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14.56% The Supreme Alpha / Chapter 14: Unexpected dinner

Unexpected dinner - The Supreme Alpha - Chapter 14 by RedSonia full book limited free

Chapter 14: Unexpected dinner

Author's note: This is from Seraphina's point of view

- - -

I looked at the flower petals covering the stairs that spiraled to the upper deck.

Maybe at the end of this flowery path I will find out what the countdown was about, and I DEFINITELY wanted to know why was I in the middle of the sea, alone, on a luxurious boat?

I took the first step up, and I truly hoped I won't see a masked man with a machete on the upper deck.

Ah, what if he is a naked man with a machete?

'Chill, Serina. Masked or naked, you can just blow him off the deck.', I reassured myself as I made my way up. 'And if he gets too close, just treat him as a meal and drain his vitality away.' Now, this gave me even more confidence that I can handle myself.

I allowed my imagination to go crazy and for a minute I completely forgot that I'm immortal with powers and that Mitch brought me here to meet with Duke but… where is Duke?

Is he not here? Will he come later? What if something happened?

The anxiety made my legs move faster and I stopped abruptly as soon as I reached the upper deck.

"What took you so long?", Duke asked with a smirk which told me that he was watching me from the moment I stepped on this boat.

God, I made a fool of myself, much to his amusement.

There is probably a camera downstairs and he saw all my silly expressions. Maybe I should explain myself.

"I thought that a masked man with machete got you."

Duke's eyebrows shoot up. "What?"

I shook my head helplessly and walked to the man I love to pieces.

"You will be the end of me, Duke…", I mumbled while burying my face in the crook of his neck and I took a deep breath to fill my lungs with Duke's scent of pine trees mixed with the ocean. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

His arms circled around me naturally, like I belong there, in his embrace. And I do.

"No, my love. I am your beginning just how you are mine.", he said, and I could hear that he was smiling.

I looked up to Duke and I soaked in his handsome features. Everything about him oozes with masculinity. That's my Alpha.

"What's with all the secrecy?", I asked.

"I was planning a surprise. A romantic evening for the two of us. Are you surprised?"

"I am.", I admitted and looked around.

The upper deck had cozy off-white seating on both sides, and in the middle was a table. The table had candles on it and rose petals that were also scattered everywhere.

The boat that looked scary suddenly became super-romantic with the addition of Duke.

"Aww… I thought you are avoiding me, but you ended up planning all this."

Duke shook his head at me, but his eyes were full of endless love and admiration.

"Don't be silly, Serina. I will never avoid you. For most of the day, I was working on this. Since I didn't want staff to disturb us, it took a bit of extra work."

I picked up something from his words, and I wanted to make sure... "Are you saying that it's just the two of us on this boat?"

Duke hummed in confirmation. "There are three bedrooms on the lower deck, but since it's just the two of us, the whole boat is at our disposal."

I liked that. I liked it very much because his words told me that the whole boat is ours, and we have privacy, which means that we can get naked. Everywhere.

"Oh… I see roses, candles, and I can assume that we will have dinner and dance before...", my voice trailed as I wiggled my eyebrows playfully.

A deep laugh rumbled in his chest, a carefree one, full of joy.

I love to see him in a good mood, but I wondered why are his hands still on my back and not under my dress.

"So, are we safe?", I asked. "I mean, is it after midnight?"

"Didn't you see the countdown downstairs?"

I realized that the tablet was not a timer for a bomb or some calamity, but it was counting until midnight.

The sheer thought of how it's after midnight sent a pulse of need into the pit of my stomach and the fact that Duke was right there, just the two of us on a boat, only amplified my craving to feel him deep inside me.

I was impatient to finish the romantic formalities and move to the sexy part. I took his hands into mine and gave him a squeeze.

God, how much I wanted those hands all over me!

"Should we start with dinner?"

Duke chuckled and kissed knuckles on both of my hands before letting go and moving toward the table.

He pulled a chair for himself and took a seat.

It was unusual for Duke to sit without making sure I'm settled first, but I didn't want to think about that because there was another pressing matter.

"Didn't you say that there is no staff here? Where is food?"

"You will take care of it."

'Oh, he wants me to serve him.', I thought.

Is this one of his roleplaying desires? Did he prepare a sexy maid outfit for me? "You want me to bring food?"

"Something like that.", he drawled.

I didn't get it. Should I get the food or not? It was not the romancing I expected, but I didn't want to dwell on the details as long as I get Duke as desert.

"Where is the food?", I asked while looking around, hoping to see a cart with covered dishes, but there was none. Do I need to go downstairs?

I turned to Duke, expecting some guidance, but I saw that his eyes were moving over my body, the intensity of his gaze leaving a trail of scorching marks.

After a few endless seconds of silence, Duke patted the table.

"Come here, love. I want you to serve me my meal. The last month was torturous and I'm ready to break my fasting."

It took me a moment to understand what he meant. The meal was me. That's why he didn't pull a chair for me. Actually, there was no second chair.

From the beginning, his plan was that I will sit on the table, and he will eat me.

It was scandalous and for a shameful reason I didn't want to admit, my panties were drenched.

Duke narrowed his eyes at me. "Are you coming?"

"Ah…", a silly sound escaped my lips. In my mind, I was already on the table with Duke all over me.

I moved toward the table without breaking eye contact and Duke grabbed my hips, lifting me with ease and putting me on the table.

He frowned at the sight of a long dress that held my legs together and before I could react, a ripping sound of fabric was heard, and I felt the sea breeze caressing my skin all the way up to my hips.

"This was custom… Versace…", I cried weakly.

Duke didn't seem to care about my complaint related to him tearing my dress. Yes, it's not the first dress he ruined but I wished that he stop doing it.

Duke spread my legs, one on each side of him, and I hissed when he bit the inside of my knee.

I wanted to tell him not to bite, but the pain morphed into pleasure quickly, leaving me tongue-tied.

I wanted him to bite me again.

Duke smiled against my skin. "You are lucky that your man is rich. I will get you a dozen dresses like those."

"That will give you more garments to tear. Maybe I should wear only a bathrobe every time we are together. That's easy to remove and we will save a fortune."

Duke hummed in approval and his hot palms moved over my thighs, firing me up to the point of insanity.

I laughed weakly while running my fingers through his silky hair.

I knew that only Duke can make me feel this way because he is the only man who has my heart and my unconditional trust. My body is his as well because he is my everything.

My Duke.


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The fasting is over!

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