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100% The Undefeatable Duo / Chapter 3: Gee

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Chapter 3: Gee

Always choose to learn new things rather than clinging to the stuffs you already know.

"Lola, I don't know. I'm torn."

"What does your heart says apo?"

"But, dad would be mad."

"Who cares what Eddy would say, siya ba ng mag-aaral apo?"

I took a deep sigh as I stared at a big screen that shows different ads. There was a big text flashing in the screen with catchy backgrounds and flashy colors. It says…


I took another sigh, and whispered, "Fuck!"

I snapped my fingers and walked towards the exit of LRT – Araneta Center Cubao station.

The holographic menu of the Ailens shows up as I stride at a normal phase, when I say normal, it's 2 steps per second.

The shopping bag icon has a small red circle on the upper right of its circle. There was a small text in the middle of the red circle, it says 10+ in white font color. I remember that I was about to update my Ailens apps since that's what the Ailens says, it has 10 or more apps that needs to be updated.

Walking in a normal phase is my trick on how I manage to navigate the holographic apps window while keeping an eye on where I'm walking. It's as if I'm watching an anime with English subtitles. Splitting my view into two; in-front, and in my Ailens window.

"Hey kid, eyes in front." A random stranger said. As my eyes met his ramshackle face, I saw a smirk.

I just ignored the person and kept navigating my apps window. Although, he was right, one must not navigate the Ailens window while walking. The very act is the same with driving while texting. So, if you were to navigate the Ailens window you can either stop walking for a few moments or go to the side and start navigating the Ailens window.

However, I've been doing this all the time, maybe I have the talent. Or maybe because I watch too much anime and get used to it?

I kept just navigating my Ailens window while walking.

I updated all the essential apps that has updates. Since I am just using my prepaid internet, I only updated the essential apps such as, messenger and important tools like scientific calculator.

I accidentally pressed the arrow icon, the arrow is pointing to the left by the way, which leads me back to the home screen of the apps window.

My chink eyes widened as I saw an app that was just released a few months ago.


About this game

Crossfire VR – Welcome to the first season!

Experience the iconic gun game. Suit up, dive in and join the battle!

Crossfire VR brings you exciting features!


There are 6 ports; Oak port, Bronze port, Silver port, Gold port, Platinum port, Diamond port.

1. Oak port is a boat port where you can ride 6 boats. Gain knowledge in this port.

a. White boat – will lead the players to an island and engage in a [TEAM DEATMATCH] game.

b. Red boat - will lead the players to an island and engage in a [WIPE OUT] game.

c. Orange boat - will lead the players to an island and engage in a [DEATHMATCH] game.

d. Yellow boat - will lead the players to an island and engage in a [DESTRUCTION] game.

e. Green boat - will lead the players to an island and engage in a [HORROR] game.

f. Black boat - will lead the players to an island and engage in a [WAR] game.

2. Bronze port – is an airplane port where players can enjoy [RANDOM] game modes. Gain weapon mastery in this port.

3. Silver port - is an airplane port where players can bet money. This is [GAMBLING] mode. Gain wealth in this port.

4. Gold port - is an airplane port where players can bet money and gain rank points. This is [RANKED] and [GAMBLING] mode. Gain wealth and fame in this port.

5. Platinum port - is an airplane port where players can bet money, gain clan points and gain rank points. This is [CLAN WAR], [RANKED] and [GAMBLING] mode. Gain wealth and fame in this port.

6. Diamond port - is an airplane port where players with tournament pass can enter. This is [TOURNAMENT] mode. Gain wealth, fame and glory in this port.


The open field is where the Dungeons and mobs are located, this serves as player's hunting grounds for weapons and upgrade items.


Dang, how long have I not been browsing the app store?!

I wanted to download the app!

But, the looking at the download size? Awit! My prepaid data connection cannot bear the download size. I guess I'll stop by MRT North EDSA station; I'll just connect to Trinoma mall's free wifi and download it.

I have to download this game!

From 2 steps per second to 6 steps per second. I arrived the MRT station of Cubao and ride the train.

As soon as I arrived MRT, North EDSA station, as usual people ran towards the exit. I don't know what's their deal. We could just all peacefully walk towards the exit but, why do they have to ran and race towards the exit with each other?

I slowly walked towards the line that starts to form. I patiently waited in line with arms tucked in both pockets.

Then, I finally passed the gate of the MRT station and, headed towards the stairway that leads to Trinoma and sat by the stairs.

CROSSFIRE VR (Downloading…)

0 Gb / 1.7 Gb

This'll take a while… or not? It could take me half an hour or two.

I looked at the upper right part of my field of vision; where the time is shown in the Ailens.

It says. 8:17 PM.

I grinned and chuckled.

I just remembered that my mom would scold at me if I were to arrive home later than 8:30 PM. If they were living with me right now here in Manila, I won't be seeing sitting here, waiting for my download to be finished.

"Well, good thing is they're at Cebu. I could get to download this game." I whispered and rested my back at the pillar of the hand rails.


I do miss them though.

I am living alone in a condo here in Manila. I took my college at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

4 months ago before I started my College, my grandfather died and no one was left to take care of all our business and properties in Cebu. So, my family was forced to return to Cebu, however, I already enrolled at PUP the time.

My mom and I didn't agree with the idea of me staying here in Manila.

At first, I agreed to go with them. But, I reconsidered my decision, and choose to stay.

The reason why I choose to stay? Well…

One. Admission.

If I were to return to Cebu with my family, I would need to re-admit myself to another University. However, I will have to take another entrance exam, which is usually scheduled at the later part of the school year.

That means, I will have to stop studying for a year and wait for the entrance examinations.

And, no way I would want that!

"Mom! I. Will. Stay."

"No, you are coming with us. Our flight is scheduled next week, Friday."


But, I like I said, I choose to stay. Why?

Two. Academic freedom.

Without my parents around. I can do what I want, academically speaking. I don't care if they strictly check out on me, but, I don't want them to intervene with my academic strategy.

I tend to study in weird ways. And I don't want them to criticize me every time they see me doing my studies.

"We will enroll you to a better school. Better than that school of rebels!"

"Mom! I. Will. Stay."


I still choose to stay. Why?


"Apo, I already bought a condo unit for you."

"Lola, what?!"

"You will stay here in Manila to continue your study right?"

My lola is the only one who agreed with the idea of me staying here in Manila.

She knew very well that even if she says I should stay, my parents won't allow me and force me to go back to Cebu. So, she came up with an idea.

"I already bought a condo unit for our baby Johnny."

"Nanay! Why?! You know that we are going to transfer to Cebu, why would you buy a condo unit for John?!"

"I bought it weeks before we learned that your father died April."

Since they don't want to waste the money spent for buying the condo unit, they allowed me to stay here in Manila and continue my study at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Somehow, I earned my slight freedom. Thanks to my lola. However, I have to live alone now.

0.2 Gb / 1.7 Gb

I brought out the big bite hotdog I bought at 7/11 near LRT Pureza Station. I was walking to the LRT station of Pureza when I felt my tummy rumbles as if it tells me, "Pakainin mo na ako." So I bought two big bite hotdog and ate the other one earlier before entering the LRT station.

This one is the last hotdog.

Living alone means, I have to prepare my own food.

Since I don't find time for me to prepare my own food. I spend some of my budgets buying pre-made foods, canned goods, and instant noodles.


That's the hitch with living alone. You don't have someone to cook for you. Since I am a lazy bastard, I have to be contented with foods that are ready to eat. If I want to eat real food, I just go to Trinoma mall and go to the food court and eat either, burger steak at Chuck's chops and grills or beef bulalo at Baliwag.

Although, according to my budget expense self-assessment. I have to stick with canned goods, instant noodles, or the cheap foods at the food bazar near my condo.

Since I will be arriving late at the condo, I won't be able to reach the food bazar open. So, this big bite hotdog would be my dinner or…

"Hmm, wait a minute, as far as I can remember." I muttered, "There's still a canned tuna at my food cabinet."

Sigh. I need to buy supplies as soon as I receive my monthly allowance tomorrow. I do hope I could have at least a little taste of my lola's cooking. It had been a few months of living alone now, and I am not just missing the people I used to live with; particularly my lola, but also the foods my family prepare; particularly my lola's cooking.


0.4 Gb / 1.7 Gb

I snapped my fingers, and summoned the Ailens menu.

I opened the Ailens messenger.

A small oblique holographic square figure popped up along with a window that shows the Ailens messenger interface. The oblique holographic square is a notification pane, and what's written in that oblique square is "You got 20+ unread messages!"

My eyes widened seeing I got 20+ messages in my Ailens messenger. Not long ago during my first three weeks in College, I didn't even receive any message, but now…

3 Messages from Jomar

6 Messages from Group: BSEE 1-A

13 Message from EE Youths

2 Message requests

"Hmm," I opened the message from Jomar and left the other messages unopened. "I wonder what's up with him."

Jomar: Pre, can you send me over the notes in our Algebra class earlier?

I see, he wants a copy of the captured notes.

By the way, that's also one of the advantage of using Ailens. Instead of writing down notes, you can either use the holographic system of Ailens to write notes, or you can just capture everything. By capture, I mean, taking a picture or recording a video.

Not all professors allow the use of Ailens though.

Thankfully, our professor in Algebra is not that strict. He was allowing us to use Ailens in class.

I immediately sent him the capture files; image, and video of the lecture earlier.

You: Sent image files

You: Sent video files

I wonder why is he asking for a copy of the notes.

You: Pre, why are you asking for these notes?

Jomar: We have an exam on Monday.

Oh good heavens. My study is not put into waste. I've been reading the captured notes earlier while eating the first big bite hotdog.

You: Ay weh?! Okay pre, thanks.

Jomar: Thanks din pre.

0.7 Gb / 1.7 Gb

I opened the image file of the lecture earlier and read about it. Our topic earlier is about:

1. Properties of Integers

2. Exponents

3. Radicals

So, while downloading, I read the lectures.

0.9 Gb / 1.7 Gb


What are the properties of Integers?

Integers have special properties. Computations of integers will become easier by understanding these special properties. The commutative property for instance, allows you to change the order of adding or multiplying while the associative property allows you to change grouping.

The properties of addition of Integers:

1. Closure property

a + b = c

Where: c = integer

2. Commutative property

a + b = b + a

3. Associative property

(a + b) + c = a + (b + c)

4. Identity property

a + 0 = a

Where: 0 is called the additive identity

5. Inverse property

a + (-a)

Where: -a is called the additive inverse

6. Distributive property

a(b + c)=ab + ac

The properties of multiplication of Integers:

1. Closure property

a * b = c

Where: c = integer

2. Commutative property

ab = ba

3. Associative property


4. Identity property

a * 1 = a

Where: 1 is called the multiplicative identity

5. Inverse property

a * (1/a) = 1

Where: 1/a is called the multiplicative inverse

6. Distributive property

a(b + c)=ab + ac

7. Multiplication property of zero


Properties of equality of Integers:

1. Reflexive property

a = a

2. Symmetric property

If a = b, then b = a

3. Transitive property

If a = b, then b = a

4. Substitution property

If a = b, then a can be replaced by b in any expression involving a

5. Addition/Subtraction property

If a = b, then a + c = b + c

If a = b, then a - d = b - d

6. Multiplication or Division property

If a = b, then ac = bc

If a = b, then (a/c)=(b/c) with c not equal to 0

7. Cancellation property

If a + c = b + c, then a = b

If ac = bc and c not equal to zero, then a = b

Properties of zero

Consider a, b, and c as integers or real numbers or variables of an algebraic expression.

1. a + 0 = a and a – 0 = a

2. a(0) = 0

3. 0/a = a, with a not equal to 0

4. a/o is undefined

5. If ab = 0, then a = 0 or b = 0.


1.4 Gb / 1.7 Gb

A few more Mb and my download will be finish; I guess I'll just continue with my reading.


What is an exponent?

Exponent is a number that gives power to which a base is raised. For example, in 3^2, the base is 3 and the exponent is 2.

Exponent should not be misunderstood as "power" Power is a word that is almost never used in its correct, original sense. Strictly speaking,

If we write 3^2 = 9


3 is the base

2 is the exponent

9 is the power

The exponential notation states that if a is a real number, variable or algebraic expression and n is a positive number, then:

a^2 = a * a

a^3 = a * a * a

a^n = a * a * a * a * a * a …


Download complete, please restart your Ailens

"Oh!" I said as a window show up a few inches away from my face.

I guess my download is complete then.

The system notified me that I am required to restart my Ailens before opening the game.

I guess I'll walk towards the UV express terminal while doing so then. Since it's rush hour, the line in the UV express terminal would surely be long. It could even make me wait in line for an hour or two. So, while in line, I can play the game then.

I browse along my Ailens window and pressed the restart button for my device.

System restarting.

As soon as I arrived the UV express terminal. My assumptions earlier weren't wrong, the line is 400 meters long. I guess I'll be waiting for less than an hour.

I powered my Ailens and put it on my right eye again.

I snapped my fingers and browsed through the apps. I pressed crossfire VR and a window popped up.

It shows…

Welcome to Crossfire VR

Please cite a dive in command.

"What the fuck is dive in?" I whispered.

Dive in command registered. Do you want to use it as your default dive in command?



The hell?! Of course no! I would use something simpler and shorter if this dive in command is also same with login command.

Dive in command registered. Do you want to use it as your default dive in command?



But, what the hell is dive in anyway?

I minimized the Crossfire VR window and opened google.

"Google, what is dive in, in Ailens?" I said, and the question prompted was automatically processed by the Ailens. Google searched the internet and gave me the following…

Dive in is a recently added system for the Ailens. The Dive in system allows the user to connect to the virtual reality. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Once you are connected in the virtual reality, your body will lose the ability to move. Connecting to the virtual reality is simply the act of connecting your consciousness in your in-game avatar, or your in-game body.

Woah! That means I couldn't do it while I'm falling in line. Diving in is similar with sleeping. Hmm, I want to try this right now. What's this dive in system anyways?

I leave the line and went to the nearest restroom.

Fortunately, there's a vacant cubicle. I went in and put down the bowl cover so I could sit on it.

"Dive in system eh?" I muttered as I snapped my fingers.

Welcome to Crossfire VR

Please cite a dive in command.

I grinned and said, "Gee."

Dive in command registered. Do you want to use it as your default dive in command?



Simple, and short.

Dive in command registered. Do you want to use it as your default dive in command?



Dive in command save. Just cite the command to dive in.

Okay then, let's try it right here, right now! "Gee!"

Do you want to dive in?



Here I go, Crossfire VR.

Do you want to dive in?



Diving in…

Everything, turned black.


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