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Chapter 11 - I'll Choose The Pyro Faction...For Now - The Unsurpassed Maiden - Chapter 11 by yourghostwriter full book limited free

Chapter 11: Chapter 11 - I'll Choose The Pyro Faction...For Now

Everyone was stupefied upon hearing Kwang Soo's words. There was a long and dreadful silence that enveloped the whole area before Kwang Soo laughed.

"Oh my god! You all look so serious!" He says in between his laughter.

The students along with the other teachers looked at each other while letting out soft but uncertain chuckles. There was no way Lee Kwang Soo would ask something so serious from a mere first year student, right?

However, their questions were immediately answered when Kwang Soo stopped laughing as he eyed Mi Young seriously once more.

"I will not ask you to kill yourself. But if I win, I want you to leave this kingdom." Kwang Soo says. He's looking at Mi Young like he's waiting for the girl's reaction. But Mi Young remained unusually calm.

"Fine then. That's a deal." The girl answers while giving Kwang Soo a serious look this time. They were both staring at each other's eyes, not minding the whispers and the shock expressions of everyone else around them.

"Is she crazy? Where would she go?"

"I heard that beyond the walls of the kingdom is a territory for different savage beasts."

"Right! My father once said that there was a group of people who tried to go beyond the woods but they never came back after that."

"I can never imagine myself going out there! Just the thought of being ravaged by those savage beasts is making my stomach churn."

Different protests and comments swirled everywhere but Mi Young is determined to make Lee Kwang Soo eat his words. She loves to put arrogant people into place.

With the young girl's answer, Kwang Soo clasped his hands together before sending her another huge smile, "That's good! See you in the next two months then! If I were you, I would start packing up and practice how I deal with savage beasts."

After that, the tall man waved his hands in the air before he started walking away from the crowd, leaving everyone staring at Mi Young with pity. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";ll-choose-the-pyro-faction...for-now_55531919072349073">;ll-choose-the-pyro-faction...for-now_55531919072349073</a> for visiting.

The principal instantly went to her side and asked her that she can still back down and ask Kwang Soo for forgiveness.

All Mi Young said was, "Why would I apologize to him? Did I wrong him? Principal, you are a very strong and honorable person and I would like to thank you for being concerned but there is no way I'm going to let people like him pick on weaker Mages. He can dream on."

After giving the principal a small bow, Mi Young stormed off as well.

The only thing the principal can do is pray to the gods that Mi Young can make another miracle just like she did back then.


Mi Young was still fuming in anger when she got inside the building where the classrooms were located. She never imagined someone like Lee Kwang Soo existed in this academy. She had prepared herself for the bullies and the side comments coming from rich and noble students but she had never thought about meeting a person as thick-skinned and arrogant as the tall man. Now, she's even more determined to study and cultivate hard.

While Mi Young was busy thinking about different ways on how she will be able to control all the elements, she found Jeon Shi Yun standing outside a classroom. He seems like he's contemplating whether to go inside or not.

"What are you doing?"

The sudden voice visibly startled the young man because he jumped out from his position and he sent Mi Young a small glare.

"Sorry." Mi Young apologizes, "What are you doing outside?"

Jeon Shi Yun sighs before he answers the blue-eyed girl, "I'm having second thoughts of going inside."

"Why? Aren't you excited to go to class like everyone else?"

"I am but.." Jeon Shi Yun's voice falters.

"But what?" Mi Young gave him a weird look.

The Pyro Mage sighs again before he brushes his hands against his hair. "I'm the only new student and I don't want to attract that much attention. It's better if I was in a group like the other factions but I'll definitely get all the attention if I were to get inside since I'm alone."

"You're the son of one of the Four Great clans, right?"

Shi Yun nods at her.

"Then you're already used to the attention." Mi Young says. "I heard you guys love that."

This seems to make Shi Yun angry because his nose was flaring when he answered Mi Young, "Not everyone loves attention."

Mi Young looked surprised with his sudden rage. She then cocks her head to the side before apologizing, "I'm sorry. I thought you like the attention just like the other children from the Four Great clans."

Shi Yun looked embarrassed with his sudden outburst because he was also apologizing the next second, "I'm sorry as well. I was feeling agitated ever since I got inside the academy building, and I accidentally vented out on you."

"We're even then." Mi Young gave him another smile before she suggested, "How about we go in together? At least we'll get half the attention each."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, since I wasn't able to choose any faction yet, I'm going to choose the Pyro element for now so you have someone to go with." Mi Young gradually says.

Her words shocked Shi Yun. Earlier, while she was arguing with Kwang Soo, the boy thought that this girl was beyond help, she just loved to attract and cause trouble. All Shi Yun could think about was to stir away from her as much as possible. He never imagined that she would suggest something like that just to make him relax and at ease. Shi Yun thought that he judged her too fast.

"Fine then." Shi Yun answers, feeling quite shy and relieved at the same time. "But before that, how will you deal with your bet with Kwang Soo?"

"Hm? Me?" Mi Young asks while pointing at herself, "I don't know yet."

"Y-You don't have a plan?"

"Nope. None. Zero." Mi Young answers. She even held out her hand and formed a zero in front of Shi Yun's face while giving him a toothy smile.

'This girl…' Shi Yun thought that the girl standing in front of him was indeed crazy. Yet she was also courageous at the same time. The more Shi Yun speaks to her, the more mysterious she gets. "Whatever. How do we go in? I think they're already starting."

"Eh? Why didn't you say so?"

"I thought you knew. Let's just knock so we won't get that much attention." Shi Yun says as he raises his hands to knock on the classroom door. But before he could even touch the door with his fist, Mi Young grabs the doorknob and opens the door without even excusing herself.

"Hi! We're new here! Please to meet you all!"

Shi Yun wanted to strangle the life out of this girl.

yourghostwriter yourghostwriter

I never imagined I would be getting this much attention and support from you guys! Thank you so much and I hope you stay with Mi Young 'til the very end!

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