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Chapter 81 - Unfortunately - The Third Party - Chapter 81 by SmileSBeMr137 full book limited free

Chapter 81: Chapter 81 - Unfortunately

3rd Person’s POV (12 yrs., 8 months)

Filled with a sudden burst of energy, Ken had arrived at the training field, his eyes feasting upon the colorful display of magic everywhere. His face, similar to that of a child being given a candy for the first time.

Actually, there were so many times that Ken had himself amazed by the magic his peers and Masters wielded, how they cleverly weave spells in and out of fight, or when they create new spells out of nothing but inspiration, like that one time when his Master Klein and Master Ulysses showed them a duel between ice and shadow magic wielders.

The two Masters created a wonderful performance, as what Ken thought in his mind, or the other times that he deemed the duels of his friends as a wonderful performance, he would still always wear that happy expression.

Then proceeds to make spells dedicated to the duels he had watched, and surprisingly he made a few work, while the rest were… a flop. Most of them. Some ending in frozen wastelands. Some scorched to dozens of pieces.

Another, a full on out quick sand. An electrifying tree. Some, turning into tornado stones. Yup, Ken made habitats from his flopped spells, should habitats be what it should be called?

No matter, Ken made them all go away immediately after a day or two, not until everyone was exposed to the effects of the terrain first. Curse Ken and his stupid mind, conjuring stuff up, and making them a reality.

Now what kind of terrain will he make this time.

Before Ken could ever stop himself, his body moved on its own as he all but rushed forward in a giddy hurry, did a slide on the right to the left with his right feet, as if doing a dance movement, closed both feat then jumped into the air followed by a magic circle forming below his form.

All the while arms wide, in a position ready to fly into the air, the magic circle below glowed once, before launching the said boy high up in the air, trajectory, being towards the field with barriers.

And because he forgot that he wasn’t able to input his mana on the barriers his friends and Masters made, upon making contact, the barrier repelled him away, double the speed of which he flew into the barrier and unto the ground.

Face and body flat on the ground’s surface. Everyone around the area immediately looked at a particular direction. At the entrance, where a body was laying.

Now it comes to no surprise that there are other people around as the people of the village had grown accustomed to watching the kids train, there are just quite more this day since some of the new master’s kin were also present watching their master train the students.

Adults mesmerized at the skills the students showcased, while children stared admiringly at their big brothers and sisters -they accustomed themselves into calling the students that way- ‘play’.

They are of course, looking at the body, still on the ground. Recognizing that it was just Ken, they paid the kid or big brother no mind since it was not that special to find him sleeping on the ground, if that is what he is doing as of now.

They would find Ken either sleeping on the air, on the trees or -just as mentioned earlier- on the ground, what kind of difference does this makes now?

Of course they’re not as cruel as to think otherwise, that human kid is such a peculiar person that when they offered to help him, either they would be able to or not. The guy’s weird.

One time when one of them tried carrying him up from the ground, Ken politely told the person to please lay him back down on the ground, apparently he still wanted to sleep, with his charms the person succumbed and laid Ken back down on the ground, or when he was hanging on a branch,

One snake beast offered to put him down from the branch, but the kid had the audacity to turn his back on the person offering him help, creating an awkward scene with the guy’s arms outstretched for him.

He said sorry by the way after a few seconds. Moments later the snake beast heard a thud, and when he turned around it was Ken, laying on the ground as well, the situation dawned in on him as he realized that Ken had just fallen down from the tree.

Upon checking, the guy had fallen asleep, there was nothing the snake beast could do but stare anxiously at Ken. Worst part, anyone who wanted to check up on him got turned down by Ken by rolling away.

Yes, he used his body as a rolling pin to escape his assailants. So the crowd just curiously stared at the person who was by no means did not cover his embarrassing feat, and is continuing to embarrass himself by ‘lying’ on the ground.

Of course, the crowd were not the only ones who noticed, Ken’s fellow students and the Masters noticed as well, they curiously looked at the sudden disturbance, and watched as a strong force burst forth from the barrier to a certain area.

There they found Ken, lying on the ground, they weren’t able to see his face because Ken’s face was buried on the ground thus they returned to their session.

The day went by and not one ever tried to ‘disturb’ the sleeping figure of this person, for all they know, he would just tell them to help him, or more like demand to help him as he had done many times in the past.

Ken’s parents who arrived shortly after took care of Ken shortly, they got themselves occupied at the master’s duel with the students, it’s not their fault really, since Mira deliberately took them to observe alongside her.

She was aggressively waiting for anyone she wanted to hear her thoughts with, especially after watching the students and masters from earlier, Alfred and Lyn became her closest conversation partners after finding out how enthusiastic they are of spells and battles.

The poor parents who just wanted to take care of their son ended up forgetting halfway into the afternoon.

But now that they weren’t occupied, they had hurriedly searched the area for their son, and found him on the ground surrounded by his friends. With a little bit of conversation from the rest of the students, they were able to find out what happened earlier and what caused that magic fluctuation on the barrier.

It seems that this guy was the cause of it, Alfred and Lyn carefully took Ken’s sleeping form from the ground and back to their home, curious and worried stares following them.

But knowing that this is Ken, the group of students reassured themselves silently that he would be okay.

Alfred and Lyn cleaned and groomed Ken with one single spell before placing him on his bed gently, aware that whatever he did earlier may or may not have affected his body, again.

Lyn especially worries that her son wouldn’t be able to eat dinner, so she made more in case that Ken might wake up into the night and his stomach might demand him some food.

Alfred just made sure that Ken was comfy, gazing lovingly at his only son, with his wife beside him, he stroked the long hair his son has softly, always wondering what the purpose of having it as such, but maybe in the future they’d be able to know the answer.

Morning came, and the couple woke up to the sound of groaning, which… sounded in pain, they quickly rushed out of bed and into Ken’s bedroom.

Upon arrival, they came face to face with Ken’s writhing form, sweat, falling down his pale face, his body shivering occasionally, the two rushed to their son’s side and with one touch of Lyn’s hand on Ken’s forehead gave her the answer.

Ken came down with a fever.

That’s unusual.

Ken’s POV (12 yrs. and 8 months old) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I never thought I’d come down with a fever, good thing that my parents came to my rescue and attended for me and my needs. Too bad for me since it’s still the first day. The news of me getting sick travelled to the ears of my friends.

I still chuckle at the memory of them rushing to my room, almost cramping everyone else since they were not that few in numbers.

Still, I appreciate the thought that they worry for me in this state. Honestly, I do not understand why I came down with a cold now, in the past, I hadn’t been able to come down with any illness since I know how to make it all go away with a healing spell.

But this time, no matter how much I try, it just wouldn’t go down, so I didn’t force myself and just rest.

Mama and Papa went out ask for a doctor in town to help me with my illness, I hope they’d be able to, they’ll probably ask Master Kara for help once again.

*sigh* How long has it been since I’ve came down with an illness, I remember having so many in my past life, most of which I had battled alone, in the cold night, with very little to cover myself.

I wonder, how was it that I was still able to fight it and move forward even though I had lacked so many necessities for treatment, money for medicine as well… ahh, right, I didn’t want to give up.

So much that even the smallest of negative thought I had in my head, I would immediately shoot down. Constantly encouraging myself to carry on despite the pain, constantly reminding myself to forget about the pain and just work.

I did a pretty good job hiding most of my illness as well, oh how nostalgic they were every time I’d fall ill. I’m thankful that halfway into my high-school years, I found a job and an owner that was considerate enough to give me chances to rest and recuperate.

I don’t remember his name, but his actions warms my heart.

But even with all that… chances I was given, none ever hurt more… than his-

Ahhhhh……. What am I doing? Me and my thoughts again, being alone does so many things to me, especially when I’m pretty weak, I need some sleep.

3rd Person’s POV (12 yrs., 8 months)

Ken returned to sleep, unaware that a certain someone had heard his thoughts, but keeps the painful recognition aside since basically there wasn’t anything that he could do, this was someone he has a mission with,

And frankly speaking, they were only here for that specific reason, so there shouldn’t be any lingering feelings of the past that will obstruct their goal in mind, right now, they were still preparing, and that he shall achieve first.

Another person had also heard Ken’s thoughts, he gazed sadly at the child blessed by his powers, the child’s thoughts steering up an emotion that he had long buried within him.

He chose to ignore such feelings and continued to gaze down on the child visible to him by the child’s window. Slowly falling asleep.


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