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94.11% The Summoned Hero / Chapter 16: The End Of A War

The End Of A War - The Summoned Hero - Chapter 16 by The_Unforgetable full book limited free

Chapter 16: The End Of A War

I'm walking to the kingdom head down and walking past hundreds of dead soldiers. By the time I get to the castle I already see a bunch of demons and people helping each other. I only look around for the girls and quickly spot them near the castle in the distance. They definitely beat up a lot and I can see quite a few cuts and bruises.

"Hey..."I say to them.

"Soh..." Katrina trails off.

I walk away avoiding any type of eye contact or interaction.

I suddenly realize how much pain I'm in a grunt a little. I should get to the castle quickly before I lose too much blood. I have a bunch of cuts and scars as well as a small hole in my body. I patched that up with my clothing while fighting Lord Bael or should I say Matthew so I wouldnt lose too much blood. Elaine rushes up to with a worried expression on her face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Andrew! Let me heal you quickly!" She yells.

She wastes no time healing me and my cute are healed however theres many scars left behind.

"Thanks Elaine." I say.

"Ah! It's really not a problem Andrew!" Elaine smiles.

I soon remember that I now have a choice of staying or going back home. Dammit I wasn't ready to answer this question yet but I need to make a choice quickly. I walk into the castle to the throne room where I see Lord Beru and King Danaju along with Katrina and Minerva there.

"Ah! Andrew perfect timing!" Lord Beru claps his hands.

"Eh?" I say confused.

"Well first I'd like to thank you for defeating Lord Bael!" He smiles.

"And secondly I'd like to know what happened that caused that huge explosion in the forest. Was it Lord Bael?"Lord Beru questions.

Oh yeah I nearly forgot about that explosion I caused.

"Sorry sir I'm the reason for that explosion I was in a rage and my sword reacted to it." I say bowing.

"I see its alright young man." He says.

"You guys should rest now I'm sure you guys are exhausted. Tomorrow we'll be giving out rewards." Lord Danaju says.

We'd also like to know if you're staying or not Andrew. You can take your time to think about it." Lord Beru says.

"Yes sir." We all say except for Minerva.

I sight and go to my room looking out the balcony and the sky. War is a terrible thing truly I'd never thought much about it until now. I tear up a little bit remembering Soh's smile and his last words. I wipe my tears off and tell myself that it's ok.

"He's in a better place now." I say softly.

My parents are back home but so is my old life there as a loser. I wonder if I'll keep my current body now when k go back to my world. Either way I've already made my decision of what I'm going to do. I walk down the halls back into the throne room and look at both kings straight in the eye.

"Do you need anything Andrew?" King Danaju asks.

"I. here to inform you I'd liem to stay here." I say sternly.

"Ah I see that's great Andrew!" Lord Beru smiles.

Lord Danaju also cracks a smile.

"Thank you for your time." I say bowing.

I walk outside wandering around aimlessly with a dead look in my eyes. I wish I could've been there for Soh when he needed my help but I can't do anything about it. My powers may heal people but not revive somebody. Maybe one day I might be able to do that when I'm strong enough then maybe just maybe.

I snap out of my thinking when a hand touches my shoulder. I quickly turn around and see Katrina there holding something with a smile.

"Eh what's that?" I ask pointing to the thing in her hands.

"Eh you've never seen two popsicles combined?" She asks confused.

"Ah! I have sorry I was just I bit tired!" I say quickly.

Katrina splits it in half and hands me the other one with a smile on her face. There's no way I can refuse that and I accept with a big smile on my face. I put the popsicle in my mouth and it's been a while since I've had one of these and they're really good. I'm enjoying my popsicle with Katrina and Katrina soon asks a question.

"Hey Andrew sorry if this is an awkward question but what was your life like in your world?" Katrina asks.

"Eh my world? Well maybe I'll tell you later." I chuckle booping her nose.

"Aw come on please?" Katrina pleads with her puppy dog eyes.

I resist and manage to shake my head and look away slowly. All of a sudden I hear a loud scream coming from the castle and it sounds a lot like Elaine! Me and Katrina start sprinting to the castle and bust open the doors only to see Sanadu's body in the middle of the room. Elaine looks shocked and I notice the kings do as well.

All of a sudden his body floats and I see his eyes open and he has a big grin on his face. I step back and withdraw my sword getting ready for battle. Sanadu starts to stand and looks around with a creepy grin on his face. I get prepared to attack as he slowly turns around to face me. His grin stops as he sees me and he now has a frown of hatred and disgust.

"You... I'LL KILL YOU FOR RUINING MY PLANS!" Sanadu yes charging towards me at top speed.

I manage to block his attack and quickly back away from his to gain distance. Sanadu looks extremely mad but I'm not afraid of him anymore and I stand straight.

"What are you waiting for Sanadu? You know I think deep down I wanted this. I wanted to be able to defeat you with the sword Sanadu do come at me with all you got!" I yell.

Sanadu only gets madder as he charges at me and I counter attack. I stab him in the arm but as if it didn't effect him at all he attacks me with his fists. I just barely dodge and start to swing my sword at him at top speed which no other soldier can do. Sanadu blocks some of it but he has many cuts now and he looks even my frustrated.

"You're ruining my plans on becoming the ruler you bastard!" Sanadu yells.

He launches a powerful attack and I know I can't dodge it. This attack is different to Lord Bael's it's way stronger! I close my eyes expecting to die then and there but nothing happens and theres silence. I open my eyes and see Lors Beru infront of me and Sanadu laying on the floor. Lord Beru smiles at me quickly before looking down at Sanadu again disappointed.

"It's a shame you betrayed me Sanadu I truly thought you were a great man. Would you like to finish him off Andrew?" Lord Beru asks.

"Sorry sir it won't feel honorable to kill the person you defeated." I reply bowing.

"I see then... sorry about this Sanadu." Lord Beru says.

He starts to stab Sanadu multiple times making sure he's dead. I dont know why but I start daydreaming again about her. I can't get her off my mind anymore and she's driving me crazy! I see all the girls go in different directions and I think it's the perfect time to confess. I run after her and grab her hand quickly and tightly. She looks at me surprised and confused on what I'm doing.

"Andrew? What are you doing?" She asks blushing.

"I love you!" I yell kissing her.

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