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100% The Titans from the Another World / Chapter 1: Into the New World

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The Titans from the Another World original

The Titans from the Another World

Author: ashura15th

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Chapter 1: Into the New World

At the Year 2023, The Game Called "The Land of Titans" Were Developed In the Country of America. After the Game Was Published for the 1st Week 200,000 We're Bought Online.

The Game Land of Titans Has Great Features And Graphics with Outstanding Skills Effects and World Adventure.

Year Has Passed And the Game we're Awarded for The Worlds No.1 Downloaded Game Ever. The Game Updates we're Also Amazing.

However, Even A Year has passed No One We're Able to Beat the Game's Chaos God, Even Thousands of Player have Tried to raid his Guild Territory Dozens of times but they weren't able to beat him with such great numbers of guilds and magical spells and traps to defeat him but nothing works.

Year's have passed and yet people gave up trying to breach and defeat the No.1 Titan and his name is "TheLastOne".


" I guess we shouldn't have tried to raid the floor 298 with the party of 7 players," A Man Said with a confused voice.

~taps~"~Kyaahh!~, eh?!" A Cat Looking Women Scream as she was shocked seeing his Friend with very low hp.

"You're too loud Fiora, Come on Everybody we need to get out of here It's too dangerous for us even we're one of the "Emperor's Ranking". The Wounded Man Said As He Alerting his friends to get out of the dangerous place right away.

~~Thump, Thump ~~


"Is that Floor 298 Boss, Impossible Its Power Surpasses The Seven Of us not to mention we're already low in Hp and that thing has 100x Health Bar?" The Man said as he Trembles in fear while holding his Scythe.

"It's out of our League, Does this mean The Ranking " Gods" And Our Ranks has this much Gap?!" The Man said with a surprised voice.

A Women Suddenly Stands in front of the Boss and Said: "Everyone Stand Down, I'll Handle this Alone I, Aria The Strongest Among the Emperor Ranking, I Shall Defeat this Monster for us".

" Lady Aria It's Useless Our Health is already down below 25%, Let's try it next," The Man said as he tries to stop the women.

"Look Here now Grim, I Swore today I'll Plass this floor, So, Whatever Happens, I'll Never give up," Aria said as she looks behind her and smiles while the Boss is walking closer in front of her.

"Taste this Monster 'Light Thrust!'" Aria Used her Light Magic Skill to kill the Boss.

~~Stare~~ But Aria Does not know The Boss Magic Type is "Absolute Light" Which means it won't work against The Boss.

The Boss Suddenly uses his Passive Skill Name " Light Devourer " A Skill that devours light itself means it can give enough damage to turn Aria's Hp down to 0% In an Instant.

~~Sighs~~ 'Ancient Sword Slash 10 Fold' A Person Suddenly uses a High-Level Swords Skill Which can be learned at Level 1300 And Can be Found On Floor 560 "The Ancient Time".

The Boss Hp Suddenly Goes down to 0% and disappears in the shadows, " This Power, Impossible If This Person Is Stronger than Lady Aria and Can Beat the Boss with 1 Skill This Means This Person is one of the Strongest Ranking The "God Ranking". The Man Said while He was Amazed by The Amazing Power of the Person who Defeated the Boss with 1 Skill Alone.

" Could you Wait for me TheLastOne?!" The Woman said as she stops exhausted.

Everyone was shocked after hearing the name of the strongest Among The Gods "the last one", That's the Number 1 Titan God of you" The Man said as he Feels Relief.

"You're Too Slow Shuna, We're going to Clear Foor 1 to Floor 900 Right We Won't gonna Finished this if you're too slow" TheLastOne Said To Exhausted Women.

"Shuna?! You Mean The Spouse of The Strongest Titan, The Queen Of Chaos Shuna?!, " Fiora Said as she was Shocked After meeting the God Ranking Titans of 1 and 9.

"So this is the Power of the 2 Legendary Titan God Ranking of 1 and 9, They're too Overpowered, So this is the Gap between The Titan Ranking of Gods and Emperors, Guess I'll Grind Outside the Dungeon for now Until I'm Ready", Aria Said After She and Her Party Encountered The Top Player Ranking The Chaos Queen Shuna and the Ruler of Chaos TheLastOne.

" Let's get going Shuna or We'll be late tomorrow," TheLastOne Said After he Grabs Shuna's Hand And Starts Running.

Next Day, "Good Morning Kanzaki-Kun, The Weather is great isn't it?" Women Who's standing across the Street Greet A Man in a Formal BlackJacket and a School Pants with a Bag On his Shoulders.

The Man Walks through the Women, Taps her Shoulder and then lays his head on her Chest and Said: "Let's skip Class together I need some sleep Shuna" Kanzaki Whispers to Shuna and begged to Skip class with him.

Shuna's Face Suddenly Turn Red as A Tomato and Said: "If you Insist then, I guess have no choice but to skip class with you" Shuna Said while Her Face is Turning Red as Tomato.

Shuna And Kanzaki Walks through the Opposite Direction of their School While Shuna is Clinging so Close to Kanzaki, While The Two are on their way through the Opposite Direction They Met Their Friends walking on the Same Path as Theirs.

"Ooh, Shuna-senpai, Kanzaki-senpai is on A Date?" Women With The Same School Uniform as Shuna Said, "Heh?!, We're not on a date or Something, Kanzaki-Kun Just wanted for a place to rest so I thought or Guild House would be better, And you, What are you doing Irina-san, Vice-Captain Sei, and 1st Fleet Captain Shin?!" Shuna Said After She was asked by an Embarrassing Question by Irina.

Irina Pouts, " We're thinking the same thing as you guys will, I hope GrandMaster Shisui Won't be Angry at us," Okajima Sei Said While Giving Irina A Head Pat.

"I see you guys are also Tired like me, Irina, Sei and Shin, " Kanzaki Hanzou Said while He's Bragging Shuna Along with him, "H-Hey Kanzaki-Kun?!", Shuna Said, "Why is there a Problem Shuna?!" Hanzou Response, Well then Let's get going, Everyone.

In another Dimension, "I Must Make a Run for it, In Order to save Our Dimension and The Rest of the Dimension I must Summon The Titans of the Another World" A Running Man Hasty said While There's A Group of Knights Following Him with a Murderous Intent.

The Man's Turns to the Left corner and Stop while Enchanting a Spell " Oh Great God of Flames, Give me the Power to burn my Enemy down to their Bones, My Name is Jean", The Group of Knights has Finally Catch up with Jean, However, As They Turn Jean has Finished Enchanting His Spell, "Burn!, ' HellFlame Burst'.

The Group of Knights Has Been Strike By the Flames of Hell by Jean And Burn them Until Nothing is Left behind their Corpse, Jean Has Continued his Running Until he Reached to a Chamber with 10 Coffin And 10 Great Statues Describing A Titan.

" Before they Catch Me I Shall Summon The Titans of the Another World, Everyone Your Death is Not in Vain, I Promise!" Jean Said As He Closed Up his First and Started walking through the Middle of A Very Huge Chamber and Started Carving A Summoning Sign, And then Bleed his Self to Offer his Blood to Summon the Titans And Then He stepped out to the Circle and Bow down to his Knees And Started Enchanting The Divine Summoning Ritual.

Jean has Started Enchanting the Divine Summoning Spell, And The Another Batch of Knights Has Reached Were the Fallen Knights

Are, " Interesting, Looks Like It's Real hard to Underestimate their Tribe, Jean The 155th Chief of HellFlame Tribe, I'll be the One to Cut your Head of, Now It's obvious that he's on the Chamber Right now, Let's Continue now, Everyone" One of the Knights With a HighRank Said, And then the Knights Has Continued Running.

Meanwhile, Jean has almost finished his ritual "In the Great name of Zeus, I shall welcome you to this Beautiful Realm, Titans from the Another World!!" A Sudden Explosion has Occurred Blowing Jean away, While the Coffins has Opened and the Remains of the Titans on the Coffin Disappears.

Jean Legs Has Been Crushed by A Rock and Couldn't stand up but then he pushed the rock away and crawl to see if he succeed or not, Jean has made it to the middle of the Chamber but He has not seen any Titan, Which Means Jean has failed to summon up the heroes which destroy his hope with despair and hatred from his self after the deaths of his Comrades.

"I'm Sorry Everyone, I Have failed to summon the Heroes!, Please Forgive me, Everyone!" Jean Begging Forgiveness from his Fallen Comrades as he Cries with regrets, The Knights Has Finally Arrived and then The High Ranking Knight Took His Chance to Get Closer to Jean which Gives him The Chance to not Attack him with magic.

"Looks like your In Despair, My Old Nemesis" The Knight Said As He Pulls out his Sword And Kneel Down and Grabs Jean's Head and Said:" Allow me to Free you from your Suffering, Regrets, and Despair, Farewell, My Nemesis" The Knight Said As He Thurst His Sword On Jean's Head and Killed him.

"Everyone Victory is Ours" Everyone Cheers Up and Then The Knight who killed Jean stood up and Raised His Sword And then Claims that the Victory is Already on their Grasped, Not Knowing the True Battle has Not Begun yet.

Back to Earth, Everyone Has Finally Arrive at their Guild House, Where they Fight As A Guild, Sei Is About to Open The Door When Suddenly the Sky Has Turned Dark And The Houses Are Disappearing One by One and The Groud is becoming a Smooth Grass and their View Has to Turn Into A Game GUI's. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

And Then Before they Knew it they we're Summoned into the Another World, Inside the World With Magic, And Creatures from Myths,

Giving them A new life into the new world full of mystery to discover them.

To Be Continued.....

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