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82.35% The Unknown Service / Chapter 14: The Unknown Anniversary

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Chapter 14: The Unknown Anniversary

Today is my parents' twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, wearing a-line basil coloured skirt, a white crop top with two red big stripes on sleeves and wearing white converse with dutch braid. Greeting the visitors at the white fence gate out of respect. Talking a bit with the old partners of my parents' and some of their old friends.

"Sia!" I heard someone calling me, I saw my friends coming here in refreshing clothes, even Ashanti brought Yuri, Xyla suddenly hugged me Elisse high five. "Now, gather yourselves up and sit in the chairs there," I ordered. They waved at me and got in, I greeted other guests and have small talks with the others.

"Hello." I heard someone greeted, I looked at them shocked, never thought they will show up here. "Welcome, hope you have a great time," I smiled fakery and a staff let them in. I greeted the others also, the other guests, and saw Bright and Win. "Sia, it's great to see you again, kid," Bright said and hugged me a bit. "Okay, okay, we're done, let me hug Win and let's go inside, let your asses feel the chair," I said as I let go and hugged Win, we went inside and sat at the same table with my friends, and those acquaintances.

"Oh, can I borrow Yuri for a second?" I asked, and Ashanti nodded. We walked to the little tables and had an inflatable bounce house and a playground. "Oh, Kyle, Kylie. Twins, this is Yuri, my friend's younger brother, and Yuri, Kyle and Kylie, my niece and nephew," I introduce them to each other and the twins smiled at Yuri, while him shyly smiled and waved a bit. "I hope you could get along with your new friend, and if you need something, go to those ladies and gentlemen there, okay?" I order and they nodded. The twins dragged Yuri to the bouncy castle and Yuri smiled at me.

"Where's Yuri?" Asked Ashanti when I came back. "Playing with my nieces and nephews, they got along pretty quickly," I answered as she smiled. "We can relax and enjoy without bothersome."

"Hey," I heard Jane beside me, I looked at her confused. "Why are those guys here and also how did your brother know them?" She asked. "They're our neighbours since mom's the president in the subdivision," I answered, and I saw Allistair, I stood up as I hugged him for welcoming.

"Took you long enough, where's Okasan (Mother of another family) and Otosan? (Father of another family)" I asked, looking for them. "They're sitting with your parents," He answered and sat down beside me as my friends greeted him. "Oh, where's Jake?" He asked, looking at my other friend.

"Oh, there he is," I answered, pointing at the person who's waving. Jane moved beside Elisse. And I don't know why. Jake sits beside me and greeted everybody. "It's been a while since you went to school. How many days? Almost ten?" I sarcastically asked. "She missed you very much, she's always alone every practice not cheering up," Win said smiling as I glared at him.

"Oh, and she also cried one time saying that she missed you very much, she missed someone hugging her, make fun with her and bet with you that made your wallet nuts," Bright said that made me glared at him and Win smacking the back of his head. That's supposed to be a secret. "Aww, don't worry I'll come back tomorrow, we have another come back and album so we need to practice," He explained and patted my head. "I'm not a cat, you know," I said sulking.

"Then you're a dog," He said, ruffling my hair. "She's a hamster," Alli suddenly said. Hamster... Don't you try showing that photo. "Look, she's really cute," He said, showing a picture of us in the playground. "She has these in her house, all the albums stocked in her shelves."

"Why, didn't you tell me you're that cute?!" Said Elisse, melting by our photo. "Okay, put that down, it's humiliating," I said, pushing down his hands. "Alli, send me those photos," Xyla commanded, and Alli nodded.

"Wait, Bright, when she said all that she missed me, is she drunk that time?" Jake asked randomly. "Honestly, I would never ever let her drink those beer alcohol things, even soju, so she isn't she's just drunk of soda, coffee and ice teas," Bright answered as Win nodded agreeing. "You're all teaming up," I said, and get my book out of nowhere.

"Where did you get that book?" Faydon asked in front of me, confused. "Under the table, there is a guitar case and there are books inside a guitar, so my brothers won't find me in the middle of a freaking party reading books," I answered and he nodded, satisfied.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen! We are here to celebrate Ivy and Akio Yamamoto's twenty-fifth wedding anniversary!"

"The hell, when the time I can finally read this they will start!" I silently complained. "For the opening, may I ask Mr Akio Yamamoto for his welcome message," Said the MC as my father walked to the stage to deliver his message.

"Thank you for the important people who're here today to celebrate my and my beloved wife for our wedding anniversary. This is not like the usual that a grande party, masquerade type or ball type party like we are in a castle, I and my wife, decided this to be a normal, simple but comfortable and enjoying a party in a garden, where I and my sweetheart met before, our twenty-fifth anniversary is really special to us, especially the hard-ships, trusts, love and respects we have all these years, and we bare our two sons and our daughter that we will introduce publically when the time she is ready and inherit one of my shares, behalf Caius, Cassius and Zosia, the most important human beings in our life, we welcome you all to our celebration and enjoy!"

We clapped our hands as he sat next to my mom at the stage. Wait a guacamole, when did they get up there? "As the tradition, as always, there will be performance from their children, then let us call the oldest, Caius." I then saw Caius walking to the piano and smiled. Mom and Dad's wedding song, the song they dance together. Dad stood up and offer his hand to Mother. They stood up and danced while Caius played the piano well. It was such a beautiful love story.

Caius finished and my parents smiled and bowed as they walk back to their sits. Cassius was next as he played the song I didn't expect, Mom and Dad's favourite song. He played it with his violin and smiled. "I wish I have a boyfriend like that," said Xyla. I just smiled at her. It is impossible, since my brother has a crush on someone.

"I should get going, I'm next," I said and get my case and walked to the side near where I will perform. "The youngest, the only daughter, please welcome, the only young lady of Yamamoto family, Zosia!" The MC welcomed me.

"Hey, I'm Zosia, to those who didn't know me, this song is not just dedicated to my parents, by the way, happy anniversary, Mom, Dad, this song is dedicated to all the families, my parents sing this to us if we were upset or not, I hope you'll enjoy it,"

"Lift your head, baby, don't be scared

Of the things that could go wrong along the way

You'll get by with a smile

You can't win at everything but you can try

Baby, you don't have to worry

'Cause there ain't no need to hurry

No one ever said that there's an easy way

When they're closing all their doors

They don't want you anymore

This sounds funny but I'll say it anyway

Girl, I'll stay through the bad times

Even if I have to fetch you everyday

We'll get by with a smile

You can never be too happy in this life

'Cause in a world where everybody

Hates a happy ending story

It's a wonder love can make the world go 'round

But don't let it bring you down

And turn your face into a frown

You'll get along with a little prayer and a song

'Cause in a world where everybody

Hates a happy ending story

It's a wonder love can make the world go 'round

But don't let it bring you down

And turn your face into a frown

You'll get along with a little prayer and a song

Lift your head, baby, don't be scared

Of the things that could go wrong along the way

You'll get by with a smile

Now it's time to kiss away those tears goodbye

Let me hear you sing it

With a smile"

The crowd clapped their hands as I bowed and go back to my sit. "That's cool," Said Jane. "Look, everyone's in the middle dancing," Said Elisse looking at the crowd. "We're too lazy to dance," Said Jake and winked at Alli. If they continue to be like this, I won't doubt that they're flirting with each other.

I wish there will be a time that I can dance there in the middle of the crowd like everyone else. I saw a hand in front of me; I look where it belongs and saw First. "You look like you wanted to dance there," He said, I can't deny, I just sighed and accepted his hands.

"Oh, a cute love story," I heard someone and ignored it as we walked in the middle. "Let me tell you, I dance Waltz last ages, I am sure I'm not that good," I said. He suddenly gets my arms and wraps it around his neck and his hands in in my waist. "Then step on my feet," He said and lifted me up that made me step in his feet. "Hey!" I whispered, shouted then he moved. "It's easy, isn't it?"

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