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90.9% The Tribrid Twins / Chapter 10: Tanya's Angel

Tanya's Angel - The Tribrid Twins - Chapter 10 by PettyPrincess66 full book limited free

Chapter 10: Tanya's Angel

Sighing Rosalie held up a finger, noticing the twins were finished eating, "Sweetheart's, can you clean up please?"

"Yes mommy," They replied with a smile before the plates, silverware and two empty glasses of blood were just simply gone.

"That is so cool." Kate gushed receiving a high five from Emmett, "You haven't seen anything yet!" He told the blonde.

Motioning for Tanya to pick up Emma, who happily settled her on her hip where Emma wrapped her little fingers in her hair. Rosalie picked up Liam before walking past the living room and out the front door, placing the twins in the freshly shoveled driveway.

"Alright," Rosalie said bending down, Emmett motioned for the three Denali's to back up with him, "We're gonna show our new friends what you are, okay?"

Liam looked at them sharply, while Emma held Rosalie's hand, "They won't let the bad men hurt us?"

Before Rosalie could answer, Tanya was bent next to her, taking Emma's other little hand in hers, "Absolutely not. I will never let anyone hurt you, milovany."(beloved)

Rosalie knew her belief Tanya was an excellent mate was further proven when Emma didn't ask for a big promise, she simply wrapped her little arms around both Rosalie and Tanya and nodded with a determined look.

Rosalie went to stand next to Emmett while Tanya kissed a little forehead before standing with her coven mates, Kate held her hand reassuringly while they watched the twins link hands and close their eyes.

Tanya couldn't control her gasp when her little mate suddenly had the most beautiful pair of white angel wings flowing from her back, with a beaming smile directed at her. Her mate was an angel, her mate was an angel, her mate was an angel!

Kate's mouth was hung open in shock, her new sister was a fucking baby angel! "co to kurva!" (what the fuck) She found a way around the no swearing in front of the twins unspoken rule and Emmett scowled at her.

Garrett fell to his knees, he was religious as a human - his family went to church every Sunday and even prayed before dinner and bed at night. Now standing before him were literal angels. He had never given up his religious side, he still had his cross that his father gave him when he was just a boy hanging around his neck. He was suddenly kneeled in front of the small blonde girl before he registered his body moving but she was smiling at him, he would have went to Liam too but all of them could tell how cautious he was.

He lifted his hand slowly, "Can I…?" He whispered and he wasn't sure what he was asking exactly but then he had tiny arms around his neck and he could feel the wings that were soft like silk and he hugged her back careful not to use too much strength,

"Thank you.." he whispered in her hair, knowing there were tears in his eyes and he kissed her cheek. He chuckled when his beard tickled her face and he heard a giggled, "That tickles Garry!"

He heard his mate and Tanya snort and knew he would never hear the end of that nickname but before he could think too much into it he felt something wet on his face and pulled back confused, it wasn't raining? He touched his cheek with his hand and he realized immediately what it was, and he was amazed, real tears!

"Are you sad?" he looked down into caring and concerned blue eyes and he swept her into another hug standing up and spinning her around - laughing when he heard her screeched laugh.

"I am definitely not sad, little one." He blurred to Tanya, placing her little mate in her arms before dropping another kiss on her cheek - just to see the way her nose would scrunch and she would pull away with a high pitched giggle because it tickled her. He pulled his mate into his arms, needing to know this wasn't all just a dream.

Tanya was still chuckling at her coven mates antics and she didn't know how to feel, her mate was a literal angel - she ran her fingers through the silky smooth white wings, smiling when they shuddered under her touch. As her fingers danced through the feathers - she heard the small blonde in her arms start to purr and she wasn't surprised when her responding purr answered it. How had she never known what her soul was missing until now?

"prekrasna" She whispered, barely registering that she had slipped into her native tongue before she felt a hand on her cheek making her look up into curious big blue eyes,

"What does that mean?" Emma cocked her head to the side and Tanya smiled at her,

"It means beautiful." Tanya watched as Emma scrunched her eye brows together in concentration before looking into her eyes intensely,

"prekrasna." She repeated with flawless pronunciation and a beaming dimpled smile to accompany it, and her intentions were clear. She was calling Tanya beautiful.

"Aww man, don't teach her Tan - then we won't be able to say any swear words!" Kate and Emmett seemed to whine simultaneously but Tanya was busy looking at her mate.

"I've waited a very very long time to meet you," She said more to herself but everyone heard her and were watching the interaction with soft looks and smiles,

"and now you'll stay?" Emma asked peering up at her from behind her eye lashes, her voice was laced with vulnerability that Tanya hated to hear. She had no idea if Emma understood the mate bond but it was clear she felt attachment to Tanya, so she hurried to reassure her,

"Always," She tucked Emma's head into the crook of her neck before running her nose along her hair line inhaling her scent.

Rosalie chose that moment to interrupt, even though she wished to give them this moment, "Why don't we show them the rest?"

In response she got three heads snapped in her direction, "There is more?!" Kate exclaimed shocked, and Garrett and Tanya silently agreed with her statement, Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-angel_55521418934288327">;s-angel_55521418934288327</a> for visiting.

With a smirk and a nod, Emmett walked to place Liam back down, who had flew into his arms around the same time Garrett had grabbed Emma. Tanya was reluctant to put her mate down, but she once again complied - watching with rapt attention and in mere seconds where there was once her little angel mate and her brother - there was now sitting two of the most adorable tiger cubs she had ever laid eyes on, with angel wings.

"hovno," (shit) Kate mumbled, to which two tiger cubs tilted their heads at her

Garrett bent down to eye level and held out his hand, "Emma?" He asked, not wanting to over step, when a cheerful meow broke loose from the cub on the right who began to run her way over to him - it was clear she didn't run on her paws very often especially not in snow because she didn't make it two steps when suddenly she tripped over her own paws and went head first into the snow with a somersault that ended up with her sprawled out on her belly with all four legs extended, her tail on her head and snow on her ears.

It was the most precious thing any of them had ever witnessed but that didn't detract from how fucking funny it was - especially when she swiped at her tail with a pitiful growl before sneezing - which flew all the snow off her head and then continuing her run like nothing ever happened. Kate and Emmett had their hands on their knees to hold them up they were laughing so hard while Rosalie was leaning against him for support and Tanya was leaning against Kate - but Garrett was watching the little cub who was in his arms seconds after she finally figured out her little paws.

He picked her up, running his fingers through her fur - he had pet many animals in his time as a human - never a tiger or a cub but he imagined their fur would be much rougher than the rich velvety feel of Emma's fur, he chuckled when she licked his cheek with a small meow.

"I think that was her calling you 'Garry'" His mate teased and received chuffing noises in response from the small cub resulting in more laughter, Kate quickly stole the cub from her mate - kissing her softly on the nose before scratching behind her ears.

"Tanya you have a freaking cool mate," She supplied without looking up and heard Emmett make a sound of agreement. When she handed the cub to Tanya- who allowed her to run her fingers through her fur before she was suddenly a tiny winged girl again, Tanya looked up at Rosalie with a clear question, "So what are they?"

Rosalie opened her mouth to respond when she was suddenly tackled by a little blonde who had torn herself out of Tanya's arms to cling to her mother before any of them had registered the movement, she looked at Liam after she had regained her balance and saw he was in a similar position with Emmett who looked just as confused. Looking at Tanya who looked concerned, she whispered to her little blondes wrapping her arms securely around Emma for support, "What's wrong?"

"Someone's coming.." They both whispered simultaneously without looking up and all the vampires tensed gathering around the children protectively with Tanya, Kate and Garret crouched in front of Rosalie and Emmett. It was three very tense minutes before their senses even picked anyone up and they all breathed a collective sigh of relief that it was only Carmen and Eleazar who took in the tense vampires with curious expressions.

While Emmett and Garrett, who seemed determined to get Liam to like him - were reassuring Liam. Tanya and Kate turned around and gathered around the tiny blonde girl,

"It's okay," Kate promised,

"They're friends," Tanya added on, and smiled when she saw innocent blue eyes peek up at them,

"This is Carmen," Tanya motioned with her hand to the beautiful Spanish woman looking curiously at the two young blondes, "and this is Eleazar," She looked at him to see him looking at the twins in fascination,

"This is Emma," Tanya supplied, holding her hand on the small blondes back reassuringly, "Rosalie and Emmett's daughter, and my mate." She told the shocked couple who immediately broke into large smiles, "and this is their son, Liam who is Emma's twin brother."

Tanya noticed the twins had hidden their wings and she couldn't wait to see what Eleazar thought of the discovery, "Oh Tanya, congratulations!" Carmen cooed, "May I hold you, hermosa pequena?"(beautiful little one.) Emma immediately looked to Rosalie, Tanya and Kate and when they all nodded reassuringly she threw one of Tanya's favorite dimpled smiles at Carmen before she was suddenly in her arms - which shocked Eleazar but Carmen seemed delighted.

She was whispering sweet Spanish nothings in the little blondes ear while rocking her and Eleazar hadn't stopped staring at them both - his eyes moving between them,

"Eleazar?" Kate asked trying to snap him out of his shock - he hadn't even seen the best part yet!

"They are so powerful! They have so much power inside them I can't even begin to pick one out of the pile!" He spoke a little breathless and Tanya smiled proudly,

"You haven't even seen the best part," She teased and tickled Emma's side a little to get her attention - she reveled in the tiny blonde's giggle.

"Do you wanna show Carmen?" She asked softly, Emma looked to Liam who was watching her from Garrett's arms - and they both nodded before they brought their wings out again.

Having known what was gonna happen, neither Kate, Tanya or Garrett reacted - though they were still elated at the turn of events - but Carmen and Eleazar gasped, both with tears in their eyes and they knew the religious couple would react similar to Garrett.

"Dios Mio." Carmen whispered reverently, her fingers inching closer to the wings slower than they'd ever seen a vampire move - it was like she thought they would disappear if she dared to touch them and when her fingers finally made contact, she let out a wet chuckle before looking at Emma in awe. "An angel"

Eleazar didn't look much better, he looked like he didn't know whether to drop to his knees and pray or hold her in his arms, "and now the other one.." Kate whispered in Emma's ear, and laughed as Carmen and Eleazar jumped when suddenly a winged tiger cub was in her arms.

Emma meowed up at Carmen, chuffing while rubbing her face against her neck before settling in her arms with a quiet purr and changing back into her angel form. Liam hadn't changed into his tiger.

"We should head inside, they'll get tired soon from all the shifting," Rosalie commented, noting the way Liam released a loud yawn from Emmett's arms.

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