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Name : Shadowslash

Title : Summoner, Monster King

Sub Title : Battle Lord

Monster : 6 Tailed Demon Fox

Race : Fox (Beast Race)

Grade : Legendary

Level : Gold Rank Level 2


Skills : Flame Bullet [Dark Gold Quality] (Zero) (Mastered) (A skill that shoots very fast fire bullet its damage should have been half as of the Fireball but because it was derives from the same move its damage was the same as it [Red Quality] Fireball) (Extra Skill Rapid Fire) (2 Mana/Use)

Flaming Double Dark Slash [Dark Gold Quality] (Zero) (Mastered) (Coats and Sharpens claws with dark and fire element) (can be use in close combat and range) (The range ability is much weaker than close combat in terms of power) (Additional Ability Burning and Bleeding Attack) (6 Mana and Energy/Use)

Flaming Tail Whip [Gold Quality] (Zero) (Mastered) (Use the user's tail to whip the targets) (Additional Ability elemental attack) (Coats the tail with fire element that amplifies the pain it inflicted)

Dark Flame Blast [Dark Gold] (Lvl 5) (B+) (Release a concentrated ball of energy that has destructive ability) (50 Mana/Use)


Energy : 250

Mana : 300 + 60%

Mana Restoration : 1/30 seconds

Attributes : Fire/Dark

Passive Ability : King Male Charm (An ability that has a huge percentage to make any female race fall to the Host) (This ability will

also increase the Host ability to subdue other monster)

Passive Ability 2 : Shadow Blend (User can blend into the darkness if he stayed still for a minute) (After blending the user can now move in the darkness) (With the Clairvoyance the host Night Vision becomes Predator Gaze)

Passive Ability 3 : Mid Rank Demon Fox (Each tail represent an additional ability) (First to third tail will give +60% Mana, also enhance the host ability to accumulate and absorbs Mana and lastly it also enhance the control of the host to his Mana) (Fourth to Sixth tail will increase the skills damage by 60%) (Additional Ability : Flaming Orbs) (Flaming Orbs : Increase the Host ability to absorb surrounding flame elements) (Increase the damage of fire type skills of the Host by 50% each orb)

Active Ability 4 : Perfect Shadow Clones (Create an exact copy of the user) (Clones has the same strength and skill of the user) (1 Clone) (50 Mana/Clone) (Clones can last until 10 hour)

Active Ability 5 : Clairvoyance (An ability that predicts the next move of the opponent) (Can only be used in fighting an enemy that the Host can see) (The duration of the ability is 6 hour leveling to Crimson Gold Rank can increase the duration to 12 hour) (can only be used once per day)

Passive Ability 6 : Extreme Agility (Increased speed and dexterity by 350%)

Passive Ability 7 : Battle Instinct (Drastically increased the host combat ability) (This ability will increase as the number of fights that the host will be involve increase)

Ability points : 6


Name : Sans

Title : Knight, Death Lord

Sub Title : Battle Lord

Monster : Demonic Death Knight

Race : Undead

Grade : Legendary

Level : Gold Rank Level 1


Skills : Death Slash [Violet Quality] (Lvl 5) (A+) (An extremely precise and sharp attack using the Death Sword) (Extra Ability Yin Energy Slash) (10 Energy/Use)

Death Stab [Orange Quality] (Lvl 5) (A+) (Using the Death Sword to stab) (Extra Ability Armour Break) (10 Energy/Use)

Supreme Death Slash [Dark Gold] (Lvl 5) (B+) (Using all the Energy and Mana creating a powerful attack) (Can be used in both Range and Close Combat) (20 Mana and Energy/Use)

Yin Blast [Violet Quality] (Lvl 0) (Zero) (Fires a destructive and corrosive ball of energy) (Additional Ability : Weaken Defence) (25 Mana/Use)0


Energy : 251 + 100%

Mana : 233 + 100%

Mana Restoration : 1/minutes

Attributes : Death/Yin

Upgraded Passive Ability (+Yin Stone Buff) : Death Aura (Causing any monster that is a level below Legendary Grade fear him) (Decreased the attack and defence of the enemy according to their grade Superior Grade will decreased by 50% and each grade lower will decreased by another 20%, Normal Grade monster do not have any courage to resist) (Undeads weaker than the user will follow the user's order)

Upgraded Passive Ability (+Yin Stone Buff) 2 : Demonic Armour (Strengthen defence by 500%)

Upgraded Passive Ability (+Yin Stone Buff) 3 : Demonic Death Heart (Increase the ability to absorbs death and yin energy) (Increase Both Energy and Mana by 100%)

Upgraded Passive Ability (+Yin Stone Buff) 4 : Death Soul (Increase the Soul Power of the user) (Can absorbs dead souls to strengthen itself)

Upgraded Passive Ability (+Yin Stone Buff) 5 : Death Sword (A sword that came from a Yin Bone Sword and was enhanced by death energy) (Additional Ability Death Energy induced attack) (Additional Ability Extreme Sharpness)

Active Ability 6 : One with the stead (A knight is not truly a knight without a trusty stead) (Can Fuse With its stead having 80% of the strength of the stead)


Name : Banjo

Monster : Dark Gold Space Phyton Dragon

Bloodline : War Dragon Bloodline(12% Purity) (Purity Very Low)(Increasing)

Bloodline Ability : During War or battle increases the host ability by 12% (The ability of this would increases as the purity increases)

Race : Pseudo Dragon

Grade : Legendary

Level : Silver Rank Level 7


Skills : Dragon Breath [Orange Quality] (Lvl 3) (B) (Releases a stream of compressed dragon energy) (7 Mana and Energy/Use)

Space Ball Barrage [Orange Quality] (Lvl 5) (B) (Fire 50 space balls that) (25 Energy/Use)

Dragon Whip [Orange Quality] (Lvl 4) (A-) (Uses the tail as a whip) (10 Energy/Use)


Energy : 202 + 50%

Mana : 202 + 70%

Mana Restoration : 1/minutes

Attributes : Space/Strength

Passive Ability : Phyton Dragon Scale (Enhance defence of the user by 200%)

Active Ability 2 : Space Dragon Horn (Can store things on the horn) (The space size is 100 cubic meters it will increased in size by 100% each rank up) (Gain an additional + 20% Mana)

Active Ability 3 : Devour (Devour energies and food easily)

Passive Ability 4 : Dragon Might (Can pressure monsters that are on Superior Grade and Below) (Any monster that has a dragon bloodline would also feel suppression if the purity of their bloodline is lower than the former) (Increases the strength of the host by 100%)

Passive Ability 5 : Dragons Heart (Increases the host overall ability by 100%) (Also increases Mana and Energy by 50%)

Passive Ability 6 : Yang Dragon Energy (Has the ability to absorb sun energy and releases dragon energy this ability can strengthen host while hastening the energy accumulation)


Name : Clwyd

Monster : Frozen Aqua Winged Lizard

Race : Elemental Monster

Grade : Pseudo Legendary

Level : Silver Rank Level 10


Skills : Crystal Ice Spike [Violet Quality] (Lvl 0)(Mastered) (Create a sharp spike that can shoot enemies down has the penetrating ability) (5 Mana/Use)

Giga Hydro Blast [Dark Gold Quality] (Lvl 0) (Mastered) (Produce a strong blast of water that has a terrifying force can cause horrifying damange) (50 Mana/Use)

Frozen Breath [Gold Quality] (Lvl 0) (Zero) (Release a terrifying freezing breath that cause damage and also would freeze the target) (5 Meters cover range) (20 Mana and Energy/Use)


Energy : 150

Mana : 180

Mana Restoration : 10/Minute

Attributes : Ice/Water

Passive Ability : Elemental Body (Greatly increased the power of elemental attack by 100%, Enhance the mastery of elemental move and lastly it can also easily regenerate its limb or body except its core by absorbing elemental energy) (Weakness : has weak defence)

Passive Ability 2 : Enhance Monster Core (Can store Ice and Water element it greatly enhance the mana and energy of the monster) (the core can be split by quality, the quality is dependent on the user grade)

Passive Ability 3 : Extreme Elemental Absorption (Absorbing Elemental Energy was now thrice as fast as before)

Passive Ability 4 : Elemental Manipulator

Manipulation (Increase the overall control of the user to its attribute) (Increase the damage output of all the elemental skill)

Passive Ability 5 : Elemental Physical Body (Creates a physical body) (Extra Ability : Ice Armor)-(Increase Defence) (Extra Ability : Aqua Wings)-(Flight and increase speed)


Name : Leafinia

Monster : Tree of life Dryad

Race : Dryad

Grade : Mythical

Level : Level 7

Skills : Healing Light [Sky Blue Quality] (Lvl 0) (Mastered) (Uses 20 Mana and Energy/Use)

Energy : 112

Mana : 112

Mana Restoration : 1/minutes

Attributes : Life/Light/Nature

Passive Ability : Tree Spirit (A Dryad is a Tree Spirit so as Tree Spirit life its tied to the its tree)

Passive Ability 2 : Queen Spirit Dryad (The highest type of dryads and tree spirit this can be achieved if a druid or tree spirit bind themselves to a tree of life) (Can make other Tree Spirits and Dryads listen to its command)

Passive Ability 3 : Aroma (Release an nice aroma that can relax beings and calm them down)

Active Ability 4 : Treant Guardian (Can create a Treant that can protect the tree of life) (Treant created cannot exceed the Dryads Rank by 3 Rank)

Active Ability 5 : Plant Transport (Can teleport a plant near into the users territory) (Can only works on Orange Quality and below)


Name : France

Title : Battle lord

Monster : Thunder Fury Violet Roc

Race : Roc (Avian Race)

Grade : Legendary

Level : Gold Rank Level 8


Skills : Extreme Wind Blade Barrage [Violet Quality] (Lvl 3) (Mastered) (can shoot a hundred wind blades in just a matter of seconds) (20 Mana/Use)

Thunderbolt [Gold Quality] (Lvl 2) (Mastered)(Shoots a destructive thunderbolt) (10 Mana/Use)

Thunder Fury [Dark Gold Quality] (Zero) (F) (Discharge a large amount of lightning bolts in the surrounding) (Scope of the attack is 10 meters wide apart from the caster) (100 Mana and Energy/Use)


Energy : 253

Mana : 253

Mana Restoration : 1/minutes

Attributes : Flying/Thunder

Passive Ability : Thunder Roc Body (Can absorbs and accumulate large amount of Thunder Element in the body) (This ability also increase the host ability to control and master skills that has Thunder Element on them)

Passive Ability 2 : Flash (Increased agility by 80%)

Passive Ability 3 : Keen Eyes (Great Vision able to spot a monster from miles away)

Active Ability 4 : Thunder Fury Lord Mode (Can make the user body became like an elemental body) (Increased the damage of Electric type attacks by 200%) (Will lose the ability to use any other type of skill)

Active Ability 5 : Thunder Flash (An ability to blink for a 10 meter distance in a matter of second) (This ability needed Mana and Energy to activate)


Name : Beety

Title : Queen

Monster : Queen Spirit Bee

Race : Bee (Insect Race)

Grade : Superior

Level : Level 10

Energy : 25

Mana : 40

Mana Restoration : 1/minutes

Attributes : Poison/Spirit

Passive Ability : Queen Bee (A queen bee can control any bee type monster as long as they aren't a queen or king) (Can also control others that are on Insect Race as long as they are not on the same grade as the queen or have 2 realm higher than her) (All the bees produced by the queen or her descendants are totally obedient) (Ability + Title the queen bee can produced at least 100 eggs monthly) (each bees that was hatched will have the average of 80% of being a Good Grade monster, 60% of being a Rare Grade monster, 40% of being a Very Rare Grade monster, 20% of being a Excellent Grade monster, 1% of being a Superior Grade monster and 0.008% in achieving Legendary Grade) (in the 100 eggs 25% can be a fighter bee, 1% can be a guardian bee)

Passive Ability 2 : Enhances Intelligence (Increase the learning capability and intelligence)


Name : J-Darwin

Monster : Draconic War Bull Wolf

Race : Wolf and Bull (Beast Race)

Grade : Pseudo Legendary

Level : Gold Rank Level 8


Skills : Draconic Charge [Violet] (Lvl 1) (Mastered) (With the sharp horns of Bull Wolf the charge is force to be reckon with) (4 Energy/Charge)

Sonic Dragon Roar [Violet] (Lvl 1) (Mastered) (Releases a loud roar harming the target) (10 Mana/Use)

Super Crunch [Violet Quality] (Lvl 1) (Mastered) (Bites the target and lock on it) (Additional Ability Armour Break) (3 Energy/Use)

Slash [Violet Quality] (Lvl 2) (Mastered) (Uses the sharp claws to harm the target) (Additional Ability Tearing) (2 Energy/Use) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Energy : 218 + 50%

Mana : 205

Mana Restoration : 1/minutes

Attributes : Strength

Passive Ability : Great Vitality (Enhance Stamina by 100%) (Enhance Energy by 50%)

Passive Ability 2 : Draconic Champion Strength (Increase Strength by 300%)

Passive Ability 3 : Enhance Regeneration (Increase the ability to heal itself by 250%) (Needs energy to function) (1 Energy per minute) (Passively activates when host is wounded)

Passive 4 : Enhanced Speed (Increase speed by 50%) (Bull Species Bonus : Charging speed will increase by 100%)

Passive Ability 5 : Enhanced Sharpness (Increases the sharpness of horns, teeth, claws etc)

Passive Ability 6 : Demonic Stomach (Increase the ability to consume)


Name : Sean Sean

Title : Earth Lord

Monster : Earth Beast

Bloodline : Kilin (Impure)

Race : Elemental Subspecies (Kilin Race)

Grade : Superior

Level : Bronze Rank Level 2


Skills : Mud Blast [Orange Quality] (Zero) (F-) (Shoot an attack that was composed of Earth Element) (5 Mana/Shot)

Earth Spike [Orange Quality] (Lvl 0) (Zero) (Produce a couple of spikes from the ground) (10 Mana/Use)


Energy : 23

Mana : 103

Mana Restoration : 1/50 Seconds

Attributes : Earth

Passive Ability : Kilin (A member of Kilin Race have the ability to enhance the control of Earth Element in the surrounding) (This ability could be used in different things)

Passive Ability 2 : Kilin Horn (Increase the overall ability of the Kilin to manipulate earth element wether to absorb or control)

Passive Ability 3 : Enhance Elemental Core (Enhance the absorption of Earth Element)

Active Ability 4 : Earth Lord (Once activate the user would increase the control and damage of all Earth Attribute skill by 100%) (Can only activate once per week)


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