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71.42% The travellers / Chapter 5: Chapter 5: The Four Strangers

Chapter 5: The Four Strangers - The travellers - Chapter 5 by amore_05 full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: The Four Strangers

I was quite sure im just having a nightmare when i found myself tied up in a chair inside what looks like an abandoned warehouse. But as my eyes get used to the darkness my confusion has gotten worse.

This kind of shit doesnt happen in real life. And maybe even if it does. How and why did it happen to me? A minute ago i was just in my room with Ric and a ghost inside my head. And now im here all tied up with a seething headache. *

Is this a dream within a dream? If it is then why do my hands feel numb. I need to think clearly.

Did razor found out I gave him a fake necklace and decided to kidnap me and sell my organs to the highest bidder?

It is the only logical explanation I can think of for ending up in this really bad situation. Because who else wants me dead?

"Atlast you're awake." Sounds an unfamiliar female voice as she switches on an incandescent light bulb. Not that it helped much cause the warehouse is still dim.

But despite that her voice alerted me. My mind became clearer and somehow my headache got a little bit better.

I started to look around . But it still took a while to register that there are other people in the warehouse. There are actually four them. And one of them is my room mate Ric?!

I could'nt believe it. Did he mastermind all of these? But why?

"I think he's still a little bit disoriented." a very tall, good looking guy with a wavy long hair commented.

"Who are you? What am i doing here? Are you planning to kill me?" I finally was able to asked.

"Hey hold your horses cowboy. No one is planning to kill you." The very tall guy said.

"Then why am I tied up here? Maybe you got the wrong person. I'm not rich. My parents are just farmers. They got nothing to offer you." I told them.

"If your parents are just farmers then maybe you shouldnt be owing people money." he retorted. He knows about my debt.

"Then you're really razor's minion?" though i'm having doubts if these are the type of people that would follows razor's order.

"No we are not." Ric finally answered.

"Then why the hell are you doing this? I dont even recall offending you. I just met you today." i'm both angry and confused but Im also afraid. I dont even know what to feel. I just want some answers but they're being mysterious. Its like they dont want to answer any of my questions.

"Whos going to tell him whats really up?" The tall guy is now talking to Ric. He's the most talkative but even him is hesitant to tell me anything of significance.

"Ric whats going on? Please untie me." I begged him.

"If we untie you can you promise not to run away?" the unfamiliar woman asked. I looked at her direction and i almost gasped at the woman looking directly at me. Her doe eye was so mesmerizing that i had to blink just to make sure im not under some spell. I decided to just shut up and nod my head. I was afraid she would sense that i was lying.

Ofcourse I probably wouldnt be able to out run them anyway. But given the chance I would definitely try. I got nothing to lose and they seem to be unarmed.

The four looked at each other as if they could communicate through telepathy. And without a word uttered Ric walks towards me and finally untie my rope.

I dont know where my courage came from. But the moment my hands no longer feel the numbness thats also when I took my chance.

I pushed Ric with all my might knocking him down and made a run for it. But even before I can reach the door a woman appeared right infront of me.

"You can't really trust the living." she looks at me very disapprovingly. Her cold blue eyes send shivers down my spine.

I stumbled backward from fear. The woman is transparent!!

"Y-ou're that ghost. Y-ou're real." i fumbled.

"Ofcourse i'm real. You're so damn slow. I'm not just a pigment of your imagination I exists."

"What about them? Are they all ghosts too?" I curiously asked.

"No but they're not human either." She said matter of factly.

"Just like the creature in my dreams." I muttered to myself.

Even though i'm still confused I no longer feel threatened. I dont think they want to hurt me. After seeing all those non human creature in my dreams and even in my waking life Im kind of used to them already. And finding out these creatures exist in reality has made me realized im not crazy after all. I may not be normal but definitely not crazy.

"Even you ric?" At this point i'm just confrming things.

"He looks human. But no." the ghost confirmed.

"My real name is Kai i posed as your roommate to win your trust. But things got a little bit out of control. So we just decided to bring you here. And then tell you everything once you wake up."

When he told me he's planning to tell me everything. That's when I finally gave up trying to escape. Whats the point? Whether or not they're real or just my delusions. Running away will be of no used. And now that i know that those creatures i see were not simple delusions. I can now finally seek some answers to my questions.

Resigned to my fate. Ive decided to pull myself up, walk toward the chair i was tied to earlier, and sit down.

After I settled down thats when i felt the grumbling in my stomach. "I know this is too much to ask. But do you have anything to eat? Im really hungry."

"Well he's human afterall." the ghost said. "Kai do your thing."

Kai without a word walks toward the door. But before he opens the door he turns to me and asked. "What do you want to eat?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Anything you have there. I'm not that picky." im not in a position to demand anything.

"Anyone else want something to eat?" Kai asked. Hes probably going to buy food at a convenience store. But what do i expect? That food will just magically appear infront of me?

"I miss food but im already dead." said the ghost who is now floating in mid air and passing through objects and walls. At this point shes just showing off. Still i was amazed at what she can do. Maybe death aint that bad afterall.

"What caused your death?" I curiously asked.

Her expression became serious. And i instantly regretted asking the question. She stops what shes doing and suddenly glides towards me. She touches my face with her icy cold hands. And look straight into my eyes. That got me literally chilling. That explains why my bedspace was extra cold earlier.

"Betrayal." she candidly answered. "Have you ever betrayed someone? Are you a traitor?" She gravely asked.

"N-o." i buckled. Her hallowed face creeps the hell out of me.

"Good then." and just like that she slowly backs away from me. Thats the only time i was able to inhale and exhale normally. It feels like she's literally taking my breath away. I thought i was going to die at that moment. I was wrong in taking death so lightly. I dont want to die. I will do anything to stay alive.

"Oh by the way I'm Margareth. I'm a 16th century old ghost."

I tried to calm myself. "Nice to meet you margareth. I'm niccolo but i guess you know that already." I silently congratulated myself for not stammering. It means im getting used to her presence.

"Im leaving are you sure guys dont want anything?" Ric asked for the last time. But the ghost called him Kai so obviously he lied about his real identity.

I didnt even realized he was still there i thought he already left. Nobody answered so Kai just shrugged, unhurriedly opens the door, steps out then close the door behind him and just like that hes gone. It would probably take a while before he comes back. I need to keep myself busy cause i really am hungry. I might need to start asking questions just to forget my grumbling stomach. But even before I can asks anything the tall guy started talking.

"Its my turn to introduced myself. My name is Lucian. Im an angel. I know what youre thinking that im your guardian angel. Not really. Im a warrior angel. And angels arent here to be guardians. Were more like the earths guardian and guide to the lost soul. And i mean those who cant find their way to heaven. Or are those refusing to leave. Like her." as he pointed to the ghost name margareth.

He sure is talkative. But something tells me he's the one i should not pissed off. Maybe because physically hes very imposing. And i feel like hes hiding something.

I was about to asked about the woman with doe eyes when the door suddenly open. Kai is already back? Its barely ten minutes.

"You're late." the angel commented.

"Sorry it took me a while. I dont know what he wants so i took whatever i can." As He brought out a trolley tray full of foods for me. There are fruits, sandwiches, fried chicken, adobo, rice and a pitcher of orange juice. There are even chips, candies and chocolates. He basically brought a feast. Is this my last supper? Maybe he already prepared for this earlier. Theres no way he could get this much food so fast.

"Thanks but this is too much." i said. Im literally salivating But with so many food infront of me I got a little hesitant. Afterall i still dont know their exact intention. But im really hungry so.i decided to pick the safest one, a banana. I slowly peel the banana i took from the fruit basket and cautiously eat. It does taste like a banana.

"Dont worry hes not going to poison you. Thats not his style." The angel commented obviously sensing my hesitation. Hes right though i didnt feel anything bad after eating the banana. I finally relaxed and start eating the feast infront of me.

"What do you know about my style?" Kai asked.

"I know a lot."

I sensed the tension between them but neither make another unnecessary remark.

"Now that you're busy eating we might need to reintroduce ourselves here. Im kai the key holder. I can open any door. And forge special keys to enter the other world. Im the one who found you and believe me you're not easy to find."

"Why are you looking for me?" I suspiciously asked.

They all look at the woman with shoulder length straight black hair and doe raven eyes. She didnt even blink. Shes quite beautiful but i know shes scary. My senses are all tingling just by looking at her. I dont know who is more dangerous her or the angel. But in a group of four non humans its kinda ironic that the ghost is the least scary of this bunch and i know she could kill me in an instant if she wants to. This woman seems like she knows a lot and lived a very dangerous life if that even make sense.

"I'm just a messenger. The only reason why im looking for you is because of your father. He wanted to see you."

"Wait wait. What do you mean my real father? I maybe weird but i never thought or even suspected that im adopted. Yes we are poor and all but my parents treated me really well."

"I guess Your father made sure that the people who adopted you are good people."

" That make sense. So how come he didnt go to me himself? Why the need for you guys?"

"Because he cant. He is currently imprisoned. He cant come to you."

"Hes in jail? why?" What the heck im adopted and my real father is in prison. Feels like im a lead star in some local drama starring mythical creatures.

"Hes not in jail. His movement is restricted. He cant go here in this world."

"So hes sick?"

"No but a group of powerful being put a cursed on him which disallowed him to return to this world."

"Then he must be very dangerous." I said to myself.

"Well youre right but hes your father and will not hurt you."

Did i just said my thoughts allowed? Im now hell confuse. But i need to get as much information as i can. I have a feeling it will be useful in the future.

"What about my mother? Where is she? Are they together?" I asked.

"I have no idea. I have not met your mother. All i know is that shes human."

"Then she could still be alive." I got excited there.

"She no longer belongs in this world. She died the day you were born."

"So where is she?"

"She could be in heaven or in the purgatory."

"Those places exist?"

"Ofcourse i myself is a devil from hell."

"No no youre too pretty to be a devil."

"You want me to grow horns and a tail? Or maybe you want me turn into some demon looking creature? The kind that you keep seeing in your dreams."

"How do you know about that?"

"I can see right through you niccolo. I know your fears your nightmares And all your corrupted thoughts. Im the seeker of the lost souls. My name is Eeli."

"If you can really read my dirty thoughts stop doing it please." I begged.

"Dont worry ill only do it when needed." She assured me.

I didnt believe her but its not like i have any choice. Im their captive afterall.

"So whats my fathers name?"


"What!!!!???" The ghost was legit scared.

"Are you talking about kronos? The greek god? The one who ate his children? That Kronos?" so i was right my father is dangerous man errr god. When my nightmare started i also start reading about mystical creatures. I was looking for answers. Im not that convinced that im crazy.

"Dont believe everything you read."

"So whats the truth then?"

The truth is your father wants to see you. So im bringing you to him.

But my life is here.

"But are you really living? Youve been hiding from razor for weeks. Youre an addict and you dont even have friends."

"Stop." i begged her but she continued talking.

"You dont even know if youll graduate on time. You re a disagrace to your adoptive parents."


"Wow that was intense." The angel commented. "Maybe he's not that weak after all."

"And im also not stupid. I know You cant force me to go with you."

"We were able to bring you here and tied you up. Ofcourse we can force you." the ghost said.

"Then why are you trying to convince me when you can just tie me up and bring me there? That can only means one thing you cant."

"Youre right but also wrong." Kai interjected. Its true that we cant bring you to your father if you dont cooperate with us. But we can bring you anywhere in this part of the world. Like for example a place where theres active volcano or prison."

"Are you threatening me?"

"Well are you threatened?"

"No" i dont know what got into me. Ofcourse im scared but i cant show it to them

"Well you should be." the devil said. "Tie him up."

I tried to move but somehow i cant. I couldnt even talk. The angel tied me up.

"We're going on a little adventure." Said the ghost.

"Kai its time." The devil said.

Kai brought out a key and a door suddenly appear. Are they really planning to bring me in another world by force?

He put the key in the door knob. The key works and the door opened. He seemed relieve.

I tried to resists. "Move or ill make you." the angel threatened. I have no choice. I reluctantly walks toward the magical door.

"Where are we going?" i finally asked kai

"I dont know."


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