I am sure you have heard of Keshos S Tertiary. The same institution many people of significance came from. At Keshos we value strength and looking at your results has got us excited. Your body has grown superbly. Your bones everything, it is perfect. We believe we can increase your strength even further. We aren't too concerned about your lack of talent. We believe if you choose us one day you can achieve the title, Fourth Prince. Thank you."

Kai listened to their proposals and nodded his head in between then he looked at the principal. Once he did that the principal knew it was his time to speak. He nervously fiddled with his tie and then cleared his throat. Once he was ready he took a deep breath and then began, "Well I am sure we can't compete with the technology that they can provide. But by us, you won't just be a number but an individual. We promise to devote every resource to ensure you receive the best treatment. Drauton S Tertiary is more than prepared to turn you into a strong individual. We don't think you have a lack of talent. Instead, we value every aspect of you. We value you so much that not only will you receive a full bursary. We will also be paying for your pills."

When he said that the two talent scouts looked at each other then Keaton Jacobs said, "It smells like desperateness in here." The two laughed afterwards.

The principal ignored them and continued, "We have been moulding you since the beginning and we would like to continue to do so."

Keaton furrowed his eyebrows when he heard the word moulding, 'Moulding, what you mean moulding!? You have been squandering his talents. Had he been with us from the start we could have raised him to one day become the Second Prince of whatever clan he enters. Moulding, pfft'

After hearing the proposals of all three of them Kai said, "You said you guys could make me the Fourth Prince. What about King?"

They never replied to him but silence was answer enough. So Kai kept silent and began thinking. The room was quiet with awkward silence for a while. Until Keaton Jacobs spoke, "We might not be able to make you King but we are 100% sure we can make you the Fourth Prince. Being the Fourth Prince of a clan is an amazing feat only the talented can reach that height and we can bring you there. We aren't bluffing. I am sure you know that of all the clans Strera holds 23 of the seats. So we know how to raise royalty."

Hearing Keaton Jacobs talk Bill Canterbury felt he had to too, "If we are going by the number of seats then us Keshos should be your top pick. We hold 27 seats. So if anything we have the highest reliability."

Kai nodded his head while hearing them speak then he thought for another two minutes leaving the room in awkward silence.

It was then that Bill Canterbury couldn't take it anymore and asked, "And?"

Kai looked at Bill then he said, "I have decided."

Everyone was happy that a decision had finally been made. But then their nervousness kicked in.

"I have decided to go to…" Kai paused for effect, "Drauton S Tertiary."

Hearing the result the principal jumped up from his seat in excitement. When he realized he was being unprofessional, he dusted himself off and acted like it never happened.

While the principal was happy, the two talent scouts were furious. They couldn't understand why Kai chose Drauton. They always expected it would be between them two. But in the end, it wasn't. They stood up in rage and then they opened the glass door. Before they left they looked at Kai and said, "You will regret this." Then they slammed the door on their way out.

After processing that he had successfully talked Kai into staying in Drauton. The principal began fantasizing about the promotion he was going to receive. When he realized that he was still in the boardroom, he came out of his daydream with a jolt of his body. Then he shook Kai's hand energetically and said, "You will not regret this." Then he left the boardroom whistling.

After everyone had left Kai touched his Genome watch and a hologram appeared. He navigated the interface to where he could make calls. Kai had yet to activate voice commands so he had to do it manually. Once he got to the call section. He clicked, 'Call dad.' After clicking, the Genome watch rang.

Seconds later his dads face appeared on the hologram, "What's up son?"

"It happened just like you and mom said. Keshos and Strera were here to take me their schools."

"And did you say no like we planned?"

"Yes, dad I said no."

"Well done." Then he ended the call.


"So this is the house we are going to be staying in during our time at Drauton S Tertiary." Quinton Electra said while opening the front door of the house.

It was a big house that accommodated three people. There was a kitchen with a double door fridge. Currently, the fridge was only stacked with beer. There was a gaming room where the full dive virtual reality rig was. They also had a tv room where the 60-inch 10K 4D tv was. The house had a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi outside. There was also a space to barbeque on The Griller XZ. There was an indoor and outdoor fireplace. And lastly, it had a two-door garage that currently Kai's car was parked in. Kai drove a Y'sera Z 2018 model. It was race red sports car shaped like a 2019 Ford Mustang with a custom built pedestal spoiler. The rims and tires were black. The other car was Quinton's.

After touring and packing their stuff away in the house. Quinton couldn't contain his excitement, "Ah man. I can't believe Drauton S Tertiary is paying for all this. They really want to keep you. They even filled the fridge with beer."

"Not the car though. That was a gift from my parents... By the way, do you know when Carmen is moving in?"

He shook his head, "You know Carmen she does everything at her own pace."

"What are you trying to say?" A girl's voice sounded out behind them.

"Carmen… I'm so glad you came." Quinton Electra said with an awkward smile.

Kai began laughing, "I would have thought you would have learnt your lesson by now. It happens every time."

Quinton Electra laughed with him, "I don't know how she does it? Whenever I am gossiping about her she magically appears."

Carmen Kizler flipped her brown hair and revealed a smug smile, "It's a gift."

"I think she just waits for you to talk about her then she walks in," Kai said laughing.

"I think so too." Quinton Electra said laughing.

Not amused by the two, Carmen Kizler dropped her bags on the tiles, "So when are you two planning to help me with my luggage? Also, where should I park my car? Since the garage is already full.

Kai looked at her and said, "Just park it in the driveway. It's protected by a gate. And you have two strong hands that can carry those bags."

With a stern expression, Carmen Kizler looked at Quinton Electra and said, "Do you think that way too?"

Quinton Electra couldn't handle her fierce face and scampered towards her. He then picked up her bags and directed her to her room.

While Quinton Electra walked past Kai, Kai taunted him while shaking his head, "Wissey."

With the bags strapped to his shoulders he just lifted his shoulders and then walked to Carmen's room and put her stuff down. He emptied his lungs when he thought he was done.

"There is still more in my car. Go get it."

He sighed inwardly then he walked to her car and took her stuff to her room.

While Quinton Electra was carrying Carmen Kizler's stuff she sat next to Kai on a couch. Her hair was tied up in a bun. She was wearing a white shirt and pink sweatpants, "This place is sooo cool. We should totally hold a party. If I tell people that the campus celebrity lives here we could have a full house. I mean the fridge is full of beers, it's almost as if they want us to throw a party. Plus I'll make sure that the girl to guy ratio is in your favour. I go both ways so it doesn't bother me. So what do you say?" She said flickering her verdant eyes.

"Sounds like a plan." Kai agreed immediately.

"Awesome!" She said while slapping his chest, "I'll call it in and then the people should be here in about two hours."

Then she stood up from the seat next to Kai and went to her room humming. By the time she stood up Quinton Electra was done packing her things so he came out her room and saw her humming. She walked past him and then closed her room's door. Once she closed the door Quinton Electra took a deep breath through his nostrils, 'Aah, the only thing that smells better than toast.'

Once he was done smelling her lavenderish scent. He walked to Kai and then sat down, "So what did she say?"

"She wants to throw a party tonight to celebrate us three living together. I'm sorry man, she knows so much attractive girls. I kind of caved when she said that."

"It's okay… I'd rather have her kissing other guys or girls in my presence than her doing it behind my back." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You know you should just tell her you like her. This is silly."

"You know I can't. What if she says no…?"

"Oh, she is most definitely going to say no." He said raising his eyebrows.

"Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence."

"It's just that you act like a puppy when you are around her. She owns you, man… You do what she wants whenever she wants. No matter how much it inconveniences you. If I didn't know any better you have been friend zoned my guy. Also, she knows you like her and that is why she makes you her slave because she knows you can't say no. I don't understand how you don't see it. You have seen it happen many times. WE used to be the guys laughing at the guys she friendzoned. And here you are but I'm not laughing…"

Quinton Electra's whole mood plummeted after listening to Kai. He just stared into space in silence.

"I'm sorry man, I just thought you needed to know. I didn't mean to be so blunt."

"No, you are right. I have been her pet. But that ends tonight. Tonight I am going to kiss all her friends that ought to make her jealous!"

"I'm not sure that's the lesson I wanted you to take from this-"

"No, you are right. She doesn't see me as a man, but I'll make her see it tonight. Bro I'm going to need you to wing me."

"Ag what the heck… So what you saying, the divine twins are back?"

"They are back and badder than ever. I'm going to rack up an insane body count tonight. I can feel it. I'm going to break my record. And maybe you can rack your first body tonight. Ha?"

"I love the enthusiasm but let's not get ahead of ourselves. You haven't been in the game for a while. And don't worry about me man. Tonight is about you."

"Ha-ha true. I need to start slow. Thanks, man"

"Exactly, and don't worry, I got you."

"Thanks, man, I needed this. I haven't been this excited for a party since, since-"

"Since 6 months ago before you accidentally saw Carmen naked… I get it, man, she has the sauce. But yoh! She slapped you that day." Kai said laughing.

"Dude it's not funny. Who soundproofs their shower room!? I had a red mark on my face for weeks! Mothers were grabbing their little girls when they saw me. It was tough…"

"I'm sure it was but I am going to go take a bath. Man needs to freshen up for the ladies."

Trying to hold in his laugh, "That would have sounded so cool but the word 'bath' sucked every bit of masculinity out of it."

"I can't help it that this place doesn't have a shower! That is my only complaint. But I'm here for free so we are just going to deal with it. Also from now on, I'll be referring to the bath as a shower."

"Good plan, good plan." He said clapping his hands.

After talking with Quinton Electra, Kai went to his room and took his toiletries out of his bag. Then he took his toiletries with him to the bathroom and poured himself a bath. Which he then climbed in, the bath was more comfortable than he expected so he closed his eyes until Quinton Electra stormed in the bathroom abruptly waking him up, "Dude! What the heck are you doing?! I am still in the bath!" He said trying to submerge himself deeper in the water.

"Sorry man, the party has already started and I haven't had my toast yet. You know I need to have my toast to get my confidence up."

"Dude! There are plugs all over the house why do you want to make it here!?"

"Carmen has her stuff plugged in all other outlets. Also, her friends are charging their Genome watches on the other plugs. Trust me I have checked. This is the only outlet that isn't occupied in the house!"

"Just plug it out; it's your house too!"

"I tried but Carmen said she would kill me if she catches me. And you know she always does."

Sighing deeply, "Oh okay man. Do what you got to do but I'm not coming out until you leave."

"No problem I will be gone in no time. I just got the new Toaster Perfect 2000 deluxe version. It's not even out on the shelves yet but I know a guy who knows a guy who got it early for me. I have been waiting for months for this baby. You know it supposedly makes the best toast in the world in just two minutes. It can take up to eight slices of toast at once. Everything in this baby is designed to make your mou-"

"Mouth explode with unexplainable flavour?" Kai completed his sentence, "Yes, you have only told me this 400 times over the past four months."

"Ha-ha sorry man you know how I get over toast."

"It's cool man just do what you got to do."

Quinton Electra didn't need to be begged to make toast. He plugged the toast machine in the outlet by the basin that was few centimetres away from Kai. Then he took out eight slices of white bread put it in the toaster.

"Eight slices? You sure are hungry."

"Four are for you. For the inconvenience, I am putting you through."

"Oh, okay. Thanks."

Then he took his mother's home-made butter out of his bag. It was in a plastic lunchbox. He took his knife out of the side pocket. And then watched from above how the toast was grilling. Quinton was so moved by how the toast was being twisted and turned inside the machine. How it was being put into direct heat then removed. It was essentially doing what he did but automatically. Excited by this he had to show Kai. He grabbed the machine and dangled it over the bath and to show his friend.

"Look, Kai. Look it's doing what I used to do." He said excitedly.

Kai, on the other hand, was furious, coming half out the water he shouted, "ARE YOU INSANE! Get that death-trap away from me."

Realizing how careless he was being he moved the toaster away from the bath. He was halfway when the door flung open.

Quinton Electra dropped the toaster when he saw who was standing at the door, "It's not what it looks like. I am not gay? I just needed to make toast since you and your friends where hogging all the plugs. See look I have the toaster in my hands…" He said feeling his hands were empty.

"Look I have the toaster in my hands." He repeated himself and still didn't feel the toaster in his hands. Then he looked downwards and saw that his hands were empty, 'But if I don't have the toaster in my hands then where could it be?' That's when he looked into the bath and saw Kai getting electrocuted. There was electricity and sparks everywhere until it stopped and it was just Kai's unconscious body in the water. He panicked and didn't know what to do…

That's when Carmen Kizler ran out and turned all the plugs off. The music that was pumping outside stopped. Then she ran back to the bathroom and saw Kai's unconscious body lying in the bath.

Quinton Electra was still panicking and so he froze. Seeing this Carmen Kizler screamed at him, "Take him out the bath before he drowns!" That's when she dialled 777 to get the ambulance.

Coming out his shock he looked into the bath and saw Kai's unconscious body as well as the pieces of toast floating in the water, "My toast." He complained and then took Kai's body out of the water.

Lazareth Lazareth

Thank you for the stones. Really enjoying writing this story. Stay tuned.

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