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The Sugar Mommy System: The Evil Young Master is Villain!!!

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[ Warning; Mature Content! Harem ]

[ Key genre: Xianxia, Xuanhuan... Sophisticated words, you heard it correctly juniors, this forbidden scripture possesses sophisticated words so stop bitching about it, aside from Mc no other character uses raw modern words and slang, ]

Are you looking for a Smart and intelligent Mc?

Are you also looking for Villain Mc?

Well, search no more!

Thy, The primordial Saint Lord, Ruler of absolute Truth, has brought another forbidden scripture for wondering Daoists who are seeking wisdom, to get enlightenment.

This demonic lustful scripture follows the journey of a cold, cunning, and lazy Daoist named Bai Lung, who is equipped with a Sugar Mommy system, ready to hunt some chosen son of heaven.


Tags: |Smart Mc| Adult Content | Harem| Cultivation | Op Mc| System-Mc relationship| Taboo| Villain | Massacre | Cold and cunning MC | No-Beta Mc| et...


Beta: Arrghhhh- Another boring braindead cultivation novel, I am tired of this shit.

Author: I presume so,

Beta: Shut Up! You shouldn't die.

Author: I mean, we are all dying.

Beta: "..." ?

Author: if you have done barking, could you step aside and stop polluting the air, I would appreciate it.

Beta: Aaarghh- you... Same villain novel, stealing the luck from this protagonist, that protagonist, sleeping with this maiden, that jade maiden, slim waist, lotus feet

Author: Trust this senior, it's actually good.

Beta: shut up!

Author: Is Junior seeking death?

Beta: fuck off,

Author: *Raises his brows and erases the existence of beta*


Chad: oh! Honorable senior, this humble chad has received some divine enlightenment from your presence alone, I can't stop myself from diving deeper into this heaven-forbidden scripture.

Author: oh! An intelligent junior.

Chad: * kneels and accepts author as sect master requests to join sect*


https://dsg.gg/culturesect (search in Google )



Chad: the humble chad is pleased to read such mindblowing scripture, the senior really blessed this lowly mortal.


Bonus chapter:

Castle — 5 chapter

Spaceship — 10 chapter

Cover credit: Thanks Miso_Hen

Parents Strongly Cautioned
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    I couldn't be happier finding this book, a wonderful break from typical cultivation stories. Bai Lung is a "villain" in all senses of the word, but he is our villain. There is no cookie cutter, type casting here, the MC displays forethought and intelligence to rival the "Heroes." I am more than excited to see where this story goes! Long live our glorious basatard!

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    The writing Quality is very good compared to most web novels with few typos here and there, so no comment on that. No comment on update stability to, it pretty good. Sigh! Mc 's personality... Don't even get me started, he is literally psychopath, cold, cunning and calculating, his dialogue with other characters aside from System can be summed up within 300 words, this book literally follows the law of power. Most of Mc's interaction is with the female system, who for some reason of hot🔥. Which I think is a ruining point, as how can Mc and the system have a physical relationship? Also, Mc literally has 'skill' do become invincible for 2 minutes, why does he need to use so much strategy? Half the charter is literally wasted in strategy and thinking not to mention side character, they are literally the embryo of foolishness. I get that their action is real and justifiable naturally however you didn't gave them much screen time for us to feel them. For instance, Ling Fei could have been better well written if we got to know more about him even tho, he was just fodder introduced for us to learn about the world setting, Mc's tactics, powers, and hierarchy. Also, you tend to focus on micro rather than macro, most people don't know complete psychology, body language, and premium English speaking ability to decode your character thoughts and metaphors... Like some interactions are smart beyond need. Also, Mc's lack of sympathy and morals... Mc should have saved Heaven fall scet because he had shared the night with saintess of the sect and not because he and his family was insulted. Most the time Mc literally has straight face. like make him feel fear sometimes, he is in front of an absolute powerhouse yet he sips his tea while keeping his composure. Also, you making his family mysterious as the story progresses is not needed at all. At first his family was the judiciary and now they also carry assassination... You were lucky because you have written the maid ( shadow guard ) on a mysterious basis that this was possible but don't put so much mystery on the main character or his family. We just know he has powerful bloodline, family, and body physique yet all are unknown at the moment while his powers are all sealed. All, Mc does is make strategy, moves ten step ahead of the enemy, and manipulate them. Like when Mc knew, the harem member was absurd by her father, Mc should have slaughtered the father and sect instead of manipulating them whole and keeping them as dogs. I am really not a fan of cold, cunning, sharp, staying in shadows, and making plan types of villains. He is powerful, he should fight everyone head-on. So, it's a 1star from me.

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    Hello Juniors, This venerable one brings you another Boring, cliche cultivation, harem novel with a villain protagonist. Tho, I believe I deserve a higher rating but, sadly, 5 is a limit. Anyway, Here are things you need to know, #Writing Quality📝 - Trash Writing, Needless to say, This demonic scripture doesn't contain profound grammar, it doesn't follow perfect English but rather simplified English so, everyone can read it and can provide a better translation from in-app translation. This senior thinks of every junior from around the world. Even if you are from North Korea, I believe, you deserve to read this forbidden scripture. - Lemon; Trash Cultural Dual cultivation with no eating 😻. You can see sucking 🍆 . No NTR. #Story Development⏭️ One thing is for sure, this book doesn't have a powerful story development, maybe, in the future, this senior may right one of the best developments but knowing my brain capacity I doubt it. # Character design ♂️♀️ - Good, Just Good. No Female member is that worthless. ( No matter how useless they are, they can always spread legs and be used for breeding ) #Update stability - Best😈😈 #World Background. - Perhaps good. Please Send me; castle, to help me in WSA!

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    I didn’t read yet, I’ll do that after I do the review because Author I freaking enjoyed your synopsis🤣🤣🤣 and the author’s personal review as well. 👍👍👍 hope you stick with this novel cause it does sound like it will be a good enjoyable read.

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    Good start👍 Intelligent Mc 👍 I like the starting... The Funky funky scene with the system was Hot 🔥🔥 I like these cannon fodder villains who are actually cannon fodder. Mc didn't receive a powerful heads up, he only has to rely on his background, a classical young master but surprisingly it didn't reduce my brain cells. It feels so great to read, the scripture is defiantly ttop-notch

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    Five star review for best snu snu scene.

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    Experiencia para el MC papussssssssssssssss 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    why the hell everything is named money speaks ? super annoying 😠😡

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    If you're looking for a story with a main character who's got brains, brawn, and a background that screams power, look no further. Our MC here is a master strategist—calculative, ruthless, and always ten steps ahead. The side characters? Oh, they're not just background noise. Each one is fleshed out with their own quirks, feelings, and thoughts. Kudos to the author for making them real in their own right. However, with our "God Perspective" as readers, sometimes their actions might seem a bit...well, childish. But hey, that's just because we see all the puppet strings being pulled. Just remember, being an omniscient reader has its downsides—like we can't always get the essence which the author is pouring in.

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    This is a return gift from this junior to the senior. I haven't gotten enough time to read this precious work of yours yet, but I have been enlightened by your previous novel "The lustful young master is sinister". By the way, I really liked the synopsis. It's really thought out thoroughly.

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    hmmm I have read the synopsis and the reviews so im definitely gonna read this but I'll wait till a good chunk of chapters are piled up. i sincerely hope you will not drop the book midway. many great novels are dropped midway which is just pure torture

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    Thy has gained wisdom from this forbidden scripture. Exp! Exp! Exp! Exp! Exp! Exp! Exp! Exp! Exp!

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    Awesome, this junior has gained enlightenment from this forbidden scripture ...I will be on my way to spread your Dao and teachings through my divine rod, Amitabh

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    The novel is good, different from other cultivation novels. Hopefully the author has the motivation to continue updating his novel and hopefully the novel will just be left behind

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    Ok let's go again Grammar: good story line : very good girls : very very good mc: smartest man alive Author: . . .

    Reveal Spoiler
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