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19.04% The Tale of the Strongest / Chapter 8: Xynith

Xynith - The Tale of the Strongest - Chapter 8 by WordsmithVenerable full book limited free

Chapter 8: Xynith

Liam woke up and rubbed his eyes.

"It's finally Sunday. And tomorrow class will resume." Liam sighed and silently fix his bed.

He then remembered what happened yesterday and smiled.

"I can fly now. I can use my newfound powers to help those in need. Although I need a weapon. Just in case a battle erupt." He started talking aloud to himself.

"Sadly, only one short knife can be made. I wonder if Azrael finished forging it."

He looked at his room to check if it's clean thoroughly and nodded.

"I hope breakfast is ready. Sometimes, mom woke up in the afternoon. And that means no breakfast." He silently left his room and peeked downstairs.

"Thank god mom woke up early."

The smell of bacon and eggs made his stomach rumble. He hurriedly went downstairs and greeted his mom.

"Morning, mum!"

"Good morning, son! Did you sleep early?" Veronica smiled and prepared the plates and utensils.

"Yup. Also, I'll be going somewhere after breakfast."

"Oh? Where are you going?" His mom was surprised.

"I'll go to Nathalie's house. I need help with some homework." He replied.

"Nathalie? Your girlfriend?" Her mom simply smiled as if she knows everything.

"Yeah. Whatever you say." Liam didn't argue anymore and begun eating.


After eating his fill, he washed himself and prepared to go outside.

"Azrael, where are you?!" He shouted at the top of his lungs when he was outside.

"Shut up kid. It's 8 in the morning and you're shouting!?" An old man who was walking by covered his ears in distress.

"I'm sorry grandpa. I won't do it again." He scratched his head and bowed in the old man's direction.

'What a nice child.' The man thought and nodded back.

When the old man was nowhere in sight, a portal appeared in front of Liam.

A handsome demon walked out of it. He held a well engraved and shining box carefully.

"Your weapon is forged, child." The demon grumbled.

"Gimme, gimme." Liam's eyes were full of greed and were ready to snatch the box away from Azrael.

He grabbed the box and pulled it away from Azrael. But the Demon's hand didn't budge.

"Hey, let it go." Liam frowned.

"No." Azrael stubbornly refused to give this box to Liam.

"What do you mean 'no'? Give it to me bast*rd!" Liam used both of his hands and pulled the box.

The demon still refused to let go until Liam ordered Azrael to give the box to him.

"I order you to let go assh*le!"

"Just promise me you'll never ever lose it, ok? It's really precious. More than your life." He looked at Liam intensely. This was made by Sisyphus's weapon. It contained a rare unique material called 'Xynith'.

Xynith was the strongest known material in both Heaven and Hell. It's known to be so indestructible that only it can cut itself. It has the power to multiply its owner's power and multiply the effects and power of any enchantment engraved in it.

Forging a weapon using Xynith was almost impossible. Only three being in the whole Universe could melt and forge something from it.

Azrael almost used everything he has just to make a weapon out of Xynith for Liam. Luckily it's only a fragment from the real deal so the demon didn't need to pay using his own soul.

It's so rare that only ten weapons were crafted from that material. Where the four weapons reside in hell and the other four resides in heaven. While the origin and wielder of the other two weapons are currently unknown.

Now that Sisyphus was dead, Heaven only has three Xynith based weapons. This was a major key point for Hell to finally defeat its rival.

"No worries, I won't lose it!" Liam genuinely promised.

Azrael felt drained and finally let go.

"I shall believe in you, for now. Don't let me down." His deep voice echoed everywhere.

"Yeah yeah." Liam didn't pay attention to what the demon was saying and opened the box excitedly.

A demonic aura suddenly escaped from the box and strange screeching sounds were heard.

Azrael snapped his fingers and murmured.

"Alternate Reality!"

Suddenly all presence of living beings vanished. Time seemed to stop. Then the surroundings become still and quiet.

Liam didn't notice this. He was overwhelmed by the intense pressure the weapon inside the box was giving.

"Holy sh*t! Amazing! Incredible!" He praised. Liam was super excited to see how the weapon looked.

Azrael simply stared at him and thought:

"Who are you?"

For some reason, the way Liam was acting now seems both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

And then something strange happens. Liam was now releasing a demonic aura. As if it was showing supremacy towards the weapon. It entirely devoured pressure from the box until only Liam's demonic aura remain.

"What!?" Azrael's red eyes blazed!

"This is!? Impossible! An archdemon's smell! Who the hell are you!?" Azrael was now having a hard time controlling himself.

While Liam was only purely excited. He didn't notice anything wrong with himself.

His left eye suddenly turned scarlet and it similarly blazed just like Azrael's.

"Don't tell me... He's...." Azrael was stunned.

"Is he..." The demon stopped his thoughts. This was impossible. Rather, his mind can't accept his line of thoughts.


The weapon finally emerged. Liam excitedly looked at it and can't help but laughed.

He unsheathed the knife from its leather sheath and look at it.

"This is truly an exquisite dagger!" Liam loudly declared.

The dagger was double-edged. The right edge was toothed while the left edge was curved.

It was scarlet and black in color. The hilt was shaped like a wing while an ancient text was printed on the blade itself.

"Hey, Azrael what does this mean?" Liam asked the demon.

Azrael snapped out of it and replied obediently.

"You should name your blade. The chosen name will be printed on it."

"Name?" Liam thought about it.

"This blade will be used to subdue both demons and angels. I shall call you... Sharpy!"

He wasn't good at naming. The first word that came to his mind was sharp and exquisite. The kid just simply named his blade and the ancient text shifted.

"I guess this is Sharpy in demon tongue."

He held the knife and slashed it a few times. It was lightweight and easy to handle. Whenever he brandished the blade, it felt like cutting the air like paper.

"I love it!" Liam threw the knife in the air and caught it easily.

He practiced the national martial arts of the Philippines, Arnis. But it's more known as Kali generally outside the country. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It's the art of wielding sticks, bladed weapons, knives, and even a real sword! Not just that but it also practiced open-handed techniques.

And that's why he knew the basics of using a knife for battle.

He practiced for some time before he put the knife back on its sheath.

"Thank you so much for this knife, Azrael. I really like it!"

The sheath came with a belt. Liam put it on his waist and proudly walked towards the demon.

The belt was engraved with a scarlet serpent image all over it.

Azrael flapped his wings and flew in the air.

"This is an alternate reality. The disturbance created earlier was too eye-catching." He looked down on Liam and told him to use his Exosia.

Liam activated his Exosia and a black fog covered him. He emerged from it after a while. His black pair of wings was now visible and he similarly flew in the air.

"To get out of an Alternate Reality, you should fly high and break it from the inside. Simply said, just fly and punch through the sky." Azrael explained.

'Something's wrong. Azrael seems more lenient. Suspicious...' Liam thought.

"What's wrong? You're staring at me too hard. Let's go!" Azrael broke the sound barrier while waving his hand.

"Protection Barrier"

'Really suspicious.' Liam was coated in a yellow barrier and similarly flew at a fast rate and broke the sound barrier.

For some reason, in an alternate reality, the concept of wind was nowhere. He didn't feel the wind blowing through his body.

Liam felt something broke and looked below. He could finally see the people below and felt the wind blowing. He glanced to his left and saw Azrael.

"Invisibility spell please!" He shouted.

Azrael waved his hand and they both became transparent.

"Let's go there. I'm going to someone's house." Liam moved in the opposite direction and flew at a high speed.

Azrael silently followed him. His brain was still occupied by what happened earlier.

They both landed somewhere in an alley. They looked around and when they finally confirmed no one was in sight, Azrael undid the invisibility spell.

"A demon slave is so convenient!" Liam teased Azrael.

But the demon ignored him. Liam pouted and went to the nearby house.

It was a big mansion. Liam walked to the gate and waved hi to the old butler that was silently standing near the gate.

"Hello, Mr. Albert. Is Nath home?" He asked.

"Sir Abad! The Missus is waiting for you for ages. Hurry!" He smiled and signaled the guard to open the gate.

"Thanks, Fred!" Liam thanked the bulky guard who opened the gate.

He followed Albert nonchalantly as if he was extremely familiar with this place.

They entered the mansion and a girl immediately appeared in Liam's vision.

"Hello there, Nath!" He smiled.

"Liam!" The girl excitedly went to Liam and hugged him.

WordsmithVenerable WordsmithVenerable

Arnis is also known as Kali outside the country. Many practitioners of Arnis who isn't a Filipino or practiced it outside the country called it Kali.

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