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100% The Tales of Three Realms [BL] / Chapter 20: The Way Two Hearts Joined Together

The Way Two Hearts Joined Together - The Tales of Three Realms [BL] - Chapter 20 by Paper_Crane full book limited free

Chapter 20: The Way Two Hearts Joined Together

"—Wake up—"

A finger tapped on his forehead gently. The voice was almost unfamiliar to his ears, it bore a soothing presence like a wave caressing his whole being.

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Yang YueChen swatted the hand away, and hid underneath the blanket. "I don't have school..."

That voice laughed instead. With a small tug, he pulled the blanket and tossed it away. "You're so going to regret it if you don't wake up now, boy."

"I have nothing to regret!" Yang YueChen groaned and rolled over to bury his face on the pillow. "It's not like I will be anything more than fifth place from the last!"

Yuan Ji rested his chin on his knuckles and huffed. He then, rummaged the boy's closet. Folding clothes that got tossed away and reordering the whole closet.

The deity placed a dress shirt on the desk and proceeded to look for the vest. Much to his disappointment, he found out that the grey vest he held had been wrinkled and a little torn.

"Good Lord, when was the last time you wore this thing?"

Hearing the question, Yang YueChen turned his head and said, "Three years ago… I think.."

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes and threw the vest into a basket. In short span of time, there were already more than a dozen clothing he deemed need some fixing.

"You're giving mama a hard job, you know?" YueChen mumbled, on his face an annoyed frown.

"Your mama will do the same, so be quiet and get ready."

A finger poked his back.

Yang YueChen turned to gaze back at the pair of ethereal looking eyes. The eyes, as if they were concealing conflicting emotions, stared through his soul.

"What are you thinking?" The god whispered on his ear, his lips brushed Yang YueChen's skin lightly.

The boy immediately covered his ear, "It… I'm just thinking about that night."

Yuan Ji propped his chin on his knuckles. He nodded once, a signal for YueChen to continue.

The graduation ceremony was overwhelmingly boring. Truth to be told, if it wasn't for the food, the third year Yang YueChen would have run away.

Tell the report card and teachers to mind their own business!

Yang YueChen wouldn't be coming home with another barely passing grades in his card. He knew better than being lectured for everything.

'Don't blame the poor boy for not being able to compete with the other geniuses', he wanted to say it to his parents. 'Your son tries his best, even though it's not satisfactory!'

As if receiving report card wasn't enough of a torture, to make things far worse, it was also the prom night. Which meant… Yang YueChen would be a wallflower for the entire night.

In his heart he cursed loudly. Whoever came up with this idea had to be reminded that they're Chinese, not Americans!!! Fourteen, fifteen years olds weren't supposed to fool around!

The boy sulked for almost a good hour, having no intention to move away from his seat unless it's food and he had a reason to.

Yang YueChen fidgeted, his palms wet and hot. Being in the noisy hall of his school made his head spun but he maintained his calm look. Only Yuan Ji noticed that he had been staring at the clock for a while. The deity stepped closer to him, offering a cup of juice to the anxious vessel. Seeing the stubborn boy refused to socialize, for he was an awkward loner, Yuan Ji took a seat and sat in front of him.

"Thanks..." YueChen forced a smile, one so stiff it seemed too off.

Yuan Ji raised an eyebrow. He glanced over the teen's shoulder and saw Xu HuaLi and few of the bullies. His pale hand crept up to his face, pondering about something.

"You can run away and hide in the bathroom, or stay here. Whichever you choose, I'm following you." The deity beamed at him, resting his arms on the back of the seat.

Before Yang YueChen could say anything, a loud, energetic voice interrupted them. "Everyone! The night is still young!" It was the student council president. "Enjoy the rest of your time with your partner!"

After declaring that the dance would begin soon, the student council president stepped down and reorganized the songs and atmosphere.

A-Die, who had finished doing laundry, happened to hear the story. Curious about it, she hid herself behind the wooden wall. Something that made Yue-Ge smiled so gently, what could it be?

"Let's go?" Yuan Ji tilted his head to the door, indicating a small mischievous plan.

"To where?"

"You'll see." The deity dragged the boy out of the hall and laughed. People immediately made way for the two, the crowd dancing parted for only them.

Soon, the laughter became distant and the music somehow became louder.

The moon was big, bright contrasting the night. A few stars littered the darkness, softly illuminated the two figures outside the hall.

Yuan Ji led him to the center of the field, right under a light. With only a snap of his finger, said light immediately turned on.

"I don't find a good place but maybe this works too?" The deity murmured, and with a flick of his wrist, his clothes changed into a navy blue tux that hugged his figure perfectly.

"Are you trying to ask for a dance?" Yang YueChen asked rather innocently, an unsatisfied frown still on his face.

"I'm thinking of stargazing, but if you want to dance that's fine too."

"Sorry for the bother..."

"It's okay."

Not knowing what to do, Yuan Ji who barely had enough knowledge of dances only half raised his arms, imitating what people in the hall did. YueChen held his hand, and stepped back.

They began to spin around slowly, following the direction of the breeze.

No one knew how long the dance lasted. However, Yang YueChen knew one thing for certain.

His growing feelings, were never admiration. And not even heavens could take Yuan Ji away from him.

Yang YueChen fell in love, to someone who might not love him back.

Paper_Crane Paper_Crane

It's PaperCrane (again)!

Tale Three will (most likely) end in two chaps.

Which means we're diving straight into the real real plot (which is painful).

See you!

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