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2.43% The Ultimate Transmigration {Completed} / Chapter 2: Zoldyck Family

Zoldyck Family - The Ultimate Transmigration {Completed} - Chapter 2 by SomeSpookyGuy full book limited free

Chapter 2: Zoldyck Family

*Mc Pov*

Just as I wake up I find myself in a dark place. Suddenly I hear something in my head?

[Hello Host. I am your guide. Right now, you are in the limbo dimension. You have yet to decide what family you are going to be born in. Please choose the following families.

-Zoldyck (Warning, this family has a low chance of survival)


-Kurta (Warning, this family has a low chance of survival)




Please pick one of these families.] Guide

"um.. ok, Zoldyck family would raise me as an assassin and help me in killing for the future, if i ever do it, so this is an option. Freecss family would be me getting dragged to find Ging, so this is a no. The Kurta family is going to be killed, and I don't want to take the chances of getting killed, so this is also a no, and Paradinight family doesn't have much talent in Nen, but it would be good for me to be a doctor and learn from Leorio." Ren

[I think.. I will go for Zoldyck family. Although I would get tortured, and raised to be an assassin, it would be beneficial for my future. So I pick Zoldyck family. Make me the younger twin brother of Killua.] Ren

[Affirmative, starting process.











Get ready for pain host.] Guide

[Wait wh-] ren

And then he blacked out. The next time he woke up, he was again in a dark room but it seemed a little brighter. He was confused, so he asked the guide where he was.

[Answering host, you are currently in the womb of Kikyo Zoldyck. You will be born in approximately 1 month.] Guide

[Ok then, but drop the host, call me Ren. Also, do you have a name or do I name you?] Ren

[The guide has no name, but if you would like to name me, you can.] Guide

[Ok then, I will name you Alfred, Al for short.] Ren













Greetings Ren, I apologise for that, I have now become more sentient. Thank you master Ren.] Alfred

[Ok, cool. What now?] Ren

[Now you have 2 options.


You stay awake and let your body get trained and practice Nen (advised to do).


Stay in a hibernation state and wait until you are born.] Alfred

[How would i train Nen? I haven't ever studied mediation, so what now?] Ren

[Well master Ren, you got an additional function from OAA for entertaining him through your interesting wishes, you got an inventory function. You can hold 50 items as of now. In there, there is a book on how to enter your inner world, use your Saiki K powers, a Nen training book, and a secret item that you will only be able to access when you are at the peak of this world.] Alfred

[I see, but, i cant read anything, as I don't have eyes yet, so can you send the information to my brain?] Ren

[Of course, master ren.









Done] Alfred

[Isnt it supposed to hurt, like in those novels?] Ren

[Yes, but as you haven't been born yet, and your brain is developing, it wont hurt at all, but in the future, this would hurt.] Alfred

[Ok. Tha- OW, WHAT WAS THAT!!] Ren

[That was your father hitting you, so your body can get better suited for assassination.] Alfred

[But I thought that you said I wouldn't get hurt?] ren

[Thats for your brain, not your body.] Alfred

*inner sigh*[ok] Ren

And like this, 25 days passed, and 5 days remained until the day of his birth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Hey Al, I haven't seen my status yet, so can you compare it to the time I got here?] Ren

[Sure my lord.] Alfred


Name - ??? (Ren)

Age - (-5 days)

Str - 0 -> 5000

Agi - 0 -> 5000

Dex - 0 -> 9000

Int - 200 -> 300

Cha - 10 ->500

Luc - 10 -> 3000

[Wow, that's strong, and I'm not even born yet. Alfred, show me an average hunter status.] Ren

[Affirmative, master Ren.] Alfred

[Drop the master 😑] ren

[Sure, Ren] Alfred

Str - 5500

Agi - 6000

Dex - 4590

Int - 200

Cha - depends

Luc - 5

[Why is luc and cha higher for me and not for others?] Ren

[Usally, when someone has twins, their luc and Cha goes down at a tremendous rate for one of the twins. So in order to keep balance, I have made it so that you will gain Cha and luc to keep the balance of you not getting unlucky. Since you are twins, I have done the same for killua.] Alfred

[I see, that makes sense. What about my abilities?] ren


Saiki K powers (sealed)

The seal for the Saiki K powers will be partially lifted at the age of 8, granting you some of Saiki's powers, but only when you are 18 will you be able to use all of these powers to their full potential. The reason why is because your body isnt prepared to face the burdens of his full powers, but, as you get older, your body will be changed to the moleculer level to adapt to these powers. When you are 18, all of your body will be adapted to the Saiki K powers.

Nen (Advanced)

You currently have access to





Inner world (---)

Not usable until you have a physical body.

(Note - Ranks go by - Beginner, basic, intermediate, advanced, master, grandmaster, perfection and origin. With Origin at the max potential it has.)

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