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Project Adam - THE TALES OF A DEAD MAN - Chapter 1 by DarkDragonGod full book limited free

Chapter 1: Project Adam

Eighteen years later, on a small island in the pacific ocean.

Inside a white laboratory bustling with people wearing anti-radiation suits; a strange duo was sitting together on a sofa that seemed as equally out of place in the lab as them; one young as if, fresh out of high school and the other a middle-aged man in a military uniform sitting together in a leisurely manner, lazily devouring a pizza contrasting with the other people busily working around them; the duo seemed as if they existed in a different world as they savoured the pizza; they appeared to be awfully at ease.

Finishing the last slice of pizza; their faces had an expression of ecstasy adorning it as if still savouring its flavour. The middle-aged man asked the youth with a plain tone: Are you ready?

The young Asian boy paused a bit but still replied yes, with an expression of yearning; still looking towards the empty pizza box as if regretting eating it too fast.

The middle-aged man blonde man Isaac stood up hearing his approval, as his expression immediately hardened with a resolve that seemed to able to sever steel showing through his eyes, he spoke in a loud and solemn voice: Initiate Project Adam!

Hearing his command, all the workers doubled their pace causing the already bustling place to start to look like a beehive.

A man carrying a strange white coloured helmet that looked like a mix between a bike helmet and a diving helmet came towards them and passed the Helmet to the young man as they arrived at the adjacent room.

The room was pure white with only a big grey coloured cuboidal box in the centre.

The young man Amagawa Zenko spoke in a plain tone: I see, so that is my coffin...huh.

Isaac bitterly replied: At Least we don't hope so, because if you do die, then the earth will accompany you soon Despite adding "lol" to the end of his statement, it neither changed his heavy mood nor the grim reality of their future if this plan failed.

Hearing this even Zenko's expression grew a little graver as he wore the helmet which buzzed and attached firmly to his head, and he spoke: does this helmet contain the Faustmann's library?

Listening to this question Isaac's mood quickly recovered and his face shown with pride as he replied: Yes, the Faustmann's library has been loaded into this helmet. Once you wear this helmet, the Faustmann's library will automatically activate after forming a connection with the symbiosis chip located at your neck and through it, you can access the interface of the World's greatest artificial intelligence system containing a massive amount of information from all walks of life and you can do this just by thinking a command inside your head ...although its development cost more than a 100 billion dollars, it's well worth it as the pinnacle of all AI and the greatest creation produced by the collaboration of the world's brightest minds.

Hearing Isaac once again starting to explain, Zenko uninterestedly nodded at Isaac having listened to this multiple times already before quickly opening the metallic coffin and settling down to escape Isaac's tedious speech.

As soon as he sat down the lid closed automatically and the wall in front of him opened to reveal a grand structure composed of multiple rings which started rotating as the wall behind him turned transparent revealing the previous room with Isaac returning to it.

The roar of the rotating rings grew louder and louder as the rings started glowing and sparkling with electricity, seeing this Isaac commanded the countdown to begin in preparation to activate the warp gate and launch the coffin-like shuttle into it.

As the countdown started, the roar of the metal gears turning also became louder and louder.

10 ...9 ...7 ...4...

As the countdown reached four, a black distortion appeared in the centre of the warp gate which rapidly expanded.

...3 ...2 ...1 ...0!

When the countdown reached zero, the shuttle launched into the black distortion with its speed instantly surpassing the speed of sound.

As the shuttle passed halfway through an alarm suddenly blazed into being signifying that something went wrong and a half a moment later, an explosion ripped through the surroundings ravaging the entire building.


Sitting inside the shuttle, Zenko waited for the countdown to reach zero with each passing second feeling as heavy as a year.

Finally, the countdown reached zero and the shuttle jerked into motion causing Zenko's body to heavily press against his seat as the shuttle shot towards the warp gate when the sound of alarms blazed into being, blaring louder and harsher than even the roaring of the rotating metal rings. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The shuttle suddenly started distorting and it felt like he was being stretched infinitely and turning into ultra-long noodles for a cosmic being to eat ...if there were any.

His deep contemplation about the existence of such beings was brought to an end when his entire body was suddenly assaulted by immense pain; it felt as if he was being ripped apart; His usually dull face contorted into an unimaginable shape and his entire body was convulsing violently, every part of him literally vibrating with the pain when suddenly the pain stopped as suddenly as it had come but what replaced it was a void an absolute feeling of emptiness.

Zenko's surroundings turned dark with a tint of red which slowly faded away as if it was nothing more than an illusion as he floated or rather ...drowned in the now pitch-black void, he felt suffocated as if all the air was being sucked out of his lungs as he flailed about with the last remaining shreds of his energy with his consciousness starting to slowly fade as if merging with the great darkness surrounding him when he saw a stream of light piercing through the dark void coming towards him. The last thing he remembered was a hook reaching him as his body was pulled upwards by an irresistible force before losing consciousness.

DarkDragonGod DarkDragonGod

Please inform me for any mistakes, I'll correct them as soon as possible.

Thank You

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