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12.8% The Supreme Alpha / Chapter 15: Duke's feast

Duke's feast - The Supreme Alpha - Chapter 15 by RedSonia full book limited free

Chapter 15: Duke's feast

Author's note: This is from Seraphina's point of view

- - -

Our current position on the top deck of a luxury boat was scandalous.

I was sitting on the dining table that had rose petals scattered everywhere, and several candles at the far end.

Between my legs was Duke, who was sitting on the chair, his position placing his face at my chest level, but his eyes were glued to my exposed legs (thanks to Duke tearing my custom Versace gown).

The bodice of the gown was still fairly untouched, and Duke caressed my legs like they are the most precious things in the world.

I could see the lust clouding Duke's mind with every passing second as the air around us became heady, and I didn't move a muscle because I didn't want to disturb him.

The impatience with which Duke tore my panties left me breathless and I knew that he can smell my arousal. He probably smelled it from the moment I climbed on this upper deck.

Before I could feel the fresh breeze between my legs, Duke's hot breath was there.

"Ah…", a lustful sound left my lips when his tongue moved between my drenched folds, and his hum of satisfaction sent vibrations deep into my core, firing up all my nerve endings.

My mind was spinning. Literally.

Duke was lapping at me like a parched man while holding my knees firmly to prevent me from pulling my shaky legs together.

The way he handles my body with confidence is the biggest turn-on ever.

The ecstatic pressure was building rapidly as Duke pushed me toward Heaven with every stroke of his tongue and I gripped the edges of the table while trying to steady myself.

"Let it out, love… I want to hear you…", he murmured against my flesh, and I felt him smiling when a throaty moan escaped me.

Did I really make that sound?

My mind was a mess, and I had no idea at what point I started shouting, "Ah, yes… Yes!"

"Yes, what?", Duke asked, and I couldn't believe that he stopped to look at me.

I yanked his hair, urging him to go back and finish what he started. "Don't stop now."

"Stop, what?"

Damn! He wanted me to talk dirty!

"Don't stop, I am so close. Please.", I pleaded.

Duke gave me a devilish smirk and I could see that he was plotting something sinister, but I had my secret weapon. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-feast_56641167642650837">;s-feast_56641167642650837</a> for visiting.

I looked straight into his endlessly blue eyes and called softly, "Mateo…"

His eyes shook for a moment before he buried his face where it belongs, between my legs.

I threw my head backward and continued riding the wave of pleasure while staring blankly at the stary sky above.

"Ah! Mateo!", I cried his name with the last fraction of air from my lungs as ecstasy shook my soul.

"Ah… Oh... Uh… Ugh…", I struggled to breathe and Duke showed no intention of stopping.

"You taste divine, Serina…", he murmured and then he sucked on my clit. "I can do this all night long."

Yeah, but if you don't stop for a bit, I might pass out. The pleasure was torturous, yet I didn't want him to stop.

Give me a breather, will you!? Just a few seconds will do.

No! Don't you dare stop! The last month felt like a century and we need to make up for it!

Unaware of my internal conflicts, Duke's tongue circled around my clit once, twice, and then he teased my throbbing entrance.

"Fuck, Serina! I can't wait to feel you milk my cock!"

'Well, don't wait!', I wanted to say, but I was unable to speak or move because his tongue moved over my clit in mighty strokes, bringing another surge of electricity that created fireworks in front of my closed eyes within seconds and my whole body shook uncontrollably.

Duke held my legs spread wide, and he didn't move from the chair while his head was lowered so that he can feast on me.

He treated me like a meal, and I didn't mind, not even a little bit. He can eat me up anytime.

I was lost in the haze of lust, and I had no idea at what point Duke stood up. He pulled me toward him until my buttocks hung from the edge of the table and I leaned on my elbows for support.

I could feel his hot and hard shaft moving between my folds as he spread my juices over him and I jolted every time he ran over my throbbing clit.

And there it was. The pressure… the stretch… and the mind-blowing friction that shot zaps of pleasure through my body.

Duke stood above me, with the night sky providing a perfect background for my handsome Alpha who took his sweet time to enter me, but I couldn't complain because he looked at me like I'm the center of his world.

A low rumble formed in Duke's chest when he got all the way in, and a blissful smile bloomed on his handsome face.

Finally, we were one.

Duke's hot palms moved up my exposed abdomen, and he gripped what was left of my dress. In one swift move, he ripped the bodice, leaving me only in my bra. Well, I knew that the bra won't stay there for long either, but he didn't remove it right away; he only pushed it up, exposing my breasts for him to feast on.

Duke arched his body above mine and took my right nipple in his mouth while his fingers played with my left one.

And then his hips moved slowly.

I knew that he wanted me just as much as I wanted him, maybe more. Yet the control he showed was stunning.

I could see that he enjoyed the way our bodies connected, like two halves that became a perfect whole.

I was not sure if he moved slowly in order to torture me or himself, but I needed him harder and faster, so I reached for his perfect ass and dug my fingers into it, urging him to move.

Duke unlatched himself from my breast and looked at me questionably.

"Don't hold it in, Mateo.", I breathed. "After one long month, I am eager to feel what my Alpha can do. Show me that I'm yours."

His eyes flashed with something unfathomable and for a long moment, he stared at me.

Duke straightened up and grabbed my hips and I inhaled a choppy breath in anticipation of what's coming.

His gaze bore into my eyes like he can see into my soul as he pumped himself inside me vigorously, filling me to the brim and hitting some mysterious spots that sent bolts of electricity through my body.

This is what I wanted. This is what I desired. Duke's touch. All of it. Everywhere.

It was wild and unrestrained and just ours.

I lost track of time, but it felt like only a minute passed when my body tensed before I exploded into a scream, and I cried for mercy while Duke showed none.

One orgasm came after another, blurring my mind and erasing everything negative in this world as Duke filled me up.

I enjoy the feeling of his hot seed inside me, and I love his expression when ecstasy washes over him in waves that make him shudder.

His body glistened with sweat and I was dazed by the perfection of his muscles rippling as he moved.

He is sexy and powerful and mine.

That's my Alpha.


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RedSonia RedSonia

One h-o-t chapter.

Duke and Serina are back.

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