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9.09% The Tentacles' Tavern / Chapter 2: What's better than a good throwing arm? A good throwing tentacle.

What's better than a good throwing arm? A good throwing tentacle. - The Tentacles' Tavern - Chapter 2 by tends full book limited free

Chapter 2: What's better than a good throwing arm? A good throwing tentacle.

Get a life! Go do something else! Don't you have anything better to be doing?! I mentally shouted at the beast as I tried my best to get away from its swinging arms.

The beast didn't care. All it wanted to do was screech and howl at me as it chased me down the roots of the tree right back to where I found myself when I first opened my eyes.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Escaping didn't seem like an option because the beast was faster and more agile than me. Fighting it didn't seem like an option because… what was I going to do? Smack it with my tentacles? I was going up against a beast with claws on its hands that looked as big as my arm tentacles and were as sharp as its fangs! One swipe from those and it'd probably tear me in half!

Then I had an idea.

I noticed one of the loose rocks that fell during my digging landed on a nearby root, so I grabbed it by wrapping one of my arm tentacles around it, pulled my tentacle back, and whipped the rock at the beast's head as quickly as a I could!

Direct hit!

It wasn't just a direct hit, but it managed to hit the beast while it was mid-jump with its hands reached out for me. With its eyes closed and its hands now covering its head, the beast might just jump right into the endless sky and leave me alone.

If only it was that easy.

Instead of jumping into nothingness, the beast's tail wrapped around the nearest root to catch itself.

That was just unfair. Its tail was as useful as my tentacles, so it took the only advantage I had away from me.

There was only one other thing I could think of doing. While the beast was distracted and in pain, I climbed back up the roots as quickly as possible to get myself on top of the island.


I had four arm tentacles, two on each side. I also had six leg tentacles, three on each side. The leg tentacles were helping me stay balanced and I wanted to keep them free in case I needed to try and escape, but my four arm tentacles reached out to grab anything nearby that could be used as a weapon. I ended up with two sticks and two rocks.

As soon as the beast tried climbing up through the hole, I stabbed the sticks down into it. The beast grabbed one to pull away, but I managed to stab the other one into its shoulder at least. Well, not quite stab. It was more like I managed to scratch its shoulder with the stick.

But that wasn't enough. The beast was still coming for me.

Next came the rocks. I threw each one down into the hole as hard as I could. Again, the beast managed to block one with its arm, but the other landed right between its eyes and made it lose some ground.

Rocks were clearly the way to go. Sticks, not so much. So, while the beast recovered from its pain again, I brought every single nearby rock I could find to the hole and began throwing them down as rapidly as possible. Two tentacles were dedicated to throwing rocks while six more, since I decided to use some of my leg tentacles, were dedicated to searching around for new rocks.

It took me about thirty seconds of stretching my tentacles out to far greater lengths than what they were originally like to realize that I was, in fact, able to stretch them. Panic and desperation must have pushed me into making that discovery.

Thanks to being able to reach all over the small island to grab more rocks, I was able to keep up my assault until the beast looked tired and defeated.

Now, I could have stopped it there. The beast was probably injured enough that I would be able to escape without issue.

But it was a beast. Hostile beasts never surrendered, even on the verge of death. I remembered that much. There was never a reason to leave a hostile beast alive. If anything, it was cruel to. Only those who enjoyed watching other beings suffer, even if they were soulless beings like beasts, left them alive.

My only problem was that there were no nearby rocks to grab. The only ones left on the island were just out of reach.

I moved away from the hole to go and grab the rocks, but that gave the beast just enough time to crawl up through it and lunge at me with its claws extended.

I threw the rock, jagged side facing it, directly toward the beast's head.

It turned out that I had pretty good aim.

Another direct hit.

The beast fell to the ground, skidding across it until it came to a lifeless stop directly in front of me.

I… I did it. Wait. I did it? I actually did it? Also, have I always been this good at throwing things? Well, I guess I technically have always been good at it if I've been good at it for the few minutes.

I relaxed on the ground and let out a deep sigh.

That was when I discovered where my mouth was.

My mouth was inside of my body. In order for me to sigh, my torso split open from the front. My right side, which featured my eyes, was on its own "flap" of sorts while the rest of my torso was on the left flap. These flaps were what covered up my mouth inside of my body.

I was curious, so I poked some of my tentacles into my body to see what my mouth was like since I couldn't see it.

There were teeth.

A lot of teeth.

A lot of sharp, jagged teeth that didn't seem to be in any sort of order.

Sticking my tentacle into my mouth, I became aware of the fact that I had a few "tongues." They were basically just more tentacles, but they were tentacles covered in sharp hooks that must have been designed for hooking into food and pulling it in. A little bit deeper into my mouth and I felt a pool of some sort of liquid. At that point, I was a bit disturbed from myself and pulled my tentacle out to shake it off.

Unfortunately, when I tried talking again, no words came out. I tried to ask, "Can I talk now?" Instead, all that came out was something that sounded like, "Grluk eruh krlak oaahl?"

So much for that.

At least I can still think normally.

Now then. The beast was dead and my tentacles were capable of extending long enough to grapple onto the next nearest island. All I needed to do was go from island to island until I could find somebody willing to help me out and hopefully explain what was going on since I still had no idea myself.

But before I could do that, I felt a rumble in my body.

I was hungry.

It must have been because of how much energy I exerted during that fight. In particular, expanding my tentacles took the most effort. They even felt a little bit sore as if I had just finished a really intense workout.

A workout?

Wait… exercise. I know what exercise is?

I had a really good throwing arm—well, throwing tentacles. I also knew what exercise was. Could that have been connected at all?

I didn't know. What I did know was that I was hungry and that the only source of food nearby was the dead beast in front of me.

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